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Chapter 84: So It’s You, You Dog, I’ll Kill You… 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey feels this is not the same novel anymore


Gu Ang looked back at him and blinked blankly, “What are you looking at with a serious face?”

“Nothing.” Ye Fei quickly put the communicator behind him and blindly clicked the screen to turn off the conversation with the doctor. That expression, like a scum who stole food behind the back of his boyfriend. Ye Fei’s eyes dropped, feeling a little weak inside.

It was clear that he had done nothing wrong, but he didn’t dare to look Gu Ang in the eyes. The two of them were so familiar with each other that they could tell the difference with a single glance.

“Have you done something untoward behind my back?” Gu Ang walked over quickly and looked at him with a suspicious face, “Who are you messaging with?”

Ye Fei raised his eyes and stiffened his expressionless bullshit, “My dad, called us over for dinner.”

He had an unperturbed face, a falsehood could become true, a blind lie to muddle through the matter. He hadn’t thought about how to talk to Gu Ang, especially since the two of them would be playing in a game soon. If this happened before the game, what if Gu Ang’s strange power exploded and he went on a rampage? Whether it was beating him or beating Shen Fei Zhou, it was a tragic case.

Ye Fei thought about it and decided to shut up for now.

Gu Ang with one hand in his pocket in the room around, one hand holding a communicator flipping, spouted random things, “I just looked at the online voting and I can’t believe it. I’m not convinced that your votes are so much higher than mine.”

“What poll?” Ye Fei casually chatted, somewhat distracted.

Gu Ang showed him the screen and muttered indignantly, “The betting poll for the finals champion. Fuck, how come so many people think you’re better than me? I was clearly number one in the freshman tournament, and I’m number one in points this time.”

While thinking, he held his breath and bet himself 10,000 star coins, pulling up the betting value quite a bit.

Student Gu Ang had top confidence in himself.

“Of course you’re better than me. They’re blind, they don’t have brains.” Ye Fei returned to his senses and raised his eyebrows slightly. He had intended not to let go today, but once the report came out, he decided to leave himself a way to live.

There was never a problem with going along with everything and giving in to Gu Ang. Ye Fei’s eyes fell on his belly again, there were a few more doting fatherly meanings. The little life, which was still unknown, was the union of him and Gu Ang. It was a shame that the memories of that night were already blurred.

He reached into the hem of Gu Ang’s shirt and slid his fingertips tenderly over the slight bulge, “Did the baby move?”

“It moved just after the game, maybe I pushed too hard and he was shocked.” Gu Ang said casually. He hooked his lips, “It’s okay, it’s all small scenes. When he’s born later, he will be little and rippling.”

Ye Fei was amused, as he helplessly spat out, “What kind of unreliable dad are you? The baby is really suffering with you.”

“I’m such a rambunctious character, what can I do?” Gu Ang’s hands were spread out, a bummer, “He chose to get into my belly, it’s his fault.”

Ye Fei hesitantly asked, “When the result comes out, and it turns out that the father was someone else, what would you do with him?”

Gu Ang’s expression was fixed, “Someone else? You mean if someone got me pregnant while I wasn’t looking? Then I’d kill him and cut him into pieces.” He added after a moment’s thought, “But there can’t be anyone else. Why are you talking about this all of a sudden?”

“No reason.” Ye Fei opened his hand and changed the subject, “Come here, give me a hug.”

“What are you doing? You’re so greasy.” Gu Ang’s mouth was disgusted, but his body was honest enough to lean over and put his hands lazily on his shoulders to hug him. Gu Ang stood, slightly bent over, and lowered his head to encircle Ye Fei.

The two of them were in a lovey-dovey posture, and whoever looked at them could hardly imagine that they were the next opponents to fight. Ye Fei hung his head and touched the tip of his nose to the top of Gu Ang’s belly, shaking his head and rubbing it, smelling that familiar smell.

It felt like such a warm hug, not necessarily after this time, and it was heart-wrenching just to get off the brain. The direction of the relationship between the two of them, after the exam result, became a mystery.

Ye Fei got an inch, wanting more in a moment of peace. He stood up, cupped Gu Ang’s chin, and kissed him sideways, licking his lower lip delicately. Such a lingering kiss may not be available later.

Gu Ang would certainly be very angry, the consequences of angering the little lion, he didn’t dare to think about. The fight, cold war, and even break up a dragon, he had to go to the pains to beg forgiveness, trying to find ways to make him happy.

The two people couldn’t easily smooth over in a few days, and he knew he wouldn’t let him live in peace.

