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Chapter 35: Sending Out Perks to Fans

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, TGIF


Gu Ang felt the searing warmth of that palm through the fabric of his tracksuit, covering his punched stomach, ironing it out comfortably. It was just that Ye Fei seemed a bit different from the time when they only met before. In the past, Ye Fei was really a man who wasn’t to be approached, his face was cold and he didn’t even bother to say anything to anyone.

In his last life, Gu Ang was a sophomore before he crossed paths with Ye Fei. It was the second year of the Undifferentiated Combat Games, Gu Ang was dragged to be an ornament and was bored as he looked around when he saw Ye Fei sitting in the mecha in the next class.

Through the bulletproof glass, the man had a cold face, the side of which was extremely handsome under the outline of the setting sun, like a statue carved by a knife. He was operating the mecha quickly, seemingly with a bit of disdain, fiddling with the toys, and the game was over in a few minutes. Clean, sharp, arrogant, and with an aura of indifference.

After entering school, Gu Ang had heard Ye Fei’s name many times, and that was the first time he met him in person. He had heard people bragging about him before, so naturally had some disbelief in his heart, but this time he was blown away by the smooth operation.

Gu Ang had never been in love, and had little interest in the delicate, pretty Omegas everyone talked about; he’d always thought it unlikely he’d ever be able to give his heart into someone, and was even prepared to die alone. But the moment Ye Fei’s mecha hit the moving target, it inexplicably hit him as well.

He wasn’t concerned with gender, and it wasn’t unusual for an Alpha to fall in love with another Alpha, like was like, bold and direct. When he got off the race, he stopped the man on the side of the track.

Gu Ang stopped the person from leaving, showing eight teeth and smiling brightly, “Hi, I’m Gu Ang from the next class.”

Ye Fei looked at the unfamiliar face with an expressionless face, his tone a little impatient, “Something wrong?”

“Mn, I want to get to know you.” Gu Ang didn’t bother beating around the bush and got straight to the point, “Give me a chance?”

Ye Fei bluntly refused, “I’m not available.”

Gu Ang pulled him by the wrist and played along, “Do you have a girlfriend? Or boyfriend?”

Ye Fei was a little incredulous, his face colder, and trying to be polite, he didn’t shrug him off, “What the hell do you want?”

“If not, I’ll let you know, I’m going after you.” Gu Ang laughed, “I went off on a bit of a tangent, just as long as it didn’t scare you.”

Ye Fei swept him off his feet with a faint glance, breaking his wrist free, “Don’t spend your mind on me, there’s no point.”

It was like saying one more word was a waste of time. Gu Ang was piqued by what it was like to be in a relationship with someone so cold. Will the iceberg melt? Would he fall in love? Would he change himself because he liked someone? He was curious. Of course, Gu Ang didn’t get Ye Fei’s contact information that day.

From the next day onwards, every day after class, he went to block the Class S.

That was just the way he was, when he picked his target, he moved just as quickly and accurately. Ignoring the curious stares, the rising whistles, and the strange choreography, he didn’t care. The more Ye Fei resisted, the more he tried to chase him down.

A week later, Ye Fei was annoyed enough to skip class outright. Gu Ang had no choice but to change his battle plan and go straight to the dormitory to squat.

When Ye Fei’s door opened in the middle of the night, Gu Ang, whose eyes were half-closed, fell stiffly into his arms, holding the man and not letting him go.

Ye Fei peeled at the hand wrapped around his neck and spoke helplessly, “Stop for a moment.”

Gu Ang was soft as a bone, rubbing his head down against his neck, “Are you repulsed by Alphas?”

Ye Fei pushed the man away and rubbed his brow, “What the hell do you want?”

Gu Ang still said, “Chase you and catch you.”

The next second, Gu Ang was dryly pushed out of the dormitory door. Gu Ang mentally tsked, this man used to be a real ice sculpture, the kind that couldn’t even melt in his mouth. It was all thanks to his own fiery strength that he took this one down.

But now, if it was really freshman Ye Fei, why was he so nice to him?

A slow rubbing of his palm over his stomach dissipated even that tiny bit of pain.

Gu Ang grabbed his messy hand, “Enough, enough, that’s fine.”

Ye Fei asked softly, “It doesn’t hurt anymore?”

