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Chapter 85: God Ye Is So Fierce, Ah

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is editing during work hours~


Gu Ang also felt the strength of the kick in his lower abdomen, slightly frowned and cursed an expletive. Recently the little thing was getting more and more active. If he moved a little more, the baby would give a violent reaction. He didn’t know if the baby was scared, or too excited.

After feeling the two kicks, Ye Fei wasn’t too happy. The two people, one on top and the other below, staring at each other with anger surging between them.

Ye Fei was helpless, reached out and rubbed Gu Ang’s waist, whispering, “Light, get up, many people are watching.”

The pop-ups have exploded into a sea of images, cascading almost to the point of jamming.

[Ye Fei just lost straight away? I really feel bad for my betting money.]

[I feel that the two are having a fight and are using it as an excuse.]

[+1, is it a quarrel? Gu Ang is so ruthless that he feels completely ungrateful…]

[If my boyfriend beats me up like that, I’ll break up with him.]

[I didn’t expect Gu Ang to kick Ye Fei out of his position as the number one Alpha in Red Flame.]

[As a Gu Ang fan, I’m happy with the result.]


There was a lot of commotion and discussion in the audience, all feeling quite confused about the sloppy ending. Gu Ang rubbed his fist on Ye Fei’s chin before reluctantly getting up. How could the game be over before he was done being angry?

This dog dared to cheat him, so he deserved to be beaten up, and even a few more punches wouldn’t be too much. He stood aside and rubbed his fist. Needless to say, his hand still hurt a bit from punching Ye Fei.

Ye Fei finally was released and got up from the ground with a calm face and a super heavy idol baggage. It just felt like his body was falling apart. Gu Ang really didn’t show any mercy and beat him like a sandbag.

Gu Ang took one look at him to make sure he was okay, then snorted and walked off stage without looking back.

Ye Fei rubbed his sore chest and followed him down the field.

The host hurriedly called out, “Gu Ang, stop, there’s still an award to be received.”

Ye Fei whispered to him, “I’ll wait for you in the lounge.”

“Got it, just don’t run away.” Gu Ang impatiently returned to the same place, stood in the middle of the field, and lazily spoke, “Award.”

He wasn’t at all in the mood to receive the award, just wanted to hurry down and grab Ye Fei’s collar to listen to his explanation. However, the awarding process was particularly long, first the school deans spoke one by one, and then he was forced to say his acceptance speech for a few minutes before finally taking back the trophy. After a tedious process, half an hour had passed.

Gu Ang returned to the lounge with the trophy in his arms and saw Ye Fei standing by the windowsill, smoking a cigarette with a gloomy face, and he was wondering what was going on in his head. Hearing the sound of the door opening, Ye Fei hurriedly put out his cigarette and opened the window to disperse the smell. He simulated the explanation in his head many times, afraid of not explaining clearly which sentence was misunderstood again.

“You’re smoking? I’m the one who’s angry, okay?” Gu Ang threw the trophy casually on the sofa next to him and looked at Ye Fei, crossing his arms, “Explain.”

He was mad about two things: the child was Ye Fei’s, and he was being deceived. His mood was swinging, up and down, joy and anger repeatedly shifting. His heart was tangled in a mess.

Ye Fei rubbed his eyebrows, picking the first thing to focus on, “I also only guessed yesterday, so I didn’t lie to you. Just now the doctor sent me the report and I just confirmed that the baby is indeed mine, only half an hour before you knew.”

“Bullshit.” Gu Ang ground his teeth and threw himself on the couch with annoyance, “Why did you only learn of it yesterday?”

Ye Fei walked over and tried to sit next to the man, but Gu Ang pushed him away. He lowered his eyelashes and sat down pitifully on the small couch next to him, but he was so tall that he was squeezing into a ball with difficulty. He carefully weighed his words, “Do you remember the last night on Ice Blue Star before, when we both lost our memories? At that time, we both had taken an inducer and couldn’t control ourselves. I forced Shen Fei Zhou yesterday to find out the truth.”

Gu Ang looked at him blankly, “Didn’t Shen Fei Zhou say that someone knocked us out and we slept for two days?”

He recalled the scene, his brain was still blank. What inducer? He had no memory at all.

“He hid the key part, otherwise why do you think I fought with him yesterday?” Speaking of it, Ye Fei lifted up his cuff, “Look, it’s all bruised by him.”

Gu Ang stared at the small bruise, “…”

These two people told him that they were play-fighting in the middle of the night, and they lied again.

Ye Fei saw him look a little more relaxed, then said, “So I’m really innocent. You lost your memory and I also lost that memory. Indeed there’s no complete mark in my memory, that’s why I haven;t admitted it before. I can’t possibly let you be frightened and still bite the bullet.”

“You have too many antecedents, can I still believe you?”

