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Chapter 71: Am I on it?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey knows what it’s like to get caught by parents…


As soon as Ye HongFeng said that, he was about to close the door.

Gu Ang was quick to reach inside and pull the door shut, “No, come in and talk.”

Ye HongFeng glanced at Gu Ang, then at Ye Fei who was leaning against the wall, and took the initiative to explain, “I didn’t expect you two to come back, I just finished my work over at the army, so I came home early.”

“Yes, we’re also improvising.” Gu Ang was so ashamed that he wanted to find a hole in the ground, “Don’t go, come in, it’s cold outside.”

Ye Fei wiped the corner of his mouth where Gu Ang had bitten him, “Dad, come in, there’s really nothing going on.”

“Did I spoil your fun?” Ye HongFeng took two steps forward and hesitantly said, “Can you turn on the light? You’re wearing pants, right?”

The room was dimly lit, and only the white faces of the two men were dimly visible. The dark set they all wore almost blended in with the dark interior. Ye Fei laughed, and flipped the switch. The dark entryway was instantly illuminated, revealing three faces with embarrassment.

Ye HongFeng laughed awkwardly, “Oh, you’re wearing them. I thought…”

Ye Fei rubbed his brow, “No, I’ve got it together.”

Gu Ang was a bit embarrassed, neither leaving nor staying. Besides, how could he explain it?

It was Ye Fei’s house, and he followed the man back home, still kissing passionately right outside the house. He suspected that Ye HongFeng had installed cameras in his house. Last time it was hugging, this time it was kissing, how could he walk in on them every time?

Gu Ang was in despair, and every time he ran into Ye HongFeng, it was one big lynching scene. He didn’t want to live, he wanted to die.

“Then let’s go inside and talk for a while.” Ye HongFeng slid the door shut and knelt down to change his shoes.

Gu Ang pulled on Ye Fei’s arm, “Let’s get our stories straight.”

“How straight? I can’t think of a reason.” Ye Fei had a broken face, ready to admit it.

Gu Ang gritted his teeth, “Did you do that on purpose?”

Ye Fei stretched his hands out and headed straight for the living room, “How could I have counted on him coming back?”

“Wicked.” Gu Ang wiped his face again and sat down on the couch with a face like death. Not moving a muscle, like a statue.

Ye HongFeng was the one who was warm and welcoming, so he went in and boiled a pot of hot water and poured it out one by one, one cup for each person. Then sitting across from the two, trying to look as amiable as possible, “I don’t mean to raise any eyebrows, you two are together now?”



Fuck, the confession didn’t match.

Gu Ang looked up and added, “Not yet.”

Ye HongFeng froze for a second, “Not together, then you guys… So passionate that you didn’t even get to the door before you started chewing on each other?”

Ye Fei gave him a stare, “Dad, come on.”

“Oh, sorry, I was just stating the scene of the crime.” Ye HongFeng held his cup of tea and took a sip, “I still don’t get it, what do you mean not yet?”

Ye Fei reluctantly explained, “Literally. I’m chasing him.”

Ye HongFeng slapped his thigh is anger, “Haven’t you caught him yet?”

“Mn, he’s hard to chase.” Ye Fei was self-absorbed and broken.

“No, ah, you’ve kissed, why are you still chasing him?” Ye HongFeng puzzled, “Ye Fei, I’m telling you, kidnapping is a crime! You kidnapped little Ang and still forcefully kissed him, this is too much.”

Ye Fei was speechless and spoke coldly, “Am I that bad in your mind?”

“Mostly, I can’t figure it out.” Ye HongFeng wanted to say, Forget it, young people’s business, I don’t care.

Gu Ang lowered his eyes and thought for a moment, thinking that Ye Fei was too aggravated. It was he himself who wanted a divorce, it was him who didn’t want to get back together for a while, and he was slapping his hat on for nothing. He clenched his hand, “Uncle Ye, it’s not like that.”

Ye HongFeng waved his hand, “You don’t need to cover up for him, Ye Fei has never been in love, his methods might be rough, so you’ll have to forgive him.”

“Uncle, you remember when I asked you to help me investigate my dad’s cheating before?” Gu Ang scratched his head and told the whole story. “I didn’t say yes to Ye Fei, I just didn’t want two Alpha relationships to irritate my mom again. You’re very nice and open-minded and Ye Fei’s very nice, it’s my problem.”

