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Chapter 97: Inviting You to Open Me and Possess Me

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is full from all these faceslaps, yum~


Wang YeZhu leaned against the railing and shivered, silently cursing an expletive. He just stared deadpanned at Gu Ang, and in just a blink of an eye, he saw him kick an Alpha with proper fighting skills offstage.

The force was fierce and unforgiving. He was glad that he didn’t have to take the test, so he couldn’t be so humiliated.

There was no difference at all whether Gu Ang was an Omega or an Alpha, he would always be that monster he couldn’t reach. Ai Deng’s body twisted and stuck under the ring, giving a painful thud. What started as a provocation became a joke, he was just an ugly maggot in the corner. Those arrogant voices turned into whispers.

“Was it Gu Ang who just kicked? How come he went down with one kick?”

“Ai Deng is too weak, can’t even beat an Omega, loser.”

“That’s right, how can a pregnant Omega go into battle? It should be a fluke.”

“Teacher, I’ll do it.” The Alpha in second place in the make-up exam raised his hand impatiently, wanting to prove himself.

Wang Chuang glanced at him, “It’s your turn, come on up.”

The tightly muscled Alpha rubbed his fist and slowly walked towards the stage. He didn’t believe that a mere Omega could have this much ability. Each step, the Alpha gradually pressed to release more pheromone, to interfere with the stage in the middle of the man who looked calm.

The air was filled with a smell of seawater, raging, and lethal. That breath was like a huge wave, lapping, indiscriminate attack. The means was a little bit despicable, but in order to win, and for the sake of a group of Alphas, he must do so. The students on the stage all felt the oppression of pheromone, the oppression between the same sex, still calm, only their expression switched to the excitement of watching a good show. They all knew in their hearts, an arrogant Omega couldn’t win against natural pheromone oppression.

As Alphas, they were standing at the top of this world. Ruling, dominating, crushing everything.

The smell of sea water soaked into his nose, and Gu Ang frowned, “Your pheromone is too bad, hurry up and come.”

The Alpha’s footsteps moved hesitantly, “Why are you not reacting? Don’t your legs feel weak?” He looked at the expressionless Gu Ang, and raised his voice to threaten, “My pheromone level is very high, wait a little longer, you will kneel down and beg me!”

“Oh, really?” Gu Ang smiled and took a step forward, reaching out to grab the Alpha’s wrist. The movement was fast and the force was fierce. The man didn’t have time to cry out in surprise before he was thrown to the ground with a backhand.

With a boom, he fell on all fours, looking extremely ugly. The Alpha grimaced in pain, covering his back and wailing on the ground, “How come the pheromone doesn’t work on you?” 

Gu Ang lowered his eyes at him, his voice even colder, “Because you’re a dumbass.”

“1 second, a little bit longer than Ai Deng.” Wang Chuang shook his head and said mockingly, “Go down, shame on you.”

The crowd erupted in shock.

“Holy shit, this is a mutant monster, right? An Omega who’s not affected by Alpha pheromones?”

“It’s over, it’s over, I just used harsh words.”

“I feel like I’m going to fail the class. Why does Gu Ang look more fierce than Ye Fei?!”

“This Omega is also too scary, can I withdraw from the exam?!”

Gu Ang raised his eyes to the crowd again and spoke lazily, “Line up for the make-up exam, I’m in a hurry.”

The people who had been bloodily abused by Ye Fei last time lost their faces and reluctantly lined up in vertical rows to stand by the stage. The two little white rats had clearly proved that Gu Ang’s combat power had not been weakened in the slightest, and he was even stronger. Those open and domineering expressions, each twisted into a bitter melon, waiting for the lynching.

Threw one, kicked one, Gu Ang didn’t give them any mercy. If last time Ye Fei left everyone 9 seconds to struggle, Gu Ang was more cold-blooded. No one could last more than one second before being thrown out of the ring. Not to mention close combat, they were bloodied and beaten in the face before they even touched the corners of his clothes. Everyone was like an eggplant that had been beaten by frost, all of them were thrown to the ground.

After kicking the last student who took a make-up exam, Gu Ang craned his neck and looked at Wang Chuang, “Teacher, my task is done.”

“Ahem,” Wang Chuang cleared his throat and announced, “Today’s make-up exam has a pass rate of zero. The examiner was chosen jointly by you, and you were also given the opportunity to take a make-up exam, so this group of students will all be marked zeroes, and everyone will continue to work hard at the end of the period.”

The make-up exams collectively failed with a duck egg, and the field wailed.

“Teacher, give us one more chance!!!”

“We were wrong, brother Ang is a bully, brother Ang is a big brother we can’t afford to mess with!”

“Can we have another examiner? Wang YeZhu will do!”

Wang YeZhu glanced at the man, were they looking down on him?