This time it was Ye Fei’s turn to be speechless. Sure enough, the trust between people was gone after hiding too many things before, it was really too hard for him. Ye Fei pulled the corner of his mouth, “If you don’t believe me, you can call Shen Fei Zhou now, we can confront him on the spot.”

“I will really call him.” Gu Ang pursed his lips, took out his communicator and clicked on Shen Fei Zhou’s contact information and dialed over.

The mechanical female voice rang out, “Sorry, the contact you have dialed has blacklisted you and cannot be reached at this time.”

Gu Ang, “…” He looked at Ye Fei incredulously and raised his voice, “He blacklisted me?”

Ye Fei wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to, the corners of his mouth pressed down hard before he could hold back his laughter and spoke, “He’s probably afraid you’ll beat him up. Let me try.”

He took out his own communicator to dial, and unsurprisingly, got the same feedback. Ye Fei clicked on the public play for Gu Ang to listen with an innocent face, “I can’t get through.”

Gu Ang’s hands were spread out, “Well, there’s no proof now, is there?”

“No, think carefully, that time can be right, and you do have memory loss, I didn’t lie to you.” Ye Fei sighed, “Light, I thought you’d be happy to know the baby was mine.”

Gu Ang lifted his eyes to look at him, “Before I was happy, now I just feel angry.”

“So now that I’m done explaining, are you still angry?” Ye Fei asked him.

Gu Ang was silent. The baby was Ye Fei’s, and this turned out to be more happy than anything he could have imagined possible. It was just that, after being hit with the induction agent, how did he somehow get pregnant? He grasped the point from the confusion of his thoughts, “Even if you were backstabbed, how did you get me? We haven’t done it for years before, and now that you know that I’ve become an Omega, you were taking advantage of the opportunity to bully me?”

He didn’t expect the mention of this, Ye Fei suddenly felt a headache, “I don’t remember, probably the rut was difficult to control.”

“You didn’t wear a condom, and also came inside, scum.” Gu Ang made up that scene in his head and felt ashamed. He hadn’t gotten over the hurdle in his own heart, so how could he have done a full set of… 

What was it like to be fucked by Ye Fei? How did it go in? Did it feel good? Fuck, I can’t remember what it was like.

Ye Fei looked aggrieved, “If I carry a condom with me, I’m also scum, right?”

Gu Ang snapped back, “Then you don’t know how to pull out when it matters? Now the child is happy?”

“My fault, a thousand mistakes are all my fault.” Ye Fei apologized in a low voice. He thought for a moment and turned his words, “But maybe you took the initiative, too charged up not wanting me to pull out.”

Those fragmented scenes of his memory showed Gu Ang wrapping his legs around his waist and asking him not to go. Who could resist such a request from someone they liked? But he didn’t dare to say that he still had a memory, and if he did, Gu Ang wouldn’t believe his innocence.

Gu Ang was so angry that he raised his leg and gave him a kick, “I begged you to fuck me, I begged you to come inside, right? Me being so aggressive, it’s rare.”

“Forget it, let’s not dwell on that day, let’s just say we were both in heat and couldn’t control it.” Ye Fei reached out to hug him and was slapped on his hand. His expression froze, “I’ve made it clear, and you still won’t let me hug you?”

“No, you should reflect on why you have so little self-control.” Gu Ang grunted coldly with a big red face, “I’m going to stay at Xiao Bai’s for a few days, I’m afraid you’ll get bestial again at night and try to force yourself on me.”

He reacted as an afterthought, what condom or no condom? He was talking nonsense with Ye Fei. He couldn’t face the man, so he slipped away.

Ye Fei, “…” He peeked over and spoke cautiously, “You’re not going to live there until the baby is born, are you?”

Gu Ang slumped on the sofa in self-loathing, “That won’t do, after all, someone likes to do bad things in the middle of the night.”

Ye Fei almost pinched him, feeling his breath was almost half broken. He said sincerely, “I will never touch you without your permission. Have I ever forced myself on you before? That day was a special situation, you can trust me.”

“Then did you get me pregnant with my permission?” Gu Ang spat with a cold face.

Okay, they were back on topic. In fact, Ye Fei could also hear the implication that Gu Ang was now just shy. Unable to face that they really did the last step, he was feeling manic, and couldn’t accept it. After all, he was an iron brain that could even believe in such nonsense as self-breeding. Now all of a sudden this was put plainly on the table and he doesn’t want to face him.

As a former Alpha, he just couldn’t let go of his face.

Ye Fei understood and loosened up, “Thengo to Bai’s for three days and come back. No more, or I will miss you.”

“And you’re bargaining with me to see my mood.” Gu Ang pulled his lips, with a final stubbornness.

As soon as he closed his eyes now, he started trying to recreate the scene of that night. There were too many intimate memories, and with the addition of the added fuel to the brain, restrictive images popped up in his mind one after another. Lingering, overlapping, and endless breathing.