Ye Fei gave Gu Ang a deep kiss, while, in his heart, he made calculations. In fact, when you think about it, this thing couldn’t be blamed on him. It was a memory loss, so what could be done? Blame it on Shen Fei Zhou? He was also innocent, and was also a victim. Thinking of this, he wavered. Since it wasn’t his mistake, Gu Ang wasn’t an unreasonable kid. The most important was to pretend to be pitiful, and the matter could be turned over.

He opened his mouth and was about to speak when he was interrupted by a staff member who suddenly entered the door.

“Oh, you two are so in love. The judge is pushing, it’s time to go on.” The staff member, a young girl who had come to volunteer, blushed and ducked to the side, blocking her face as she spoke.

“Okay, coming right up.” Ye Fei coughed lightly and calmly released Gu Ang, “After the fight, I have something to tell you.”

“Is it important?” Gu Ang wiped the corner of his mouth with his fingertips and looked down to straighten out his messy clothes.

“It’s quite important, I can’t say it in a few words.”

“Okay, then let’s talk about it when we’re done.”

Ye Fei saw his fist-pumping look and a rare tinge of fear flashed through his heart.

Gu Ang’s power, since the differentiation into an Omega, gradually rose. After pregnancy, he became more and more fierce. With the power of his force now, he did not dare to desperately dodge his punch, lest he was beaten into an unknown shape.

He took Gu Ang’s wrist towards the outside of the field and instructed in a low voice, “Don’t play too crazy.”

“I know. How come the older you get, the more nagging you are?” Gu Ang wrinkled his nose in disgust, “Beat you and I’ll call it quits.”

This sparring match was significant, when the two first settled down, it was in the arena. The last freshman tournament had a fight, but the feeling was muddled through the helmet.

Gu Ang raised his head slightly, he was determined to win against Ye Fei. Even if he was pregnant, he still wanted to prove that he was still the strongest interstellar fierce Alpha.

There was no doubt about it.

The two just appeared in the middle of the field, with long, slender bodies, outstanding temperament, and two pairs of straight legs that were unbelievably long. The audience sent out a burst of screams that couldn’t be stopped for a minute. The pop-ups on the live screen cascaded and increased, covering the faces of the two men tightly.

[I’m so excited for these two to battle it out. The bets are already being placed next door, so go ahead and add your codes.]

[The next key game of who’s the first A of the Red Flame! Rub your hands together!]

[The two Alphas together are indistinguishable from each other, right? How do you usually play?]

[I’ve loved Ye Fei for years, but when I see that the other half is Gu Ang, well, I admit it.]

[I have to say, these two are so good looking, but it’s a shame they’re both Alpha.]

[Gu Ang! Don’t be a coward, just do it.]


The next final will be to determine the final champion of this five-school league through actual combat fighting. Both candidates were from Red Flame, did they have anything to say to each other before the competition?”

Ye Fei gestured to speak first and said very officially, “I hope to bring you all a wonderful exhibition match.”

It was dry and perfunctory. His mind wasn’t even on the exhibition match. Gu Ang raised his eyes slightly, and the slightly raised ends of his eyes looked domineering. He laughed softly, his voice not heavy, but he let out quite a harsh statement, “It will definitely be exciting, and as much as I love Ye Fei, I will definitely win.”

The championship match has become a couple’s infighting, and hearing this, there was a real game to be played.

When the audience heard this, they were even more impatient, and the screams almost turned over the arena.

“Since everyone is so anxious, then without further ado, the match will start now.”

The host stepped aside and asked the referee to come on, “The fight is for twenty minutes, if the fight goes beyond the boundaries of the field or if there’s no ability to return fire within five seconds, the fight will end early.”

The flag was raised to announce the opening bell.

Ye Fei stood opposite Gu Ang with his hands behind his back and tilted his head slightly. This was his customary action, signaling the start of the match. Gu Ang just moved his fingers a little and moved like a wind to Ye Fei’s front and launched an attack.

Pregnancy didn’t affect his hands too much, and he moved cleanly, trying to sneak in sideways with his palm through the back of his waist. A palm fell, but Ye Fei agilely dodged. A blast of wind crossed past his waist and fell short.

Gu Ang licked his lips, still agile.

Ye Fei reached out to return the attack, he made the most of the superficial, seemingly ruthless and beautiful movements, but in reality, they were all empty moves.

In the end, his moves were still reserved for strength, he wasn’t going to give up easily.

