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Chapter 32: Then Who Do You Like?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey wants more fluff now


When the sheet was finally ripped off, Gu Ang leapt up from the mattress, quickly dodging to the side, his left hand uncomfortably pushing the button on the packing box, turning it on and off.

He watched as Ye Fei also climbed up neatly and helped him fold the quilt into a square.

When his eyes fell on the back of his hand, he noticed a small burn.

“What happened to your hand?”

“I got burned a couple of days ago.” Ye Fei downplayed it, “You just noticed it?”

Gu Ang scratched his head and coughed dryly, “I didn’t notice.”

Ye Fei rubbed the scabbed scar and didn’t say anything.

There was a bit of loss between his eyebrows.

Gu Ang felt an inexplicable feeling of weakness, and added, “Then remember to rub it with medicine, it will heal faster.”

Looking back, it felt a little weird. They were divorced, the hell with weakness.

Bai SiNing ears were like an antennae, listening to the two whispering, since it was a little ambiguous. Was he thinking too much? The two of them are living together every day, and God Ye is a bit resentful of being ignored? The two live together every day and God Ye was so perfect, so robots could also be out of affection, huh?

Although the double Alpha pairing wasn’t a popular direction, two strong people together felt quite sensational. Bai SiNing soon finished brainwashing himself, and when he looked at the two again, he took on a bit of a motherly attitude. “I heard that Wei YangZe and Liang Xin are together, are you disappointed?”

Gu Ang wrinkled his eyebrows, “I don’t like her, why should I be upset?”

“Then who do you like?” Bai SiNing asked, gossiping as he climbed up the ladder.

“No one, there’s no one I like.” Gu Ang replied with forced calmness, his hands fumbling on the coffee table, touching the cigarette Ye Fei dropped there.

Bai SiNing was curious, “Brother Ang, you want to smoke too?”

Gu Ang, riding a tiger, took one out of the cigarettes from the case and put it in his mouth, “Occasionally.”

He lit it in a less than skilled manner, barely swallowing half of the choking smoke, his cheeks flushed.

The first time he smoked was after the incident with Ye Fei. The man looked extraordinarily sexy with his cigarette loosely clenched and his face lustful.

He had to try it, grabbed Ye Fei’s cigarette in his mouth, took a half a drag, but then choked and coughed.

Ye Fei took the cigarette back from his mouth, took a mouthful, and cupped Gu Ang’s chin, pouring it in his mouth.

The shallow kiss became a deep lingering one.

Another round of spring events couldn’t be suppressed.

The two of them had too many past upsets, so any little detail was easy to pull up.

Ye Fei also remembered, his eyes deepened, as he reached out to help Gu Ang put out the cigarette, “Don’t smoke, it’s bad for your lungs.”

Gu Ang was relieved, but his mouth wasn’t forgiving, “I know it’s bad for the lungs, why don’t you quit smoking?”

“I’m used to it.” Ye Fei took the cigarette out of Gu Ang’s mouth and threw it away, “Maybe I’ll quit later.”

Bai SiNing felt this topic couldn’t be interrupted and silently moved back to the sofa to browse the forum. He found the forum post, solemnly voted for the option of double Alpha love, thinking it would be interesting and anonymously opened a new discussion post, “Do you think Ye Fei and Gu Ang kinda match?

The reasons are as follows.

  1. Both of them are good looking and have good bodies, so they are a good match.

  2. Red Flame’s two best Alpha freshmen, so they can’t be taken lightly!

  3. From deadly rivalry to becoming a couple. Isn’t this plot fragrant?”

The post was just sent out, and within a few minutes, it was sprayed thoroughly.

[Suggest the poster to check their brain to see if it’s not fully developed.]

[Give other Omegas something to live for, okay? Double A together? Crazy, right?]

[Nowadays, students are still too idle, and dare to say anything.]

[Fuck your mother! Take away God Ye? He’s not dating.]

[Nuts, let this post sink.]

Bai SiNing tapped the screen and let out a long sigh.

