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Chapter 43: Gradually put on the mask of pain.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


What was so important that it was worth Song’s Blunt Opinion not even caring about his image, and flying all the way over to look for Bai Li? Wen XingYao felt it was a little strange and asked, “Are you looking for him for something? If he’s online afterwards I’ll help you bring it up.”

The two of them lived close to each other, so it was convenient to pass a message.

Mo Song was about to tell Wen XingYao, but suddenly it occurred to him that this person and Li Bai were at best ordinary friends in the game, and he didn’t necessarily know Li Bai’s real identity in reality. If he told Demon Xing in such a big way, would it make Li Bai unhappy?

Li Bai was the designer of the game, Bai Li. Although he was not 100% sure, he was pretty certain of his guess. However, it couldn’t be freely shared with others, since this was also considered a privacy issue.

Mo Song swallowed the words he was about to say and said, “It’s…It’s not a big deal. I just have a personal matter I wanted to discuss with Li Bai.”

The subtext of this statement was that it was not convenient to tell a third person.

Wen XingYao had no big reaction, just nodded, said that he still had something to do, bid goodbye to Mo Song, and went in the direction of his previous task. Mo Song didn’t mind, and also said goodbye in a light tone. He slowly walked to Bai Li’s courtyard, pulled out a big stone from his backpack and sat on it as he waited for Bai Li to come online.

Hey, this was still the experience he had learned from Big Brother, Demon Xing, when the wooden stump grew mushrooms was moved because Demon Xing felt his yard lacked a stool. If Wen XingYao hadn’t left at that time, saw that scene and remembered the embarrassing things that happened the day the mushrooms grew at home, he would be afraid his face would become crooked. Fortunately, he had already left.

After taking a look at the door of the thatched hut in Bai Li’s yard, Mo Song secretly cheered himself up. He had to wait until the other person came online today!

On the other hand, Wen XingYao said goodbye to Mo Song and walked slowly down the road. If one looked closely at his face, they could see that his eyes were blank and his brow was slightly furrowed. His attention wasn’t focused on the sides of the road at all, but on thinking about something else.

That day in the game, Wen XingYao still first spent a minute or two thinking about where his juvenile self was, and why so much time had passed, but he had not yet allowed the consciousness belonging to his human self to awaken from inside.

Just then, he heard the movement of the door opening from Bai Li’s house next door, and with a happy heart, he wanted to go over and greet him. In the past two days, they were obviously normal in the game, but because they were occupied with their own business, they were rarely together. At most they had met on the road to say hello.

But in the moment when his hand was on the doorknob, the light flashed in his brain, and Wen XingYao suddenly thought of a certain possibility. Could it be…the reason why he appeared in the game at the beginning of the game’s launch was actually because of a great connection with Bai Li?

To put it in a more direct way, could it be that…he was staying with Bai Li during his infancy?

How else can he explain that when the game first went online, he was the only one besides Bai Li to enter the game. How else could he explain why their game times almost always coincided? Bai Li was online and he was online, Bai Li went offline and he went offline after a while?

Although he thought the development was a bit magical, Wen XingYao felt that this was the most likely of his current guesses. Well, he needed to find some time to talk to Bai Li, as it was be better to determine if the guesses were facts.

When he thought of this, Wen XingYao let out a soft breath. The other man was a gentle and easy-going person. As the game’s designer, he showed extra generosity, the game store items were ones everyone could afford to buy…In any case, the safety of his infancy should be guaranteed.

Now the speculation was there, the intention was there, the only thing that still needed to wait was wondering when Bai Li would next be online. However, Wen XingYao felt that this shouldn’t be too long, since he hadn’t been forced offline yet. If he had supposed correctly, Bai Li should still be inside the gaming pod at this time, perhaps just browsing Starnet?

He remembered that Bai Li’s yard was planted with wheat this time, so it was likely that Bai Li would be online again in just an hour.

He could still wait for such a short time, and Wen XingYao opened the game store to browse a bit, and look for the goods he needed. The village chief’s wife would give free initial tools after learning life skills. The fishing skills came with a ‘common fishing rod’, but with the word common tools meant they were easy to break, not to mention the feel was not good. Anyway, Wen XingYao wasn’t very fond of using it.