“I gave you guys a chance, get out of class.” Wang Chuang looked at the ring that was shaken out of cracks, his heart was calm. As expected, the destruction turned out better than he thought, he didn’t lose any money. This kid, Gu Ang, did have much more sense of proportion when he became a father.

Gu Ang came down from the ring and felt the little thing in his stomach rolling around, rolling around so much that he wanted to throw up. The little one may be frightened by his actions again, and was jumping up and down, non-stop.

Gu Ang thought to himself, These useless things aren’t even as deadly as his baby. He quickly walked next to Ye Fei, without the arrogance of just now. The whole person collapsed softly against his boyfriend, unconsciously softening his voice to beg for sympathy, “It’s hard.”

“What? You’re not playing with panache?” Ye Fei said teasingly. He stood in the outfield, his heart was about to beat out, afraid that something had gone wrong again. There was no telling who this child would resemble when born, what if he developed like Gu Ang?

The big crazy one with a little crazy one, he knew he was going to have a future headache.

Gu Ang touched his stomach and said, “The baby is moving around.”

Ye Fei snickered, “He’s protesting. Who made you toss and turn?”

“Okay, but all in all, it’s still cool.” Gu Ang glanced at the crowd who were hanging their heads and heading out, in a much happier mood.

Bai SiNing finished watching the big show and came over to bite his ear, “Your highlight moment has been put on the forum again.”

“Finally the injustice has sunk in, these two days I was almost suffocated.” Gu Ang wrinkled his nose and muttered. “That’s not true, now the Alpha gang in Class S is becoming the laughing stock of the school.”

Bai SiNing covered his stomach and laughed incessantly, “It’s so funny, stupid and silly.”

Ye Fei felt indiscriminately implied and looked at him with cold eyes, “Watch your words, I’m also a Class S Alpha.”

“I’m sorry, you’re out of the mud.” Bai SiNing smiled heartlessly.

Gu Ang saw Ye Fei defeated, smiling with him, “We won’t play with those Alphas anymore. Are you free later? I’ll treat you to milk tea.”

“Sure, there’s a new store in front of the school, let’s try it.” Bai SiNing didn’t let go of any opportunity to eat, drink and have fun, and hurriedly agreed.

“What milk tea? You’re not coming back with me?” Ye Fei reached out and took his wrist, trying to tug him into his arms.

Gu Ang laughed and dodged, “Mr. Ye Fei, please give me a little personal space, thanks. You can go home first, I’ll be back later.”

Ye Fei choked. Tsk, more personal space and a little secret, that’s impressive. He exhaled and turned around to go out with resentment, “Okay, you guys take your time, I’ll leave.”

Bai SiNing looked at Ye Fei’s back and asked, “What are you looking for me for? Not to drink milk tea, right?”

Gu Ang hooked him in the direction of the milk tea store, while unnaturally asking, “I just want to ask, Ye Fei’s birthday is coming up, but I have no idea what to get him, so I’m looking for your advice.”

He actually had a little idea in his mind, but he was still hesitating and couldn’t get over the hurdle in his mind. If there was a second option, he would have gone back another step.

“God Ye’s birthday, let me think.” Bai SiNing rubbed his chin, “Send yourself, he’ll be quite happy.”

Being poked at the hesitant mind, Gu Ang choked a little. He coughed violently twice, “No, be serious, I’m serious.”

“I’m serious too!” Bai SiNing returned with conviction, “Believe me, his favorite gift would definitely be that.”

Gu Ang blushed slightly and hurriedly choked out, “You’ve never been in love, how do you know?”

Bai SiNing stretched out his voice, “I’ve never eaten pork, but I’ve seen a pig run. But you are an old married couple, the normal method isn’t very good. Probably, you will have to do something special.”

Gu Ang thought to himself that they haven’t even done it normally, they were pure. On the other hand, he couldn’t help but be curious, “What do you mean special?”

“I don’t know much about it, why don’t we ask brother Lin?” Bai SiNing made a move to open his address book and call Lin XiuYong.

Gu Ang was quick to press the button in a second, “You’re sick! Why ask him?”

Bai SiNing’s face was aggrieved, “He’s an Alpha, so he has more right to speak. I, a Beta, may not say anything useful.”

Gu Ang was speechless. He waved his hand in annoyance, “Forget it, I knew I couldn’t get any results from talking to you, I’m leaving.”

“Ah, the milk tea?” Bai SiNing raised his voice, “The new milk tea!”

Gu Ang let go of him, “No, next time.”

It was better to rely on others than oneself, but in the end he still had to figure something out by himself. It was almost his birthday, but Gu Ang was still scratching his head, unable to think of a result. He was thinking day and night, even affecting his sleep.

On the day of his birthday, Gu Ang slept until the afternoon when he was called up, drowsy. He thought that he had recently overused his brain and was physically and mentally exhausted.

