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Chapter 34: Rub it For You?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey wants pizza


Gu Ang hmmmed, not realizing yet how intimate the two were moving, just swallowed some of the small mouthful of cherry water and muttered, “There’s a pit.”

“Spit it in my hand.” Ye Fei touched his lower lip with his fingertips, soft to the touch, stained bright red by that cherry juice. He spread his palms, naturally ready to catch it.

Gu Ang propped up his upper body slightly and bowed his head to spit out the small pit.

A dark brown cherry pith landed on the pale palm, Ye Fei squeezed it tightly, his fingertips taking a new one and feeding it into Gu Ang’s mouth, “Is it sweet?”

“Sweet.” Biting on his fingertips again, Gu Ang finally felt something wasn’t quite right. He was used to being fed by Ye Fei, and it had become a reflex when he reached out his hand and opened his mouth. But now, with this relationship between them, it didn’t seem right.

Gu Ang pushed the tip of his tongue against Ye Fei’s hand, signaling him to get out of his mouth. Instead, the man tickled his tongue as if teasing, tingling.

Gu Ang’s ears got a little red, he reached out and pushed him away, sitting up, “No need to feed me, it’s not like I’m a child.”

“Well, it’s all here, help yourself.” Ye Fei put the bag on the small coffee table in front of the sofa before he bent down with his cigarette to shake half of the ashes, throwing the small cherry pits held in his hand.

The movements flowed as if nothing was wrong.

Gu Ang thought, always easy to get intimate and get attached to Ye Fei. It used to be, too, and that habit remains intact. It was a bug that needed to be changed. He grabbed a handful of cherries and played with them in his hands, pondering for a moment before speaking slowly, “At dinner today, I saw my dad and Uncle Lu holding hands.”

The two intertwined hands replayed in his mind and his stomach lurched.

It was now eight years ago. Did they have an affair earlier, such back-and-forth?

Ye Fei didn’t expect him to initiate this and looked at him through the smoke, gesturing to continue.

Gu Ang spoke as if he had made a judgment, whispering with great certainty, “He’s cheating, with Lu Yan.”

The words were a little sour when they were passed to his lips. He had never opened his mouth to mention this before, not daring to mention it in front of Qin LeHe, and feeling ashamed in front of Ye Fei. It was a shame for anyone to have something like this happen to their own family.

He once asked Ye Fei, “Would you say that cheating is hereditary?”

Ye Fei’s response at the time was, “I won’t cheat on you, that’s all. Look at Old Ye, my mother died so long ago and he still hangs on to her in his mind. Our family has the long-standing love of our ancestors.”

Gu Ang, at the time, was also particularly fond of Ye HongFeng. First class in combat, highly decorated, and exceptionally infatuated. At that moment, he unconsciously treated Ye HongFeng as his own father, talking about being filial for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, the margin was a bit too short.

Gu Ang sighed, “I don’t know what to do about that.”

“Do you need my help gathering evidence before you tell aunt?” Ye Fei understood plainly what he meant, and he was torn as to whether to show his hand in advance.

Gu Ang nodded, and without pretense, “I need to, will you help me?”

“If you need it, I’ll help.” Ye Fei was glad that Gu Ang had opened up to him about this.

Gu Ang was only a student now, after all, to investigate he would inevitably have to use the resources of his family, and that would mean easily alarming the snake. This was something that would be much easier to get into if he were to do it.

Gu Ang stuffed another cherry into his mouth and slurred, “But we’re just roommates, and I don’t want to get you involved.”

“You got me involved when you asked me to go to dinner.” Ye Fei analyzed calmly, “But think about it, if you do end up having a showdown with aunt, there’s no backtrack.”

Gu Ang sneered, “That’s the kind of dad I wouldn’t want if I were given one.”

Wasn’t this where all the nightmares begin? If a do-over was fixing a mistake, he would choke the nightmare in the crib first thing in the morning.

Ye Fei drew out the tissue to wipe his hands, “Good for you for figuring it out.”

Gu Ang’s fingertips pinched into the cherry, flooding his hand with some juice, getting his hand sticky and greasy. He felt as if his throat was also sticky from the juice and wanted to be more intimate, “Ye Fei, why are you being so nice to me?”

Ye Fei exhaled smoke, transfiguring Gu Ang’s face into an enchanting one, as if in a dream.