What kind of impulse was it to get to such a point? The more he thought about it, the more exciting it became, and the hotter his cheeks got.

Gu Ang snapped his eyes open, turned away and got up, “I’m leaving.”

Ye Fei rubbed his shoulders and whispered, “Light, you punched me so much, won’t you comfort me?”

“Sorry, all right?” Still fierce while apologizing.

Ye Fei sold pity and took shamelessness to the extreme, “Then give me a kiss.”

“No.” Gu Ang decisively refused. The olive branch of love, instantly broken.

Ye Fei consoled himself, at least now he explained clearly, so Gu Ang was also quite calm. Then he would give him some time and pick him up in a couple of days.

“Okay, I’ll send you to Bai SiNing’s house now. I don’t want you to go there alone.”

Ye Fei’s heart was dripping blood as he said that. Who else would send their wife away to someone else’s house? He didn’t know when Gu Ang would be able to break through the hurdle in his heart and be his Omega.

Gu Ang let out a sound and stammered, “L-let’s go now.”

Ye Fei thoughtfully picked the trophy up and reached out to take the person’s hand, “It’s the evidence that you won against me and you’re just throwing it around?”

“Oh, bring it to me.” Gu Ang snatched it up and hugged it in his arms, grunting in anger as he walked out. Was Ye Fei being sarcastic? He looked like a cat whose tail had been stepped on and was frantic.

As soon as they walked out of the arena, they were surrounded by people.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh, they are out! Take a picture.”

“Gu Ang, why did you hit Ye Fei so hard?”

“Are you guys fighting and making up again?”

“God Ye, God Ye, you lost the game, are you not in a good mood now, ah?”

A bunch of people chattered next to them, making their ears hurt. Gu Ang didn’t say a word, pinching Ye Fei’s palm with his finger, signaling him to hurry up and leave.

“Sorry, we still have things to do, so we’ll leave first. Thank you all for your concern.” Ye Fei nodded slightly, and after a simple greeting, he pulled Gu Ang out of the crowd with big steps.

The crowd was so large that it felt like they couldn’t catch their breath. Only after walking for a long time did the air feel a little fresher. The two went back to the hotel and took their luggage with them before they took a car and went directly to Bai SiNing’s house.

Ye Fei carried two people’s luggage and knocked on the door, dragged the suitcase in, feeling a breath of fresh air.

Bai SiNing looked at the two men rolling in the door in the same wind and was surprised. “I thought you were busy today. Why did you come here with your luggage?”

Gu Ang followed in as if it was his own home, kicked off his shoes, and lazily lay on the sofa, “I missed you, and have come to stay a few days.”

Bai SiNing almost bit his tongue, “You two, both coming to live here?

Ye Fei’s hand pinched the luggage handle, and reluctantly said, “No, just Gu Ang, I’ll leave in a minute.” 

He would like to stay here, but the little bully at home won’t let him.

“Hmm? Just Brother Ang alone?” Bai SiNing eyed the two suspiciously. He rubbed his chin, speculating rationally, “I just watched the game. Did you two have another falling out?”

Ye Fei didn’t know how to explain, as his thin lips squeezed out a few words, “Sort of.”

Bai SiNing gave a tsk, “I knew it, no, am I a refuge here? How come every time you two quarrel, you come to me here?”

Gu Ang raised his voice, “Are you my friend?”

“Yes, yes, of course I’m your best friend. Just a quarrel between the young couple to make a separation more inappropriate.” Bai Sining sighed and rubbed his hands to persuade, “Brother Ang, it’s not that I’m talking about you, you hit God Ye too hard, I feel pain when I look at him. What conflict can’t be solved without fists? What if you break him?”

Ye Fei glanced at the lazy cat on the sofa, “Exactly.”

Gu Ang muttered, “He’s fine, he can’t be broken.”

“All right, stay for a few days, you both take it easy.” Bai SiNing bitterly acted as a peacemaker, “But it’s not easy for two people to be together, don’t be too tossed.”

Ye Fei nodded, incredibly thankful that there was such a person like Bai SiNing, this meant Gu Ang wouldn’t run around, “I will come to pick him up in a couple of days. Help me take good care of Gu Ang, feed him more food.”

The tone of voice was as if he was trusting his pet to him. Gu Ang took a cushion to shield his face and didn’t say anything.

Ye Fei spoke again to the sofa, deliberately saying to the man, “I’m leaving then.”

The person under the cushion didn’t move, there was no sound either.

“God Ye, don’t you want to stay for a meal? I just ordered take-out, it will be here soon.” Bai SiNing asked.

Ye Fei shook his head and took another look at the person on the sofa with his legs open, “Forget it, there are still a bunch of things to take care of. You guys take your time to eat.”

Bai SiNing: “Okay, then we’ll have dinner together next time we’re free.”

