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Chapter 15: Finding Zhu Que

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Xie Yan still remembered the sense of oppression that came from the behemoth when it was falling from above, then it became smaller and finally disappeared. He told the situation to Huo Nai as he saw its original form. He watched as Huo Nai’s brow furrowed, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I always think I’ve forgotten something important, but I can’t remember what it is.” Huo Nai said frankly.

Xie Yan blurted out, “Is it about the name Zhu Que you called out that day?”

“Zhu Que?” Ho Nai’s eyes gradually became clear, “Yes! How could I forget it? It saved me. It should have fallen into Murdo with me.”

“So that giant is a robot? But only your lifeboat fell into the pool.”

“It should be because it had exhausted all of its energy, and will only be its core.” Huo Nai remembered this part.

Xie Yan had a bad hunch, “Core? How big would it be?”

“It’s the size of a bracelet. The things inlaid on it are like jewels and shiny.” Huo Nai slowly breathed out a breath and recalled the description in his memory.

Xie Yan wanted to turn his eyes around and close them.

How was he supposed to find it?!

Zhu Que, who was the one they were looking for, was still in the nest with the birds.

That’s right, Huo Nai hadn’t come to find him even after such a long time. The bird not only courted successfully but also laid an egg with his wife. The baby bird broke open its shell and could talk. He opened his mouth and asked for feeding. Zhu Que decided to wait for the signal to be fixed and replaced his homepage with a sentence, [Dad is dead, please come to my family!]

Xie Yan and Huo Nai were at the river. However, after such a long time, besides the rescue capsule still by the river, other searches came up with nothing.

Xie Yan suddenly thought, “Could it have fallen into the river and swallowed by a fish or a tortoise?”

Huo Nai: “……” His face was black.

Xie Yan saw his face and blinked, “Well, we have a meal from eight to eleven every morning, another one from one to six in the afternoon before the sun goes down. Besides here, look in the woods. Since you say that the bracelet is shiny, maybe some birds liked it and it was taken away.”

That was an even bigger range. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

Huo Nai nodded and knew that even if he was in a hurry, he could only look carefully. He looked at Xie Yan and said, “If you feel tired, you can go back and don’t have to accompany me.”

“What are you going to do? It’s not time to go back.” There was no reason why Huo Nai needed help here, he should stay out of the business but he said, “Let’s find it together. With two people, it’ll be more efficient.”

In the evening, he went back to deal with the cattle. The bull weighed several hundred jin, which was a big project. This time, Huo Nai became his powerful assistant.

Putting all kinds of things from different categories, Xie Yan took out a piece of beef tenderloin and prepared to make beef with Pleurotus Eryngii (King trumpet mushroom) stew.

The beef tenderloin and the mushrooms were cut into squares. To improve the color and flavor, Xie Yan cut two red and two green peppers, garlic slices and ginger slices for later use. Adding rice grains to the mushrooms and beef, he then added salt and pepper to the beef to marinate it for flavor.

He fried the mushrooms with hot oil until they were golden on the surface, and then fished them out for later use. Then, he fried the beef in the oil quickly. After the color changed, he took it out and stir-fried the ginger and garlic and when the smell changed, he added the fried beef and mushrooms into the pot. He added cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, oil and pepper, and then stirred them evenly. A delicious dish was born. 2 He shredded the bamboo shoots, marinated the shreds with salt for twenty minutes, removed the water, added sugar and vinegar for the cold sauce. If the taste was heavy, he could cut dried chili into shreds and put them in. The taste was fresh, delicious and light.

With two dishes, Xie Yan ate two bowls of rice in one breath and couldn’t walk.

The comments were making fun of Xie Yan.

【I’m exhausted. I’ll eat more.】

【It’s not easy to be a blogger. You have to work hard all day to find something to eat.】

【It’s not easy for us to be the audience. Every day, we are given a show, can smell it but cannot eat. Sooner or later, I’m going to die greedily on the live broadcast network.】

【I really want to steal the blogger.】

【Queue to steal the blogger + 1】

The two usually stayed in the hall for a while after dinner, each doing his own thing, not talking. They could only hear each other’s quiet breathing, but it was reassuring.

There were many books in the villa. They were still paper books, but the authors were ones Xie Yan didn’t know. He was reading  but occasionally, his eyes would move away from the book and glance at Huo Nai.

Huo Nai was using STAR Net to look up things. Because it was on anti peeping mode, Xie Yan didn’t know what he was looking at. He seemed to be paralyzed, just browsing through information. His eyes followed a certain rhythm, and occasionally paused. Xie Yan judged that he was pausing on important information and was pondering.

