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Chapter 77: Pregnant for Three Months

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is glad right now


Ye Fei mouthed at him, asking, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Ang shook his head dubiously and rubbed his stomach again, winding down, as if by mistake. He thought, maybe he’d slept until he was hallucinating, hell. But the pain was very noticeable in that one just now, and it was coming from his stomach.

Upon further reflection, Gu Ang broke out in a cold sweat. For the first time in his life, a soldier had been scared by a paranormal event like this.

Wang Chuang was still rambling on, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

“I know, I won’t do that anymore.” Gu Ang shook off the strange thoughts in his head and muttered in a low voice.

“What’s with the attitude?” Wang Chuang looked at the clock, “Five minutes left, you two stand in the back.”

The two obediently pulled their stools away and got up, mushy-lovey-dovey crookedly against each other, their backs against the wall. Every now and then he turned his face sideways, moving his expression and frowning. The lovey-dovey look on his face made Wang Chuang have a heart attack.

He reached out and pulled Gu Ang, dragging him hard to the other side of the corner of the classroom and holding him down, “What are you sticking together for? Haven’t you had enough kisses?”

“Not at all.” Gu Ang retorted with a strained neck. Why did this teacher keep bringing this up over and over again?

“Stand still, don’t move.”

By the time Wang Chuang returned to the podium to continue his lecture, Gu Ang was a classroom away from Ye Fei. He was going to talk about the psychic incident he had just had, but on second thought, he didn’t think it was necessary.

It wasn’t a big deal. It was over.

It was hard to wait until the bell rang, Wang Chuang’s mouth still didn’t stop, “To inform you all of something, the five-school league would start soon, and we would organize a live broadcast for you to watch the game. Representing our school this time are the two standing at the back of the classroom and Wei YangZe, a junior.”

The students at the bottom began to mingle.

“The big boys are striking again.”

“We, the rookies, serve up our melon benches and gather around strongly.”

“It’s cool not having to go to class to watch the game.”

“Wait, was this game still up for grabs? What year didn’t Red Flame win?”

“This year is different from previous years, the first round of this year’s tournament is against the Zerg.” Before Wang Chuang could finish his sentence, the classroom blew up again. He tapped on the table, “Don’t talk, wait for me to finish. So while everyone isn’t on the field, today’s actual battle would give you proper exposure to lower level Zerg for training, get ready and head to the training ground.”

“Teacher, can I go now?” Gu Ang asked lazily. It felt like he had only been standing for a while and his back felt a little sore and uncomfortable.

Wang Chuang glared at him and instructed through gritted teeth, “Play the game well and redeem yourself.”

“Got it, teacher,” Ye Fei replied quickly.

“Okay, come over here and sign a participation agreement.” Wang Chuang waved his hand and took the opportunity to squeeze. He was counting lightly, the last verbal promise was one thing, and he couldn’t get away with signing an agreement. The two men went over one after the other, quickly skimmed through the entry agreement and signed it in large flying dragon-like letters.

Wang Chuang narrowed his eyes and watched personally as the man finished his writing and quickly drew away the paper, fearing that the two men would backtrack.

“Okay, go to the training ground.”

Bai SiNing ran up from his seat and grinned as he padded over, “Brother Ang, I haven’t had a chance to congratulate you guys, stealing kisses and playing fancy in class.”

“Are you coming back to fill in the blanks?” Gu Ang strangled him and dragged the man out, “Come on, let the big Zerg educate you.”

“Let go of me.” Bai SiNing feigned a struggle and thrashed about.

Ye Fei followed him and nudged Gu Ang’s shoulder, “What just happened?”

The second he locked eyes with Gu Ang, he noticed that something seemed off, rarely had he seen Gu Ang so flustered. Gu Ang let go of Bai SiNing, squeezed him aside, and whispered, “I think I felt a ghost.”

“You don’t have a fever, do you? Talking nonsense all the time.” Ye Fei touched his forehead and the temperature was as normal.

Gu Ang wrinkled his nose in annoyance and pointed to his stomach again, “There was something in there just now that kicked me.”

Ye Fei dropped his eyes down with his fingertips and looked up again with a bewildered expression, “Did you have a bad meal?”

“I don’t know, forget it. I’m okay.”

