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Chapter 11: Angry Chefs Association

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

The score was the sum of the scores of the ten judges. The percentage system is ten for each judge. To be able to enter the semi-finals and prove that the strength is not bad. The second from the bottom before Xie Yan also had a passing score of sixty.

Zero was unprecedented.

Those on the STAR Net were noisy.

【I don’t believe it. How can it be?!】

【Shady, shady, shady. If they do not give a convincing reason, this competition is a joke. What’s the significance of such a fair competition, even if it someone else wins the championship?】

【That was so delicious. Why zero points?!】

Driven by the anger, this event quickly spread from the food area to the whole STAR Network area, and [Delicious Galaxy Competition is Shady] quickly became a hot topic.

From the beginning, the blackspot who was unhappy with Xie Yan finally turned against the wind and began to make waves.

【Lone Wolf: There must be a reason for the Chefs Association to do such a thing. Let’s see what they say. This competition is from the Chefs Association. Maybe there’s something wrong with Xie Yan.】

【It’s estimated that there’s something wrong with Xie Yan’s usage, otherwise, how can there be a problem with the dishes? Maybe there’s something illegal. That’s what I’d like to see. Another ‘myth’ is broken. Eh, hee hee hee hee hee hee.】

Speeches like this were like swollen sponges, gradually filling the live interface. The executives of the live network felt their heads ache. They thought Xie Yan would win this time, but they didn’t expect the overturn.

What should I do now? Xie Yan himself was also surprised. He saw the reaction of the judges. He thought he had no problem winning the competition, but he failed directly.

The drop was bigger than Niagara Falls.

Xie Yan accepted that he was not a champion, but to get a zero? This result was a shame.

For ten hours, he prepared the food with high concentration and waited for another four hours to serve the delicious food. At this time, he was denied by the judges, which made him angry.

However, the more time passed, the less angry he was, the less likely he was to fly off the handle. Anger was useless, so he tried to calm himself down. Looking back on the whole process, the judges also took a look at it, and then their attitude changed. He thought they received some news at that time, which changed the scores.

“Give me a compelling reason.” Xie Yan demanded as he stood up. Although he was like a bush in the woods among the tall people, he was powerful and had sharp eyes. He was like a new blade sword, which could not be avoided.

At this time, Lingyun, the staff in charge of the Baita Starfield Snow Sea planet Examination hall, received a message.

The message told him to cut off the live broadcast.

“I don’t care what you replace it with, but this live broadcast is cut off.” The man’s tone was very arrogant. Lingyun liked to watch food videos at ordinary times. His job was to manage food zones. His hobbies and work combined to make him happy every day. The food area had been tepid before, and few people’s things were amazing.

Queen was born out of nowhere. He thought that the skeleton of this man was strange, the materials were bold, and the food materials were fast, unprecedented. He would become a great weapon in the future. Since Queen was a little transparent, he paid close attention and recommended him.

Now, this man had soared through the sky and awakened the taste buds of countless people. More and more people had tasted different flavors, which were totally different from the ones announced by the Chefs Association. These flavors were surprisingly good and couldn’t be stopped.

He was very happy that Queen was in this Delicious Galaxy Competition and thought the other person deserves a trophy.

Now, however, the Chefs Association had used their power to suppress him.

Afraid of them? He didn’t care if he had to go back to the basic living allowances. It’d be better to not have a job, nor a good meal. How could he go back to the life he used to have when he tasted the best in the world?

Lingyun did not cut the live broadcast, wrote the whole story clearly and reported it to his superior, copied it to a senior, and looked at the console quietly.

On the interface, Xie Yan stood behind the console and quietly confronted the judges and chefs. At the same time, the high level of the live network was also discussing it.

Naturally, they received the news from the Chefs Association, but they were just pretending to be dead. When they saw that the staff had not implemented it, they continued to delay and discuss what to do next.

