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Chapter 97: Want to go home.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Dewitt’s words were heard in the banquet hall, like the mighty bell at the end of the war, in the ears of everyone present and sent to every corner of Assyria.

Tiger King’s paw pressed gently on the ground, and his nose seemed to hesitate a little. He looked at Dewitt’s dim blue eyes and Wen Jin standing not far away.

Despite the change in appearance, he could distinguish Wen Jin’s smell. Several of the beasts around him who had seen Wen Jin were also clearly distinguished him. One of the beasts beside Wen Jin approached him with an ecstatic face. After discovering that Wen Jin had no intention of resisting, he even dared to rub gently on his arm.

Tiger King breathed in.

If Wen Jin showed himself at this time, or gave off the pressure that he had previously exerted at the institute, they would, by instinct, agree with all Dewitt’s demands minute by minute, and at least immediately change their position and the Assyrians’ standing on the United Front would be affirmative.

But Wen Jin cleaned everything up, and there was no threat except the pleasant warm aura.

Tiger King looked around, and there was a little whimper from the beasts around him. In the distance, the little beast, which had lain motionless beside Mullen ten minutes ago, also stood up and twisted its head in the direction of Tiger King as if unintelligibly.

For the first time, the atmosphere in the stadium was so calm, perhaps because Dewitt’s appearance made people find the main bone, or because the constraints of JU and Karst eased their anxiety and fear slightly. So they could gradually calm down, see the scene clearly, listen to Dewitt’s words clearly, and all eyes fell on Tiger King.

And the eyes that fall on Tiger King were far more than the banquet hall.

[Clean history! Listen to the appeal! Really, this time all of us have seen it! There’s absolutely no post-mortem appeasement!]

[Ah, just now my heart was going to burst out. The Marshal came out instantly like the main bone, clean history + 1! I also want to share this responsibility with the Marshal. It has been recorded!]

[What happened to the ice cone that suddenly appeared? And the man who suddenly appeared across the sky, the one that Marshal held in the live broadcast before?]

[… Marshal didn’t bring his fox. It’s unusual. I think the speculation that the young man is the fox is getting more and more true.]

[Stop all gossip at this time. How about dividing the occasions? Hope the beasts will agree! And although JU and Karst are under control, the Uttars behind them haven’t done anything yet. They don’t dare to do it. They’re sure to be well prepared. I hope the Marshal will be careful —!!]

Almost in response to this comment, the escort, which had disappeared for nearly twenty minutes, stepped into the banquet hall, and handily controlled all the Uttars in the place. Seeing this scene, the people in the banquet hall were unexpectedly relieved.

This was the territory of Assyria in any case, as long as the Uttars were under control, then they only needed to get a response from the beasts, and everything had the hope of getting back on track.

At least that’s what everyone here thought.

Even Wen Jin guessed that at first.

But as Dewitt’s escort entered the arena to control the Uttar crowd, the wind poured through the reopened door whipped a strange auralike that of the arena, which made him frown.

It was not very pleasant.

Wen Jin’s mind came up with this idea, while turning his head to JU, his face flashed with a trace of suspicion, at the same time, the existence of that idea became more and more intense. Although he did seem to have a heavy hand at that time, it would not have kept this guy still for half a day, would it?

“Dewitt.” Wen Jin, who did not think this intuition should be neglected, frowned and his eyes fell on Dewitt. Just as he was trying to say something, his eyes suddenly stared at him. Then he rushed forward with a vigorous step and put his hand over Dewitt’s neck.

Dewitt noticed something wrong at the moment when Wen Jin rushed up. Something flashed in front of him. He quickly released Karst. When Wen Jin rushed up, Dewitt unconsciously reached out and took hold of Wen Jin for several steps.

But even so, it was too late.

The people who had seen what was happening screamed, Dewitt frowned, pulled Wen Jin back several steps, and then pulled him behind him.

“…” Looking at the red dots on the back of Wen Jin’s hand and the black things on the neck of Karst not far away, Dewitt’s face darkened.

“It’s all right.” Wen Jin tried to pull his hand away. “I didn’t notice it.”

Previously in the scientific research institute, he could directly smell the odor of the Zerg, not only him, but also Mary was very sensitive to the odor of the Zerg…

Wen Jin looked at Karst in the middle of the room. Now the smell of the Zergs on the man was not much different from before, but why did he not notice it until just now?

As Wen Jin pondered, an Uttar behind JU seemed to prove to them that it wasn’t a dream when a bug suddenly appeared around the neck of Karst. In the eyes of everyone, clothes on the body softened, like Cohen and the researchers at the Academy of Sciences before, into a local zerg. It was difficult to calm down in the hall, because of this change, it was on the verge of collapse again.

“Ah ah ah! The Zerg! The Zerg!”

“How did the Uttar get together with the Zerg, that, what’s that on that man’s neck -“

“God, God, those Zergs are moving toward them -!”

Move on to those who were under the pressure of the beasts!

[Not only did the Uttar people find the beasts, but they also joined the Zerg?]

[Uttars and worms?]

[When Zergs appeared in the scientific research institute, I thought they were lying! The Uttar people may have been hooking up with Zergs. What’s the situation now? Why is it so scary? What do the Uttar have to do with worms?’]

The scene and the barrage online were stirring at the same time, and Dewitt had taken Wen Jin to the back of the venue, blocked Wen Jin behind him, and cast an inquiring look at him.

