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Chapter 76: Who Just Kicked Him?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, has nothing to say


Ye Fei grabbed him by the neck, deepening the kiss. It had been a long time since they’d been intimate in public, and after the divorce, even loving each other had become covered-up. But just now, he heard Gu Ang shouting at the crowd, I love you.

His memories overlapped back to his last life when he graduated, and Gu Ang had done the same thing before everyone and kissed him and said he liked him.

His Light really came back.

It took a few moments before Gu Ang tapped him on the shoulder to signal his release. The sunlight illuminated his complexion to make it almost transparent, with a little embarrassed pink, “Satisfied, big brother?”

“Very satisfied.” Ye Fei pursed his lips, not quite satisfied. He watched the crowd grow, and whispered, “Let’s return first?”

“Hmm.” Gu Ang was a little agitated, he seemed a little too high profile. He looked at the crowd who turned their heads in unison, and yelled again, “Stop looking, haven’t you ever seen anyone fall in love?”

Someone across the crowd yelled back, “Never seen it!”

Ye Fei laughed so hard that he took Gu Ang by the shoulders and walked towards the dormitory. Just as he entered, he was stopped by the aunt. She looked the two up and down, “High profile enough.”

Gu Ang coughed softly, “Hello, auntie.”

“Although it’s not forbidden to fall in love, but after all, you are students, don’t give me some nonsense in the dormitory.” Auntie meant it, “If I find out, you’ll move out.”

Gu Ang played dumb, “What for?”

“Oh, what do you think a relationship can do? Need I say anything else?” Aunty blocked her face, “Anyway, I warned first, no infractions.”

Gu Ang nodded, “Okay, listening to you.”

He smiled and pulled Ye Fei’s wrist back to the dormitory, the entire thing looked like he was stepping on a cloud. It made him feel really super happy to be in an open relationship with Ye Fei and tell everyone, without hiding it, that this guy was his.

Ye Fei opened the door for him and pressed the man against it, kissing him again with his head down, “That’s very efficient of you, just coming out with a statement and you following it publicly.”

Gu Ang bit him, “What? You don’t like it? Then I’ll tell everyone we broke up…”

Before the words could be finished, Ye Fei covered his mouth, “Don’t mention those two words casually again, I’m terrified.”

Gu Ang’s expression rose in seriousness, “Okay, I won’t mention it.”

That word was off-limits, even mentioning it would make Ye Fei flip out.

“Now that we made up, when are you coming with me to get our license?” Ye Fei wrapped his arms around the man’s waist and quickly suggested the next step.

Gu Ang gave him a blank look, “Aren’t you moving a little too fast? We just got together, didn’t we?”

Ye Fei replied, “We’ve been together for six years.”

“Did the dogs eat the time spent apart in between?” Gu Ang scrunched up a face, “Don’t rush, let’s take our time.”

Ye Fei looked down and kissed him again, “I’m in a hurry, I’m afraid you’ll run off again one day, and I’ll have to find something to tie you up with.”

Gu Ang pushed him away and threw himself onto the couch with a wide grin and narrowed his eyes, “After a while, you’ll have to scare my mother and your father to death if you suddenly want to get married.”

Ye Fei had nothing to say. Also, for both of them, when the two proposed to get married was mostly fueled by passion. No one knew about their past but themselves.

Gu Ang narrowed his eyes as he recalled the day’s feat in his head, and suddenly sighed, “I feel a little bad thinking about it.”

“Bad about what?”

“It’s a shame that we don’t have a witness to such an absolutely beautiful love.” Gu Ang licked his lips, “Six years, such a long time, if we tell people, they would think that we both started our relationship at the age of twelve.”

Ye Fei sat next to him, “Have you thought about the possibility of going back one day?”

The subject weighed heavily on both of them. Gu Ang had often thought about it too, but didn’t bring it up to each other. The joy and peace that he had now felt like it was stolen. Who knew if they would go back to square one? His mother’s bones were cold, they were divorced, and going back was that raggedy end.

Gu Ang looked down and pinched his palm, “I think it’s fine the way it is, what’s the point of going back?”

That being said, no one could say for sure. The reason for their crossing over remained a mystery, and no motive could be found to this day. Will that big invisible hand that could get them back at the same time send them back again someday?

Ye Fei rationalized, “I think the crossing must have been premeditated, and when we’re done with all this, we’ll get together to find the black hand behind it.”