Fishing Toolkit: randomly open a bronze fishing rod, silver fishing rod, or one of the gold fishing rods. 50 high-level bait, a light bucket that can hold 50 fish at a time. Price: 200 Star Coins.

For the new life skill he learned, this was simply the necessary item, ah! Wen XingYao’s eyes lit up. First he bought fivem intending to test the water, and then did not stop. They would be opened in turn.

Bronze, bronze, bronze, bronze…Wen XingYao’s face gradually became a mask of pain.

When he got to the last one, he even hesitated, afraid it would give him another bronze fishing rod. But then he thought that such a kit was only 200 star coins a piece, even if it did not open a gold item, he could continue to buy it, and the pressure gradually went down.

For the last one, he took a deep breath and opened it, and a dazzling golden color appeared in his sight along with the world announcement.

[Congratulations to player Demon Xing, who opened a rare item through the fishing kit – Gold Fishing Rod (permanent)!]

Today’s luck wasn’t bad, Wen XingYao stood on the path where no one was passing by, and revealed a smile that belonged to the emperor of money. Although the first four were the worst fishing rods, the fifth one at least branched out and allowed him to open a gold fishing rod. As he looked at the new tools in his backpack, Wen XingYao was so satisfied that he nodded his head.

Since there were tools, it was natural to try the newly learned life skills.

Wen XingYao followed the instructions of the village chief’s wife earlier and found a fishing spot outside the village, and arrived at the place to find a number of players were already fishing.

This fishing spot was located in the middle of the river. The water was deep, there were many kinds of fish, and the flow wasn’t turbulent. In general, it was a very suitable place for fishing. Along the shore was laid on the same length and width of a wooden board about about 100 meters in length. Walking on it would make a crisp but soft sound. This was considered the best location for players to fish. Players could bring their own bench to sit on, but also could sit on the ground, as they brought the fishing rod, and dropped the bait to the surface of the water with a flip, they could patiently wait for the fish to bite.

However, at this time, the players weren’t seriously fishing, but talking about the world announcement that had just popped up.

“Big Brother is awesome! Obtaining a gold fishing rod so quickly, this should be the first one in the entire game, right?”

“It should be, right? Anyway, I’ve been paying attention to the world announcement and I saw such a one. The fishing kits in the game store are 200 a piece, and I don’t know how many the big guy bought in total to open such a golden fishing rod.”

“Hey, maybe it took 100 of them to open such a precious lump, if that’s the case I’m not envious.”

“If I had the money to buy 100 kits, I would have opened at least 10 golden fishing rods!”

“Haha, it’s a pity you don’t have one…”

The way the kryptonite warriors played the game was not something they, the ordinary players, could afford. While ordinary players could only calculate the balance of diamonds or star coins, and then grit their teeth with a little pain to buy a kit, kryptonite warriors could buy ten or a hundred until they got what they wanted, as if they were buying the game. Although there was some envy, individuals had their own way of playing. Except for a small number of people, the mindset of other players was still balanced.

When he heard those words from the players, Wen XingYao was quite happy. Even though he was not a show-off, he wouldn’t tell these players that his golden fishing rod was obtained by him after opening only five fishing kits. Still, it didn’t prevent him from being secretly pleased in his heart. He was quietly thinking that he would actually have a day when his money spirit would explode. He suddenly remembered a saying: Xuan can save the non, Krypton can change the life. 1

It seemed that in the future, he still needed more kryptonite.

At this time, someone happened to turn around and saw Wen XingYao who was standing at the entrance.

“Big brother also came fishing?!” The super loud greeting caused the fish that was about to be hooked by his rod to be startled and managed to run away with a flutter of its tail. The player was in a hurry and had said that rashly.

However, the greater the amplitude of his action, the greater the alarm next to him. So on his left and right the players also had fish off the hook, and the player got a beating from his own companions.

Don’t you know that fish in the water can’t stand to be frightened, and you are so loud! And so loud! Now well, and have to wait for half a day QAQ!

Wen XingYao, “…”

He silently witnessed everything, and while he felt that these people were somewhat lively, he bizarrely read a trace of heartache from it.

Only he didn’t know why. This heartache, in the end, heartache about what?

This question did not bother him for too long, because soon, he experienced it firsthand.