Gu Ang shook his hand, “Better think about the misery of two days out on the march again.”

Ye Fei nodded, “Since I’m leaving in a couple of days, I’m taking time off now to have to rush through the rest of the clan quests, can you do it yourself?”

Gu Ang casually agreed, “No problem.”

Ye Fei rubbed his messy hair, “Forget it, I’m not comfortable with that. Not going to do the assignment. I’m accompanying you to the hospital after class.”

Gu Ang looked at him, “I’m not that petulant.”

Ye Fei sighed, “I’m worried about you, Ancestor.”

Gu Ang had been acting a bit erratic lately, and it was time to get a proper full body checkup at the hospital. The two stepped onto the training field as the rest of the students were already putting on their protective suits and jumping into action. Gu Ang didn’t bother to wear it, tossing his clothes aside and packing light.

Ye Fei handed him a pair of gloves, “It’s a fist fight today, put them on so you don’t get blood splatter.”

Gu Ang grinned at him and ripped off his gloves to protect his hands, “Thanks, big brother.”

A short while later, a swarm of blood-red Zerg were released from the sides, in various forms. But each was several meters in size, wielding their twin scythes with reckless abandon, and the scene was extremely chaotic.

Bai SiNing couldn’t help but howl, “Fuck, so fierce as soon as they come?”

Wang Chuang stood at the console and spoke into the microphone, “Everyone feel free to attack, when we get this wave of Zerg defeated, class would be dismissed for the day.”

The students on the field were wailing, was this a human day? Red Flame wasn’t a school, it was purgatory on Earth. A laser sweep swept by, the sharpness piercing the Zerg’s eyes, instantly stirring their anger. A few frantically slapped the ground with their limbs as if they were about to go into a rampage. A few bold students had bravely stepped forward to attack, bare-handed and in need of close quarters combat.

But after all, they were a lower class of Zerg, large and slow to react.

They all punched each other and fought as a team, but they only got a few down.

Gu Ang rubbed his fist in disgust and said, “So slow.”

Ye Fei raised an eyebrow at him, “So a quickie?”

“Mn, go.”

The two men split into two from the side, one left and one right to start their attack from the outermost side. Gu Ang was hitting hard, almost killing one with a single punch. Dirty blood splattered everywhere and flowed across the entire training ground, flooding it with the smell of blood. Gu Ang fought back his nausea and looked away, thinking to hurry up and end the situation.

While this was going on, a large black worm pressed on twelve legs came crawling from the rear and rolled him up off the ground. In a flash, Gu Ang’s entire body was controlled and quickly thrown into the air.

“Brother Ang, look out.” Bai SiNing turned back and shouted.

Gu Ang grabbed his main limb and spun around, kicking his leg up where his eye had been, his toe almost poking into the black hole. He threw his calf hard and kicked his foot straight in. The shoes were dirty and the Zerg were ruined. 

Squeak—” With a harsh hiss, the large black Zerg loosened the force that bound Gu Ang.

Gu Ang fell from mid-air, and he braced his palms against the ground hard enough to keep from falling. He shook out his sweat moistened hair, “Sneaking up on the old man, looking for death.”

The worm was still making its final struggle, twisting and bracing itself from the ground to continue its attack. Gu Ang got up sharply and landed a side leg slam that sent the big Zerg flying straight up a few meters to end the fight. He scanned the field, and after some bloodshed between him and Ye Fei, there were very few Zerg left.

“For the rest, leave it to everyone.” Gu Ang took a few steps back before he felt some pain in the small of his back. Looks like he just fell hard and strained it a bit.

“Big brother, come here for a second.” Gu Ang called across the crowd to Ye Fei.

Ye Fei walked over quickly, saw that his face looked a little off and asked in a low voice, “Pain again?”

“Let’s go to the hospital, I feel unwell.” Gu Ang hissed, stiffening and rubbing the small of his back. He was out of shape and everything was extremely counterintuitive.

Hearing this, Ye Fei’s expression also froze as he went over to say something to Wang Chuang and helped the man out of the training ground. Just outside the door, he bent down and picked the man up in his arms, his feet flying.

“What were you doing? Put me down.” Gu Ang fought in his arms, his two long legs stomping and fluttering through the air.