Gu Ang, on the other hand, became a little crazy once he got to the field. He was running to win, dodging or playing around weren’t in his character. His moves were fast and accurate, and he didn’t leave any room for error.

Ye Fei was afraid of hurting the baby and deliberately avoided the small part of his belly. He retreated slightly on his feet, keeping the balance between them quite steadily. It was indeed like an exhibition match, with great movements, but without hurting anyone.

But Gu Ang was pressing on, with the intention of knocking him off the field. He almost forgot that he had a child in his belly, and the battle spirit flourished out, constantly fueling his strength. He wanted to win against Ye Fei, as an Omega. Gu Ang pursed his lips and mobilized all the pheromones in his body, power building up to his extremities.

Ye Fei was too cunning, not using a fierce force, but also dodging well, so that he couldn’t find an opening. Gu Ang was forced to provoke his desire to fight. He couldn’t resist using a trick, his calf reached out to hook Ye Fei’s thigh, and with his palm pressed against his shoulder, he successfully pinned the man to the ground.

How similar the scene was, he was happy to, pressed Ye Fei to say again the phrase, “Big brother, you lost.”

The blood in his body was ignited by the desire to win and lose, and Gu Ang firmly pressed the person, his feet moving without stopping, trying to firmly control Ye Fei.

According to the rules, the match ended when there was no return fire within five seconds. He only needed five seconds of control to win against Ye Fei.

Ye Fei leaned his back on the ground, dodging nimbly and escaping the attack with a tricky angle every time. He countered every move, but didn’t fight back, making Gu Ang a little anxious.

Gu Ang hooked the person’s neck, turning the two into a sideways position to better launch the attack. But he used a little too much force, and his stomach accidentally hit the ground a little. It wasn’t particularly painful, but just a quick rubbing of the ground, lifting the hem of his shirt.

The competition suit was stuck at the waist, revealing a small part of the waist and a slightly bulging abdomen.

Gu Ang frowned slightly, the movement of his hands paused, and the next second he raised his hand to prepare a counterattack.

Pop-ups: [?????????]

Ye Fei’s quick eyes and quick hands helped him pull down the hem of his shirt to block the exposed scenery by using the action of fighting back. But several cameras were aimed at the two from multiple angles, and there was just a pause on the screen for those two seconds, and many viewers had already raised questions.

[I just read it right, the self-proclaimed interstellar fierce Alpha surprisingly has no abs???]

[Not only do they not have abs, but their stomachs are bulging. What? Too much food before the game?]

[I was disillusioned, I thought all these big guys should have chocolate abs.]

[If I were to say so, any military school Alpha on the scene would have a better body than this one, right?]

[You guys are really funny. People have been fighting so hard, what’s wrong with being a little more reckless with their bodies lately?]

[I just saw Ye Fei’s abs, they’re really proportional and beautiful.]

[I’ve lost my love, I’m disillusioned and ready to climb the wall Ye Fei…]


Gu Ang didn’t know what the pop-ups were discussing, but he felt a flash of coolness on his waist and Ye Fei’s movements, and his face showed embarrassment. Luckily, everyone thought he was an Alpha, but he was just a little embarrassed. Desperate to get the match over with, he stubbornly got on his hands and knees to try and stop the man. His body was tense and his stance was messed up with force.

The collision just now made Ye Fei break out in a cold sweat, and he could no longer let the little madman keep fighting. If Gu Ang was messed up again, and the child encountered a problem, it would be really too late to regret it.

Ye Fei reached out to control the person, he was lying on his side so couldn’t fight properly, and Gu Ang broke free again. The two were close in combat power, and for a while they couldn’t tell the difference between victory and defeat.

Ye Fei fixed his mind, there was only one way.

Although now was one of the worst times to confess, if he did, it would also be the most simple and effective. A second later, Ye Fei made his decision. He rolled over and pinned Gu Ang down, whispering against his ear, “Be careful with my baby, don’t move around blindly.” Seeing that Gu Ang was still in a daze, he added softly, “Just stop, it’s almost over. I admit defeat.”

My baby. My. Baby. These words slammed into his head, and Gu Ang felt his ears roaring, messing with his heartbeat. All this time, Ye Fei did treat the baby like his own, but never used such words. Then the subtext of this statement was obvious, the baby’s father was Ye Fei.

Gu Ang’s brain was stuck, like a rusty machine, clicking. But in half a second, countless thoughts flooded into his mind. When was he fully marked? Didn’t he say he hadn’t done it? From the beginning to the end, he refused to admit it. How could he admit it now? If Ye Fei knew the baby was his, why did he lie to him?