Now the problem had evolved into standing groups. More than seventy percent of the audience watching the live broadcast were angry. Xie Yan’s hot pot was so lethal that it had captured not only the people of Snow Sea, but also most of the people in the stars. Seventy percent supported Queen, how amazing was this data! You should know that the number of people watching the live broadcast was close to 100 billion. This huge amount was more than half of the population of the Empire, and the remaining half was still on the way.

Why did the Chefs Association engage in such unfair tactics at such a critical time?

At that time, whose message did they receive?

StarCraft’s food supply was very standard, with raw materials provided by companies specializing in agriculture and animal husbandry. The Chefs Association had researched both of these things. StarCraft’s food companies could choose the finished products for production and then transport them to all parts of the planet. Among them, nutrient solution was in the largest demand, because these things were ‘nutritious enough to ensure people’s health.’

Without the approval of the Chefs Association, food couldn’t be distributed to all parts of the galaxy as a commodity. Including the food provided by a restaurant, it must be ensured on the Chefs Association list, the machine manufacturers also cooperated with the Chefs Association, and these machines could make standard food.

This process originated in the era of the great extinction.

In the era of the great extinction, the radiation of the Universe changed abnormally, and many raw materials of food changed. The Chefs Association was established at that time to be responsible for the detection and production of food materials, and to make food that could quickly replenish energy for the human body. Nutrient solutions and nutrients came into being, all highly concentrated, letting human beings pass the most difficult period.

After going out of the age of extinction, this process has been preserved, and the Chefs Association gradually became a default authority. Although the Empire had no legislative protection, the Chefs Association was deeply rooted in the interests of all parties. There were many graduates from the Imperial Cuisine College who entered the Chefs Association. Many of them were in high positions, or their partners were in high positions, making them gradually become giants.

The Chefs Association had become the existence of ‘big but not down.’

Xue Li thought of the video meeting with Miss Roland ten hours ago. Miss Roland told him, “This time, the winner will only be Qiao Jiaze. Other people are not qualified to take the place of Baita to the final in the imperial capital. It was decided at the beginning by the Bai family and the Chefs Association.”

He closed his eyes in pain.

“The things you made, the content of the oil is too high, the cooking time is too long, resulting in excessive nitrate content, which is extremely harmful to the body.” Bai Juan explained calmly, with a feeling of regret in his eyes, “You never thought about this before cooking. Heavy oil and spicy food are not suitable for the human body. This kind of food, even if it tastes delicious, doesn’t deserve to appear in front of all people, so we gave you zero.”

Xie Yan almost started laughing. Elder brother, according to your standards, our fat house didn’t even deserve happy water. What you said has affected my health.

He looked around and found that the judges looked so natural, and felt that he was not talking to the judges, but to zombies. After thinking about it, he opened the STAR Net, saw numerous bullet screens, and asked questions directly in his comment area.

Queen: Hot pot, do you like it?】He turned off the privacy mode and turned the live broadcast mode into a ring style. Everyone could see him from different angles and see the judges.

Lone Wolf: I love it! I like the hot feeling! For a long time, no food could arouse my appetite, little Q, you have done it! I declare that I like you!】

It surprised Xie Yan that the black powder jumped out first. But… Who was Little Q! Don’t tamper with his name!

Swallowing the planet: I just tested the data. What the judges said can be discharged automatically through the human digestive system. What’s more, it won’t produce much if it’s cooked in two hours. As long as it’s not eaten every day, there won’t be any problem. The most important thing is that the feeling of virtual data is so wonderful, I want to eat it!】

He could not help smiling when he saw the real scene of the two famous black spots praising him in the comment area.

OMG, am I seeing the blogger? He’s too beautiful!】

How could there be such a perfect person in the world?!】

He looks so petite, is he an Omega? Or Beta? Whether he is a B or an O, I will marry him!】

Get away from the front quickly. You don’t deserve to marry our Queen. Queen is everyone’s. I will announce that whoever marries Queen will be the public enemy of the whole Empire!】

The topic turned more and more biased, but there were still a lot of people supporting Xie Yan: What’s the question? Of course, hot pot was the choice!