“Did you forget about today?” Ye Fei reached out to twist his ear with some resentment.

“Of course I haven’t forgotten!” Gu Ang thought to himself, Just thinking about today has caused me to lack sleep recently. He rolled over and got up from the bed, pulled open the closet, and stood in front of the mirror to choose his outfit.

When there were more options, his brain hurt.

Gu Ang turned to Ye Fei and asked, “Do you think I should wear this striped blue, or this plaid blue?”

“Do you remember that mom likes blue? The striped one, right?” Ye Fei leaned on the bed to look at him, “Relax, no need to be so serious.”

“It’s the first time we will meet, I have to leave a good impression.” Gu Ang joked. He zipped his jacket and looked at himself in the mirror. Sweeping a glance at his stomach, the bulge in his belly was already obvious. It wasn’t exaggerated, but it was a blatant display of the presence of a little life. He looked away, his eyes falling elsewhere, and quickly changed his shirt. Up to now, he still couldn’t look at his figure very frankly.

It was a difficult process, and he was convincing himself to accept it little by little.

Ye Fei knew what he was thinking, and his little friend was squirming again. He got up and walked behind him covering his eyes and blocking the person’s view.

Gu Ang’s sight went dark, and he heard a voice in his ear saying, “Don’t think blindly, let’s leave for the mausoleum now.”

“Okay, let’s go buy roses first.”

Gu Ang remembered that Ye Fei’s mother’s favorite flower was the bright red rose. Angry, bright, like her young life. The two went around to the florist to carefully select their bouquet and drove to the mausoleum. This time was different from any previous visit; they had been through everything and were back together again. It was a wonderful feeling, all the things that they wanted to share again with the mother they had never met.

There was a light drizzle in the sky, which gradually became light rain, and the roads became muddy. When they arrived at the cemetery, Ye Fei got out of the car and held an umbrella, protecting Gu Ang in his arms as he walked deeper into the cemetery.

In the innermost place, there was a separate tombstone for his mother. A bouquet of fresh roses was already placed in front of the monument, right under the photo.

Gu Ang said with certainty, “Your father has been here.”

Ye Fei explained, “Mn, we choose our timing so we can spend some time alone with her.”

As soon as they entered the mausoleum, Ye Fei’s expression became grave. It was really amazing how close family ties could be felt even though they had never met. Gu Ang stared at him heartily and held his hand tightly, intertwining their fingers. At this time, it was superfluous to say anything.

Ye Fei walked over and bent down to place the flowers in front of the monument, his voice was low, “Mom, I’ve come to see you.”

He glanced sideways at Gu Ang, straightened his back, and seriously introduced him, “This time isn’t quite the same as before, I brought someone with me. His name is Gu Ang, we’re very much in love and we’re going to get married next month.”

Gu Ang nodded his head, solemnly like it was his first time, “Hi, Auntie, I’m sorry to see you so late.”

“Besides that, I have good news for you.” Ye Fei’s voice softened as he held the umbrella with one hand and dropped the other, placing his palm on the small of Gu Ang’s back, “We’re having a baby, you’re going to be a grandmother, but unfortunately, you won’t have the chance to see the baby.”

Gu Ang said, “It’s okay, when the baby is born, we will bring them over to see you again.”

The woman in the photo smiled like a flower, as if she was responding gently. Ye Fei pursed his lips and stopped talking. Gu Ang knew he needed to be quiet for a while, so he stood by his side and kept him company. The sound of rain was getting louder, and the rain was pouring down. Under a black umbrella, two people were close together, mourning in silence.

Gu Ang stared at the words on the tombstone.

—I came to the world just to meet you in passing.

Gu Ang remembered that Ye HongFeng said that this was the last thing the woman said before she died.

Sad, but no regretful dialogue. There were two men who had thought of her well from the beginning to the end, two bunches of roses every year, from life to death. In a sense, she was also very lucky. Perhaps all splendid lives had a price to pay.

Gu Ang thought of him and Ye Fei, he exchanged so many wishes with the gods. Would he also only have a short time? Beauty was a reciprocal exchange, he always understood that. He was suddenly enlightened to live in the moment and have fun. All the tangles were cleared up and his heart was cleared.

Gu Ang thought, As long as I live and my lover is by my side, it’s better than anything.

Ye Fei put away the umbrella and whispered, “The sky is clear.”

Gu Ang lifted his eyes and saw the rainbow after the rain. From the cemetery, the two went straight home.

Ye Fei didn’t want to celebrate his birthday, so he ate as usual, without cake or celebration. Gu Ang had asked him before if he would have any regrets if he didn’t have a birthday in his life.

At the time, Ye Fei said, “The meaning of a birthday isn’t a celebration, it’s a remembrance.”

