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Chapter 98: I’m Going to Start Opening My Present.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey o/


“Why are you so well-behaved?” Ye Fei’s throat rolled as he looked straight at his blushing lover in the mirror.

The room was dimly lit, and the pale skin glowed softly like the moon, like a pure angel, inviting him to fall into the darkness. He heard Gu Ang say, “Open me, take me.”

The words extended to infinite thoughts, and he was reflexively impelled. So this was his birthday present. Gu Ang had given himself away.

Ye Fei took a breath, reached out and cupped his chin, kissing him heavily and deeply with intense emotion in response. Between his lips, he asked, “Are you really ready?”

“Mn, really.” Gu Ang’s eyelashes twitched and the touch on his lips was warm. He didn’t dare to open his eyes, they were tightly closed, and even his toes were trembling. Everything was unknown, but he was willing to take that step and let Ye Fei explore him.

Ye Fei nibbled on his lower lip, his voice growing hoarse. He unbuttoned himself with one hand and loosened his belt, “So now there’s no chance of remorse, I’m going to start opening my present.”

The gift took itself apart, the bag hanging loosely from the box. With just a touch of a finger, it fell to the ground. Ye Fei wrapped his arms around him from behind, kissing him from his lips to his ears, and then down his back. One by one, slender fingers lit the fire, crossing the hills and reaching the valley of seclusion.

“Light, open your eyes.” Ye Fei with a coaxing tone, compelling the person.

Gu Ang gasped lightly and shook his head again, “No.”

He was afraid of tickling, shaking his shoulders and kept hiding. But the more he hid, the harder the man confined him, and he couldn’t escape.

Gu Ang almost forgot, Ye Fei, this person, wasn’t gentle at all. He felt the thin calluses on his fingers, the not-so-skilled movements repeatedly bullying him, with heavier and heavier breathing. Gu Ang’s throat was dry, and stickily called Ye Fei’s name, called out “big brother”.

He was begging for mercy.

So this was the feeling of an Omega being suppressed, helpless and couldn’t help but be seduced. The smell of pheromone in the air was getting stronger and stronger, like a perfume deliberately tuning into an aphrodisiac. He was being led by Ye Fei, falling into the abyss.

“Open your eyes, you’re very pretty, I like you the most.” Ye Fei held the person’s forehead back and kisses landed on his shoulder. He felt like he was desecrating the most beautiful thing. To make him go crazy, to make him freak out, to make him cry and beg, to get addicted to love again and never quit again.

Gu Ang felt like he had become a melting ice-cream, under the blazing sun, turning into liquid little by little. He slightly raised his eyelids and saw the overlapping figures in the mirror. Bare, straight and white, like a pair of medieval statues. It was the most primitive look, expressing the first thoughts of love.

Gu Ang was glad that there were no lights on, so he could hide all his shyness into the moon. But he also regretted why he chose the mirror. This annoying thing presented all the subtle reactions one by one, making him irritable.

“So fucking erotic.” Gu Ang covered his face and let out another soft cry, “Don’t…”

“I’m preparing you so it won’t hurt.” Ye Fei kissed him lightly to comfort him, but his hands moved harder. The sounds kept coming out and Gu Ang felt like he was really being opened up. His hands were dazed and helpless as he braced himself against the cold mirror, his palms cold, his behind hot.

Ye Fei nibbled on his earlobe, “Wait for me, I’ll go get something.”

“No. You don’t need to use that during pregnancy.” Gu Ang’s voice was so soft that it almost blended into his breathing as he spoke. He grabbed Ye Fei’s wrist with his backhand, “Just like this, come.”

Ye Fei touched his cheek sideways and watched as his little friend fell on top of him like he had no bones, his lips glistening with water. His eyes sank even deeper, intertwined with unspeakable emotions, “It might hurt a little, bear with it.”

