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Chapter 70: He is a Scum, a Beast

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, sleeeepy~


Ye Fei poked his cheek with his fingertip, “Swallow, then talk.”

Gu Ang finished chewing his mouthful of food, and licked his lower lip with fondness, “What are you doing up?”

Ye Fei spoke lazily, “I just didn’t sleep.”

“You pretended to sleep? Why are you like this?!” Gu Ang felt a little embarrassed. It was so fucking embarrassing to be on a diet during the day and then come over at night and get caught stealing food.

Ye Fei stared at him thoughtfully, “Is it enough to eat?”

Gu Ang choked and took another look at the thermos he’d almost emptied out, “It’s… it’s enough.”

Ye Fei laughed, “Not enough, I’ll take you out for a late night snack.”

Gu Ang shook his head, “I need to lose weight.”

“Lose what? A little fat won’t hurt.” Ye Fei reached out to snag his waist, squeezing it. It was obviously thin, thin enough to hold in one hand.

Gu Ang was tickled a little by his tickling and ducked sideways, “Is there a late night snack shop open this late?”

Ye Fei laughed out loud loudly, “Yes, there are many in front of the school.”

“Then… then let’s go.” Gu Ang got up from the ground, his legs a little numb from squatting for so long.

He moved around twice, pulled open the cabinet and grabbed a jacket and wrapped it around himself, all in one fell swoop.

Ye Fei teased him, “So impatient?”

He calculated in his mind that with this kind of nurturing, wearing women’s clothes in a week should be just around the corner. The two sneaked down the stairs, turning a corner to pass the window of the dorm manager aunt.

Gu Ang lowered his voice, “We leap out?”

Red Flame dorms weren’t strictly managed, nothing was gated. But the aunt had nothing better to do every day and liked to chatter, which was annoying to listen to.

Ye Fei hmmed, a serious look on his face, “Let’s run together after I count down from three.”

Gu Ang obliged, “Okay.”

“Three…” Before Ye Fei’s words fell, Gu Ang darted out like a stray arrow.

The auntie turned around when she heard the noise and just happened to meet up with Ye Fei who was passing by.

Ye Fei smiled awkwardly, “Good night, auntie.”

“Where to?” Auntie stopped her stoned hand, “That was Gu Ang who just ran out, right?

Ye Fei babbled, “He had something at home and had to go back, so I stayed with him.”

“Oh, something’s going on at home in the middle of the night?” Auntie raised her voice, “You didn’t run out for a late night snack just to sneak back later, did you?”

Poked in the heart, Ye Fei could only stiffen, “No, we might not even be back tonight.”

“Okay, take care on the way.” Auntie nodded, “It’s almost twelve, I need to lock the door.”

“Auntie’s working hard.” Ye Fei slurred a few words and hurriedly slipped away.

Gu Ang stood in the doorway of his dorm looking at him, “What’s the grind, got caught?”

Ye Fei slapped his forehead, “What were you running so fast for? Now you did it, you won’t be able to go back later.”

“What do you mean?”

“Auntie said she’s going to lock the door right away.”

Gu Ang, “……” He scratched his head in annoyance, “Where are we staying tonight?”

“Back at my house?”

“Is your dad there?”

Ye Fei looked at the date, “Not there, he shouldn’t be back.”

Gu Ang nodded, “Okay, let’s come back early tomorrow morning.”

“Let’s think about what to eat first.” Ye Fei took him by the wrist and headed for the school gate. There was hardly anyone on the road at the moment, and the two were very bold, in a sort of early love-stealing way. Covered in the moonlight, Gu Ang turned his wrist and gently took his hand.

Wrapped his hand around it, stroked it, then intertwined their fingers. Both men looked mindfully ahead, not even meeting each other’s gazes.

But the hands were warm, and they could even feel a little wet sweat soaking out, indistinguishable from each other’s. Little by little, Gu Ang’s heart began to race a little out of control.

How did holding hands make him blush when they had obviously been together for so many years? Walking through a dark shaded section of trees, they soon reached the brightly lit entrance to the school.

Gu Ang let go of him and put his hands in his pockets as if on cloud nine, “Kebabs?”