“Forget it, it’s such a happy day, let’s not talk about the unhappy things.” Gu Ang chose to escape, “A night to celebrate?”

Ye Fei nodded, “A little wine?”

Gu Ang excitedly suggested, “Yes, or we could go to Bai SiNing’s house, I’m afraid auntie will beat someone up.”

“First day we’re back together and you’re looking for two light bulbs?” Ye Fei’s face darkened, “Are you avoiding me?”

Gu Ang moved to the side of the couch, his entire body feigning a defiant stance, as if he were in a play.

“I’m afraid you’ll go bestial after drinking. Auntie has said no bad things in the dorm.”

Ye Fei thought about it, “Then we’ll find time to move out.”

A few neighborhoods next to the school flashed through his mind instantly, and he was even ready to buy a suite immediately.

Upon hearing this, Gu Ang gave in for a second, “Big brother, give me some more time, I’ll prepare my heart.” When he saw that Ye Fei didn’t say anything, he continued, “Look, I’m an Omega now, I’m sure I can’t resist if you get up hard and press me now. But… Shouldn’t you respect my opinion?”

Ye Fei reached out and squeezed his stomach, soft and squishy, “I don’t respect you enough? I’m suffocating into a holy monk.”

Gu Ang was amused and smacked his messy hands away, even as his shoulders shook wildly. He stifled a laugh and said, “Don’t I hold it in too?”

“Student Gu Ang, do you know about Alpha and Omega physical natural attraction?” Ye Fei rubbed his brow, “It’s so different now than it used to be.”

Gu Ang got it too, when the two Alphas were together before, it was tolerated as long as it could be tolerated. The last time they had helped each other out, he had actually almost lost control of it like a beast. In front of him was an Alpha who had marked him three times, or his favorite, and he couldn’t help but want to be near him. Even, with thoughts of shame that would never have been possible before.

But, there was that hurdle in his heart that he couldn’t get over.

Although he differentiated into an Omega, he still saw himself as an Alpha. Gu Ang’s voice was getting lower and lower, “Give me a little more time, maybe when the next rut comes around and I can’t control it, I’ll do it.”

Ye Fei was exasperated, “I still need to rely on rutting period? You say it like I’m going to force you. Forget it, no more talking, I’ll order.”

“Just order the food.” Gu Ang muttered.

As it turned out, the first night back together, nothing happened. Gu Ang was still thinking about it in his head the next day in class. When to do it with Ye Fei and how to do it, think about it and still resisting it.

With a head full of yellow waste, he tended to wander off and then he started to get sleepy. Gu Ang flipped through a few random pages and felt his vision fade. He stood the book up on the tabletop, blocking most of his face, “Big brother, I’ll take a nap, keep an eye on the teacher for me.”

“Sleepy again?” Ye Fei frowned, “You’re sleepy even though you went to bed at ten yesterday?”

Gu Ang yawned lazily and leaned back in his chair, “Spring sleepiness is normal.”

“Get right to live training and hang in there for a while.”

“Can’t hold it, let me sleep for ten minutes.” Negotiations were ineffective as he went to sleep. Gu Ang finished in a low voice and chose a comfortable position to lie down and close his eyes. The teacher’s lecture was still staccato in his ears, but he couldn’t seem to hear anything.

As soon as his eyes closed, his mind began to muddle.

Ye Fei spun his pen in his hand and lost his mind to listen to the lecture. Sitting next to Gu Ang, looking at him with his arms covering most of his face and only showing a little bit of his eyebrows, he wanted to make a move on him. He squeezed his palm and rubbed his ear again.

Feeling bored, he moved his stool to the side again. Their two thighs pressed against each other, touching intentionally. Gu Ang was like a sunbathing kitten, comfortably pursing his lips and closing his eyes. Perhaps the sunlight was too harsh and he couldn’t help but move, tilting his head sideways to avoid the light.

Now, even his mouth was showing.

Ye Fei was apoplectic and stood the book up as well. He felt he must be acting childishly now, but did so anyway. He slowly approached Gu Ang, his fingertips touching the corners of his lips, unable to resist stealing a kiss.

Gu Ang was a light sleeper and woke up at the touch. He opened his eyes and froze at Ye Fei’s enlarged face, lowering his voice, “Fuck, you got so much nerve?”