Ye Fei sulked, not stopping in his tracks, “Don’t move, it’s the fastest.”

Gu Ang struggled for a moment and chose to give up, just hating to bury his face in his shirt. Even though it was school time, there were sparse passersby in the school, looking at them with curiosity. The stares were like flashing lights, clicking into his face.

“Fuck, walk faster.” Gu Ang topped off with a big red face, looking up and down. He was a dang interstellar slugger who was about to get his wind rating killed.

One could only imagine what this was being talked about on the forums when someone took a picture of it. Fell in love, swept off his- feet, couldn’t walk and needed to be held.

The hospital was close by, and it was the same Doctor Zhang.

Gu Ang breezed in and sat down on the couch as if he was visiting his own home. The doctor pushed up his glasses and looked up at him, “Yo, not coming here alone today?”

Gu Ang scattered, “My boyfriend.”

“Moving so fast? You…”

He tried to gossip a bit more but was interrupted mercilessly by Gu Ang, “Give me another check up, I’ve been very off lately.”

The doctor spat, “In a special case like yours, it’s normal for anything to happen.”

Gu Ang raised his eyes coldly, “I seem to have something growing in my stomach, is that normal?”

The doctor was so violently startled that his wrist faltered and his teacup nearly fell to the floor, “Then you’ll get blood drawn and a full body scan and ultrasound.”

Ye Fei turned and went out to pay the bill before the doctor continued, “How far have you two gotten?”

Gu Ang glared at him, “Why are you like my mother? Stop talking, I’m going to do the test.”

The school hospital had made several trips and he knew exactly where each department was. It took over an hour to finally get through the lengthy exam and return to the doctor’s office to wait for the results. As soon as he pushed the door, he saw Ye Fei sitting on the couch with his legs open. A serious face, chatting away with the doctor.

Gu Ang sat over and squeezed his leg, “What did you talk about?”

Ye Fei rested his elbows on his knees, fingertips dangling, his expression serious, “Talked about your health.”

“What do I have to talk about?” Gu Ang licked his lips, “You know all you need to know.”

The doctor looked up at Gu Ang through his glasses, and the raised lines on his brow were deeply etched, “Your boyfriend is more reliable than you, and he’s very attentive when it comes to telling the situation as it should be.”

Gu Ang raised the corner of his mouth, “My boyfriend’s good. I certainly know that, thanks for the compliment.”

“Mn, we’ll see when the results come back. I heard you’ve gotten stronger again lately, so I think it’s a hormonal reaction.”

The doctor scribbled on the paper with a pen and looked up again after a moment, “Are you sure you don’t want to consider drawing an extra tube of blood for me to take back for an experiment?”

Gu Ang verbally refused, “I’m not a guinea pig, don’t fight this.” His head tilted and he leaned towards Ye Fei, “I’m sleepy again, call me when it’s done.”

Ye Fei, “……” He reached up and plucked the man’s head into a mutually comfortable position, serving as a dutiful pillow. They sat until the tea was cold before the nurse brought in the report.

Ye Fei pinched Gu Ang’s ear, “Get up, the results are out.”

Gu Ang was dazed, eyes not opening, “Sleepy.”

“Go home and sleep after you look at the results.” Ye Fei pushed his head, forcing the man to sit up straight. Waiting for Gu Ang to sit up, Ye Fei looked over at the dumbfounded doctor, “Well? What’s the problem?”

Dr. Zhang pushed his glasses, wanting to say something. He squeezed the report and folded it around, thinking for a moment, “It involves a patient’s privacy, could you step outside for a moment?”

Ye Fei raised an eyebrow, “I can’t listen?”

The doctor nodded, acting like he was a professional, “I’ll talk to Gu Ang first and he’ll decide if he wants to tell you.”

Gu Ang pressed Ye Fei’s hand, “Doctor, if you have something to say, he can listen to anything.”

The doctor tapped his desk with a serious look on his face, “I urge you to listen to it yourself before you make a decision.”

“What disease is it? So mysterious.” Gu Ang muttered, reaching out to touch Ye Fei and whispering, “Then go ahead and smoke a cigarette by the door, I’ll be out soon.”