Gu Ang was gently crushed by the ploy, “It doesn’t hurt that much.”

Bai SiNing kept his sitting position on the floor, looking suspiciously between the two men, suddenly comprehending. Forget it, a kick wasn’t a big deal, how good it smelled to get high on the spot, he’d forgotten why he’d come over in the first place. These two people’s ambiguous affection was like pink bubbles that roamed the sky.

Bai SiNing spoke with trepidation, “You two have such a good relationship, oh, it makes my heart soft.”

Gu Ang gave him a crutch, “Can roommates’ relationships be bad?”

Bai SiNing explained, “It’s not the two of us kind. It’s the kind of, you know, ambiguity, the kind that doesn’t pierce the window!”

Gu Ang was struck to the heart and mouthed, “Ambiguous my ass, have you been single for so long that you can see feelings when you look at two single dogs?”

“Huh? You mean, you two are dogs?”

Gu Ang: “…”

“Bai SiNing you’re average in combat, and you didn’t learn the language well enough to understand it that badly.”

Ye Fei listened to the two men bicker back and forth, deep in thought. He was acting so obviously that even the single-celled creature Bai SiNing saw through it. At the beginning, when he only came back, he was able to keep his distance from Gu Ang because he was mad about the divorce.

When he spent a lot of time together under the same roof, he couldn’t hide his liking. This man, who had clearly come so boldly to provoke him in the first place, made him break his fast and come down to earth.

It was hard to like him, and then get up sharply and pat the man on the back. He couldn’t just let go of a relationship that has been going on for years. Not to mention, Gu Ang seemed a little cuter now compared to before. Often like a cat with puffed fur, limp limbs showing his belly and boredom. It just made him go up to him, wanting to rub his belly and smooth out his fur again.

Ye Fei rubbed his temples helplessly, feeling really odd about his fixation.

It was amazing how he could restrain himself from being a human being when he spent every day with Gu Ang.

Seeing that the two had no intention of leaving, Ye Fei spoke up, “It’s late, time to go back.”

Bai SiNing let out an “oh”, showing an abandoned puppy face, “Right, I forgot to tell you guys, the Undifferentiated Combat Games is going to have a few students do a promo shoot, and Teacher Wang pushed you two.”

Gu Ang frowned, “What the hell?”

Bai SiNing tsked, “It’s just a promotional photo shoot.”

“Why didn’t he ask for our opinion?” Gu Ang tugged the zipper of his sweatshirt up and down, “I don’t want to go.”

Ye Fei tugged at the corner of his mouth, “I guess that’s up to you.”

In his last life, he was made to take pictures of every year poster that was plastered all over the school. From resistance at first, to numb posing at the end.

Gu Ang muttered, “There’s so much going on, I guess I’m happier as a schoolboy.”

Ye Fei thought to himself, If that’s the case, the two of us probably won’t be together. He swallowed down his thoughts and headed out towards the training ground with his hands in his pockets.

Bai SiNing carried his shoulder bag, goading his neck, eyes dripping, “I’m so tired, my house is so far away, why don’t I stay in your dorm today?”

Gu Ang gave him a breathless look, “We only have two beds in the dorm so you’ll sleep on the floor?”

“I’ll sleep in your bed, you sleep with God Ye!” Bai SiNing’s mind was spinning fast, “Or you two have to send me back, I don’t care. You two got me out and the school isn’t peaceful these days, what if I get assassinated on my way back?”

Gu Ang gritted his teeth, “You at least beat a bunch of Alpha to get into Class S, why are you such a wimp?!” He said and looked at Ye Fei again, a little bemused, “Besides, it’s not good for the two of us to sleep in the same bed…”

Ye Fei nodded, “Yes, that’s fine with me.”

“You see, it’s still God Ye who’s good at talking!” Bai SiNing hooked one person’s shoulder with one hand, “It’s a delightful deal.”

Gu Ang had a hard time talking about it. True, right, there was nothing wrong with two Alphas sleeping in the same bed, but he was now a fucking Omega!

Was it appropriate to sleep together? The three walked back down the road, Bai SiNing excited to be living in a dormitory for the first time, “Ah, now I really regret why I didn’t apply to live in school, how happy I am to live with my classmates. Don’t worry Brother Ang, I’ll get you a new quilt tomorrow. I know you’re a bit of a clean freak, thanks for offering up your bed!”