The fate of a mother’s death and Ye Fei’s birth, being on the same day, was predestined to have a different meaning from that year on. Gu Ang understood at that moment that Ye Fei, like Ye HongFeng, has been suffering all this time. Whether it was for love, or affection, their feelings were too deep.

Later Gu Ang stopped asking. What he needed to do was simple, just quietly accompany him.

After dinner, Gu Ang sat next to him in the small garden talking and watching the stars. With some daily boring little things, they spend such a day with a hint of sadness.

It was April and the temperature was good. The peach tree that was planted was half gone and its petals were scattered.

Gu Ang looked at the time and said, “Big brother, it’s almost twelve o’clock, should I count you as twenty-seven this year, or nineteen?”

“Whatever, it doesn’t matter.” Ye Fei lazily hugged him, “Where’s my gift?”

“Mn, I’ll give it to you later.” Gu Ang looked at his watch again and his expression twisted. He stammered for a while, “I want to talk to you.”

Ye Fei whispered back, “Go ahead.”

“But I can’t say it.” Gu Ang hooked his palm, his voice was very soft and low, “Come upstairs with me, I will tell you in another way.”

Ye Fei glanced at him, “So mysterious, what’s the reason?”

“Don’t be in a hurry, come with me.” Gu Ang stood up and anxiously pulled him towards the second floor.

The hallway was dark with no lights on. The two of them groped their way up the stairs, stumbling and bumping, but Gu Ang led him to the mirror. Last time Ye Fei said that he had added a new object. The large floor-to-ceiling mirror easily framed the two men inside, like a painting.

The only light in the room was the faint light coming in from the window, mapping on the shadows and revealing the faces of the two. Gu Ang and Ye Fei were standing facing the mirror, and he was looking at the man through the reflected mirror, “I’m a little squeamish and think it’s better to look at you and say it like this.”

Ye Fei raised his eyebrows, feeling that this was a bit new. His and Gu Ang’s eyes met in the mirror and it felt strange and special, “What exactly do you want to say?”

“How should I… start?” Gu Ang bowed his head and lowered his eyes to the pattern of the mirror frame. “From differentiating into an Omega to getting pregnant, there has been no way for me to accept my current self. Even if I put on a cloudy face on the surface, I was actually very twisted inside.”

Ye Fei didn’t know why he suddenly brought this up, but he didn’t interrupt, just quietly looked at him. Through the mirror, he saw a rare and nervous Gu Ang. As Gu Ang spoke, he unzipped his shirt, revealing his slightly bulging belly.

“Before, I didn’t even dare to look at the mirror when I took a shower. I was afraid to see myself with a strange figure, and I was also afraid to see the cowardly version of myself. So, I’m also afraid of you seeing me like this. I know all those thoughts you have and understand them all. I’m not rejecting you, I really can’t get over that hurdle in my heart. I’m a person who’s frank and direct, but sometimes I’m quite awkward.” He smiled, “Like now, I want to talk to you sincerely, but I dare not look at you directly.”

Ye Fei frowned heartily and reached out to rub his head, “I know, this process is hard for you.”

“Mn, but I’ve completely figured it out today.” Gu Ang lifted the corners of his mouth and smiled at him. “Look, I beat up a bunch of Alphas, I’m having a little baby, and I have a handsome boyfriend, am I not a winner in life?”

Ye Fei was amused by his logic and dotingly followed his words, “Yes, even I envy you.”

“Right, so, this time, I really accept myself completely. Whoever is pretentious in the future is a fool.” Gu Ang looked into the mirror and dissected his twisted self, through this medium he showed a little for Ye Fei to see. He wasn’t always bold and fearless, he was also once uncertain and cowardly. Gu Ang let out a breath and said seriously, “In the mirror is the indecisive me of the past, and the frank and direct me of the future, I hope you like both.”

Ye Fei was dumbfounded. He was too frank and too cute. He couldn’t help but feel it with the tip of his heart, hurting slightly. He nodded gently, “Of course, I love Gu Ang, any way you are, I love you.”

Gu Ang looked down, looking at the hands on his watch.





Gu Ang closed his eyes and touched his lips gently to Ye Fei in the mirror, a very quick touch. His lips felt the cold, his heartbeat was hot and rolling. This way of kissing through the mirror was innocent and erotic. His voice was soft, like a pure feather, “Big brother, I know you don’t like birthdays, so I waited until the last second, I wish you a happy birthday.”

Gu Ang felt a warmly loving gaze coming from behind him, and he didn’t dare open his eyes. Timid and brave, along with a new version of himself, he wanted to show it in front of Ye Fei. He trembled his eyelashes and his shirt was half open, revealing his bare body, “I, Gu Ang, as an Omega, formally invite you, to open me and possess me.”


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