“It’s all right.” Wen Jin knew what he wanted to ask and shook his head. “It will be all right in a minute. Their toxins won’t hurt me.”

Although the toxin might not have harmed Dewitt, who had been detoxified once, Wen Jin did not want to see the Zerg coming out of the mother’s Zerg and rushing to Dewitt’s neck.

Dewitt did not speak. He took Wen Jin’s hand and kissed it gently. Then he gave Eve a sidelong look. Finally, he looked at JU with some viciousness.

The latter then sat up from the floor in the corner and gave him a very large smile. “It’s a big gift. We’ve been preparing it for a long time, just to give to you Assyrians, Marshal. Should we look a little better when we receive it?”

Dewitt did not speak as he watched the foolish Zerg and the guests who were still under the claws of the beasts.

On the other hand, Wen Jin shook off his injured paw and looked at JU. “You just can’t stand his good-looking face.”

JU’s eyes darkened.

“Even he has been parasitized by the Zerg, so what is the relationship between you Uttar and the Zerg?” Wen Jin looked at JU and asked curiously, “Wash Assyria with blood? Is that to allow and tolerate the Zerg to enter the bodies of everyone around you?” Wen Jin paused, and then seemed to understand something. “No, you brought people like this, the real people in Uttar-“

“What do you understand?” Without waiting for Wen Jin to finish, JU interrupted him coldly. “Do you understand that our nation, after being forced to leave Assyria thousands of years ago, has returned to this land and to this homeland has become our unswerving goal?”

Wen Jin did not speak. He looked at JU, and then thought of his words. His eyes flashed towards Karst and he squinted. He knew why he didn’t smell it before.

Humans controlled by the Zerg had never had their own emotions, and in Karst they were – –

They had just been vaccinated.

At the moment he was held by Dewitt, he injected a mother worm into his body.

“It’s you Assyrians who expelled us from this land. It’s you Assyrians who won’t allow us to return to this land. It’s you Assyrians who took everything from us.” JU yelled. Half of his face began to fall apart, like a torn mask. It was terrible. “No.” JU’s words have not yet been finished. The first time the Tiger King spoke before, he pressed his paw lightly on the ground, and then there was an extremely small deflection of his body.

This small deflection had dramatically changed the momentum and position of the beasts present.

“Thousands of years ago, it was not the Assyrians or our ancestors who drove you out of this land.” Tiger King’s voice was a bit hoarse. He seemed to not be accustomed to the language of Assyria. Except for the ancient ancestral precepts, he had some difficulty in speaking. So the latter part of this sentence was said by Chen Xiong standing in the meeting room.

Seeing the latter take step by step to the center of the hall, and then stand in front of everyone, Chen Xiong turned into his human appearance in front of others.

“Shut up.” The half face of the JU was covered with worms, his pupils expanded to the extreme, and his whole face was distorted.

“Assyria is your enemy, but no one has ever thought of expelling you. Assyria and the beasts at that time did not even know the existence of the Uttar. It’s the Uttars themselves who knew that the environment of the neighboring stars were more suitable for the cultivation of your blood-”

“Shut up!”

“You set out to become stronger, to conquer Assyrians and beasts.” Across the universe, to another planet, where they lived for hundreds of years, hoping to return one day, but finally found that it was not the best breeding ground for their races. So they wanted to come back.

Returning to this homeland and telling their ancestors who had traveled mountains and rivers thousands of years ago and spent a lot of hardship, the end of their journey was not an oasis that could make people laugh and laugh.

“We want to go home.”

The three words uttered by the Uttar in the Ministry of Military Affairs in a vague state summed up Uttar’s longing for thousands of years. Eventually, on a planet where they had been reduced to ruins and crawled by Zergs, lamentations rolled up.

“Howl–!” The body of JU was detonated in the banquet venue, and a large Zerg King surpassed all the size of the mothers they had seen before squeezed out of the body of JU bit by bit, revealing its fierce and ugly body.

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December 11, 2019 2:14 pm

Eew. That’s kind of gross but also badass.

December 11, 2019 7:05 pm

Being defeated, of course they wanted to liberate themselves and left the planet for a seemingly better place. Even if they are in the wrong and they are crazy and evil, somehow I feel sorry for JU, seems like he sacrificed himself in order to reach the goal of his nation.

December 11, 2019 8:25 pm

Ewww, disgusting. Dewit, please just freaking freeze this sh*t instantly..
.euugh, I want to vomit imagining the transformation. It’s sure a grotesque one.

December 11, 2019 10:24 pm

So you Uttars don’t want to face the truth and accept the consequences of your own bad choice? To bad, so sad.
Hello… Pest control? We have a huge bug invasion here, can you please come and eradicate them? Fire, ice, insecticides everything goes.

Thank you for the chapter!

Dummy dum
Dummy dum
May 24, 2022 6:58 am

Wen Jin : The fak you shouting sis. Im not from asyrian the fak

December 2, 2022 9:09 am

Ordinary Uttar people will have been deceived and lied to, just as Assyrians have been ~ whether out of good intentions or bad, the result is the same. I feel for those Uttar people though; what they’ve been subjected to ~ now controlled by the Zerg.
Can WJ defeat all these Zerg? I assume so, but with so many others around them he has to avoid hurting, it won’t be easy!
Thanks for translating and editing.

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