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Chapter 50: Mo Song’s live broadcast (IV)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


[Woo-hoo! White steamed bun actually tastes like this! Fragrant, sweet and soft, I can eat a hundred of them in one breath!]

[Yummy yummy yummy! I admit I’m uneducated, I’m now full of the word ‘delicious’!]

[Attention brothers and sisters, this is only 30% taste and smell synchronization, I can’t imagine how delicious the steamed buns will be at 100%. Sob, sob, sob!]

[Damn, just when the anchor moved, I missed three bites and didn’t get it, I lost a lot of money! The anchor is also really mean. Why not put it on a flat ground for us to eat? Why must it be carried in his hand?]

Mo Song thought, I didn’t want it to turn out like this. If I had known you guys would react so badly, I would have put the basket on the ground and let you eat it! I don’t need to be like this now, standing in front of the village chief like a wooden man, not only blocking the way for other players to turn in their quests, but also being visited.

“Yo, Song’s Blunt Opinion you’re live, right?” The voice of greeting came from the side, and just after the words fell, a tall man with a blurred face appeared on the screen of the live broadcast.

This ‘blurred face’ was the game and live room togethers restrictions. When Bai Li opened the game’s live license, players in the game and players who logged back in after going offline would receive a notice telling them that there would be a live stream in the game and that if they did not want their faces to appear in the live stream, they could turn on the privacy settings so that even if they were accidentally swept by the camera, their faces would be blurred.

This sudden appearance of the player was because of the initial laziness in the creation of the character, resulting in the game character and the reality was not too different, only to have to first turn on the privacy settings. He also planned to buy a “face-lift” when he had time to change his appearance, so that even if the privacy settings were turned on, he wouldn’t worry about being recognized when he appeared in the live stream.

Mo Song obviously knew this person, so he naturally greeted him, “Yes, I’m live. I brought fans to eat white steamed buns, this is also one of our game’s specialties, Haha!”

“Hey? Why are you bringing your fans to eat steamed buns?” The person pretended to give a dissatisfied tsk. “The Food Basket in the game store opens a lot of delicious food too, right? Invite them to eat this! If not, you can also bring them to visit the ‘evening market’ in front of our village. It’s still early, and later those who can make corn cake, popcorn and all kinds of fried vegetables will come out to set up stalls.”

Mo Song was not afraid of such questioning, revealing a ‘I’ve seen it all’ smile. He calmly said, “You say these ah…No hurry, really no hurry, we start with the basics. Today they will eat steamed buns, tomorrow we will visit the ‘night market.’ The day after tomorrow, we will open a few Food Baskets. We will take our time.”

“Oh no, you’re right!” The other party was quickly persuaded by Mo Song and very empathetically nodded before saying, “At the beginning, we also started eating white steamed buns, and only later did we slowly eat more corn cake and other food. Hey, I want to buy another steamed bun. I’ll go buy it first!”

After saying hello to Mo Song, he went to talk to the village chief. After buying the steamed buns, he didn’t leave yet, chewing on the steamed buns in his hand while taking out the materials in his backpack and handing them to the village chief, getting a contribution before he left in good spirits.

It seems that this player, the purpose of coming here in the first place was only to pay the task.

After the people left, Mo Song realized that the pop-up screen had been replaced by a [huh?]

[Oh, there are so many delicious foods in the game? But the first thing the anchor gave us was a white steamed bun! (PS: not to say that white steamed bun is not good).]

[Oh, anchor, you tell me honestly, do you want to see us not see the world but still be blindly excited?]

[Oh, I can see, the anchor is afraid that once we taste the good things, our three views will be shaken and we will not play the game.]

[Oh, if you do not get 100 Food Baskets, you are finished!]

Mo Song hurried to the camera to do a ‘please please please’ action, smiling a flattering face, “Oh you guys do not know. This is only the first day being live. The things said before will certainly be shown so do not worry! Now it’s almost three o’clock, I’ll show you the progress of the ‘village chief’s residence’ quest, and then take you for a stroll in the forest, and I’ll learn my life skills and collect some materials.”

The audience was still a bit dissatisfied, but they were reluctantly pacified, and after listening to Mo Song’s subsequent arrangements, they all made a ‘want to see’ sound.

