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Chapter 49: Mo Song’s live broadcast (3)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


[I heard that someone offered 100 Buddha Jumps Over the Wall just to test the anchor’s character. I rushed here, has it started? Has it started?]

[Ah, Haha! It’s time for the ‘Guess if you’re lucky today’ session that I’m looking forward to. I hope the anchor will be bursting at the seams today and will be able to live up to the gifts sent by the boss.]

The eight-sided netizens heard the wind, and hoped that every gift bag opened by Mo Song would burst out with 99 bottles of magical spring water.

Mo Song took a look, and on the spot felt some panic, as he thought about how that couldn’t be done. When did he ever have such good luck? He hurried to give people a precaution. “Stop, stop, stop! Everyone listen to me first! I have never had good luck! Of course, I might. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a saying, called ‘Xuan does not save the non, Krypton does not change the fate’, in short, the small red hand or something, we don’t want to force, and strive not to lose on it…”

At this time, the audience was at the height of excitement, and weren’t listening to Mo Song’s explanation. They were just yelling to guess how many bottles of magical spring water Mo Song could finally open.

Mo Song wanted to cry, feeling quite like a kind of duck on the shelf. Depressed, he took a deep breath, and rubbed his hands, and directly opened the gifts.

The first, 5 bottles.

The second, 17 bottles.

The third, 12 bottles.

The fourth, 48 bottles.

The fifth, 31 bottles.

Mo Song looked calm, as if he had already expected this result.

The audience’s reaction was not so good. The result of the gift pack opening was like a pot of cold water poured over their heads, drenching them to the core.

[This… Is this the world of the strong?]

[I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it! Are you cheating, anchor? How can you have so little!]

[Well, shouldn’t cheating be done to a higher level? It is best to open a 99 bottles one! I Have nothing to say except throwing sympathy for Blunt Opinion!]

[I’m sure the big guy who gave the gift is thinking in his heart: sloppy!]

Mo Song cried and laughed, “You guys don’t say that ah, this is really normal! Open a few more and my averages will probably be able to go up! Believe me, ah!”

So he began to open five more spring water gift packs.

The result…

7, 9, 3, 5, 8.

Pop-up screen, “…”

Even Mo Song froze in place, wondering if there was something wrong with his eyes, otherwise why would they all be single digits? When he opened the spring packs before, he had never encountered such outrageous results!

[Hahahahaha! I laughed until the robot patrol police of ten miles around came to the door together to ask me if I needed help! The anchor is too miserable!]

[Pfft – no wonder they say you can’t set a flag, just finish it and then hit your face, it’s the fastest live broadcast in history!]

There were also viewers gradually posting, [Open more! Continue to open more! I do not believe that the results can be worse than this!]

Mo Song held his breath, closed his eyes, and opened ten in a row in one breath.

An even more amazing thing happened.

90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99. 1

The two digits starting with “9” were lined up in order, from small to large, one no more, one no less.

Mo Song, “???”

Pop-up screen, [???]

Even the virtual screen, which was originally densely packed with text, was as clean as if there was not a single viewer in it at this moment. But the number of people in the upper left corner clearly showed that this live broadcast room had entered nearly eight million viewers!

Only after a full minute of trance did Mo Song come back to his senses from the fact that he had suddenly become rich. His mouth was grinning almost to the back of his ears, and if it wasn’t for the reminder of his fans, he would have whistled for three minutes.

Hahahahaha! He, Mo Song, would actually have such a day, and later on after the broadcast, he must save the video of him opening the gift bags permanently. It was best to study and research again, in the end it was that action produced the effect, actually led the rich Qi into the body.

The viewers slowly recovered their drifting spirits and couldn’t help but wonder if this was a stunt created by the anchor and the game’s designer to make this huge difference before and after to generate buzz on Starnet and give the game Carefree Farmstead just the right amount of advertising.

Some of the more cautious ones were still just secretly guessing in their hearts, but there were also impulsive viewers who had already nonchalantly snapped this guess on the public screen, questioning if the anchor had made some kind of deal with the game designer. Some even started to become foul-mouthed, and the pop-up screen gradually turned ‘dirty.’

Mo Song was really confused by this development. He hadn’t expected that just after opening some spring water gift bags, there were actually so many scenes. Now it even rose to the point that he and Bai Li had made some kind of deal privately. He deliberated on the wording and was about to explain to the audience that it was just a coincidence and that the designer had not secretly changed the data in order to create momentum for him. Then he saw a dazzling glow appear again in the live stream, with altar after altar of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall falling from above, and another pop-up screen at the top of the screen.

Bai Li, [There is no deal. I can only say that the anchor’s luck is too good. No extreme to come. Buddha jumps over the wall x 100″

Mo Song stared at the screen with his mouth wide open for a while before smiling weakly and thanking him.

