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Chapter 71: Selling Prey 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Bai Li saw for the first time the fighting power of Interstellar People.

Four people with handy tools, nimbly shuttled between the trees. If necessary, they would also use foot force to jump on the tree branches, to better target their fancy prey.

They were light, with nimble feet, and when it came to it, they weren’t hesitant and would do what they thought necessary. They had ruthless, fast attacks, and a great sense of combat. Bai Li could not help but sympathize with those unfortunate small animals. Their enemies were actually so powerful!

Pheasants, ducks, deer, goats, and even snakes, as long as they appeared within their field of vision, they could not escape the repeated pursuit, and finally became prey in the backpack.

Bai Li held a slingshot, and mixed in with the four people. He obviously had one hundred shots of accuracy, but it was hard to be inconspicuous. It wasn’t that he didn’t try hard enough, but the others were superb!

The afternoon hunt ended with the wooden bows broken, the slingshot shattered, and the traps all in pieces. As for the harvest, it was full. They not only caught a lot of the animals mentioned earlier, Skilled Target even found several nests of wild duck eggs in some shallow, lush water and grass, which added up to at least twenty. Each person could share four or five!

“Hahaha! Hunting is fun, I want to come back sometime!” Shaded Nettle really loved this activity of fighting with small animals and was looking forward to the animals being made into dishes and served on the dinner table.

“That’s right, it’s fun, but you can’t always indulge in hunting. We still have a lot to do.” March was more calm. “If this afternoon’s time had been used to collect, each of us could also have collected 10 flower seeds. If we were lucky, we might also have collected some rare tree species, so that the tasks could be completed faster and more smoothly. Unfortunately today’s afternoon was used to hunt.”

“Oh, don’t say that.” Skilled Target swooped up and put her arm around March’s shoulders. “We are playing a game, not being graded while playing the game. Of course, we should focus on the points that interest us, don’t you feel that we were having fun this afternoon?”

“It was really fun…” March was successfully convinced.

However there were priorities, and after experiencing an afternoon of addiction, they had to be more serious about completing tasks to earn contributions.

The sky slowly darkened, and it seemed to be the time for the small animals in the forest to rest. The surrounding area suddenly became quiet, and they could only faintly hear a few insects chirping. They didn’t know when it started. A few glowing lights emerged in the air, bright in the dark night, and gave the forest a mysterious color.

More and more glowing lights gradually formed a bright colored band of light. Like the Milky Way in the sky, it was indeed within reach.

Bulging Belly and the others were once again dumbfounded. They really hadn’t expected the forest to still be this beautiful. With just an update, it had become even more beautiful. They didn’t know how many refreshing ideas the game’s designer had hidden in his head.

The crowd thought it was beautiful, but they didn’t know what it was, so they turned their curious eyes to Bai Li, who, they thought, must know what this band of light was, given his omniscience.

“It’s fireflies,” Bai Li explained. “A small insect that glows at night.”

“Ohhhhhh, so it’s a Zerg.” When they heard that it was bugs, several people lost interest. Bulging Belly also quietly muttered, “I did not think there would be such a small Zerg in the world. It looks quite weak, or maybe those Zergs know, and are afraid to be expelled from the bug registry on the spot.”

For the defeated man, Bulging Belly had always been accustomed to speculate motives of the greatest malice by them.

Bai Li tried to stifle his laughter. They thought these fireflies were Zerg. Some time ago, Demon Xing also called ants Zerg, but these insects, in this game, were clearly just the most common existence, ah.

After they finished hunting, naturally, they needed to allocate the prey once again. The duck eggs were distributed directly and equally. The extra ones were given to March and Shaded Nettle since they made the tools. The number of pheasants and ducks was exactly five, so they each got one. The deer and goats were only two each, plus the size was too large. They did not know how to deal with them. After they discussed it, they made the decision to sell them at the evening market. The money gained would be split between the five people equally.

If someone wanted to buy the whole thing, it was natural that everyone would be happy, and it was okay to sell it separately, but it would be a little bloody. As for the snakes… No one wanted them so they thought they could sell them too.

After deciding the destination of these prey, the group headed back in the direction of the village.

After an afternoon of hunting, they had unknowingly entered the depths of the forest, and now walking back, they felt the road was lengthy and it took a long time. While it was easy to get out of the forest and to the village entrance, the players’ evening market had long passed its most lively time.