Mo Song directly opened his quest panel, and unlike yesterday when he first received the quest, the materials now showed their respective progress. The only thing was that the players learned the life skills yesterday or today, and they were not fully skilled yet, so the number of materials that have been submitted was not much, not more than a hundred.

Mo Song looked at the task panel with a distressed face, saying that this material collection task was really difficult, watching people’s liver vaguely painful, and then asked the live viewers which two life skills they would like him to learn. There were only five life skills in total, and the audience had a passionate discussion and finally decided on ‘gathering’ and ‘mining.’

Mo Song also felt that these two were good, so he simply asked the village chief’s wife to learn them, and also got the primary tools from her hand; an ordinary shovel and an ordinary mining pick.

The quality of these two tools was not too good, and Mo Song felt some dislike. He intended to wait to search for some better tools.

“Well, without further ado, let’s head towards the forest now! Let me try to collect first…” Mo Song waved his hand and led the live viewers towards the entrance of the forest.

Although there was no fence outside the forest, a player could actually enter from anywhere. The players unanimously felt that the forest entrance seemed to be richer in products, and over time, no one thought of turning to look from the side.

This time, Mo Song led the group to take the road outside the village. Not far from the entrance of the village, there was a winding river, and a lot of people could be seen sitting by the river.

[What does a koi look like? Is it particularly difficult to catch? I saw Blunt Opinion’s task panel, out of the 5,000 koi, there have only been 7 turned in. This is too little!]

[I couldn’t resist checking Starnet, and it’s said that koi were an ornamental fish in the ancient Blue Star era, and also a symbol of luck. At the time, merchants also liked to use koi as a gimmick for their activities, and some people who were lucky would be told by people around them ‘You’re a real live koi,’ and so on.]

[Ohhhhh, no wonder this fish is so hard to catch! It requires not only skill but also luck.]

Mo Song just quietly watched the audience ask each other questions, not denying the conclusions they came up with. Although he was not sure how credible this claim was, koi were really hard to catch. He did not approach the group of fishing players, but went straight into the forest.

After crossing into the entrance of the forest and walking for about five minutes, Mo Song slowly stopped in his tracks.

The air was somewhat moist, the soil still had a slight dampness in it, and different varieties of trees stood in a disorderly manner within everyone’s sight, varying in height, fatness, and thinness. The broad leaves shaded the sky, and the sunlight fell through the gaps in the leaves, leaving starry patches on people and on the ground. Not far away, a beam of sunlight hit straight on the trunk of a certain tree, and between the shifting light and shadow, tiny dust particles floated in the air. Tinted with a bit of golden light, it was as if an elf had once stayed there.

The viewers in the live room were once again dumbfounded, and they couldn’t come back to their senses for a long time. Even Mo Song, who had entered this forest an unknown number of times, was often struck by the changes that occurred each time he entered. In his perception, the forest was alive and breathing, as if it were a kind old man, showing them the beauty of nature in different ways.

The viewers came back to their senses and silently cast their gifts while leaving their first impressions of this forest on the pop-ups.

[A miraculous work of art! A ghostly work of art! This game is made too exquisitely, right? Is it really made with an E class virtual reality game builder? Oh, sorry, it’s now a D-rank! :)]

[It’s so beautiful! I’ve lived almost thirty years and never seen such a view. Obviously everything is full of green, even the top of Blunt Opinion’s head is covered with a layer of green, but my mood is inexplicably good, the corners of my mouth can not help but turn upward.]

[It’s decided! Green is my favorite color this year. After watching the live broadcast, I will buy an entirely green outfit! A green dress that must definitely be very flowy…]

[Well…The big sister in the front, the other is fine, just don’t get a matching hat.]

[Ah, you’d hate it…]

The pop-up screen was full of the word ‘green.’

Mo Song just happened to see this sentence, and imagined that the person who said this sentence was likely to be a fierce woman who was one meter tall, with a head of harsh short hair doing weightlifting movements with ease, and the goose bumps on his body stood up.

He shook himself out of his trance, deflected his eyes and pinched himself hard at a location on his thighs where the live camera couldn’t sweep. Steady! You must not let anyone see what you were thinking!