“Thank you Bai Li… Ahem, never mind, thanks to the golden father of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. I’ll try harder for the rest of my live! You all saw it, the golden master father has taken the initiative to come forward to speak. That certainly will not be a private transaction, otherwise it is too bright! So please reluctantly believe me, I just now briefly possessed rich blood…”

Whoops, what kind of divine designer was this? Sneaking in to watch his live stream, not to mention that he would actually stand in solidarity with him at a critical moment. Well! He must live seriously afterwards and try to earn more rewards to repay him. As for the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall that Bai Li smashed in his live stream, Mo Song was not going to receive it, and would contact the live streaming company to see if it could be returned.

The tall man was so moved that his eyes were slightly red.

On the other hand, Bai Li and Wen XingYao together finished the two chicken coops. They were sitting on wooden backrest chairs watching the live broadcast together.

“Haha. He can actually open so many magical spring water gift packs! Song’s Blunt Opinion is quite powerful!” Bai Li said to Wen XingYao with a smile while following the content of the live stream.

Wen XingYao went into the live room with his online game name ‘Demon Xing.’ After Bai Li cast a few Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, because of these gifts, the audience had a volcanic growth, and Bai Li sent 100 Buddha Jumps Over the Wall like a tycoon in one breath. His name in the middle was not conspicuous, but no one noticed the correlation between the names. .

“Oh? As the game’s designer, do you also not understand the mechanics of this number?” Wen XingYao asked curiously.

“Of course I don’t know, I set them to be random.” Bai Li shrugged helplessly. “Anyway, I’ve never opened more than ninety bottles of nutrient solution.”

This was also related to the fact that he had not bought the spring water gift pack more than a few times in total.

It was rare for someone who was not willing to spend a little bit of money to buy the item in the game, but could give so much in one breath when he watched the live broadcast. What kind of a person was he in reality?

Bai Li did not know that Wen XingYao was thinking of him this way. If he did, he would have patted him on the shoulder and told him loudly, ‘Brother, you think too much! I was stingy before because I had no money. Now that I have money, of course, I can spend it as I want!’

He was not the kind of person who liked to live a hard life. This previous month was the only time he was forced to be helpless. Besides, Mo Song’s SSR draw was an accident. Still, he took the initiative to show up in the live stream, and also swiped a lot of gifts, deliberately advertising for Carefree Farmstead.

He also remembered that the C-level virtual reality game builder could accommodate one million players at the same time, while B-level was five million people. According to the current kryptonite enthusiasm, next month, he could jump to C or B, so that the game population would have an explosion. 2

But the premise of this was that there were really so many players who wanted to enter the world of Carefree Farmstead. In case there were less than one million interested players, and he upgraded the virtual reality game builder to the B level, then there was some loss… at least twenty-five million.

So, it was necessary to advertise a little bit beforehand.

During the exchange between the two, Mo Song took advantage of the heat and opened the remaining 80 spring gift packs in one breath. The results were mixed, the number was neither too low to exaggerate, nor too high to be outrageous, and all considered in a more reasonable range.

Mo Song let out a heavy breath, and thanked everyone in the live room again. “Thank you all. Today I opened so much spring water. It seems that I will not have to open the gift bag for a good while. It’s getting late, so I’ll take you to the village chief to see the scenery on the way, and when I sell some of that corn before, I’ll be able to buy you white steamed buns. Then you’ll try it and see if it tastes as good as described in the forum.”

The viewers in the live broadcast room interpreted the idiom of ‘dislike the old and like the new’ to the fullest. One moment they were saying it was fun to open the gift bag, and wanted to continue watching. The next moment, they were shouting ‘I want white steamed buns’, knocking the bowl and waiting for the food to be eaten.

Mo Song was also considered a spoiled powder anchor. When he saw so many mouths waiting for such a bite to eat, then there was no more delay. He hurriedly walked as he introduced the new and old players’ living environment with a few words. When he arrived at the village chief, he quickly sold half of the corn, bought 10 white steamed buns, put them in another Food Basket, and carried it on his arm. He said to the audience, “10 buns should be enough, right? All right, everyone can eat.”

It was not that Mo Song didn’t want to find a suitable place or simply take the buns home and put them on the table before giving them to the audience, but, for one thing, the audience was in a rush, and had threatened him to hurry up by throwing stinky tofu. For another, it was also because of the setup of the live stream. After the synchronization of smell, taste and touch, the audience could touch the things in the game, but they couldn’t move them. Plus no one could see what they were doing in the live stream, so the action of tasting the food could be done freely, and it didn’t matter where or how it was eaten.

After Mo Song said this, he waited for a few seconds but didn’t get a single response. Just when he thought if there was something wrong with the live broadcast and moved his arm slightly to ask if everyone was still there, he saw another string of capitalized and bold text floating over the live broadcast room.

Ye Shi, [Anchor, do not move! Just bite the white steamed bun. I do not care if you have to compensate me!]


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Translator Notes:

  1. He has a total of 1,090 bottles right now.
  2. E: $5,000, 500 players, 12 hour play time a day

    D: $100,000, 5,000 players, 12 hour play time a day 

    C: $5 Million, 1 million players

    B: $25 Million, 5 million players

    A: $100 Million

    S: $10 Billion

    Remember, to jump over  grade, you have to pay both costs. So to get to a B grade, Bai would have to pay 30 million.



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