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Chapter 6: “…Save a spot for me.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant to the Regional Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Bai Li’s consciousness had just been withdrawn from the game, and he was trying to sit up from the gaming pod when he felt the small pile of warmth between his chest and belly.

Supreme was shrunken into a ball, his little head hidden in his arms, so only his pointed, twitching ears were revealed. He was sleeping soundly, and even let out a soft purring sound. His body regularly rose and fell, but he didn’t wake up.

Bai Li simply lay down for a while longer, and went to review a series of operations in the game store. With the thought of meeting the wishes of his first believer, Bai Li added an item to modify the character’s appearance called ‘Change Face.’ The price was 100 star coins, and each player could only buy it once.

After he set the price, Bai Li deliberately turned back to the character creation interface, where he added a reminder. If the player wasn’t satisfied with the results of the initial face creation, they could buy the item ‘Change Face’ to fix their appearance. However the opportunity was only available once, and the customization cost money, so they should cherish the change.

After that, he also added an item called ‘Lucky Magic Spring Water Pack’ and three different specifications of the ‘Fertilizer Combination Pack.’ The former was priced at 30 star coins, each pack could open a varying number of magic spring waters, which would speed up crop growth. The latter was priced at 10, 50 and 100 star coins respectively, and the combination of two different fertilizers had the effect of making the plants grow taller or the fruits grow bigger.

Those items should be the most frequently used items in the game in Bai Li’s opinion, although if players didn’t use spring water or fertilizer, crops would also grow normally, but since it could make them grow faster, taller and stronger, there should still be many people happy to buy and use it!

The feeling of superiority of being one step ahead of others, who could bear to ignore it?

After he finished these items, Bai Li remembered Wen XingYao’s envious eyes looking at the golden hoe in his hand, rubbed his chin and thought for a few seconds and then there was another item in the mall.

The ‘Golden Tool Set,’ worth 88 star coins. It could open three to five kinds of limited or unlimited tools, including but not limited to a variety of gold, permanently-bound rare items. The price was quite high compared to the first charge pack, and would be very much in line with Wen XingYao’s conditions.

Bai Li added the last three items, worth 233, 666 and 888 star coins to the ‘Kryptonite gift pack’ after a short period of agonizing. Players could buy such packs, and the amount would be recharged into their player account, becoming the equivalent of diamond coins and getting an additional 20, 60, 100 diamond coins back. In other words, spending 233 star coins would actually get you 253 diamond coins, and so on.

In the game ‘Carefree Farmstead,’ Bai Li set up two kinds of currency systems. One was the ordinary currency of gold, silver and copper, and the ratio was 1:10:100. The other was the diamond coins, where 1 diamond coin = 1 gold coin. At the same time, diamond coins could also be used to buy various items in the game store. The role was similar to the star coins, but with the kryptonite gift package, it was more cost effective than the star coin one.

If players were willing to buy the first gift package, it was a small expense, but buying the kryptonite gift package meant they had the intention to play for a long time. After all, the value of 233 gift packs alone, as long as they weren’t bought indiscriminately, was enough for players to use for quite a long time!

As for the crop seeds that must be used to plant the land, Bai Li didn’t put them in the game store, but opened a separate window for the NPC village chief. Players needed to go to him to buy the seeds and the price was very cheap, costing only a few copper coins. The initial source of obtaining copper coins was by completing quests.

At that time, when he and Wen XingYao completed the first quest, the village chief gave them 5 copper coins each. The two of them were in a hurry to place the small huts, so they didn’t have time to care about it.

Through the power of his divine soul, Bai Li created the various packages, items, seeds and other miscellaneous things. He also added an image to show complete germination of each seed and the specific use of all the tools was added to their item description.

In the process of building the virtual reality game, Bai Li experienced the benefits of having a strong soul. He thought that his effort was not in vain, and it saved him a lot of work. Yay!

Bai Li laughed lightly when he thought of the new game store he glimpsed before exiting the game.

That small vibration accidentally woke up the sleeping Supreme. The cat’s golden eyes blinked in confusion, as he twisted his buttocks and turned halfway around to see the face of the human who gave him a comfortable feeling. He “meowed” a few times before moving over affectionately.

The kitty had a sense of doubt that he had obviously slept for a long time but still felt sleepy, but he didn’t take it to heart. No matter. It wasn’t as important as the human in front of him. This was simply the best human he had ever seen in his cat life!

A man and a cat played a game of rub and cuddle in the gaming pod for a while before they slowly emerged from it.

At the same time, deputy officer Tang Ying, who was located on the main star of the Empire –- Buddha Jumping Over the Wall Star, didn’t receive a reply from the Admiral even after quickly messaging him back. He walked around anxiously in the same place. It was obviously early spring, and it was hard for him to sweat with his physique, but his forehead was covered with sweat. That showed how anxious and panicked he was inside.