“Uh-huh.” The words ended abruptly, Gu Ang raised his neck, his lean back tensed up tighter, his vision blurred. He couldn’t see anything but heard Ye Fei calling his name over and over again with a soothing undertone.

“Light, don’t be afraid.”

“Light, I love you.”

“Light, does it hurt?”

Gu Ang nodded and shook his head gently, he was like a puffed up sail, ready to go.

“Go on.” Those two words were like a code word and the most obvious invitation, inviting, tormenting and destroying him.

Ye Fei nibbled on his earlobe and gently but slowly began to taste the evening’s dessert. He restrained carefully, his eyes turning red with tension, his palms rubbing his trembling torso little by little for comfort.

Gu Ang braced his hands on the mirror, his knuckles curling up, almost nestling into the surface. He was concave in a wonderful curve, like a bent bridge, and like a half-bent moon. Time passed, he slowly shed his breath, ten fingers from the original position little by little slipped, leaving finger marks.

The traces of that slide down were proof of the night. The mirror fogged up with breath, staining the two men’s faces and making everything blurry.

Gu Ang closed his eyes, feeling more and more impatient, “Yes, hurry up, hurry up.”

Ye Fei protected the small of Gu Ang’s back and pushed forward, easily slamming the person into the mirror. The palm of his hand grabbed the finger that slipped down, embedded in his fingers and pressed it tightly on the mirror so that his lover couldn’t move.

Gu Ang opened his eyes slightly, his lips pressed against the cold plane, and there was a momentary trance. He had his mouth open and was kissing him. Behind him, there was a raging predator, slamming into his belly a little. It felt so strange. The mirror reflected the truest version of himself, the pleasurable manic, blushing reaction.

Some broken memories in his mind overlapped with tonight. It seemed like it was one of those moonlit nights, only that night the light was more dim and they were tasting addicted to each other. It was the night of the ice blue star, indulging in impulse, all the way to absurdity.

That one was an accident, this one was deliberate, different starting points, but the same result. If there were many paths to choose between him and Ye Fei, thorny and winding, or flat and fearless, they all ended up in the same place. Because they loved each other, they would arrive here no matter what.

Gu Ang’s eyes were red, he didn’t know if it was the memory of the lust, or the person who made a scene. The only person he has ever lost in his life was indeed Ye Fei. Just like at this moment, he was bullied and powerless to fight back. His white skin flushed with ambiguous powder, he couldn’t stop letting out a small beast-like whimper.

“Be careful of the baby.”

“I’m careful. Will he feel me?” The man’s voice was tinged with pleasure, low and sexy.

“Fuck off.” Gu Ang scolded him, softly, like a flirtation.

Ye Fei bullied, smiling and pressing the person closer to the mirror, “What about you? Do you feel it?”

“Mmmm,” Gu Ang was so shy that he wanted to burrow into the mirror or hide in the closet next to him. Probably because the smell of brandy turned into a seductive wine that poured into his pores, he gave himself up and began to respond, honestly facing his innermost being.

The one-sided plunder became a two-way street, the moon hid in the clouds, and they indulged in the darkness of the night. Ye Fei reached up to wipe away the condensation exhaled from the mirror, and the surface became clear. He pressed his head sideways against the mirror with Gu Ang, forcing the man’s chin up with his fingers, “Light, look.”

“Look at what?” The voice broke off.

Ye Fei kissed him deeply, “Come closer, see more clearly. See how I, for one, love you.”

He exposed his despicable nature, wanting to see Gu Ang go crazy, and succeeded in doing so. Gu Ang couldn’t make any sound, just backhanded Ye Fei’s waist, silently urging him. After a few seconds, his taut body suddenly relaxed, losing its strength all over, turning into a beautiful doll.

Ye Fei reached out and hooked his sliding body, wiping away the tears that flooded the corners of his eyes, “I’m almost done, almost done.”

Gu Ang felt for the first time that this man, his physical strength was indeed much better than his. After all the tossing and turning, he was only slightly panting.