Why am I so good to you? Because I love you, from before to now, without stopping for a moment. Ye Fei wavered and took a long moment to speak, “Probably because I’m kind.”

Gu Ang pursed his lips, “Kind enough to go that far?”

He was almost about to blurt out, Did you come back with me? Why else would he be so attached to a common classmate? But he didn’t dare ask.

The divorce was hasty, Ye Fei didn’t know about his mother’s death by suicide, and there was no way he could impose the heaviness that had passed.

Ye Fei put out his cigarette, “I hate people who aren’t emotionally committed, cheating and betrayal is a big no-no for me.”

Gu Ang laughed, “Not only do you help people, you also punish evil and promote good, ah. If this were in ancient times, you would be a chivalrous man.”

“Yeah, I think so.” Even chivalrous men had tender hearts, and it was most difficult for lovers. Ye Fei had known for a long time that after he ran into Gu Ang, he was hooked for life. “Cherry, give me one.”

Gu Ang opened the bag, picked the prettiest one and cupped it in his hand, handing it across the coffee table.

Ye Fei didn’t reach for it, opening his mouth and biting down, following Gu Ang’s example, his teeth gently touching his fingertips to contain it.

There was something about that action, something erotic about it. Gu Ang froze as his fingers touched somewhat cold lips, forgetting to pull his hand back. Why did this guy act so slutty? He coughed lightly and tossed the cherries into Ye Fei’s mouth, “Where did you go to get these?”

“The supermarket in front of the school. I asked the saleswoman what would make me feel better if I ate it, and she recommended cherries.”

“You could tell I was in a bad mood.”

Ye Fei couldn’t help but laugh, “That stinky face of yours, like someone owes you money, anyone with eyes could realize that. I’ll take you to a boxing match if you haven’t lost your temper yet.”

Gu Ang’s eyes lit up and a bad stomach began to wiggle, “Wait, why don’t we drag Bai SiNing out to train? Taking it out on this guy is a lot more fun than boxing.”

Ye Fei choked, “What did Bai SiNing do wrong…”

Gu Ang’s expression had a hint of unnaturalness, “You don’t know he voted for both of us for that double A absolute love and created a group, embarrassing the hell out of me.”

Ye Fei thought to himself, How did I not know that I was still topping the group with a small vest? 

He tapped on his communicator, “Okay, I’ll call him out.”

Gu Ang turned around to the bed and took off his school uniform, pulling his sweatshirt out of the locker and getting ready to change into it with a big flourish. He twisted his head around his bare upper body, “Aren’t you going to change? It’s not a good fight in what you’re wearing.”

Ye Fei’s eyes fell on his body and his Adam’s apple rolled, “I’ll change.”

Did this guy really not remember that he was an Omega? Undressing so bluntly right in front of an Alpha, really not afraid he’d just press him down and fuck him?

“Hurry up then, I can’t wait.” Gu Ang bent down and was about to take off his pants when Ye Fei jerked his hand and shoved him into the bathroom. 

With a bewildered look on his face, he heard a voice outside ring out, “Go inside and change.”

Gu Ang reacted, his face feeling like fire was floating through it.

Fuck, he got used to just taking it off, haven’t converted yet. But he was clearly an Alpha to Ye Fei, so what’s wrong with taking off a shirt?

Half an hour later, the three met up at the school’s training ground. Bai SiNing panted as he ran over and looked at the two sitting in the lounge area next to him, “It’s late at night, what did you call me over for?”

“Ah, Xiao Bai, I think you haven’t been training very hard lately, so I’m going to help you catch up with Ye Fei.” Gu Ang with a gangly smile, “I’m doing this for your own good, maybe you’ll become an Adjutant in the future, great prospects, so let’s start now.”

Bai SiNing heard this and pumped his fist, “Why are you guys so nice today? I’ve wanted to find you guys for a long time but wasn’t too good at asking for fear that you’d look down on a little piece of trash like me.”

Ye Fei helped, “Why? We’re all friends.”

Bai SiNing covered his chest with a touched look, “Ah, it’s so nice to have good friends like you two.”

He added silently in his mind, It would be nice if these two were together.

Gu Ang got up sharply and squeezed Ye Fei’s shoulder, “I’ll do it, let’s start with sparring.”

Bai SiNing nodded, “Okay, you don’t have to care about the lightness, I can take it.”