Ye Fei didn’t expect Gu Ang to be willing to directly confess the reason, and his expression wavered for a moment. He took a cushion and rested it between them, getting in through the gap and squeezing Gu Ang’s hand. It was a little cool and kept shaking. He knew Gu Ang probably remembered the bad things.

Ye HongFeng froze for a moment, tempering the message of the words before letting out a long sigh, “Hey, it’s not easy for you when a parents’ thing makes the children suffer.”

Ye Fei squeezed Gu Ang’s palm again before saying, “The reasons were stated, so let’s go to bed. We have to get up early for the start of school tomorrow.”

Ye HongFeng nodded, “Go ahead, the bed’s all made up.”

“Sorry, Uncle, it’s too late to go back to the dorm today, so I’m borrowing a room for the night.” Gu Ang pulled his hand out of the cushion and dropped it to his side.

“It’s okay, it’s fine even if it’s for a few days.” Ye HongFeng finally worked out the relationship, “That, though you’re not together, it’s explicit. If you two want to sleep in one room, I have no problem with that, I’m very open-minded.”

“The guest room isn’t covered with quilts, is it?” Ye Fei asked.

Ye HongFeng shook his head frantically, “No, it’s dirty. Auntie was lazy and didn’t come to clean.”

Ye Fei went along with it and told Gu Ang, “Then I have to ask you to squeeze in with me tonight.”

“Oh, okay.” In front of the man’s own father, Gu Ang was embarrassed to sweep him off his feet.

The two went up the stairs and Ye HongFeng watched their backs with a sultry sigh, “Brat.”

When they got to Ye Fei’s room, Gu Ang slammed the door shut before punching him, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

Ye Fei played dumb, “What was on purpose?”

“What guest room isn’t cleaned? You think I didn’t see that you were conspiring with your father?” Gu Ang gave him a cross look, “Would it kill you to stop for one night?”

Ye Fei reached out to hug him, “It will. I can’t sleep without you.”

Gu Ang bit him on the shoulder, “You’re sick.”

Ye Fei hissed, “What’s with the constant biting?”

“Learned it from you.”

Ye Fei unbuttoned two buttons and loosened his collar, exposing half his shoulder.

Gu Ang took a half step back, “Don’t be a pervert.”

Ye Fei snorted, “I was going to show you how hard you bite.” He went behind his back and nodded his shoulder, “Look, the teeth marks from the last time I marked you still haven’t completely faded.”

“You have the nerve to bring that up?” Gu Ang was frustrated, “Who’s to blame for the bullying?”

Ye Fei rubbed the bite with his fingertips and sounded resentful, “Did I get a scar?”

Probably in a dream, when they had sex.

Gu Ang padded over, and the fresh teeth marks from the fresh bite just now almost overlapped with the last one, looking oddly erotic, “Okay, sorry, I’ll go easy next time.”

Ye Fei pulled his collar up and turned to look at him, “Next time, when? There’s only one situation where I’ll allow you to bite me.”

Gu Ang reacted immediately and reached out to seal his mouth, “Shut up and don’t say anything, old rascal.”

“Mn, sleep, we need to get up in the morning.” Ye Fei pressed the man into bed and covered him with the blanket, wrapping him up like a baby silkworm.

Gu Ang raised his hand to turn off the light and felt sleep coming over him as soon as he closed his eyes, “Remember, set the alarm.”

The next day, however, the alarm clock didn’t go off. By the time Ye Fei woke up, it was 7:40. He patted Gu Ang on the cheek, “Get up, we’re going to be late.”

“Hmm? What’s the time?” Gu Ang pulled out of his sleep, still dazed.

Ye Fei got up to get dressed, “Commencement is in twenty minutes and I still have to go back to the dorm to change into my uniform.”

Gu Ang snapped awake and rolled onto his back, “Why didn’t the alarm go off?”

“Who knows? It might have been pressed down.” Ye Fei grabbed his clothes and dragged Gu Ang out the door.

Ye HongFeng hadn’t even woken up yet, and the two of them went straight to the dormitory without even saying goodbye. With very little time left, Gu Ang was in a hurry to change into his school uniform and get ready to run outside. Just two steps away, he moved back to his desk, grabbed the scripts on the counter, stuffed one into his pocket, and shoved one at Ye Fei.

