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Chapter 12: The Dust Settles Down

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Huo Nai applauded him.

Countless people watching the live broadcast on STAR Net gave Xie Yan a reward, and the special effects of the reward almost killed the studio.

All the people were shocked by Xie Yan’s words, and it was so quiet, a pin could fall down at the scene and everyone could hear it. Therefore, Huo Nai’s applause sounded so harsh. It was more like a slap in the face, hitting the conservative people who argued for their own interests. The Chefs Association, from Bai Juan to the other judges, turned pale. Bai Juan pointed to Xie Yan and said, “You, you won’t be able to enter the Chefs Association in your life!”

“Thank you. I didn’t want to join from beginning to end.” Xie Yan replied politely.

He was an actor. Why would he want to join the Chefs Association?

Xie Yan also didn’t like joining any organizations. He was so tired. He just wanted to be a saltfish.

Qiao Jiaze’s face changed, too. He felt like being the winner was a hot potato and wanted to throw it out. What Xie Yan said just now, he began to feel it was very harsh, thinking that he didn’t know the height of the Earth. What was the place of the Imperial Cuisine College, the Chefs Association? Did he need to offend the Chefs Association? Didn’t he want to have a higher achievement in the future?

But he was shaken by Xie Yan’s words.

Thinking about it, was this really normal? Was it really reasonable? The existence of the Chefs Association was due to the birth of the age of extinction, and then it continued to exist in modern times, becoming an absolute monopoly. It’s existence, while sometimes reasonable, was not all that reasonable. He took it for granted, and now that he realized it, he couldn’t even say anything. He heard what Xie Yan said when he didn’t dare to say it and did what he didn’t dare to do.

Now that he won the championship, was it worth it?

Xie Yan had long been the uncrowned king.

No one was looking at him as a champion. Everyone was looking at Xie Yan.

Xie Yan walked over to Huo Nai.

“Are you okay?” Huo Nai asked with concern.

Xie Yan shook his head. “It’s a pity that the pot has been boiling for such a long time. It’s sad that you can’t taste it.” He quickly sneered, “But they touched that pot, and I’m disgusted after eating with them.”

“It doesn’t matter. We have plenty of time in the future,” Huo Nai comforted him.

“No, I’ve worked so hard for so long to make things cheaper for these guys.” Xie Yan was stubborn. He looked into the snow. “Can I take my unused butter pot away, please?”

He cooked a full pot, which was not enough to use all of it. The hot pot seasoning would solidify into a block after cooling. At this time, he could cut it with a knife and put it into a box separately. When eating each time, he could make soup with bone soup. Put a piece in it, and it would be delicious. His finished product was five kilograms, and he could eat it many times, and it was very convenient.

Xue Li was stunned for a while, and he was thinking about how to answer him. The nearby Bai Juan facial expression was very not good-looking as he said, “You, where do you think you have the right to take things back?”

“If I remember correctly, there is no rule forbidding candidates to bring back their finished products?” Xie Yan had read the rules and regulations of the competitions. He had always been cautious. This was a habit of being an actor and now this habit helped him.

Bai Juan looked at Xie Yan and said nothing. He was actually thinking about how to deal with Xie Yan.

Today, they changed their course of study because of the news from the senior members of the Imperial Cuisine College and Chefs Association. The message didn’t say that Xie Yan couldn’t be first, but it directly gave a piece of negative content about the hotpot. They all worked together. Everyone knew that this meant using Xie Yan to make a negative investigation on the hotpot and kick him out of the door.

Bai Juan had been in the Chefs Association for a long time and was familiar with the style of the people in the Chefs Association. The stigmatization of the hot pot was just the beginning. Seizing this opportunity, the Chefs Association could fight against the current Mr. Queen.

Bai Juan didn’t understand why they were so active before, but seeing Xie Yan’s appeal in STAR Net, if they didn’t strangle his influence in its infancy, maybe one day, in the future, he would shake the authority of the Chefs Association. This was unacceptable to the Chefs Association. Bai Juan liked Xie Yan’s hot pot very much, but for his future, he could only sweep Xie Yan out of the door.