You guys didn’t get up close and personal and didn’t even see the joy of getting high on a line of candy. You stupid humans, you don’t understand anything.

Gu Ang walked over and poked him on the shoulder, “What are you sighing for? We finished packing, so we’re going to go.”

“Okay, I won’t see you off.” Bai SiNing raised his smile, “Get along well.”

Gu Ang muttered, “Gloomy and shady.”

Just as the two arrived at the dormitory door, they saw Qin LeHe, wearing a broad-brimmed hat, leaning gracefully against the door, stepping on a pair of seven-centimeter black heels, a long straight black skirt, and a celebrity style.

Gu Ang saw the person and hurriedly entered the password to open the door, “Mom, why didn’t you say something when you came over?” 

Qin LeHe entered with broken steps and sat down, “I heard about the food poisoning yesterday, so I came to see you.”

Ye Fei followed behind, carrying a shoulder bag, nodding slightly at the person, “Auntie.”

Seeing Qin LeHe again, there was a feeling like it was a lifetime ago. In his last life, the last time he saw Qin LeHe, her nerves weren’t quite right. She was wandering around the house in her messy pajamas, holding a pair of scissors in her hand and cutting around.

At that moment, Gu Ang didn’t dare to stimulate his mother anymore, so he took him home to steal his birth certificate.

Their original love was very strong, but they didn’t imagine they would get a certificate, so they went in like a thief.

Ye Fei then felt firsthand how much damage Gu Ang’s father’s cheating and the divorce had done to the woman. The two tied the knot quietly, without notifying either parent, and without a big party. After the cheating fiasco came out, they did nothing to attract attention, fearing that Qin LeHe would be hit even deeper.

The lack of a wedding had always been Ye Fei’s regret. He thought he would have the chance to make it up later, but he didn’t expect that just ten days later, Gu Ang filed for divorce.

What happened in between, he didn’t know. But he vaguely guessed that it should have a lot to do with his parents.

Qin LeHe showed him a standard smile, “Ye Fei. I know you, you’re really handsome in person.”

Ye Fei pursed his lips, “Thank you, auntie, for the compliment.”

“We’re having dinner at Moon River House today, come along if you want to.”

Ye Fei thought that there was no need for him to get involved in Gu Ang’s family’s affairs, so he raised his eyes and refused, “I won’t go to your family dinner.”

Gu Ang wanted to test Ye Fei’s reaction, if they came over together, then when he saw his father, he might show unusual behavior. He pulled Ye Fei’s arm, unconsciously pampering, “Come, you’ve not eaten dinner yet.”

Ye Fei couldn’t resist this tone and lost the battle, “Okay, I’ll put my things away and go.”

The three of them came out of the dormitory and went to the Moon River House. The banquet was held in the VIP room on the top floor. Qin LeHe patted Ye Fei’s shoulder, “Little Ye, go in first and sit down for a while, I have something to say to Little Ang.”

Ye Fei nodded, glanced at Gu Ang, and pushed the door in.

Gu Ang lazily leaned against the wall and asked, “Mom, if you have anything to say, just say it. Ye Fei is my roommate, there’s no need to go behind people’s backs.”

In his heart, he still treated Ye Fei as his closest one.

Qin LeHe covered her mouth and laughed, “We’re the hosts, waiting for our guests to come here, and your roommate is here to have a casual meal. It’s not like we’re a family standing here, isn’t that treating people as waiters?”

Gu Ang thought to himself, In the past, we were really a family.

In the future, he might not be able to say this.

Maybe there was a ghost in his heart. Gu Ang felt that every time he mentioned Ye Fei, he didn’t know if his expression management was in place, but his smart old mother teased him with a strange look.

Gu Ang tugged at his cuffs, “Didn’t you say we were just having a casual dinner? The two of us can still greet you personally. In the end, who’s the big shot, ah?”

“The big shot is a big man, but you don’t have to be too formal. It’s just your Uncle Lu.” Qin LeHe smiled, “Thanks to him, your father got a promotion.”

Uncle Lu. The one who was cheating with his father, Lu Yan?

