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Chapter 7: The Barbarian Was Late but Arrived

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant to the Regional Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Mo Song was a game anchor.

Since his discharge from the army two years earlier, he had been hanging out in major virtual reality games all year round, such as ‘Brawl Interstellar,’ ‘Void Wars’ and other combat games, where anyone could find his figure. With his excellent combat skills and straightforward style of speech and action, he had accumulated a lot of fans over the past two years.

Fans praised Mo Song as a superb game god, but only Mo Song himself knew that his achievement today was only due to misfortune. The presence of the Genetic Collapse Disorder made it impossible for him to stay awake all the time, which was the reason he left the army. After coming out, he naturally had to find a job to support himself. Mo Song initially intended to sing military songs live, however, just after one face-to-face with the netizens in the live room, the picture went off.

[Look at that black eye. It is round and big. The anchor isn’t afraid of playing games all night every day, right?]

[Because of those thick black eye circles, brothers, sugar and vinegar radish brush up, let’s welcome the anchor!]

“Sugar and vinegar radish” was the cheapest charge item in the live room, worth 5 star coins. One sugar and vinegar radish wasn’t much, but dozens of sugar and vinegar radishes added up to a good harvest for new anchors. Smelling the sweet and sour taste in the virtual space as if it had substance, Mo Song was speechless for a while.

Actually, his beast form was a raccoon dog1 and the genetic collapse disorder had brought out his signature black eyes?

In short, the words “Hello, today I am performing for you military songs” could no longer be said.

It just so happened that an audience member suggested a new popular game, and Mo Song rushed to the shelf and boarded the game with an extremely unskilled posture, clumsily playing the monster. As he played the game, his fighting instincts that were engraved into the depths of his soul came out, and after a few hours, Mo Song had turned into a dark horse player with moderate feelings.

Or while he fought monsters with black eyes, even as he cursed their kind.

He would take a moment to say that the monsters didn’t feel real enough, and a moment to say that the sense of combat was far worse than the real flesh, and occasionally when he thought that they were doing a live broadcast and would take time to interact with the audience.

Many viewers said [so dedicated to love the job, grumpy at the same time, still taking care of everyone’s physical and mental feelings. Anchor, love love love!]

At the same time, Mo Song’s heroic gesture of killing monsters also won him a lot of live room gifts. Whether it was singing or monster hunting, the ultimate goal was to make money. Looking at his income after his first live broadcast, Mo Song compromised with a small heart. From now on, he was a game anchor!

More than two years passed. Mo Song became a game anchor with a small five million fans and a certain level of popularity. Of course, five million fans, in front of Interstellar’s huge base of tens of billions of people, was like only three-year-old children knowing him and not up to 100-year-old people knowing him. However, Mo Song himself was already very satisfied.

Since he played this same type of game for all these years, he had a keen awareness of the high and low quality of each game. Mo Song wasn’t a character who kept his thoughts to himself, but instead extremely liked to express his likes and dislikes.

There was a time when he mistakenly entered a new combat game, and the picture was comparable to a junkyard. The monsters inside were ugly and mosaic-like, but the mall items were extremely expensive and easy to damage. Mo Song played for less than ten minutes and decided that the game was made to cheat money, so he cursed at StarNet for three days and successfully made the game yellow.

After that, he made another four or five games in a row, all of which were junk games that were bent on cheating money, and thus were jokingly called “hot chicken game crusher” 2by his fans. Although it was a joking statement, that title also meant that the netizens agreed with his behavior.

Whenever anyone went to play a new game, they would look to see if it had been demolished by Mo Song first.

Game designers loved and hated Mo Song, while the players had nothing but love for him. He was really a model and conscience of the empire’s anchor community! The game he was currently playing had been played for quite a long time, and many fans said they were tired of watching it, so he thought of going to StarNet to poke around for a new game.

The place with the most new games was the official website of the ‘Virtual Reality Game Design Competition’. There was a long list of games, he started from the bottom and soon a strange game name came into his sight.

After clicking into the details page and looking at it for a few moments, his eyebrows wrinkled and a humming sound came out from his nose, Mo Song cursed and rolled up his sleeves to find the official forum entrance of the competition, and opened the trolling method.

“Has anyone ever played the game ‘Carefree Farmstead’? A farming game? Anyway, it doesn’t give me a good feeling, as if my IQ is being rubbed on the ground by the designer!”

“Only a brain twitch will run to the virtual reality farming game, right? Is the abyssal monster not ugly enough, or the weapon in the hand is not dazzling enough? The designers are probably not in their right mind, and want to bring us into the pit together?”

“Oh my God, I even took a look at it because the name sounded good. It’s really too much of a waste of time!”

“To the brothers. If you accidentally see this game, do not click in to see, and do not go in to play, is purely a waste of time ~”

Mo Song said a whole lot. It was a great way to get a good feeling.

Mo Song’s screen name was “Song’s Blunt Opinion”. Since he often helped players try out new games, on StarNet he was quite famous. It didn’t take long for his post to get a response from people one after another.

“Is that you, Brother Song? You stay up so late, be careful of getting up the next day with bigger dark circles under your eyes!”

After so much time together, fans had long known Mo Song’s original form and understood that the dark circles on his face weren’t on purpose. But the truth was the truth, the joke was, as always, to open. The first reaction to seeing Mo Song bubbling late at night was to make fun of the circles under his eyes.

After that, they would focus on the game Mo Song spit on.

[The game is called Carefree Farmstead. The name is quite catchy. Hey, Brother Song have you played? What is it like inside?]

Seeing someone ask a question like that, Mo Song once again felt weak, but he didn’t bother to lie. Instead he replied with a stiff upper lip, “It’s still necessary to play? Just by reading the game description I know it’s a game with no content, boring gameplay and focused on cheating money, whoever plays it will know!”