“These materials are prepared by the organizer. As a chef, there is no reason you need to take them away, right?” Bai Juan felt that he didn’t know how to praise him and wanted to be unhappy with him.

“I’ll pay the head office!” Xie Yan blurted out, thinking, ‘I’ve worked hard to make it cheaper for you, but I’m not leaving it!’

Then he remembered one thing: My account seems to have only four coins left.

Looking at Huo Nai, he thought that it was his fault that he was forced to fail!

Huo Nai and his line of sight were aligned. At first, he failed to parse out the information contained in this look. All of a sudden, he thought, ‘I don’t know what to do,’ and then got up.

Xie Yan slowly put his eyes back on Xue Li, and Huo Nai asked, “How much is it? I’ll pay.”

Xie Yan pulled Huo Nai’s arm and let him bend down, smiled and whispered in his ear, biting his teeth and saying, “Now, right now, give it to me, get it, money…”

The word ‘money’ gave Huo Nai a clue. He understood the complex feelings in Xie Yan’s eyes just now, and took time to think about Xie Yan’s attitude at this time. He couldn’t help laughing.

From the perspective of onlookers, he naturally knew how many viewers gave Xie Yan a reward. They could not only go back, but also had enough money to travel around the galaxy.

Xie Yan looked at Huo Nai’s smile and couldn’t help but pinch his waist: still smile, still smile!

Don’t you see that his pretending power was almost broken?

Xue Li was not a person sandwiched between the two. He was very dissatisfied with the judges of the Chefs Association. As the person in charge, he was very satisfied with what Xie Yan did. This kind of hot taste was just what the Snow Sea planet lacked. People here lived in the ice and snow all year round and they had a cold temperament and needed to find something hot to neutralize it, but they had never found it.

But this time, Xie Yan gave them a very good answer.

What Qiao Jiaze had made was just an improved version of the food from Xiang Xue Hai restaurant, which was not innovative. Xue Li’s heart was not touched at all. He was thinking that no matter what Xie Yan did after the game, he would talk to him about a cooperation.

As a result, the zero point operation really hit his face and flashed his waist.

He never thought that the Chefs Association had come to such an operation. Did those people’s brains get kicked by donkeys? How could he not talk about cooperation? Obviously, the Chefs Association would card the qualifications of hotpot. Without qualifications, hotpot would not reach the public. It was possible to engage in a private business, but there was no way to sell it in a hotel.

Food was such a simple thing, but he had to show his attitude.

Xue Li really wanted to drag out the snowball machine and throw snowballs out to kill these people. He cleared his throat.

Huo Nai leaned close to Xie Yan’s ear.

Xie Yan’s ears immediately turned red, and he felt the warmth of his auricles. He blinked unconsciously, his eyelashes fluttered, and his voice was like a paper tiger pretending to be tough, “Just talk, why are you so close?”

“Don’t worry, we have money.”

He had a deep, unfeminine voice with a smile on his voice, which made him extremely happy.

Xie Yan’s eyes suddenly widened and turned to ask him, “Really?”

They were so close that Xie Yan’s soft lips rubbed against Huo Nai’s cheek, and his heart seemed to be tickled with feathers.

“Where did it come from?” Xie Yan asked in a silent voice.

Huo Nai watched his lips pull back, his teeth were white and his tongue was soft. Strangely, he didn’t think Xie Yan was good-looking before. Now, he looked very beautiful. He unconsciously adjusted his mind and whispered, “Your fans gave a few rewards.”

Xie Yan immediately had the confidence, and he showed a ‘I am super fierce’ momentum.

“Although it’s something prepared by the hotel, it’s not expensive. Mr. Queen wants to take it away. He may as well take it away.” Xue Li said with a smile, “When they came to Snow Sea, they are all guests.” He said this as he was looking at the hot pot and his eyes were very reluctant.

