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Chapter 112: White Shadow

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Capital Star Calendar, xxxxx Year 12th Month 4th Day.

Today was quite a snowy day……which was strange. Of course, it couldn’t compare to nice weather of a bright, sunny spring day. The current weather was rather gloomy with huge black clouds covering the entire sky. 

The cold wind couldn’t disperse the clouds, the clouds sat low and hugged the ground tightly. The result was like the bamboo that Xiao Bao gnawed: an extreme tragedy.

JinYu was nestled in the luxurious carriage provided by Long ChangXiao. When he heard the wind howling outside, he snuggled in closer to Qi QingLin.

“En, those guys out there are pretty resilient, aren’t they? Are any of them from a warmer place?”

Asking the Boss next to him, but the Boss didn’t even so much as give a reply. JinYu glanced over, this guy’s gaze was focused on news flashing across the flat crystal screen.

…….Fine then, it’s easy to see that this guy doesn’t play Boss. JinYu tilted his head, eyes focusing on Long ChangXiao.

Long ChangXiao chuckled, “Relax. Big Da Bai already saw it, it’s able to withstand the cold outside.”

Meow meow——!!

Suddenly, a white shadow bolted through the cart’s window. It stepped on Long Changxiao’s head and jumped into JinYu’s arms. JinYu looked at Xiao Bai in his arms, it looked like it had just swallowed ratsbane. He glanced over at Long ChangXiao expressionlessly. Long Changxiao wordlessly turned to look at Big Da Bai who was standing outside the window.

Woof… …[That um, I thought that as long as you have white fur you could withstand the cold].

Hearing this JinYu and Xiao Bai simultaneously rolled their eyes. My god, don’t you know that cats are the first beasts to hibernate? As soon as it’s winter, cats and cat-like beasts would want nothing more than to stay inside and not move. How could you think that we’re both descended from polar bears?!

Consequently Big Da Bai used his paws to hide his eyes in shame. He only made mistakes occasionally, really! And isn’t Xiao Bai the only cat-like beast?

Fire phoenixes were too powerful to be concerned with, in addition their colors were too bright so JinYu let it stay in the store. In reality, he could not guarantee the safety of his shop in Anjie. If he let the fire phoenix guard the store, at least in terms of martial ability, he would have the most surefire guarantee. Very few things can beat the fire phoenix in combat so they would just run away. His store also had some elder beasts guarding it; they have considerable wisdom and strength and knew how to protect their own territory. These old fellows actually did something that a certain whale couldn’t even speak about, so JinYu would just take a detour when he sees them, for the time being.

Uh, of course, maybe they’ve now forgotten about it……

Thinking about this, JinYu’s entire body trembled. Behind him, Baozi’s face screamed with discomfort. Afterwards, he unceremoniously climbed onto the carriage, humming.

Suddenly, JinYu realized something. This beast seemed to be a flame leopard, so if they were going by species, it was like a white sand tiger. Did this mean they couldn’t withstand the cold?

Opening the curtains, Da Bai was freely soaring through the ferocious winds. JinYu’s eyebrows rose, he had some serious suspicious. At the same time, Xiao Bai let out a small meow.

[That guy can adapt to both the arctic and the desert. Last time he was on earth, he just suddenly forgot he was afraid of the cold.]

Hearing this, JinYu’s lips twitched. He really wanted to ask how forgetful one had to be to forget something so instinctive. Suddenly, JinYu looked at Baozi lying by his feet. Should he say that “desire makes one lose their mind?!”

“Haha, don’t worry Mr. Jin. After ten minutes, we’ll arrive at the South Sky Gate’s Great Hall. You’ll be shocked by its strength then. The most notable feature is that it’s protected by the most advanced technology and powers simultaneously. Also, it’s not freezing there.”

Hearing Long ChangXiaoxiao saying this, JinYu barely even heard the last words he said. He was stunned by the five words on the Southern Sky Gate’s Great Hall. To be more precise, it was at the moment the three words appeared that Boss Jin appeared to be struck by lightning.

Fuck, which pathetic demihuman gave this place such a terrible name?! Southern Sky Gate and Lingxiao Palace/Cloud Palace of the Golden Arches (in mythology it’s the Jade Emperor’s palace)……

“When we originally gave the Trade City its name, the two architects argued for a long time whether or not to call it Southern Sky Gate or Cloud Palace of the Golden Arches. Well, it seemed that Cloud Palace of the Golden Arches won in the end.”