“Just don’t be afraid of a stomach ache.” Ye Fei indulged him, and Gu Ang liked it, so he took him. The snack street in front of the school was lit up, and those lights never seemed to go out. Hot and noisy, a very different view from the quiet school gates.

Gu Ang found a relatively clean looking shop and sat down, buried his head and started ordering.

Ye Fei glanced over, “I’m not eating. Keep an eye on it, I’m going to the door for a cigarette.”

“Okay.” Gu Ang didn’t look up, taking his pen and ticking off items on the menu. He had had a particularly good appetite for the past two days after the upset tummy had passed. Just looking at the names on the menu made his mouth water.

“Boss, I’m ready to order.” Gu Ang handed over the menu. 

In no time at all, a large plate full of grilled skewers was served, and the aroma was divine. Gu Ang clutched the stick and began to bring it to his mouth, eating it for a moment before glancing at the door again, where Ye Fei was still smoking. The man was wearing a black shirt, standing casually next to the tattered little shop sign, one hand loosely squeezing his cigarette and flicking the ashes, still looking noble and cool. He was really just here to have a nightcap with him.

Gu Ang slowly chewed on the meat in his mouth while admiring Ye Fei from a distance.

Gu Ang found that he seemed to really love Ye Fei. Love to the point that any small gesture he made was heartwarming. If it weren’t for his mother, he’d want to make it known to the world right now. That feeling of having a secret in his heart and having to hold it in was just too much for him.

Gu Ang thought this when he saw a girl with long curly hair walk up next to Ye Fei and whispered something. He saw Ye Fei hand the lighter over, and the girl took it with her head down and lit a cigarette side by side.

His dog ex-husband! He was still here and he was making eyes at others! Gu Ang pursed his lips and felt the kebab in his hand instantly lose its aroma. He stared firmly at the cigarette in Ye Fei’s hand, and silently thought to himself to hurry up and get the hell back from smoking it.

The cigarette seemed to be against him, burning particularly slowly, and it took a while before a small amount was burnt up. Gu Ang gritted his teeth and bit the top off, watching as the girl suddenly sidled up to Ye Fei’s ear and said something. He felt a little itch to punch someone with his fist.

He was staring viciously at the man, when suddenly the two in the doorway turned back to stare at him in unison and he was caught in the act. Gu Ang blinked awkwardly and quickly put his head down, pretending to eat the food.

After a minute or two, Ye Fei returned with a faint smell of smoke and sat across from him, “Finished eating?”

“What? Keeping you from going out with girls?” Gu Ang pushed the plate in front of him, “No more, I’ll pay the bill.”

Ye Fei reminded him, “I paid for it.”

“Don’t want your money.” Gu Ang raised his chin and reached into his pocket. Fuck, going out in pajamas and a random jacket from the closet. His wallet… was in the pocket of the shirt he changed out of today.

Ye Fei raised an eyebrow and spoke slowly with flirtatious nastiness, “Don’t want my money? Then give it back.”

“I’ll transfer it online then.” Gu Ang touched his pocket and fell into despair. The communicator, too, was not with him. He wanted to take back the arrogant words he’d just spoken and fallen into self-imposed seclusion.

Ye Fei asked him, “Still want to pay me back?”

“Are you annoyed? I’ll pay it back tomorrow. A few tens of dollars were counted for a cheapskate.” Gu Ang crossed his eyes and walked ahead like a grandfather.

Ye Fei followed him and yanked the man to a halt, “Where are you going? We’re going to my house.”

Gu Ang didn’t say anything either, so he let the man take him to the car and didn’t speak the entire way home.

“Why are you so quiet today?” Ye Fei reached over to grab his hand, but was avoided. He was exasperated, “What’s the matter? Not happy about eating?”

Gu Ang exhaled, “I was happy when eating, but I’m not happy with you.”

Ye Fei turned his head and looked at him good-naturedly, “Be reasonable, I stayed up most of the night, took you for a snack, and now I’m taking you back to my house, and you still look at me funny?”

The driver in front heard the two conversations and spoke quietly, “So many schemes in front, what late night dinner invitation? It sounds like he’s just trying to trick you home. Young man, you should be careful.”