Xie Yan knew that Xue Li wanted to eat it, but now it was out of his reach. It would be difficult to open. However, as soon as this sentence was said, the tendency was very obvious. This person is obviously standing on his side. But it was hard for individuals to bear the pressure of organizations, but it was not easy to do that. Thinking of this, Xie Yan said, “I’ll pay for it, or I’ll be talked about behind my back, and I’ll eat in a hurry.”

Xue Li’s heart was relieved and quickly said, “Okay, I’ll let someone pack it for you.”

Xie Yan naturally and generously opened his live backstage and settled things with the reward money. Although it cost a lot of money, he was very happy!

Account balance: 683,459,999.

As the numbers continued to jump on the Internet, Xie Yan felt more comfortable.

Bai Juan, “…” He had on a rather wordless expression.

When the outcome was like this, Xie Yan didn’t care about the follow-up, let alone Bai Juan.

Now that it was over, what could he say? There were always different roads to travel. 

Only a part of the processed food was used. The rest was still fresh in the machine. Xue Li had people pack it in a mobile fresh cabinet, layer by layer. The butter had congealed into a piece. Xie Yan cut it out with a knife and put it into a box. He also gave Xue Li some of the sauce, “You can keep these things. It’s not difficult to make them. You can taste them by yourself at that time.”

Xue Li was a little surprised. After thinking about it, he took it, “Thank you. I hope I can cooperate with you in the future.”

This made Xie Yan feel comfortable and said, “If there’s a chance.”

Xie Yan didn’t want to stay here to have more troubles, so he bought a ticket for Huo Nai and the two people took the earliest spaceship to return to the planet of Murdo. It took such a long time to leave. To be honest, Xie Yan felt a little upset. What a waste of time, and a waste of energy. But at least he got a lot of fans.

After the reward money was divided, there was still more than six hundred million! It was just a rocket— oh, no faster than the speed of a rocket, the speed of his wealth was wonderful.

Xie Yan didn’t become a billionaire in his last life, and he didn’t expect to achieve this wish in this life especially in a way he didn’t expect. Xie Yan was so happy that he said to Huo Nai, “It’s a loss but also a gain.”

HuoNai had question marks all over his face, “What do you mean?”

Alas… all evil cultural estrangements required translation.

Xie Yan, “It means being blessed by misfortune.”

Huo Nai’s expression was a little serious, “I’m afraid the Chefs Association won’t stop now.”

Xie Yan sighed and looked out of the window at the gateway. “I can’t hide. Why are you so afraid?”

He knew that his identity was actually hidden thunder, which may explode at some time. Because of this, he didn’t go back to his old job, but chose to be a blogger who didn’t show his face. But this time, in order to show his position, this may have to be his last appearance.

“Do you think the Chefs Association will do something? For example, find a bounty hunter to kill me and disguise it as an accident.” Xie Yan gave full play to the imagination of an actor.

As soon as this sentence came to an end, several pieces of memory flashed in Huo Nai’s mind. Those pieces of light were fleeting and could not be grasped quickly.

Assassination, disguised as an accident? Was this related to his past?

There was a painful assault on his brain. 

It was like someone stabbed a knife in his temple, stirring it maliciously. Compared with the pain of physical injury, his mental pain was more painful than the delay. He clenched his teeth and felt his temples jump, his eyes went bloodshot and he almost fell unconscious.

His hand seemed to grasp out for his last life-saving straw, tightly holding it, and never intending on letting go.

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Was it a trigger? Will his memories come back? They are now going back to the planet. Will it be as they left it? I’m just curious why no one is looking for the prince? I mean he is the crown prince and he suddenly went missing.

I actually want to see what the Chefs Association will do. Trolling? Banning? Hindering on-line orders of ingredients? I just hope Queen’s fans aren’t idiots.

I so want to see some development between Huo Nai and Xie Yan. There are hints but…

Thank you for the chapter!

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I hope that Food Ass ends up regretting their cheating, foul play.
Xie Yan is Huo Nai’s life-saving straw.
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