Rushing slowly, he finally arrived out of breath, and Zhong Zhan was already speaking on stage.

Wang Chuang stared at the two with an unhappy expression, “Again, late.”

Gu Ang smiled playfully, “I haven’t spoken yet, have I?”

“What were you laughing at that Principal’s words won’t be heard?” Wang Chuang glared at him, “Fix your hair, it’s a mess.”

Gu Ang reached up to squash his sticking up hair down and had just taken a couple of breaths when he heard his name called from the stage.

“The following speech will be given by freshman representative Gu Ang.”

“You’re the finale, huh?” Gu Ang touched Ye Fei with his elbow.

Ye Fei smiled at him, “Mn, go for it.”

Gu Ang strode through the crowd and up stepped to the podium. For the first time, he was standing in front of so many people as a student and giving a speech, which felt a bit new. Not nervous, after all, he’d seen more big scenes. But it was still quite flattering to look at the boyish faces below, some even looking at him with adoration in their eyes.

Gu Ang stood at the microphone, cleared his throat, and pulled his speech out of his pocket. He unfolded the pinched and crumpled manuscript and began to read from his creation masterpiece.

“Hello everyone, I’m Ye Fei from freshman Class S.”

There was an uproar from the floor, then a roar. The freshman speeches, which had been quite boring, each came to life.

Wait, it didn’t seem right somewhere. Gu Ang was dumbfounded, his mind going blank as he re-read the manuscript again. His and Ye Fei’s handwriting resembled each other, both in dashing and reckless cursive, and he didn’t notice this morning and took the wrong one.

Gu Ang couldn’t be bothered to look behind him, thinking that Ye Fei’s manuscript should be better written, and just read it as it was. He took a deep breath, straightened his back, and continued to read as he did, line by line.

“Just kidding, I am freshman Class S Gu Ang. It’s my pleasure to give the freshman speech for you today. From the time every teenager steps into Red Flame, we all have a blood-burning dream of a future where we could fight and honor our loyal Empire. But before we can become soldiers, we must first identify ourselves. Find your future in your coursework, in your training. Some are good at fighting, some are good at mecha, some are good at strategy, some are good at research. Not all soldiers have only one path, and not only Alphas can be soldiers. The first thing we must do before we reach our ultimate goal is to respect others and believe in ourselves, and the future will surely flourish and shine forever.”

Gu Ang tsked in his heart, worthy of Ye Fei, he wrote so well. He felt like that was originally supposed to be said to himself, telling himself that whether he was A or O, he could shine by believing in himself. The more he read, the more impassioned he became, even bringing in a few emotions of his own.

Ye Fei really understood him and how he could encourage him. If he hadn’t taken the wrong script himself, he would be the one standing at the podium right now, saying these words word for word in front of the crowd.

Gu Ang slid his fingertips and saw his name mentioned later, he automatically replaced it with Ye Fei and continued to read.

“This time we had a lot of difficulties representing Red Flame to the Ice Blue Star, but because I had Ye Fei along with me, it made me feel that no peril was enough to fear. We fought side by side, we rose to the occasion, and in the toughest of situations, at a disadvantage of numerical weakness, we won. I want to thank my teammate… Ye Fei…”

Fuck, what had this guy written? Did the dog eat all the little ones traveling together? Gu Ang’s face was parched and he raised his eyes across the crowd to see Ye Fei standing at the front of Class S looking at him.

The corners of his mouth lifted in a curve, and he looked at him with sunken, loving eyes.

Gu Ang bowed his head and read on stiffly, “It’s a rare thing to have a teammate who is on par with you, and I’m blessed and fortunate. I hope that everyone here will meet their match in the future as well. I admire… fellow Ye Fei, and also have a personal interest here.”

Gu Ang’s heart beat like thunder, blinked, his mouth quicker than his brain, and read the words out smoothly, “I wanted to share the moment of victory with everyone, confidently telling everyone that I was going after him.”

The entire place on stage exploded with screams that almost turned the playground upside down. There was a large section of the latter draft that Gu Ang had no time for. He stood on stage with a microphone cupped: ??????? After… after who?


Author’s Note: 

Dog Ye: You.


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