Ye Fei reached for his suitcase and lowered his voice, “Remember to let me know if anything happens to Gu Ang.”

Bai SiNing nodded hastily and watched the person leave his place, still with a face of confusion. It was clear that the two people looked quite harmonious, so why did it look like they had just quarreled? He walked over to the sofa and leaned over the edge to ask, “He’s gone, what else is stopping you? You don’t look like you have a conflict, so what’s wrong?”

Gu Ang moved his lips, not knowing how to explain. He couldn’t say that he had sex with Ye Fei and he was just shy and ran away.

Bai SiNing’s eyes glowed, “Oh, are you guys playing that kind of game?”

“Fuck you.” Gu Ang stammered for a while, with simple and rough digression, “How come you didn’t come to the arena today to watch my fight?”

Bai SiNing’s small face was wrinkled into a ball, “Brother Lin broke his foot, so I went over there. But I watched the live broadcast and didn’t miss it at all.” Seeing that Gu Ang wasn’t too happy, he added, “Did you see the battleship I painted for you? I’m number one in your fan ranking.”

Gu Ang sourly squeezed him, “It’s not like it’s going to my account. Anyway, now, Lin XiuYong is already more important than me.”

“No, he’s not, you’re talking nonsense.” Bai SiNing shook his head frantically and denied three times, “I just saw him alone and miserable and accompanied him to the hospital.”

Gu Ang was too lazy to care about him. This guy, long fallen into the trap, still didn’t realize.

There was a knock at the door, and Bai SiNing paused, “I’ll go get the take-out first.”

Gu Ang gave a sound but didn’t move.

A short while later, Bai SiNing brought in the food and set it on the table, rambling, “I didn’t know you were coming, so I didn’t order too much. I’ll just eat a little.”

Gu Ang propped himself up and looked at the dishes from afar, “Forget it, I don’t want to eat.”

“Why? No appetite? Not right, I saw your stomach, and recently you’ve eaten a lot.” Bai SiNing tried to speak but no more words came out.

As the words fell into the ears, Gu Ang changed his face, “What stomach?”

“It’s when you fought with God Ye, your clothes lifted off your stomach to reveal it.” Bai SiNing awkwardly scratched the back of his head, his voice lowering to a whisper, “Many people spit, actually I didn’t expect, didn’t expect that you…”

He also wondered, Gu Ang used to be in such good shape, so what happened recently? The slightly bulging belly, looking and Gu Ang’s face was really too incompatible.

Gu Ang’s face was cold and he asked, “How did they react?”

“Oops, you know the netizens have nasty mouths, you shouldn’t care.” Bai SiNing tried to pass it off, but it was obvious that Gu Ang wasn’t turning over a new leaf.

Gu Ang clicked on the match replay and dragged the progress bar to those few minutes of footage. His game suit was only lifted a little, and his belly was only exposed for two seconds before Ye Fei pulled it down and blocked it completely. It was just that the pop-ups were sharp-eyed and wouldn’t let go of the topic.

The dense trolling made his entire face go cold.

Bai SiNing hated to hit himself in the mouth, why did he mention the live? He quickly walked over and drew away the screen in Gu Ang’s hand, “That, it’s normal to get fat once in a while, it will go back in a few days.”

“Will not go back, it will only become more and more exaggerated.” Gu Ang closed his eyes and broke the can. The more months the little one had, the sooner or later this matter couldn’t be hidden. He was so annoyed, knowing that this day would come. But when faced with the sarcasm and suspicion, he wasn’t as calm as he thought he would be.

If people knew he was a pregnant Omega, what would they think of him?

There was one person in front of him and Gu Ang wanted to test Bai SiNing’s reaction.

Bai SiNing was still frantically looking for a remedy, “How can it get more and more exaggerated? You train, and training gives you abs.”

Gu Ang raised his eyes to look at him and spoke word for word, “Impossible, because I’m pregnant.”

Bai SiNing rubbed his ears, and grabbed his face. Pregnant? Who? His Brother Ang? This interstellar fierce Alpha? With a face of question marks, he paused for a long time before hesitating to speak, “God Ye is so fierce, ah, even making another Alpha pregnant?”


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Bai SiNing ~ what do we do with you.
I like this novel a lot, but I’m with what KCM commented yesterday ~ it’s changed. YF and GA travelled back in time, but with their personalities and memories in tact. They aren’t teenagers and were married, so why does GA get so overly embarrassed about sex, causing him to overreact? It doesn’t make sense to me.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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No wonder Lin Xiuyong is in love with Bai SiNing, he is so innocent 😁😁😍

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No wonder Lin Xiuyong is in love with Bai SiNing 😊😊..

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Only Bai SiNing would come to that conclusion.

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Xiao Bai is always a breathe of fresh air, aye 😆 a treasure 💖

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