However, it did not matter. Bulging Belly laughed and said he had a way. He took out the two living fawns that were placed in his backpack. At first they were dazed and a little scared to see Bulging Belly’s face, but soon that emotion disappeared. They were blinking their big kazoo eyes as they looked around curiously, not the least bit worried about whether they would end up alive or dead in the future.

“Hey, this little deer is quite bold. It just got beaten up by us, now it’s like a nothing deer.” Skilled Target lifted her hand to touch the head of one of them, and got a gentle rubbing from the other side.

She felt her hand stiffen. This was bad! They were too cute!

This deer…This deer was actually quite cute! However, things did not wait for her to express something more, the evening market arrived. The two deer that their group brought over were soon noticed by the players who were shopping.

Such a large animal, peculiar, nerdy looking, with short fluffy fur and nice patterns all over it, plus a short tail on the butt which was wiggling around excitedly. This was the first time in the game that they saw small animals, and it immediately attracted the attention of everyone. The curious players surrounded Bai Li and his group. First they were surprised that big brother Li Bai was among them, and then they were all discussing the two little deer.

“These are deer, right? I’ve seen them in Starnet’s Animal Encyclopedia, but I never thought there would be any in the game! Dude, where did you guys get these?”

“Wow! It just licked my hand with its tongue, it’s so cute, and its eyes are super big, it’s so pretty!”

“Let’s cut to the chase, you brought them to the evening market, you must want to sell them, right? Tell me how much, I’ll buy one first!”

“No, no, just two deer. There must be many people who want to buy them, let’s play fair!”

Whether male players or female players, they were attracted by the two deer. They had not even thought of what they were going to do with them once they bought them, but their wallets were wide open.

Bulging Belly and the others really did not know that the fawns would actually be so popular, and after a short moment of surprise, they reported the amount they had discussed under the urging of the crowd.

“A small deer is 5,000 copper coins. We also have dead goats here, 3,000 copper coins, ah. In addition, we have a few snakes, 200 each.” Bulging Belly didn’t say that goats and fawns could be sold by the pound, he thought that just in case no one wanted to buy, then they could sell it by the catty.

However, now the situation was let alone by the catty, people wanted the deer itself!

It didn’t take long for the two deer, two goats, plus the snakes to be snatched up by the wealthy players. The people who didn’t get it stopped Bai Li and his group from leaving and asked if they had any other goods.

They really did.

Bulging Belly took out another pheasant, a wild duck and a rabbit from his backpack, as well as three wild duck eggs, and sold them very smoothly. Since those were the hunted items assigned to him, the money earned naturally belonged to him.

The others in the group didn’t take out the hunting items in their backpacks and sell them, which dissuaded the players who hadn’t yet bought some before they went and hid in a corner and equally shared the money they got from selling the group’s hunting items.

As he looked at the 34 gold coins distributed to him, Bai Li had mixed feelings. He had just wanted to join the fun. He hadn’t expected to make so much money. It was a surprise. He now somewhat understood the psychology of why Demon Xing posted to the starblog to record every time he earned money.

With the end of a big sale, even fewer players stayed in the evening market. However, at that moment, a man came rushing from the direction of the forest, and while he was running, he shouted, “No good, no good, something happened in the mine! It seems to be a monster!”

The suddenly excited players, Huh?

The baffled Bai Li, What? There should be no monsters in the mine? How come he didn’t even know!


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June 11, 2023 2:55 am

Hmmm what would the interstellar people think is a monster and it lives in caves? Bats maybe? Bears live in caves, but would it go into a mine? 🤔

Thanks for the chapter!

June 11, 2023 4:57 am

A monster appears and Bai Li as a designer didn’t even know it, it’s getting more and more interesting. Thanks for the chapter!!!

June 11, 2023 7:50 am

Thanks for the chapter!

July 3, 2023 5:36 am

I hope this group of players I’m not keen on, see hunting as ‘fun’, because it’s only in a game (I don’t think so though, as it wasn’t mentioned). They don’t need to do it for food.
Seeing as they’re slaughtering everything in sight, I don’t rate the chances of whatever is living in the cave… if it’s even an animal.
Typical people it seems.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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