At this moment, JinYu felt, as an ancient man who had transmigrated from the past into the future, he had no desire to discuss ancient literature with people here. He could finally understand why people from the future were always so surprised by the past in transmigration novels. If he bumped into a person who said the fucking Southern Sky Gate is better than the damn Cloud Palace of the Golden Archers, he would have taken the fellow as a complete dumbass!

It’s okay to have fun!! So, the protagonist that cut through time and accepted by a local wasn’t because of true love but because it was fun! Are you ancients so easy to trick?

“Mr. Jin?” Long ChangXaioxiao yelped out in concern at JinYu’s current expression. Although he knew that there were always some strange things running across his mind, JinYu’s face was still quite odd. Was there really nothing going on?

“He just couldn’t accept his fate momentarily so he’s thinking of some strange things. You can just ignore him.”

Qi QingLin’s voice cut through, surprising Long ChangXiaoxiao. Hearing this, Long ChangXiaoxiao was stunned for a bit. When JinYu heard this Boss’ words he became enranged. “Fuck! Did you only get me because you thought I’d be fun to mess with?!”

Consequently Qi Qinglin twisted his head towards outside, sighing deeply.

How come his partner had such outrageous thoughts recently? Was he not diligent enough at night?! It couldn’t be. After people married they would prove their commitment……was his commitment just ignored like that?

With such a happy life, it couldn’t be possible!

So, then, it had to be because of the extreme emotions coming with participating in the Trade Conference. He would surely take back what that woman snatched away, every last bit!

After ten minutes, the cart stopped.

JinYu let out a loud sigh within the cart, preparing himself mentally to see the Southern Sky Gate’s Great Hall.

However, Boss Jin still underestimated the strength of a new human. Looking at the four square crystal pillars and the three wild characters on the Southern Sky Gate, JinYu rubbed his face and decided that the next time he anticipated the aesthetic concept of the people here, he would actually be a dumbass!!

Who told you that the Southern Sky Gate looked like this?! It’d be better to give it some old, Chinese-style!

“Compose yourself.”

The Boss’ voice sounded in JinYu’s ears.

“Okay.” JinYu obediently rubbed his face then regained his composure.

However, recomposing himself wasn’t something urgent. As a result, JinYu discovered that there were suddenly a numerous amount of faces in front of him. From the expressions of the people in front of him, it seemed like they were laughing? Next time just find a quiet place where you laugh. If he couldn’t bear it this time, he would definitely be beaten up.

“Oh Young Long! We’ve been waiting here for a long time. What’s your plan this time? I’ll show you the way.”

“Hey, are you the eldest son of the Qilin family who was widely rumored to be in seclusion? Our master told us as long even if we don’t pay attention to Young Long, we still need to give a good reception. Can I show you the way?”

Consequently JinYu staggered backwards two steps and glanced around him. The two fellows standing in front of him were wearing ancient-styled receptionist clothing. The expression on their faces would make anyone shiver. Urgh, how disgusting.

Unable to prevent himself from taking another step back, JinYu gradually came over. However, from afar, JinYu noticed how that even though the expression of the receptionists were like repulsive dead people, they still moved like living people. With this kind of action and a more respectful look, then they wouldn’t be bad of receptionists……

“What are you looking at? I’m not a receptionist.”

JinYu criticized silently, lifting his head to look at strange fellow in front of him who was laughing at him before. This person seemed to be older than him by four or five years. He was of average height but fairly good looking. He held a golden-furred beast near his chest. Tsk, at first glance he seemed like a beast in human clothing. How can you laugh at yourself like this?

Wait…..that beast seems strange. JinYu glanced at the golden-furred beast and saw how it was wearing a silk gold vest.

“…….I brought a bunch of bananas. Xiao Bao, would you like to eat one?”

After a long moment of silence, JinYu twisted his head to say to Xiao Bao. Xiao Bao heard this and shook its head, eyes full of blatant disdain.

Woof! [I don’t eat bananas! Those are what fucking monkeys eat!]

Squeak squeak squeak squeak! [Fuck, what’s wrong with bananas? I’ll show you what a banana is! I’ve never eaten a banana before in my life!!]