Ye Fei touched the back of Gu Ang’s hand, a little uneasy. This guy was a little lunatic when it came to fighting, “Don’t be too hard, stop when it suits you.”

Gu Ang stood in the middle of the training ground and nodded towards Bai SiNing, “Come.”

Bai SiNing moved with pugnaciousness, going straight to the bottom of the mat and trying to trip Gu Yang up as soon as he got his hands on him. Just before his leg touched Gu Ang’s knee, he was pinned to the ground with a backhand, followed by a slamming punch that grazed the side of his face and rushed to the ground. Very precise without hurting anyone, but the action was threatening.

“Holy shit, you’re for real.” Bai SiNing howled, “Okay, I’m going out on a limb today!”

He rolled and bounced up, strangling Gu Ang’s neck and wrapping his legs around his waist to keep the man firmly in control.

Gu Ang side-stepped and went straight up to choke Bai SiNing’s hand, using all his strength to get him to let go.

Bai SiNing wailed and let go, his legs locked with all their might, his toes shaking, “Ouch, ouch, ouch! Brother Ang, why are you getting stronger?!”

“Don’t talk during the fight.” Gu Ang squeezed his shoulder and managed to get out of the way, making a quick move.

The two battling against each other reminded him of the time he used to train with Bai SiNing. At that time, Bai SiNing was carrying a heavy burden and had to practice with him every day when he could. Gu Ang once asked him, “Why do you work so hard?”

Bai SiNing was silent for a long time before he replied, “I want to become stronger to protect the people I want to protect.”

And then he did it.

In that battle, he used his own physical body to block the attack for Gu Ang, and fell in front of a thousand horses with his blood flowing. Gu Ang pushed him away too late, his hands and eyes full of blood that couldn’t be stopped.

He remembered Bai SiNing’s last few words at the time: “I’m honored, Admiral, to have fought alongside you. I have no regrets, and I’ll see you in the next life.”

Originally, he wanted to find someone to come out and tease, but when he thought about it, Gu Ang was a little upset.

Now Bai SiNing was a bit skinnier, but it did bring him a lot of joy. Forget it, let’s not hurt him.

Gu Ang’s heart softened and he was just about to let go when Bai SiNing seized the opportunity and pinned the man back to the ground again, punching him hard in the stomach. The force was not light and the blow was hard.

“You fucking…” Gu Ang gritted his teeth and saved up the strength he had just gathered, curling his knees forward and sending the man bouncing two meters away.

Bai SiNing sat on the floor with his legs open and a bewildered look on his face, “And that’s the end of it?”

“There’s more to come, little friend.” Gu Ang stood up and tried to reach out and pull him up off the ground, “Still coming?”

Bai SiNing shook his head, relying on the ground and not getting up, “I’m slowing down, slowing down, I’m going to be crippled by you.”

Gu Ang raised an eyebrow, “Where did I cripple you?”

“Where did you say you cripple me?” Bai SiNing glared at him resentfully, suddenly realizing, “Were you deliberately looking for me to take it out on me today?”

Gu Ang played innocent, “I didn’t. Did the kick hurt? Let’s take a break.”

Ye Fei watched the two breathlessly the entire time, childishly fighting like children. He tugged on his shirt and got up, pacing slowly to the two men, “Looks like I’m out of business today.”

“God Ye, we’ll meet again next time, I can’t afford a two-man mixed doubles match all day.” Bai SiNing had a bitter face, feeling the pain still lurking in his lower body.

Ye Fei raised the corners of his mouth slightly, with all this fussing around, Gu Ang should be in a much better mood. He reached over and rubbed Gu Ang’s stomach, “Are you in pain?”

Gu Ang frowned, “A bit, I guess, Bai SiNing hits really hard.”

Bai SiNing was speechless, “I’m in more pain than you, I’m going to die and be crippled!”

Ye Fei ignored the howl on the floor and placed his palm over his hip, asking softly, “Should I rub it for you?”

Bai SiNing was completely devastated, “Are you guys still human??????”


Author’s Note: 

Bai SiNing: I build groups for you guys, I canvass for you guys, and all I get in return is surprisingly… CP fanheads need love too!!!


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April 10, 2023 8:32 am

Hope this time GA can prevent his Mom from commiting suicide.

April 17, 2023 7:37 am

I’d find it impossible to interact normally with someone who was going to give their life for me in the future; even if a variation of the original.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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