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Chapter 57: Forum Hot Posts

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor


Eventually Bai Li signed a live contract with Wen Chen.

Without going to rest, he just wanted to see how far this ex-food lover, post-food critic, could eventually go. The name of the game was to let those netizens who had not yet grabbed a spot in the game understand the interesting aspects of the game in all different ways and aspects.

After he chatted with those three people, all five game hosts of Carefree Farmstead were in place. Bai Li looked at the time and realized that it was already late, so he hurriedly went to sleep.

After Bai Li fell asleep, Supreme, who had been lying on the side of his pillow, suddenly moved. A pair of golden cat eyes stared in amazement. He opened a corner of the quilt with his hands and feet and crept in. He didn’t sleep again until he felt his back leaning against the arms of his human.

His human smelled good. He wanted to stick with this human.


The early morning hours were the time when the night owls were active.

The game forum of the Virtual Game Design Competition was bustling with activity.

When they looked around, there were seven or eight posts related to Carefree Farmstead on the first page, and at least five posts were topped as hot posts.

[Cry! All of you cry! I’m going to drown this merciless forum with my tears today!]

[The number one contributor actually gets the right to name the village? Well I’m already dreaming about it. Are there any water lovers to give their opinion? What kind of name should I give to the village then? I want to be dominant, but also nice!]

[I’ve watched almost ten hours of live streaming in a day, and my mind is now swept up with delicious! Whoops, when can I have a precious game slot?]

[Strongly suggest that the nutrition liquid companies watch the Carefree Farmstead to have a good experience. The best is the taste of white steamed buns! Please make a perfect copy of that as the nutrition liquid, I will buy it en masse!]

[Extra, Carefree Farmstead is recruiting game anchors, and there are still three places, there is no threshold, everyone rush to apply!!]

The netizens who hadn’t fallen asleep read these posts one by one, and when they saw the fifth one, they were stirred and wanted to rush up and sign up themselves, and then saw the bad news when they refreshed the post.

[While everyone washed up, the game designer was still working in the middle of the night, and added the restriction that you must be a game player in the registration announcement, so we don’t have a chance to grab a spot in the game.]

[Damn it! I thought I could get a game slot for free with my excellent gaming skills, but I just received a message that I was rejected…]

[Ahem, refresh again to find that the quota is actually full. Does this mean that the three other anchors have been picked? I don’t know if they’ll be on air together tomorrow, so I’m torn about which one to watch first.]

[Brother, you don’t even know what the other three are broadcasting, but so you’re torn up about it? You don’t have to be! I’m going to watch Blunt Opinion first thing in the morning, then go to my brother Peach’s place to have lunch, then go to the other three anchors for a while and pick the content I like and pay attention to it.]

[Oh, that’s a good plan, so I’ll do the same! It’s getting late, I’m going to bed first, good night brother Moe, wish you all to grab a game spot in your dreams!]


The next day, Bai Li was awakened by a knock at the door. He had gone to sleep more than an hour late yesterday and his biological clock was nearly destroyed.

Before he could open his eyes completely, he felt a soft pad of flesh on his face, warm with a bit of elasticity, being carefully pressed on his face. The owner of the flesh pad made a “mee, mee, mee, mee” sound, as if to say, “Why aren’t you awake yet, human?”

Bai Li laughed softly, removed the messy little paws from his face, and rubbed Supreme from head to toe before opening the door to Song Xinran in his slippers.

He has crossed over to this world for so many days, the people he knew in reality could be counted on one hand. Xiong Pili wouldn’t come to his door unless he needed something, and only Song Xinran would come early in the morning knocking on his door.

When he opened the door, it was him.

“Good morning, Master!” Song Xinran blinked, and greeted the person. “Master, did you just wake up? I sent you a message and you did not answer me.”

The door was opened only after knocking for two minutes.

Song Xinran was a little embarrassed. Did he disturb his master’s rest?

Bai Li opened his bracelet and found that Song Xinran had indeed sent him three messages dated half an hour ago, the exact time they usually agreed to take care of the plants together.

“I accidentally overslept.” Bai Li explained briefly, and turned sideways to let Song Xinran in. “Has Xiao Song eaten breakfast yet? If not, eat a little with us?”

“No, no, I’ve already eaten!” Song Xinran waved his hand repeatedly.

Yesterday he had a good live broadcast and was still excited until he went to bed, so he got up early the next day. He got up early and so he was hungry early. Plus he was too embarrassed to always accept his master’s feedings, so he quickly prescribed a nutrition solution to calm down. Not only that, he also brought some of the same to Bai Li.

“Master, I also brought you a row of nutrient solution. It’s a new flavor; egg toast flavor. I think the taste is okay. It’s no egg but kind of fishy. You also eat it, right?” he said, and from behind took out a row of brand new packaging of nutrition liquid, a total of seven, the liquid inside was light yellow.

Bai Li knew this was the goodwill of his disciple, and didn’t hesitate to accept it. Secretly he thought that the nutrition liquid company was really remarkable. Huo Huo processed vegetables and fruits and various plants actually towards the finished food, but he didn’t know where they got their food data.

At this time, he did not know that there were already netizens suggesting to the company to study the white steamed buns in Carefree Farmstead. As to whether it could be developed successfully, no one knew.

After downing a nutritional solution, Bai Li quietly smacked his lips. He thought the taste was still a bit strange. Although he could barely taste the eggs and toast, it was too bland, it seemed that he hadn’t escaped the curse of ‘food taste decreasing.’

Song Xinran was happy, and didn’t feel bad because Bai Li’s reaction was mediocre. His master had an entire space button filled with food. What delicious food had he not eaten? However, in his opinion, the food was good, but not as portable as nutrient solution, which wasn’t completely without merit.

Supreme drank his spirit goat milk. He didn’t like that the strange human gave his human gifts. No matter what, he was still the best when it came to taking care of plants! After his daily routine, Bai Li left Song Xinran to have some fruit with him and talked about the three new hosts he had found and what they were doing live.

When he heard that one of the hosts was planning to live stream ‘game food tasting,’ his eyes lit up and he exclaimed, “That’s great.”

“Hmm? Wen Chen’s live content is actually somewhat related to yours, and he might even steal your audience, so you still think it’s good?” Bai Li found that he was actually a bit unable to understand his little apprentice’s brain circuits. He’d worried all night that Song Xinran might be sad and lost after knowing the news. He never thought he would have such a reaction.

Surprisingly, he was simply happy.

“But I’m not as professional as others.” Song Xinran was very open-minded. “He is a food anchor, while I am at best a rookie game anchor. The content of my live broadcast is improvised, so I don’t even know how it will turn out. Yesterday, I watched the live broadcast of Brother Song. His audience is many, many times more than mine. I was worried that I couldn’t help Master earn more money, but now there is a more powerful person to join, of course I am happy!”

Now Bai Li understood. That silly boy had not given up his original idea, which was the idea of first giving him help to live. It wasn’t at all for his own sake.

He did not even know what to say about Song Xinran.

Bai Li was still thinking about how to phrase that, when he saw Song Xinran’s face redden and he said with a giggle, “Besides, if someone can help me share the pressure, I can concentrate more on learning to cook. I said yesterday in the live broadcast that I wanted to cook for someone important, and you, Master, are one of those important people.”

When he heard this sudden confession, Bai Li was silent for a moment, dumbfounded. The children nowadays, were all their mouths so sweet? 

What they didn’t notice was that Supreme, who had been honestly nestled in Bai Li’s arms, quietly raised his head. His ear tips twitched, and then he hung his head in mourning.

He also wanted to cook for his human, but unfortunately the conditions did not allow for it…


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