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Happy birthday Addis!

Chapter 72: Getting to the mines

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


There were mining skills in the game, so naturally there was a mine.

The mine in Carefree Farmstead was located deep in the forest, to the east, where there was a mountain range that stretched for hundreds of kilometers. It didn’t didn’t look good from a distance, but inside it, there were rich mineral resources. Players could enter it and wield mining picks to obtain a variety of different ores, which could be stored for future use while meeting the needs of the mission.

Broken Cocoon, a player who had learned the mining skill, was also the one who hurried back to say that something had happened inside the mine cave. He yelled out monsters or something, and touched the nerves of this group of combat fanatics who had not fought for a long time.

The seller didn’t have the heart to continue setting up his stall, the buyer lost interest in shopping the stall, and in less than a minute’s time, Broken Cocoon was surrounded by people.

“Brother, tell us carefully, what the hell is going on? Monsters? What kind of monster? Are the monsters very powerful, otherwise how did you escape back?”

The player who asked the question was covered in tendon meat, his big copper bell eyes gleamed as he stared at Broken Cocoon, and his hands already uncontrollably excited. He was a player who came in the latter group, and had been working diligently these days to reclaim land, plant fields, and do quests. He had indeed experienced that peaceful, laid-back feeling, but he had previously specialized in playing combat virtual reality games, and played for at least ten hours a day. 

In the past two days, he had not gone back to his original game because he was addicted to farming, and the muscle inertia in his body actually made him quite uncomfortable. He heard that Bai Li and his group actually went hunting in the forest and he was very excited. He planned to go to Bai Li and ask them about the situation, and then also go to the forest to cure his fighting addiction.

However, at this time, someone came up and said that there was a place for monsters, which made him feel surprised and excited. If there were real monsters to fight, he wouldn’t have to wreak havoc on those little creatures in the forest who didn’t have much fighting power.

As a result, Broken Cocoon ‘s answer was a little disappointing to him.

“I, I don’t know what kind of monsters. After the light faded inside, the mine was particularly dark. I was going to come back, but then I heard the sound of ‘wooooooooo’ from the depths of the mine, and the sound of something rolling on the ground,” Broken Cocoon said with a bitter face. “You guys who have been to the mine know that while there are a few mine lights at the entrance, the lights are very dim. When I went to the exit, I heard the sound and went back to look, and guess what I saw? A huge black shadow appeared not far behind me, round, rolling, and still shaking. I collapsed on the spot, how could I deliberately go up to see what in the end it was, ah? What if that thing was even bigger than the shadow, and swallowed mw in one bite? If I get swallowed, I’m worried that my game character will die, and all my experience gained from farming will all disappear! That would be a loss.”

The virtual reality game he once played had a setting where when the character dies they start all over again. The key was that the character actually had to spend 100 star coins to buy a resurrection potion if they wanted to be revived. That game was the hit of the year, and the Genetic Collapse Disorder relief effect was also good. He really wanted to give it up, but also had to pinch his nose to continue to play.

Now when it came to this kind of thing, he would never dare to fight alone again. So he ran back to the village to bring help. 

“Humph, you coward!” The first player who asked muttered, but didn’t say anything else.

Broken Cocoon’s description of the monster naturally caused a lively discussion among the crowd, and the most discussed what exactly that monster was.

“Could it be the mine guard? Somehow the players mining too much angered him, so he’s ready to take revenge on the players?”

“It’s also possible that a player dug up his treasure through mining, so it manifested itself in anger.”

“I think, maybe, it’s the kind of monster that specializes in eating ores, looking at the ores in players’ backpacks and wanting to rob them by force, but it escaped. If this monster is killed, will it explode a lot of ores as a reward for the players?”

“Broken Cocoon, did you really see it clearly? I don’t believe it. Carefree Farmstead has been online for more than a month. When has it ever come out with a plot that required fighting monsters, ah? Could it be that you’re mistaken?” There were also people who were more calm and felt that this kind of thing couldn’t happen in the game.

But there were not many people who agreed with this view. They were thinking that having monster-fighting gameplay in virtual reality games was the current mainstream, so if it was in other virtual reality games, how could it not be in Carefree Farmstead? Even if that refreshing monster was actually too weak to fight, they don’t mind. At least it could be fought!

The discovery of a rare mysterious monster in the game touched everyone’s heart and soul, and after heated discussions, everyone decided that they would go over to the mine together to have a look.

However, before they went, ‘pre-war preparations’ had to be made.

So, the evening market, which had just fallen silent, began to bustle again. The players who had goods in hand set up their stalls on the spot, and those who lacked weapons for fighting monsters began to sweep the stalls from front to back with their copper coins.