In fact, the viewers, who were dazzled by the beauty of the view, did not bother to pay attention to Mo Song’s reaction. Not only were they looking around, but also using their noses to sniff hard and sneak a few leaves from the trees with their mouths. Of course, the taste of the leaves wasn’t too good. But even so, there were still many people who thought that even the leaves were more flavorful than the natural food they would eat in reality, and compared to the players in the game, they were too miserable!

[That said, I don’t know if it’s my illusion, but after the anchor entered the forest, I felt the air become more comfortable and cool, just like when I slam down a mint flavored nutrient solution.]

[Yes, yes! I also have this feeling. The air in the game can actually have a change?]

“It should have something to do with the environment we’re in.” Mo Song explained. He suddenly remembered something, and subconsciously followed with a sentence at the end, “You guys reminded me. I also feel that the game before and after the upgrade, the air taste has changed a great deal…Haha! After staying in the game for a long time, even my mood will become better, Haha!”

Mo Song attributed the reason to ‘the game is too fun,’ saying he thought it was because of the fun game that he loved the air in the game.

The pop-ups were all in agreement.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao had a rare day of being salted fish and were still watching the live broadcast. Seeing Mo Song say this, Wen XingYao was inevitably curious, and asked the person concerned, “Li Bai, is it true what he said? That the air quality in the game will also be upgraded when the game is upgraded?”

Of course it was true. Since the number of people had increased by ten times, Bai Li got a lot more faith power, and his grass and wood spirit had become thick. This was reflected in the game so how couldn’t the air become better? However, it wasn’t something that could be said to others because it would cause trouble.

So Bai Li gave just a laugh before he said, “It’s possible, right? Or maybe it’s because the builder has been upgraded? With the next upgrade, the air will become better again.”

Wen XingYao thought about it. The virtual reality game builder upgrade would not only increase the number of players, but also improve the realism of the game, so the air becoming better was a reasonable explanation. He nodded his head in agreement and continued to watch.

After that, the live broadcast didn’t last long, Mo Song had just learned the life skills, and with a small shovel here and there, so his digging and shoveling only yielded some ‘dug off the roots of the wild flowers,’ ‘is not a useful weed,’ ‘half a mushroom,’ ‘dry roots’ and other useless miscellaneous items. He was going to take them to the village chief to recycle even if they were only worth 1 copper coin each.

After digging up a flower seed, Mo Song exhaled a breath of air and stood up slowly, showing the viewers of the live broadcast a full range of the tiny seeds before he put them into his backpack with satisfaction. After that, he announced the bad news, “Well, it’s late. Today’s live broadcast here is at the end. I will rest off-line for a few hours, and then at 20:00 I will continue to go live for you!”

The screen was full of voices. Mo Song thought, why not give Bai Li a good deal? So he helped Song Xinran to advertise, “If you think it’s not enough to watch, you can pay attention to the live section of Carefree Farmstead first. At 6 pm there will be a new friend going live for you. His game name is called ‘Peaches are So Delicious.’ The content of the live broadcast is confidential for the time being, so you can check it out if you are interested…”

He originally wanted to directly report Song Xinran’s live account, but only when he was about to open his mouth did he realize that they hadn’t added each other as friends, so he could only say Song Xinran’s game name. The good thing was that there were only two anchors in this game for the time being, so he wasn’t afraid that the audience would not be able to find his place.

Once the viewers heard this, they instantly got in the spirit again and said they would squat on time and play the game on the cloud again!

“Well, the first live broadcast of Carefree Farmstead is officially over here. Thank you bosses for your gifts, and we’ll see you tonight!” Mo Song finished his greeting, quickly closed the live camera, and as he hummed from his good mood, he went offline.


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When I saw the live viewers making jokes about green I instantly thought of the green hat! Was so happy they said it! 🤣🤣

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I love what Mo feels, about the forest being alive and breathing… it is like the lungs of our planet.
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Thanks for translating and editing.

May 30, 2023 3:30 pm

The description of the shaft of light in the forest with that earthy smell after rain, petrichor, is lovely. There’s a feel to ancient forests that’s unforgettable. I always wanted to own one and camp there.

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