I can’t stand the overbearing style of the Chefs Association any longer. If you want to eat other food, you can either go to a high-end restaurant or only buy their overbearing food. The seasoning you buy is not very good. They don’t show the process at all. If it wasn’t for Queen’s live broadcast and those videos, I didn’t know there was such a delicious thing in the world.】

That is to say, the monopoly of the Chefs Association is not controlled by anyone. The age of mass extinction has passed for so long. We still eat this everyday. I feel that I have no spirit. I just want to eat some good food to satisfy myself, how can this tiny wish be so difficult?!】

You’re not alone upstairs, and I doubt life every time I see other people praising the new products of the Chefs Association. I’m a history major. I’m drooling when I look at the food described in the ancient books. But the food from the Chefs Association is really delicious. So many people boast that I have to doubt my tongue. Now it seems that it’s not my problem, it’s the world’s problem!】

Yes, it’s not our fault, it’s the world’s fault!】

“Do you see it?” Xie Yan asked the judges.

The judge frowned, confused, “What do you mean?”

“People have long been dissatisfied with your food and criteria.” When Xie Yan first saw it, he doubted why there were so many spices in the world, but the food was still so bad.

Later, it was found that the so-called Chefs Association felt a little weird. Food must pass the certifications from the Chefs Association before it can flow into the market. If an individual can’t obtain the qualifications from the Chefs Association, they can’t open a shop. Even the innovation of dishes needed to apply for a batch number. It’s ridiculous. This kind of power monopoly would surely bring about corruption and would undoubtedly kill the emergence of new dishes.

Xie Yan hadn’t studied it, but he had read many stories and traced the origin of food, many of which were born from mistakes. Turning waste into treasure and reusing those things, but things became more delicious like stinky tofu, 1 Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, 2 and a lot of other delicious foods were born in this way.

The process was right, and the only food that came out was in the middle of the road. Now the so-called judges from the Chefs Association had judged his things as worthless, which finally brought out his anger.

“They don’t understand. We’re for the good of everyone.” Bai Juan, the head of the group, was angry at Xie Yan’s lack of recognition. “Are you questioning the Chefs Association?”

Originally, Bai Juan thought this man could be convinced. Now it seemed that he was not only disrespectful, but also rebellious. He could not be admitted into the Chefs Association.

“No, I think you are ridiculous. I ask you, what is the meaning of food? ” Xie Yan asked back.

“What?” Bai Juan felt that this persons problems were endless and that he was utterly sick.

No one was asking the meaning of things these days.

“What is the meaning of food?” Xie Yan repeated, he was so angry that he wanted to hear from these people instead.

“Satisfaction.” When Bai Juan said the word, he paused for a moment and immediately regretted it. He felt that he fell into the trap made by Xie Yan and immediately remedied it. “But it has to be good for your health!”

“The meaning of food is happiness. For this happiness, we can give way to other aspects. As long as it’s not harmful, why not try it? Some tiny things will be naturally discharged by the body. But this kind of happiness leaves an impression in the brain, making people full of expectations for life. “

Xie Yan adjusted the screen to the largest size. The whole screen was full of comments. The [I want to eat hot pot] of various colors covered the screen, layer by layer. “You can say it’s not delicious and not healthy. It is recommended to eat less, but you shouldn’t deprive people of their choices and make decisions for them without authorization.”

With a full screen of [I like hot pot] as the background, he stood on the opposite side of the judges and said, “The people like it, but you don’t like it. How old are you?”

【He’s too handsome!】

【Great! I have tears in my eyes!】

【I love Queen!】

【I’m crying loudly. I don’t want you to take part in this fraudulent competition!】

Xie Yan said his last words about the game, “Delicious Galaxy, I’m quitting.”

He turned off his live screen.

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