He was confident that he still had an eye for games.

Sure enough, hearing him say this, many people responded, saying that even if they saw the game, they wouldn’t click in to play it.

There were even sharp-eyed netizens who found the Chinese point. [Aha, look what I see? This game is using the E class virtual reality game builder. This builder can only reach 75% realism and the picture quality is rough. Since it can only accommodate five hundred people, it is nothing more than a stone hammer asking for scam money, right? But the game designer has a little brain, and knows that this can’t cheat many people…]

[Tsk. They really want to pit money from our players. Don’t put any money in it. Just E level, only five hundred people, so little people will look down on it!]

The late-night diving party had bubbled out in response, and there were even older brothers and sisters who had just come out of the popular combat game and whose grumpiness hadn’t been completely eliminated, cursing the designers of this game as a disgusting bloodsucker, specializing in sucking the blood of players. Even if they jumped from the abyss and were swallowed by the ugly abyssal monster, they would never, never, never play this stupid game!

In the meantime, the post was filled with emotions, and everyone wanted to take the game designer out and get rid of them. Even Mo Song, who posted the post, didn’t expect that a small tirade would cause such a big stir.

Somehow, his heart beat a little faster, not a sign of irritability, but a faint, not very good feeling.

Mo Song froze, took the candy with true-refreshing effect placed on the table, stuffed it into his mouth, after which casually refreshed the page, sharp-eyed in the latest follow-up post saw the distinctive presence.

[Although you have not played at all, to conclude that this is a trash game, do you not think you are too arbitrary?]

Black eyes slightly widened, Mo Song sneered. Sure enough, the barbarians arrived late.

The people’s eyes were discerning, [Don’t think a nice name can fool me, I won’t fall for it!]

The other side, [Tsk. You say so much but still haven’t gone to play? Anyway, I don’t believe that such words without factual basis, if you have the ability, to go to play, ah. And play well back and then tell us whether it is fun~]

With a tsk, Mo Song’s temper was successfully ignited. He didn’t care if he became a hooked fish, shot up and said, [I’m going! I’m going! I have played so many games and am not afraid of anyone. Just wait! Wait for grandpa to play well before your face swells up!]

After saying that, he directly left the post, and ran next door to register a game account. Before he left, he deliberately glanced at the user name of the person. Well…the name was “Warm Light Beast’s Family”? Okay, grandpa remembered you!

But…he had never heard of the species Warm Light Beast.

Mo Song scratched his head before entering the game’s registration page, but he didn’t notice that in addition to him, there were many bad-tempered old brothers and sisters also pushed by “Warm Light Beast’s Family” compulsion, that responded to the call, and followed him to register for the game.

They could be civilized Interstellar people, in order to be more justified when they said that it was a garbage game. They didn’t mind spending five minutes to ten minutes gaining first-hand experience.

[Let’s go, let’s go! Brothers and I will rush together and teach the game designer a good lesson!]

However, the vast majority of others were spectators with the mindset of watching and even betting that those who ran off to play the game would be back in a few minutes.

When Bai Li posted, the time frame had narrowed down to less than five minutes, but he felt that those people wouldn’t be back tonight.

He touched his face, found it somewhat hot, and thought that he really couldn’t do this kind of hotheaded behavior, not to mention that he also performed like a live barbarian. Hey, in order to get the netizens to play the game, he was really working painstakingly.

The idea of posting in the forum for publicity wasn’t necessary now. According to the popularity of the post, the first batch of Carefree Farmstead players, with a cap of 500 people, would be completed soon.

His finger unconsciously brushed against Supreme’s spine, eliciting a mee-owfrom the kitty full of confusion. Just now when the human was concerned about StarNet posts, he was actually a little sleepy, but thought he would become lonely if he fell asleep, so he braced himself to stay with him. Now the human seemed to be done, so he rolled his tail around the human’s wrist and squinted his big golden eyes at him, giving him the signal that he wanted to go to sleep.

In the immortal world, Bai Li rarely rested. However, this shell was of an ordinary human, and he inevitably felt sleepy. Today he was busy from morning to night. Even if his divine soul power was strong enough, by now, he would also have a few hints of sleepiness. When he saw Supreme’s urgings, he decided to fulfill his wish.

He got up and walked to the bed with Supreme in his arms, put the tiny cat ball on the pillow, went to the bathroom to change into his pajamas and soon lay down under the covers as well.

“Good night, Supreme.”


The breathing of one person and one cat soon became light, while the discussion on StarNet about Carefree Farmstead exploded at a certain moment.

[Jeez! Are you guys livestock? You said you wouldn’t play, so why was the 500 people limit already full when I went!!!]

[Are my eyes blind? The number of people at the beginning was 2, then suddenly became 302, then after a few seconds again became 500? I couldn’t even react in time and now I don’t have a spot.]

[? Now the threshold to see the fun has become so high…]

[In the end, what is going on, ah? Is the game designer spending money to buy people to play in? Otherwise how did it fill so quickly? Isn’t it just a hot chicken game?]

[By the way, how many minutes have passed now? How come that group of people still hasn’t come out…]

[According to my precise calculation, 27 minutes and 43 seconds have passed now. So what the hell did they encounter? :)]


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Translator Notes:

  1. Learn more about them here. They are really interesting mammals! The only canine species that hibernates like a bear during really snowy seasons. Tanuki are a subspecies, or Racoon dogs. Pretty sure a lot of people have heard the Japanese folktales of these mischievous creatures.
  2. To win a game in China, they call it having ‘chicken dinner.’ (Winner winner, chicken dinner.) So to be a hot chicken game crusher, you cheat wins to beat a game.


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