“Mn, I’ll be waiting for you.” Ye Fei reluctantly got up and walked out of the office, leaving the door behind him. The windows in the room were left open and a cold breeze blew in gusts.

Gu Ang propped his chin up and looked away from the doctor in an awkward atmosphere, “Say it.”

“You’re pregnant.” Simple, straightforward, head-on.

Gu Ang froze for a second and snorted again, his tongue licking his lower lip, “Don’t you dare joke with me like that.”

“I’m pretty sure that the baby is already formed.” The doctor looked at him with an anxious face and continued, “By definition, it’s only about three months. But it could be that the hormones in your body were exuberant, causing your little one to develop very quickly and already grow to the size of a normal baby of five months.” The doctor inserted another cut, “So it’s more difficult to get rid of it.”

A pile of words slammed down, slamming into his head. Gu Ang was shocked and his mind went blank. A baby, a formed baby in his belly? This was a real fucking ghost in the middle of the day, wasn’t it? But that kick in the morning did seem like the force of a small creature. But, that was outrageous. He and Ye Fei hadn’t done anything, how could they have a child?

Three months ago, they were on Ice Blue Star and he and Ye Fei hadn’t made up, at best they’d bitten and kissed.

Gu Ang was in a funk. Could he really get pregnant with a kiss? The confusion in his head was growing, like he had broken into a maze and couldn’t find the exit. His hands were sweaty and he felt a chill run down his back. There was a baby. Who was the father? Why didn’t he remember anything?

Gu Ang digested it for a moment, still feeling incredibly ridiculous. He stood up and with a look of incredulity reached for the report and read it in black and white, clear as day. His fingertips twitched and the report floated to the floor as he drifted a little. “Wait, how could I be pregnant? I thought you said my reproductive cavity was underdeveloped?”

“In theory, yes, but anything is possible.” The doctor glanced up and down suspiciously. “I just asked your boyfriend and you two didn’t exactly mark, so were you, behind his back, with someone else…”

Gu Ang sort of understood why Ye Fei should be let out. Dare to think he cuckolded someone. And yeah, that was probably what anyone would think if this was put in their place.

“I didn’t, I really didn’t.” Gu Ang propped himself up on the table, righteously stressing again and again, “I didn’t do it with him or anyone else, I’m a virgin, you must be mistaken.”

The doctor looked up and down with suspicion and gave another laugh, “I’m old enough that you can’t hide it from me, I’ve seen a lot of this kind of thing. You got caught cheating on your boyfriend behind his back, didn’t you? You pay the price for stealing the forbidden fruit.”

“Fuck, I really didn’t!” Gu Ang was furious and slammed down on the table, jarring the teacups on the table. He had nowhere to vent his anger, and his fingers pressed deep fingerprints into the tabletop. As soon as he was a clean interstellar slugger, he didn’t know who had defiled him, and he felt aggrieved.

The doctor rolled his swivel chair and ducked back, afraid he would hurt him in his anger, “Seriously?”

Gu Ang shook his head with an uncanny look on his face, “I like Ye Fei so much, I can’t even break through that barrier in my heart with him, so how could there be anyone else?”

The doctor was silent. Looking at Gu Ang’s reaction, it didn’t look like he was faking it. But the report was shown clearly and the ultrasound was taken clearly, so there was no way to get it wrong. He reached down and held the slice under the incandescent light, pointing to the shadows, “Look, it’s grown legs.”

Gu Ang’s sweat exploded at those words. Growing legs. No wonder the little thing kicked him so hard… “So my recent urge to vomit, drowsiness, and… appetite, all because of…”

“Yes, you’re talking about all the common early pregnancy symptoms.”

“And he kicked me today.”

“Three months pregnant and they can already kick your belly. You’ve got one fierce child.”

Gu Ang muttered, “No way, how? How did this thing pop up?”

“If you really haven’t been fully marked by someone else.” The doctor paused, “I have an irresponsible brain fart, will you listen?”

Gu Ang blinked as if he had caught a lifeline, “What?”

“Look, with all the Alpha and Omega hormones in your body, could you have self-birthed a child?” The doctor finished, covering his mouth and pretending nothing was happening, “I said it was irresponsible nonsense, don’t take it seriously.”