“Wooden sword, wooden bow, wooden stick, with the top hard good wood, jumping sale, each for 200 copper coins…”

“Baked fish, baked fish, need baked fish! Eaten to increase 20% movement speed, good helper to fight monsters, accidentally overbaked on the head, only 50 copper coins, ah!”

“Fish balls! 30 copper coins a piece, 80 copper coins a string! The top has three, after consuming, there’s a 20% increase in strength, walk by can’t miss, ah!”

“Swordsman’s outfit! Samurai suit! 250 gold coins a set, support offline payment, or take women’s clothing to exchange!”

There were also people who fish in the muddy waters and sold some other things.

“Ornamental fish, ornamental shrimp, ornamental crabs. Big brother Demon Xing bought this same fish tank, add some feng shui to your house! The next lucky child is you, the price is negotiable…”

“Do you need a fishing net, whether it’s for fishing or catching monsters, it’s a good helper for you! The best hand-woven material, only 300 coins a piece, only five in total, first come first served, ah…”


Bai Li didn’t participate in the players’ discussion. In fact, he was still confused. As the designer of this game, how come he didn’t know that there would be such a huge monster in his game? If his memory was correct, in the mine there was only…

He realized that it shouldn’t be the normal thinking of the players that there couldn’t be any monsters in the game, and that’s why there was such a big misunderstanding. However, even if it was a misunderstanding, it didn’t matter. Players wanted to explore the situation, so let them go ahead. Only when they had seen it with their own eyes, would the impression be more profound.

After he decided that he would only observe and not participate, he said goodbye to the four belly rubbers and excitedly strolled through the lively evening market again. With his ears open to the players who were racking their brains to yell and sell, especially those few ad-libs for grilled fish, fish balls and ornamental fish, Bai Li was weeping for those poor fish. The ugly ones were made into food, the good-looking ones stayed. There were really different lives for the same fish.

But what about shrimps and crabs, which could also be used for ornamental purposes? Interstellar people’s imaginations were really big.

Bai Li spent about half an hour in the evening market, then contacted Demon Xing to ask if he wanted to follow him to the mine.

[I’m not going to go, it’s going to be down later.] On the conversation screen of his friends, Wen XingYao listened to Bai Li’s general description of the situation and declined his invitation.

What about killing monsters?Hadn’t he killed enough on the Zerg battlefield before?

[That’s just as well, I’m not going to go either. Let’s see how they are on the forum later.] Bai Li replied. [After a while they will be ready to leave, so then the river should become less crowded. want to go fishing together?]

This time Wen XingYao agreed, [Sure.]

Bai Li originally thought that the players would prepare the combat gear and then set off directly, but before they left, someone tapped his head and shouted, “Wait a minute! This is so important, and there is no one to witness us! I’ll call up Song’s Blunt Opinion. Recently, he has been live-streaming the game daily, so all he needs to do is help record our heroic performance. I’m going to call up Song’s Blunt Opinion.”

This was a brilliant idea, and no one objected. The player went offline to contact Mo Song, while the others waited patiently.

Bai Li didn’t expect this to happen, but at the same time, he thought it was a good idea. That way he could watch the whole thing live without going to the scene. After he knew this, he simply didn’t stay around. First, he went home to do what should be done. When the time was almost up, and he was fishing with Demon Xing, he’d watch the live broadcast.

At around 21:00, Bai Li and Wen XingYao sat side by side on the shore with their fishing rods while they turned on Mo Song’s live stream. Bai Li timed it perfectly, just as a large group of players arrived at the entrance of the mine.

Mo Song walked in the first half of the line, as he chatted and joked with the viewers in the live stream all during the march.

“Ah, haha! You guys are asking if this is the first time monsters have appeared in the game? I guess so…But I heard that while I was offline, Li Bai and his companions sold their hunting trophies, including fawns and goats, and a few snakes.”

[Can we eat it? How can we eat it?! I won’t watch you any longer if you do not have those food pictures! Forget it, lamb skewers, lamb buns, braised lamb chops, fried lamb rack, snake soup, cumin salt baked snake. Ahhhhh!]


“Mn. Someday I’ll take you to the forest for a stroll, then you can watch me catch what I’ll catch. I’ll catch whatever you want me to catch. The little animals I catch…I’ll try to see if I can raise them! Forget about it, the mine is just ahead, so let’s go together to see what that mysterious monster is in the end! Unfortunately, it’s too late, some people have gone offline to rest, at this time there is only a total of just more than 500 people. Don’t worry. With so many people, we will certainly have enough! The monster definitely can not escape us!” Mo Song said, and followed the team into the pitch-black mine cave.


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