“I hadn’t tried it before, but now that I have, it feels good.” Ye Fei’s chin rested on his arm and his voice was slow and seductive, “Want to try again?”

Try what? Kissing in class? Gu Ang sounded a bit titillated. Gu Ang glanced up at the teacher on the stage lecturing and was looking down at his book and reading from it. He shifted the book erected in front of him again, hiding his face from Ye Fei like an ear in hair. His heart beat faster, like it did when he was a kid doing bad things.

He moved up slightly and pressed against the corner of Ye Fei’s mouth. His palm was wrapped around him, Ye Fei’s fingers squeezing into his hand bit by bit, intertwining wantonly. His lower lip was also gently nibbled on, as if it were a shallow taste and didn’t feel quite finished.

They sat in the last row of the classroom with no classmates next to them, as if they could be a little more liberal. Gu Ang moved forward a little more and opened his mouth slightly, the tip of his tongue probing in. Wet, hooked and tangled with a heartbeat that couldn’t be stopped. He felt a little sweat soak out of his palms and his back bent into a bow.

Gu Ang thought to himself, No wonder everyone likes to fall in love with their tablemates, it’s just so exciting.

Suddenly a pen came crashing down from overhead, landing straight on the desk, clunking and rolling a few times, and falling to the ground. Gu Ang was taken aback and bounced away momentarily, looking blankly at the board.

Wang Chuang looked at him with a smirk, “Are some of the students drifting?”

The students heard the commotion and turned around, looking at the two men in confusion.

Gu Ang realized that he was talking about him and opened his mouth to defend himself, “I was listening properly.”

“You think teacher is blind, don’t you? You think a book would stop it?” Wang Chuang slapped the table with an indignant look on his face, “I could see all those little moves of yours from up there.”

Ye Fei touched the corner of his mouth and said with a straight face, “Sorry, teacher, continue with your lesson.”

“I’m not done yet, what’s the lesson?” Wang Chuang quickly stepped down from the podium and walked up to the two men. “I heard that you two openly admitted your love yesterday, right? I’m not against relationships, but the classroom, such a sacred place, and you’re kissing in class!”

Hearing this, people started to get up in arms.

“That exciting? The two big guys really know how to have fun.”

“So many people spied them kissing in front of the dorm just yesterday, so lovey-dovey.”

“Not bad for God Ye, courageous and bold.”

“Keep kissing, don’t stop!”

“Kissing what?” Wang Chuang raised his voice, “Not just kissing, but actually giving me a tongue kiss! You guys are too much!”

Ye Fei looked up at him with an expressionless face, “Teacher, you’re looking really closely.”

There was another roar of laughter from the classroom. Gu Ang hung his head, wishing he could turn into an ostrich and disappear in place. He tensed up his back, his eyes not daring to meet the teacher’s at all.

Wang Chuang knotted in anger and slapped the book hard on the table, “Gu Ang, speak, what’s wrong?”

Gu Ang was sitting against Wang Chuang and his ears were caught off guard by the yelling next to him. He jumped violently at the loud, angry rebuke, and before he could make a sound, felt his stomach follow a violent movement.

The pain coming from his stomach was so obvious that it was impossible to feel wrong.

As if, someone had given him a hard kick. He gave Ye Fei a somewhat panicked look, panic written all over his entire face. Ye Fei’s seat was a little bit away from him, it was impossible to get him in front of the teacher… 

Fuck, so who just kicked him?


Author’s Note: 

Baby: Yell at me, I’m super mean!


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May 19, 2023 9:53 am

How disconcerting must that be?!
It may seem stupid, but neither of them remember having sex; if they think they got physical, it would just be their usual ‘helping each other out’. So pregnancy wouldn’t be a first thought for his uncharacteristic symptoms.
Being an Alpha before, GA wouldn’t known the intricacies either.
Having said that, why has no difference been identified since the permanent mark?
They need to acknowledge an examination is needed.
Ta for translating & editing.

May 19, 2023 1:56 pm

Will they discover the surprise Gu Ang carries! Excited for the next chapter! Thanks for the translation!

May 19, 2023 9:01 pm

Sure is a short gestation period!! Humans take 9 months and theirs been only a few days!🤨😜

May 23, 2023 4:22 am

Teacher Wang is so angry yet their classmate are so excited😅

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