“Fuck, I could still get myself pregnant by myself?” Gu Ang was confused. But even more than that outrageous possibility, he could find no other reason.

The doctor shrugged his shoulders, “After all, there’s nothing impossible about your body being different.” He said soothingly, “And don’t worry, you’ll get another tube of blood drawn and I’ll run the tests myself. The baby’s already formed and it may be possible to extract DNA from the father.”

“Draw now, when would the results be available?”

“This is new technology, it’s slower, it takes a week.”

Gu Ang held his forehead and looked pained, “We’re playing in two days, so I have to wait a week with anxiety?”

“You’re taking a kid to a game? Are you crazy?” The doctor spoke up in a panic to stop it, “You can’t do that, something could happen.”

“But I just finished signing my entry agreement today.” Gu Ang walked around the early room annoyed at the thought of the dragon flying around with his big name, “What the fuck is going on here?”

“Will you see if the game could be canceled?”

“A soldier’s word is his bond.”

The doctor slumped back in his swivel chair with a hand, “Then you really need to take care of them, they’re fragile.”

Gu Ang still didn’t quite accept it to this day, and his life had gone off the rails little by little since alphare-differentiated. His mind felt like a jumbled mess, and his entire being was irritable and flustered. He desperately wanted to talk to Ye Fei, but would Ye Fei believe him?

This was something that would probably be a strange shame for any man.

The doctor tapped the desk, “I’m done, go get your blood drawn and then you can go back and watch your diet and sleep.”

Gu Ang let out an “oh”, feeling his ears perk up.

The doctor added, “Since you’re pregnant, you’re a complete Omega.”

Gu Ang nodded again reflexively, as if he couldn’t hear anything. He muddled through and transferred to the draw room again, and when he came out again, he felt his legs go weak. Knowing there was a baby in his belly made him even stand in a strange position now.

Mentally, it felt like one pose didn’t get it right and the kid kicked him in the stomach. He touched the small of his back, still flat, with only a soft layer of flesh. No wonder his abs were gone, no wonder he kept gaining weight, he had finally found the cause of his recent abnormality. His brain finally sorted out the conclusion of the trip.

He couldn’t change back and became an Omega forever.

And, with a child from who knew where.

Gu Ang rubbed his brow and wheedled his way to the door to see Ye Fei leaning to the side waiting for him.

Standing in his usual black shirt, standing in the wind, he looked dependable. However, he opened his mouth, but he couldn’t really speak.

“What did the doctor say? Show me the report.” Ye Fei reached out and pulled him into his arms and kissed him down, “Why do you look so pale?”

Gu Ang pursed his lips, anxious and frazzled, his heart beating haphazardly. The nicer Ye Fei was to him, the more he couldn’t open his mouth.

Ye Fei saw that he didn’t say anything and asked again, “Tell me how serious it is and don’t be afraid, eh?”

Gu Ang took a deep breath and his voice began to stop shaking, “I’m afraid you can’t handle it, and I think it’s ridiculous.”

No one who encountered this could be calm. For the first time in twenty years of living, day to day, he was terrified.

“What do you mean?” Ye Fei frowned, his fingertips rubbing the ends of his eyes with a little dampness. “You’re crying? Do you have a terminal illness?”

Gu Ang blinked and shivered, “It’s worse than having a terminal illness.”

Ye Fei reached out and hugged him, his palm soothing his back a little, “It’s okay, I’m here.”

“Big brother, would you ever leave me?”

“What a silly thing to say, never.”

Never. Hearing those words felt the tightening of his heart loosen slightly. Gu Ang thought to himself, he didn’t do anything wrong and said so. He gritted his teeth and blurted out simply and plainly, “I’m pregnant, three months along.”

The air fell silent and Gu Ang felt a little cold.

Ye Fei’s pupils widened slightly, and the palm of his hand stroking his back stopped abruptly. He had thought of many possibilities, but this was the only one he hadn’t guessed. Pregnant, three months. The words felt like a heavy hammer, hammering his sanity to smithereens.

Ye Fei kept what was left of his sanity and held back his impending outburst of anger. His voice was low, muffled, like a dull knife, lynching itself, “The baby’s dad, who is it?”


Author’s Note: 

Dog Ye: I’ll get jealous of myself.


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