The other day, the Admiral’s genetic collapse disorder finally reached a critical point. He had originally relied on his strong physique to hold up, but once he had an outbreak, it was like a mountain torrent that broke the dike, and the rapid decay of his mental domain caused his collapse. At that time, a large group of them were deliberating together, and in order not to hurt others the Admiral rushed out alone.

When they reacted to chase after him, they only saw roads and public buildings that were damaged beyond recognition. They followed the path of destruction, but lost the Admiral’s trail at a certain place.

These days, Tang Ying had been wondering. The Admiral wasn’t sane enough not to use his natural ability ‘space jump,’ to go to another planet. Was that why, even though they had scoured the entire Buddha Jumping Over the Wall Star, they could not find a trace of him?

As the only mutant in the fire-winged lion family for thousands of years, the Admiral’s original Silver Flamed Gold-Winged Lion form was born with the ability to control space. When he was born, he liked to play hide and seek with his parents, but when he grew to be a teenager he knew that he had to hide his light, so he rarely showed his space-related abilities.

Until the final battle with the Zerg. Then the Admiral alone jumped in the lair of the crazy Zerg. The Zerg queen was forced to lose her mind, and then was killed, which laid the cornerstone of the war’s victory.

At the end of the war, the Admiral was promoted to his current position. It was a great honor, but he was also in the middle of something that was happening to millions of people across Interstellar space.

Genetic Collapse Disorder.

For the people of the interstellar, this was the second catastrophe that had come out of nowhere after the Zerg.

The Imperial Research Institute had not yet found the cause of the disorder. At first, it only made people emotional, easily angry and irritable, but later, as the disorder worsened, the patient would involuntarily reveal beast characteristics, and they couldn’t control their body. At a later stage, the patient with the disease went straight back to their beastly infancy, and while their emotions would be restored, they would be ignorant to their destruction.

It was worth mentioning that the disease only appeared in Interstellar people who had already been genetically awakened. Ancient Blue Star people like Bai Li weren’t afflicted with this. At such a time, the Ancient Blue Star people and the Therian warriors wouldn’t envy the bloodline in each other.

In the early and middle stages of the condition, the Admiral didn’t show the slightest problem in front of others, and only a few close to him knew the situation. As the condition slowly developed towards the later stages, Tang Ying was worried every day about what to do when the Admiral couldn’t hold on anymore, but before he could come up with a good response, all the tangles and ideas were useless. The Admiral ran away directly, and he couldn’t even find him to bring him back.

Tang Ying had a feeling that the day he also suffered from genetic breakdown wasn’t far away.

It wasn’t easy to wait for the Admiral to send a message, or be in a conscious state. Tang Ying was relieved and excited at the same time. He anxiously asked where he was, wanting to hurry to pick up the person, but the person wouldn’t reply to him… 

What to do? Tang Ying fell into thinking, and finally turned his attention to the game name sent by the Admiral. Carefree Farmstead? What kind of game was this? Why did the Admiral suddenly ask him to find someone to enter the game?

Tang Ying deliberately logged into StarNet to look up the game, and just happened to see the same page as Wen XingYao.

“I’ve never heard of this name, so I don’t think it has anything to do with Admiral…” Tang Ying muttered, skimming over the game’s designer and turning to the game’s introduction. This was obviously a newly made game, the introduction only had a short sentence, “A relaxing farming game.”

“Farming?” Tang Ying couldn’t help but read it out loud, and the question in his heart was even bigger. He knew what farming meant. The Admiral had five agricultural planets under his name, and he had helped the Admiral go to the agricultural planets several times to deal with the harvesting of crops, trafficking and transportation.

But a farming game and the Admiral…what did they have in connection? It was hard for Tang Ying to imagine the Admiral personally setting a program for the farming robot.

Well, the style really didn’t match.

However this was the Admiral’s order, so although Tang Ying didn’t understand, he still quickly carried it out. He found someone, ordered them on the matter, and when the person across the table said he would do it soon, he suddenly called the person back.

“Is there anything else, Lieutenant Tang?”

“…Save a spot for me.” He wanted to see what kind of a game this was, to have the Admiral come and mention it to him personally.

The man across the table paused for a second before he responded in an odd tone.

The military’s assembly speed was always fast. In less than five minutes, three hundred eligible people were gathered. Tang Ying, as the highest ranking person of the three hundred people, naturally was the one to give orders. At the command, everyone lay down in the gaming pods and found the game called Carefree Farmstead on the official website of the ‘Virtual Reality Game Design Competition’, and with either curiosity, confusion, or seriousness, they entered the game to complete the orders given from above.

During the assembly of 300 people in the military department, someone on the StarNet also found this new game that was launched on the last day of the registration deadline. They were also confused by the name of the game, and skipped the author to read the introduction of the game, only to laugh out loud when they saw the short, one-sentence introduction.

“Pfft! What the hell? A farming game? Let me manipulate the farming robot or farm like a robot. What kind of intellectually dead behavior is this?! Ho, ho, ho! This player did this intentionally, right? They want to clamor for attention? Wait, brother will send you a StarNet debut!”


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