Gu Ang pinched the palm of his hand, finally they would meet. He kept his posture leaning against the wall, his expression unchanged, but his heart alert line directly raised to the highest level. When the incident happened suddenly, he didn’t know the cause and effect.

When did Lu Yan and his father get together? Why did they get together, and even whether it was possible that these two joined forces to deliberately make a game of it, gaslighting his mother to annex the Qin family’s family business… 

Everything was unknown.

Everything from today hit him square in the face. He would like to see these two people now and analyze the situation. Traveling back, all he could do was to avoid tragedy from happening again.

Gu Ang kept his expression full of care, pretending to casually pry, “Uncle Lu as the head of the Lu family, in charge of a whole galaxy? Didn’t you say that day to day he wasn’t idle? Why would he come near our school?”

The always optimistic but kind-hearted Qin LeHe sighed and looked sad, “You don’t know yet, but your Uncle Lu is also a poor man. His eldest son Lu ChangQing died because of a driving mecha gone awry.”

“Dead?” Gu Ang raised an eyebrow, vaguely feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

In the past, Ye Fei had lamented to himself that he had three arch-enemies in his life that had allowed him to grow quickly to become the youngest group of five-star Admirals in the Empire. The first in line was of course Gu Ang himself. Grudges and grievances entangled, but in the end they didn’t expect to become partners. The second was the Federation’s Marshal Ling Junhan, the only one who could put Ye Fei in a life-and-death situation. They almost killed the ruthless player. And the third was the eldest son of the Lu family, Lu ChangQing.

At first, Ye Fei was vague, and only said that they had fought many times, and weren’t comparable. But now this person, unexpectedly, suddenly died?

Gu Ang didn’t know Ye Fei’s secret mission, nor did he know the cause and effect, and at this moment fell into confusion. He even began to wonder if he had traveled to a parallel world. The bifurcation of this back and forth plot was getting bigger and bigger.

Gu Ang was in a daze, just sorting out a little bit of his thoughts, when a low and gentle voice accompanied by deep fatigue suddenly came over, “Long time no see sister-in-law, why don’t you go in?”

Gu Ang followed the voice and looked over, the kind face made his hatred fill up. He relied on his strong self-control to not rush up and punch the man.

This was the cause, the source of all evil. The rather elegant man was carrying a carrier bag in his left hand and leading a long-haired teenager with a tiny scar on his face in his right hand, walking towards this side.

Qin LeHe’s face was smiling as she patted Gu Ang beside him, “Big Brother Lu is here, so naturally, we should come out to welcome him. Gu Ang, greet him quickly.”

Gu Ang pulled the corner of his mouth, “Hello, Uncle Lu.”

Lu Yan responded with a smile, then pulled the teenager standing beside him over and introduced him. “This is my youngest son, Lu ChangBai. He used to like to stay at home all day, so he’s a bit shy and uncomfortable when he sees strangers, sorry.”

Gu Ang raised his eyes and saw the youngster holding Lu Yan’s hand tightly with both hands, eyes downcast, long hair blocking most of his face, with a hint of timid look.

“What a good boy.”

Qin LeHe stroked Lu ChangBai’s head and turned his head to Lu Yan at the side and said, “Big brother Lu came over here this time for this child, right?”

“That’s right, because ChangQing’s matter you also know…” Lu Yan was silent for a moment, and his face showed grief.

“Condolences Brother Lu…”

“In the past, ChangQing went with me while ChangBai stayed at home every day tinkering with those gadgets, but now it’s also time to let him enter society. ChangQing is gone and the future of the Lu family will have to be in his hands.”

“So Brother Lu is planning to let ChangBai enroll in Red Flame?”

“Originally I had this intention but ChangBai has never loved the military since he was a child, and he doesn’t participate in training. Now, even with my old face, Red Flame refuses to accept him.” Some gloom flashed in Lu Yan’s eyes, quite disappointed with the youngest son whom he had not cared for.

The Lu family was one of the top five military families in the Empire. On the status in the military, they were equal to the Ye family, and were pastoral guard side of the big officers. On the scope of influence, they were also the galaxy’s absolute hegemon.