Ye Fei, “……”

Gu Ang was amused, “Master’s right, he’s a big cheater.”

“Now that you’ve realized that, do you want to let this handsome man out and I’ll send you back?” The driver was worried, “You don’t have to half-ass it if you don’t want to.”

Ye Fei was once again in self-imposed isolation. Who did he cheat on?

Gu Ang looked pissed off enough to add fuel to the fire, “It’s okay, I’m thinking outside the box. People inherently die, there are a few scum.”

“I’m scum?” Ye Fei’s voice was low, his voice carrying a hint of oppression.

“We’ve arrived, take care of yourselves.” The driver shook his head, “Young people nowadays are so playful and unreadable.”

Gu Ang got out of the car with a big red face and walked to the front door, forcing his composure, “Open the door.”

Ye Fei gave him a cold look, “Aren’t I scum? What’s the point of going home with a scumbag?”

“What, you’re still mad?” Gu Ang stabbed him with his knife-like words, “I’m still mad that you were talking so closely to a girl.”

He spoke bluntly and spit out whatever was on his mind.

Ye Fei suddenly comprehended a hint of Gu Ang’s perversity as he smiled and opened the door, “Light is jealous?”

Gu Ang kicked off his shoes and casually stepped into the foyer with a pair of slippers, “I’m in no position to be jealous.”

Listen to that, vinegar out of the sky. You’re in no position, so you don’t give me a title either?

Ye Fei pursed his lips and closed the door behind him, reaching for Gu Ang’s wrist and pressing the man against the wall.

Gu Ang was alert, “What are you doing?”

“The girl asked me if we could be friends.” Ye Fei pressed himself against Gu Ang’s ear and repeated in a soft voice.

Gu Ang twisted his head away, resisting all over, “I don’t want to hear about your raunchy encounters.”

Ye Fei ignored him and continued, “I told her no. Because, I’m a family man.” He paused for a moment, “I pointed out to her that the handsome one eating a kebab inside was my other half.”

Gu Ang’s breath hitched as he thought of the moment he’d locked eyes with the other. So that was what they were talking about at that time. He felt his cheeks burning, “What family? We’re divorced…”

“We’ll have a remarriage, sooner or later.” Ye Fei nibbled on his ear, “Is it satisfactory for me to refuse a fling like that?”

Gu Ang felt his ears itch and even his neck tingled a little. He stammered a reply, “It’s okay, barely passable.”

Ye Fei hmmed, luring his prey towards his trap bit by bit, “Then give me a reward.”

Gu Ang thought Ye Fei was going to kiss him and slowed his breathing, closing his eyes gently.

As it turned out, there was no movement for a while, and the expected soft touch didn’t fall. He fell into confusion and opened another slit slightly to see a pair of teasing eyes.

Ye Fei leaned in a little closer, “Wanna kiss?”

Gu Ang licked his bottom lip, “Fuck, weren’t you the one who said you wanted a reward?”

“The reward, of course, was for you to take the initiative.” Ye Fei smiled like a thousand-year-old fox.

Gu Ang closed his eyes, his heart giving in, and he opened his mouth and bit into it. Ye Fei let out a light laugh and wrapped his arms around the person, securing the back of Gu Ang’s neck with his palms to give a more passionate response. His fingers even, somewhat less obediently, dug into his jacket and then into the hem of his pajamas.

The driver was right, he was scum and a beast. Minute by minute, he craved his body.

A sudden gust of cold air poured in beside him, as if the door had been suddenly opened and closed, and after a few seconds pulled open again with great force.

Gu Ang was frozen in his tracks, his mind instantly clear. He turned back against the corner of Ye Fei’s mouth and locked eyes with Ye HongFeng in the doorway. Frozen for a second, he pushed off Ye Fei, who was pressed against him, and pushed the man into the opposite wall with a surge of energy.

Gu Ang closed his eyes and wiped his face, “Uncle Ye, let me explain.”

Ye HongFeng waved his hand, “No need to explain. I understand, I’ll go.”


Author’s Note: 

Father Ye: Making me bump into some exciting scenes, oh my god, I need to slow down.


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Very amusing chapter and a perfect Dad!
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He he,, Father Ye, its really a perfect timing ..

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