In an instant, Xiao Bao’s dislike dissipated. The golden-furred bundle in the youth’s arms struggled for a bit before jumping up. Just like JinYu’s prediction, it was a golden-furred monkey beast. However, this money had one black eye and one red eye and was wearing a golden vest and holding a golden crystal ball.

Oh, what kind of beast was this……Natural cutie and Xiao Bao can fight it out!

“Oh hello! I don’t have much spirit. How could a small body like me scare you, with so much ability?! The master said no matter what we had to welcome you well. He never anticipated you would make such a great prediction for the Trade Conference!!” Just as JinYu was attempting to figure everything out, a receptionist appeared besides him. 


“It’s the second master of the Bai Ling Monkey (White Spirit Monkey) Clan. They ranked sixth out of the Ten Clans. Their most notable feature is that their clan’s leader’s spiritual powers are quite strong; this plays an important part in finding monuments and predicting the course of many important events.” Long ChangXiaoxiao explained to JinYu.

“The fellow in front of you is Ling Chong . In the White Spirit Monkey Clan, he’s said to be the most inspirational one in this generation. It’s said that when he was born, the spirit trees of the White Spirit Monkey Clan were blooming and full of fruit. Moreover, when he got lost at ten, he found a rare A ranked beast, a golden-eyed monkey that was the most inspirational and strongest beast.” Long ChangXiaoxiao couldn’t help but bow his head at the boy in front of him. He really didn’t want to talk this guy up. “However, don’t think he’s all that great. In fact, this fellow is a famous blabbermouth in the Ten Clans so he’s quite a bad character. So you should just ignore him.”

Long ChangXiaoxiao spit out all this information with some difficulty. JinYu made sure to observe the spiritual staff and nodded his head.

“You know now. Let’s leave.” Generally speaking, the spiritual staff was not a good thing. Although the little golden monkey was cute, it was better to leave for the sake of his shop’s harmony since it and Xiao Bao had been having a stare-off for quite some time.

“Ah ah ah! Long ChangXiaoxiao how could you do this? I am your and that unscrupulous doctor Jin Qian’s junior! How can you treat your friends like this?!”

Ling Chong knew that Long ChangXiaoxiao’s key point was that JinYu had to leave, and he would bring Qi QingLin with him. So, a certain fellow squatting on the rooftop was in quite a hurry.

Of course, if this guy just didn’t speak, that would be the best. With a single word, he would step on Old Long’s foot until he twisted in pain. In a flash, Long ChangXiao turned around and saw that a certain Big Boss Qi was staring at him with cold eyes. “What kind of junior can sit around and do nothing all day and just say that I’ll be unlucky if I’ll be and how I’ll lose money and how I’ll be forced to study?! Can this guy prevent my misfortune by just sitting around and causing a ruckus every day?! Even, more! What kind of junior intentionally gives me the wrong information when I’m questioning my fate? This information cost me my life!! You fucking asshole! I’m seriously wondering why Jin Qian didn’t just stab you to death.”


Due to Long ChangXiao’s frank words, the whole of Southern Sky Gate was silent. Even JinYu and Qi QingLin squatting on the nearby pillar and looked at Ling Chong with mouths open. Wu Ying finally felt like he had released a great mental burden, at least he was better than a certain young dragon that had been wronged many times. At most he was dressed by this guy once and stopped an assassination for him. It seemed like he was trapped because of his villain’s heart but, but!! You fucking look at Young Long’s tears and history, you’ll know that that fellow can’t have any spiritual powers! Not listening to this fellow was the most natural choice so he wouldn’t die!”

“Hehe……. what’s that. Long ChangXiao, you can’t say these kinds of things about me.” Ling Chong looked at the bystanders, his face unchanging. He carefully explained, “Heaven forbid that this guy reveals that this guy is our ancestor! If you disobey our ancestor, you’ll be struck by lightning!”

“Oh~ Then do you tell Long Changxiao the wrong information every day and turn around to tell me the truth. And, afterwards, get me to cause a ruckus with you? Isn’t this enough to be struck?”

From far away, a voice with a hint of playfulness and contempt sounded out. JinYu watched the unscrupulous doctor wave excitedly at him. As far as the current situation went, it wasn’t necessary for the master to ask Ling Chong to prophesize and divine. Just from these people, he could confidently conclude that the Southern Trade Conference would! Not! Be! Peaceful!


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