“Oh.” Gu Ang pulled a robe into the bathroom, not bothering to pay attention to him.

When he came out again, he saw that Bai SiNing had fallen asleep with his blanket.

“This person didn’t even take a shower…” Gu Ang looked at the man sleeping like a dead pig and swept a glance at Ye Fei, “The two of us… are we really sleeping together?”

Ye Fei shrugged, fearless, “It’s not the first time either.”

Gu Ang scratched his ears, feeling hot all over, “Saying it like that… forget it, go take a shower, I’ll lie down.”

Ye Fei hmmed and turned to open the bathroom door full of condensation.

Gu Ang lifted the covers and lay down, with the smell of Ye Fei on even the sheets, even his body involuntarily tense. It wasn’t like the last time on the couch bed, when he slept through it, it wasn’t as awkward.

But this time, both men were awake enough to lie in the same bed, and he couldn’t sleep.

Gu Ang rolled over, his heart beating like thunder. He kept his ears in the direction of the bathroom, the sound of the water not stopping.

What to do? How about pretending to sleep? Gu Ang blinked and forced his eyes shut, but felt his lashes stop fluttering. He mentally read the most boring history of imperial warfare, shaking off the perverted thoughts that filled his head. Absolutely no more making a fool of himself and getting caught by Ye Fei.

As he was messing around with his thoughts, the bathroom door opened and Ye Fei came out in his robe, raising his hand to turn off the room’s light. The brightly lit room turned steeply into pitch black, and all sounds were clearly audible.

Gu Ang held his breath and tried to look calm as if he had fallen asleep.

Ye Fei lifted the corner of the quilt and the side of the mattress sank in as he lay down against Gu Ang. Whispering, he asked, “Asleep?”

Gu Ang shut his ears tight, pretended he didn’t hear, and rolled over cooperatively. His back was turned, his eyelids shaking, his heart beating.

Ye Fei continued, “So soon… Pretending to sleep?”

Gu Ang decided to play dead and just keep quiet. Never wake a man who pretends to be asleep! Fuck it, let’s call it a night.

Ye Fei turned on his side, sighed, and helped him pull the covers up to his neck to cover him, tucking in the corners again. He rested his hands behind his head and listened to Gu Ang without even taking a breath, afraid that the man would suffocate himself.

Bai SiNing was still around, what could he do?

It was unlikely that he’d even be able to sleep with him in his arms, it was easy to show.

Ye Fei closed his eyes and thought, Forget it, it’s okay to sleep cleanly together.

Gu Ang thought he would be awake for most of the night, or would at least fight for a long time, but with the familiar smell around him, he soon fell asleep.

He had a problem with sleeping and liked to grab the covers once he was asleep. In his slumber, he groped with an open hand and grabbed the strap of Ye Fei’s bathrobe. Feeling as if it wasn’t too much, he rubbed forward again, wrapping his arms around Ye Fei’s waist in a habitual way.

Two people in an intimate position, unexpectedly sleeping peacefully.

Bai SiNing woke up with his eyes open at 4 AM, abruptly awake when he heard the sound of even breathing next to him. He climbed gingerly out of bed, found his book bag in the living room, and opened it by moonlight.

Bow hairpins, double ponytails, little straw hats… And an infrared camera.

Bai SiNing rubbed his hands together, after entering the luminous CP he bought this pile on fire, the opportunity was really reserved for the prepared CP fanheads.

The moonlight shone in through the curtains, the light dim, blurring the outline of the two intertwined in the bed.

Bai SiNing gingerly walked over to the bed with a pile of props in his hand and put the twin ponytails on Ye Fei’s head.

The camera was raised and Bai SiNing giggled slowly, “After beating me last night, it’s not too much to ask to take some intimate photos to give me the benefit of the doubt as a fan, is it?”


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April 8, 2023 10:15 am

Really Bai Sing? You think you can get away with this? Madness! Thanks for the chapter xx

April 8, 2023 3:17 pm

Bai Bai think this time you’re dead! This interaction between the two of wanting to get involved, but not being able to, is getting really funny!!! Thanks for the chapter!!!

April 10, 2023 8:54 am

He he he.. Are you ready for the outcome Bai SiNing?

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Bai SiNing crossing the line. Does he have an early-death wish?
Thanks for translating and editing.

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