At the last moment, Ye Fei pulled him tightly into his arms, taking away all the air in his mouth. Then he gave all of his most passionate desire to Gu Ang, not a drop of it escaping.

Gu Ang lazily sat on top of Ye Fei, his body covered in sticky sweat. Even his fingers became stiff and he drained his last ounce of strength, “It’s so hot.”

“Can you still move? Let’s take a shower.”

“I can’t move, I’m tired.”

Ye Fei smiled and picked him up and walked into the bathroom, “What are you tired from? I did all the work.”

“Shut up.” Gu Ang’s eyes were stung by the sudden light in the bathroom, and he was irritated by the hindsight. His gaze fell on Ye Fei, his arms were covered in a mess of scratches. The person who committed the crime was right there at the scene, and he had just caught it.

Gu Ang dropped his eyes, he wasn’t any better, his body was like it had a thousand mosquito bites, there were red marks everywhere. He found a random spot and rubbed it, “Fuck, you’re too ruthless.”

“Sorry, I just started, I couldn’t hold back.” Ye Fei turned on the shower, adjusted the water temperature to warm, little by little to help him wash off the thin sweat.

Gu Ang leaned against the wall, turning into a golden young master, waiting for someone to serve him. The matter seemed to have passed as soon as he got over the hurdle in his heart, it was no big deal. In such a short time, he could face Ye Fei calmly. The only thing this person asked him was, “How do you feel?”

Gu Ang strained his neck, his soft-hearted mouth speaking harshly, “Not good, but just slightly.”

“Oh, I think it was quite satisfactory, you were—”

“What’s wrong with me? That was just a reflex.” Gu Ang didn’t know which moment he was talking about, so he simply made his own generalization first.

Ye Fei nodded, sincerely reflecting, “Then I’ll do it again, next time.”

Water droplets fell on his body, as Gu Ang lazily responded, “I don’t want to wash, I can’t stand.”

“Just a minute.” After a simple rinse, Ye Fei reached out and pulled a wide bath towel, wrapped him in it and dried him, and wiped himself casually as well, before returning to bed with him in his arms.

Gu Ang was tired from everywhere and sank into the pillow with his hair loose, a little lost in thought.

“Light, I like today’s gift.” Ye Fei kissed him warmly on the side.

Gu Ang licked his lips, “It’s a terrible price I have to pay to make you happy.”

Just now, he could still feel the slight pain, although there was a little bit of pleasure in the pain.

Ye Fei pulled the quilt to cover the man. The atmosphere was so good tonight that he felt like he had to say something to prolong the good vibes indefinitely. He rolled out of bed, crouched on the floor and found his crumpled pants, rummaging through his pockets for something.

Gu Ang raised his eyes, “What are you doing?”

Ye Fei didn’t answer him, just took out a small box and opened it, pulling out two rings from it and putting one on himself. He went back to the bed, grabbed Gu Ang’s hand, and put the other one on firmly. The size was just right, and the thin silver band outlined the long, slender fingers beautifully.

Gu Ang froze, “What are you doing?”

Ye Fei clasped his hand and intertwined their ten fingers, the two rings clinked together with a slight ding sound, “Although we’re already engaged, I still want to give you the full sense of ceremony. These are our wedding rings.”

Gu Ang laughed, “You’re fucking cool before you remember to propose?”

“Stop it, it’s been a long time since I bought it, I’ve wanted to give it to you for a while now.” Ye Fei pinched the person’s mouth, “All this nonsense.”

“You still carry it with you?”

“Mn, every day, thinking when to cheat you home.”

Gu Ang rubbed the silver ring on his fingertips and glanced sideways out the window again. Everything was too good tonight, like a beautiful dream that he didn’t want to wake up from. He began to act mischievous again, “Then you’re too perfunctory, say something nice again. Or I won’t agree.”

Ye Fei wrapped his arms around him, rings touching rings, making a perfect pair. He whispered and coaxed, “Baby, I beg you, marry me.”


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