With a golden fishing rod in his hand and a premium bait, Wen XingYao did not choose to sit on the wooden floor, but stood upright under the uncomprehending eyes of the people around him, as he waited for the fish to take the bait.

A minute passed…

Two minutes passed…

Five minutes passed…

It was not until the seventh minute that he felt movement from the top of the line, which was a fish bite. Wen XingYao suddenly got the spirit again, and hurriedly pulled the fishing rod up. Then, he watched the big fat fish take the bait off the hook and ran away.

“Ah…Too bad…” Sympathetic sighs rang out all around, but it was a habitual retraction of onlooking eyes.

It turned out that the gold fishing rod wasn’t very powerful. The catch was still not caught…

Wen XingYao wasn’t stupid. He quickly guessed the general situation from the surrounding people’s reactions. He reopened the Life Skills – Fishing panel and looked at it in detail. It really did state that the lower the level of the fishing skill, the lower the probability of successfully catching fish. To increase the probability, you could only keep fishing to increase your proficiency, and when the skill was upgraded, catching fish would become slightly easier.

After that, Wen XingYao tried a few more times and managed to catch three fish, but the fish he caught weren’t the koi he needed. He still had in his hands the gold fishing rod and advanced bait, and as he looked around the other people, most of them had taken out bronze fishing rods and silver fishing rods, while there were players who gave up the mission ranking early and just took the ordinary fishing rod given free by the village chief’s wife or the wooden fishing rod bought from the village chief’s store.

The fish bait was also different. The game store sold Senior Fish Bait for 50 star coins for 100, and according to the introduction it would increase the chance of rare fish being hooked. The ordinary fish bait sold in the village chief’s store was 1 copper coin, so you could imagine how small the fish bite rate was.

When Wen XingYao swung his rod for the fifteenth time, one player near him was lucky enough to catch a koi, the golden and red color of which caused small cheers from the players as soon as it appeared on the water, accompanied by a strong feeling of envy. They’d been fishing here for half an hour and hadn’t even seen a single koi scale!

Wen XingYao once again had on the mask of pain.

Other people had caught koi with their silver fishing rods, but he, who had a gold fishing rod, hadn’t caught any yet?

No way! He must catch a koi today, not one, at least two or more.

So, gradually he lost any thoughts.

While Wen XingYao was in the full swing of koi fishing, Bai Li had had enough of forum shopping and star blogging, and returned to the game a few minutes before the wheat was about to ripen. No matter where the player had been when they were last online, the location upon re-entry was in their house.

Bai Li had no idea that there was someone squatting outside the fence door for him, and when he opened the door of the small hut and took a few more steps to open the fence door, one person suddenly leapt out of the corner and clung to his thigh!

“Big brother Li Bai, you’re finally online! I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” Mo Song looked at Bai Li with a touched and excited face.

Bai Li wasn’t too angry, or rather he was starting to get used to Interstellar people’s enthusiastic and self-effacing personalities. He calmly pushed Mo Song’s hand away, took a small step back, and allowing the person to stand up and talk properly.

“Oh, sorry big guy. I got too excited…” Mo Song also realized that his behavior seemed to have caused distress, and quickly apologized. Then he smiled animatedly and approached Bai Li, just like a villainous character, and asked in a small voice, “Big brother, are you the designer of this game? If so, can I discuss something with you?”

Bai Li raised his eyebrows in surprise. The person in front of him was the second to guess his identity, that was quite perceptive.

The first one was Wen XingYao.

Not waiting for Bai Li to admit or deny, Mo Song was afraid that he would refuse, so he couldn’t wait to tell him his intention, “I’m actually a game host. I want to live stream in Carefree Farmstead, but I need your permission. Don’t worry, I only need the most basic permission. I don’t need taste sync or smell sync…” Mo Song said, “I’ve seen the forum, from those who didn’t grab the game today, the cloud players have been crying and saying that if you do not give them the game, they will collectively run to your star blog to cry.”

This was interesting. Bai Li cried and laughed, thought about it and said, “You’re right. I am indeed the designer of the game, and I hope that you don’t spread that around. Only a few people know for the time being. I’ll think about your request first and give you an answer later, okay?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. basically this means that wishing rituals, or luck rituals can’t save you from unluckiness, but whaling – spending lots of money – can turn that luck upside down.


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