But now, from childhood focusing on training out of the wisdom and courage of the heir, he was killed in the first strike in the secret mission between the families, and even until now they had not found out who the killer really was. The family was a marginal figure, and couldn’t shoulder the responsibility of the head of the Lu family.

“Think about it, Brother Lu. In addition to Red Flame, like Xinghe, Chi is also not bad.”

Qin LeHe opened her mouth and said, “The Qin family has some contacts in Chi military school, so if Brother Lu is willing, my side can help think of a way.”

“Oh? Then I’ll trouble you.”

“You have helped our family so much, no need to be polite. Come on, let’s go in first and discuss the matter of the petition properly.”

Qin LeHe smoothly pulled Gu Ang and patted his shoulder, then pointed at Lu ChangBai.

“You young people communicate more with each other, and don’t be so formal when you first meet.”

Lu Yan looked Gu Ang up and down, his expression regained its elegance, and praised, “ChangBai, talk well with your brother Ang, he’s much more powerful than you. Gu Ang is worthy of being Gu’s son, Xiao Ang, as the first in the Red Flame Military Academy freshman competition, you can’t take your father’s path to politics in the future.”

Gu Ang with a crowning fake smile, “Of course.”

Gu Ang understood in his heart, if Lu Yan was really the culprit of his family’s death in the future, then his enemy was the entire Empire in addition to the Emperor, one of the most powerful people. Even when he became a five-star Admiral himself, in the military to see this big brother, he would need to behave and shout “sir”.

Therefore, at this moment, he couldn’t show a hint of dissatisfaction, aggravating the difficulty of his revenge. Thinking of this, Gu Ang said politely, “Later, after graduation, I will go into the army, so Uncle Lu can take care of me more.”

Lu Yan laughed, “Children have grown up, really good at talking.”

Gu Ang was able to hide from everyone, but not from his mother Qin LeHe, “Let’s go, with us two older people here, the juniors are uncomfortable.”

Qin LeHe saw a hint of something wrong with Gu Ang’s behavior, and assumed that he didn’t like interacting with his elders, so she rushed out to make a roundabout response.

After they left, Gu Ang put his hands in his pockets and looked at Lu ChangBai, who had a somewhat shady look in his eyes, and it so happened that the youngster was also staring at him.

The two of them didn’t move, staring at each other.

Gu Ang was naturally sensitive, and felt that this seemingly well-behaved teenager was wearing a false mask. And behind the mask, whether it was a person or a ghost wasn’t yet known.

After a minute had passed, Gu Ang, who was the first to suffer from embarrassment, lost the battle and said, “You keep staring at my face, do I have flowers on it?”

“There are no flowers, but this is the first time I’ve seen my idol. Naturally, I want to take a good look.” The adults from neither side were present, so Lu ChangBai seemed to relax a lot, squinting his eyes and staring at Gu Ang flirting.

“I’m your idol?” Gu Ang laughed, thinking of Bai SiNing reciting that set of lines of the powder circle every day, jokingly, “Are you a fan of my face or strength?”

Lu ChangBai saw Ye Fei sitting inside through the narrow doorway of the private room, and his eyes flashed with a hint of ruthlessness. Instantly, he regained his good behavior and looked back at Gu Ang with bent eyes, “Neither.”

He took out a communication device from his arms, tapped on the screen a few times, and then showed the screen to Gu Ang. Gu Ang fixed his eyes on it and his expression stiffened a bit, his scalp tingling. The image on Lu ChangBai’s communication device screen was the forum poll post that Bai SiNing had forwarded to him on their Red Flame forum.

And of those three options, the bottom one had been marked as voted.

It showed a vote for the most lonely and miserable option.

Getting along with affection, double A’s desperate love [votes: 22, has placed bets: 30200 star coins]

Lu ChangBai straightened his long hair, revealing his pale face, and his voice was very soft, “I’m a CP fan of you and brother Ye Fei.”


The author has something to say: 

Ye Fei & Gu Ang: Fuck off!!


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