The vase in the living room contained the flower arrangement Huo Nai had made, which brought a different vitality to the villa. They had been together for more than a month since Xie Yan came to the world, and soon after Huo Nai fell from the sky. Huo Nai had a high demand for life, but could also quickly accept the test brought on by different environments. He had style, but also pride.

From the perspective of appreciation and courtship, Huo Nai was Xie Yan’s cup of tea. But he knew that he could not have this cup of tea forever. Amnesia allowed the two of them to get along peacefully. After his memory was restored, Huo Nai would probably return to the world he was familiar with.

Just like if he could choose, Xie Yan would definitely return to the familiar Earth.

… But this didn’t prevent him from tasting the tea.

That’s what Xie Yan thought.

“Good night.” He closed the book and went back to his room.

“Good night.” Huo Nai echoed.

For half a month, they left early and returned late. They searched during the day, but still found nothing.

Xie Yan didn’t know if it was because he was going out too often but he was tired. He felt weak and had a fever all over his body. He often felt as if his hands and legs had gone numb. He thought it was because it was summer and he accidentally got heatstroke.

But it was not like that. The dizzy Xie Yan thought to himself, ‘Why? I’ve worked so hard to keep fit, and I’m still weak like a ghost.’

What a waste of space.

Xie Yan did not explain this to Huo Nai. He didn’t grow up in this world. Even if he tried to understand it, he still had areas that his tentacles couldn’t reach.

This situation was an early warning sign for the onset of estrus, a sign of impending estrus. In general, Omegas would perceive their upcoming estrus two to three hours in advance, and then quickly go to the nearest Omega shelter for help. The stronger the genes an Omega had, the earlier the perception time was, which was considered as an alarm mechanism by scientists. Because the stronger the genes in the Omega, the larger the impact range, the more serious the consequences were.

Xie Yan had no experience and knew nothing about it.

That afternoon, Xie Yan found a place in the forest. Every time they went to a place, the two of them would divide the area, get close to each other and call out to each other. Xie Yan heard the birds.

In recent days, eating happened like they were on a picnic, with things heated to eat. Xie Yan’s eyes brightened when he heard the birds chirping. If there was a bird calling, maybe there was an egg. He was close to the tree, and the low chirp was clearly a chick.

It had hatched. Xie Yan felt sorry. No matter how delicious it would be, he wouldn’t eat babies.

It was better to eat it after fattening up. Then it would better to steam and boil it in a soup.

Just about to search somewhere else, he heard the voice of a very light person. The voice was dying, just like if he had gone a few days and nights without food, and it was constantly calling for help, very miserable.

But the sound was not from the ground, but from…above.

Xie Yan: “?”

He looked up to find the source of the sound. There was only the chirp of the young birds and the sound of the insects in the woods, which was very special. Although it was very quiet, this time he heard what the voice was saying.

It was singing, but the lyrics were a little indescribable, and didn’t make sense, “The only little Zhu Que in the world. Lovely, capable and good-looking. Why do you think I fell here? It’s not because of the lucky master. He is ugly, stupid and awful. He doesn’t come for me. Let me be hit by the wind, rain and the sun… “

Xie Yan was afraid the owner of the voice was stupid.


The author has something to say:

Xie Yan: How can I eat babies?

Audience: This man is so kind!

Xie Yan: Pigeons, birds and so on are too small. It’d be better to eat them after I get them fattened up.

The audience said: Are you listening to this, is this a human?

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Translator Notes:

  1. beef-with-mushrooms-17.jpg [/en_note]

    Loquats, beef, and mushrooms tasted smooth and light. They had a strong smell of stir-fried earth. After frying, the surface was crispy and golden, and the taste of the pepper had a unique flavor. The charred layer on the surface, after being opened by teeth, had a sense of flavors blasting in one’s mouth. The meat from the beef tenderloin was the most delicate, dense and chewy than that of pork. The slightly spicy taste stimulated the mouth to continuously secrete saliva so that one wouldn’t be able to stop moving their chopsticks.

    For the other dish, he made shredded bamboo shoots with cold sauce. 1shredded bamboo shoots with cold sauce.jpg 



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Soon we’ll have a situation here! I wonder how the only Alpha in the vicinity will react. But! if Xie Yan has these warning signs this early this means his new body’s genes are really strong.

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If only he’d read up on estrus just in case 🤦‍♀️ Thank goodness Murdo is uninhabited, apart from Huo Nai… this will be interesting 😏
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