After a sigh of relief, shock and anger ensued. It was as if all the panic and fear he had felt all this time had become a joke. What kind of mindset was Ye Fei looking at him when he was wearing a face of fear and confusion?

Gu Ang thought to himself, I used to think Ye Fei was such a wonderful man, willing to accept a small life from an unknown source.

Now it seemed like total fucking bullshit. So was the mystery man marking, and so was the pregnancy. This man, as always, liked to play this little trick of setting up a trap to see how people react. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got, Gu Ang grinded his teeth and rolled over, pushing back.

A straight punch on Ye Fei’s shoulder, not leaving a half-hearted force. Was it fun to lie to him, to tease him, to see himself anxious and unable to sleep?

“So it’s you, you dog, I’ll kill you!” Gu Ang fist against Ye Fei’s shoulder, gritting his teeth, his eyes cold to the core.

No wonder Ye Fei asked him what he would do if the child’s father was someone else. He dared to say that the dog was laying on the back road to see what happened to him.

But sorry, the back road was blocked, and now that was something to write about. The punch went down, Ye Fei muffled a grunt, feeling his bones crack. He held back the pain and reached for his wrist, which was dodged. “Light, calm down, I can explain.”

“Don’t call me Light,” Gu Ang grimaced and slammed another fist through, “Your child, are you proud?”

He couldn’t celebrate or rejoice now, his stomach was full of anger at being lied to. Those absurd self conception talks, speculations on whose child it could be, now seemed really laughable. Thanks to Ye Fei getting beaten by Qin Le He with a stick, he was so heartbroken for several days, he slept poorly.

When he thought of those tangled nights, he wanted to tear Ye Fei into pieces on the spot and burn him to ashes. Or chop him up and feed him to the dogs, who were cuter than him.

“It’s a long story, let’s finish the game and go down and I’ll tell you slowly.” Ye Fei frowned at the man, kept dodging from side to side and didn’t strike back.

The scene suddenly went against the wind, looking very comical. The audience was stunned. 

[It was clearly an equal match, how did it suddenly become a one-sided fierce fight?]

[I don’t understand where this is going, didn’t they just hold each other down? Why not continue to fight?] 

[What are these two saying?]

[Did they get into a fight? It looks like Gu Ang is very angry.]

[Maybe Ye Fei mocked Gu Ang’s big belly hhhhhh]

Five seconds later, the referee waved the flag and announced, “Since Ye Fei didn’t fight back, this match is won by Gu Ang. Congratulations to Gu Ang for winning the Five Schools League!”

Hearing the announcement, Gu Ang wasn’t half happy. It was neither honorable nor decent to win a match by such things. He gasped and pressed his fist hard against Ye Fei’s chin, “You better give me a good explanation, or I’ll beat you up.”

“Stop fighting, the match is over.” The referee shuddered and panicked, ducking to the side.

Looking at the two of them, he was afraid they were going to have another fight.

“Get up first.” Ye Fei helplessly stretched his limbs on the ground, feeling pain everywhere.

Gu Ang didn’t move, his whole body was still firmly pressed against Ye Fei, his chest was heaving, his anger was unbearable. The two remained in an overlapping position, neither of them moving.

Ye Fei, through two layers of clothes, felt himself being kicked hard twice.

The force came out of the small of Gu Ang’s stomach and kicked him directly on his waist, which felt intense. He sighed, and his handsome face was full of aggression.

The little brat wasn’t inheriting the good aspects, so cranky.

As Gu Ang said, it was actual joint domestic violence, two on one.


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May 27, 2023 11:43 am

Poor YF, I wonder what WA will do to ease his anger, wish love and peach for both of them and the Baby❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

May 27, 2023 12:26 pm

Awww… poor Ye Fei😝 He should’ve waited till after the fight.Such a dumb ass!! Screaming to be beaten up!!

May 27, 2023 6:28 pm

Poor Ye Fei, really very funny double domestic violence. Thanks for the chapter!

May 27, 2023 7:21 pm

He he he and now even the Baby is angry too 😅😅..

May 28, 2023 10:28 am

YF really can be stupid. That was the worst time to say something like that; he could’ve just said “our” not “my”.
I get GA’s anger and disappointment, but at the same time, why does he always assume YF has tricked him, or deliberately lied? Doesn’t he know him at all? He was like that before, so it’s not due to being pregnant.
Both are being ridiculous and making everything so public.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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As the Chinese say, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. 🤣😭

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