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Chapter 14: The King Asked Me to Patrol the Mountain

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

After a spring rain, the vigorous vitality made the mountains and forests green again, and many delicious things grew. This time, Xie Yan was not polite to Huo Nai. They carried a bamboo basket and went up the mountain with tools.

It was not the same path as the last time. It was not the same as before. Xie Yan saw a tree with yellow fruits and rushed up to it happily, “Loquats!” 1

“Pay attention to the road!” Huo Nai couldn’t help it. He grabbed Xie Yan’s wrist and didn’t let him run so fast. There were many things in the forest. If there was a viper, it was useless even if Xie Yan was brave enough — a viper’s speed was too fast.

Xie Yan was caught by the wrist, and knowing that he was too aggressive, he slowed down honestly.

“Loquats are sour and sweet. They can be boiled into loquat cream with loquat leaves. It also has the effect of clearing away fevers and relieving coughs.” Xie Yan gave him the popularized science fact to let him know why he was so happy just now.

He picked several loquats, skilfully peeled them and bit down on their flesh. The loquat skin was thin and the inside full of flesh. There was no sourness in the bite. Everything that touched his lips and teeth was delicious, sour and sweet. It was very thirst quenching.

“Here, have a taste.”

Huo Nai didn’t move and just simply watched him eat. He knew very little about skinning. At first sight, he knew that he was not as skilled as Xie Yan was, and he would not look as good eating it.

Xie Yan threw his food aside, picked another one, peeled it and handed it to Huo Nai, “Here.”

HuoNai paused, took a look at him and took a bite. His biting action was very deep. His teeth rubbed against Xie Yan’s fingers through a layer of the peel. Xie Yan’s cerebral cortex was numb, and he resisted the urge to curl up his fingers. He didn’t know why he felt some heat flare up on his face.

“Un, it’s delicious.” Huo Nai nodded.

They were close together, breathing together.

Huo Nai’s eyes fell on the side of Xie Yan’s neck, which was long and thin, with fair skin. It seemed to have a fatal attraction.

What’s the matter with me? Huo Nai couldn’t help thinking that he shouldn’t see the the side of Xie Yan’s neck as tantalizing since he was also an Alpha and there would be no glands there.

Xie Yan felt some danger. He stepped back and pulled apart. The feeling of being surrounded by a hungry wolf finally disappeared.

“Where’s your hand?” Xie Yan looked down and pinched his fingers.

Huo Nai gave him a performance of ‘you peel the loquat and only have the core left.’ His hands were full of juice, and then he looked at him innocently. So it became Xie Yan, who peeled loquats, and then they ate them one by one.

These days, there were employers who peeled fruits for bodyguards to eat. He was moved by his own thoughts. He walked through a lot of flowers, roses, lilies and wildflowers indifferently, all of which were gorgeous. There was only food in his eyes.

Down the mountain, Xie Yan spotted a big cow!

Lots of meat!

“Come on, take that cow back. We can eat it for many days.” Xie Yan was so greedy that he didn’t want to buy meat that he didn’t know how long it had been frozen for. He just wanted fresh meat.

Stewed Beef Brisket with tomatoes and potatoes, spicy beef, dried beef, beef blinds, tripe; he had arranged the fate of the cow clearly.

Huo Nai saw a bunch of light blue flowers behind him, like lilies, but not lilies. The inner core was white, and the petals were blue, which was very beautiful. He could not help but kneel down and pick several flowers, which were matched with other light colored flowers, to form a bunch.

Xie Yan looked back and saw the scene, “What are you doing?”

He took a look at the basket Huo Nai held, and found that this guy was really gaudy. There was nothing to eat in the basket but some flowers. He thought they were not partners in this.

“Just come.” Huo Nai’s action was not hurried, his tone was calm and self-confident, “Don’t worry, the cattle can’t escape.”

Xie Yan summoned the car, drove directly down the mountain, unloaded the bamboo basket and prepared to go to battle lightly.

The yellow bull saw the two people and ran. Its huge body was shaking the earth.

“Chase!” Xie Yan stormed through without thinking.

Huo Nai was shocked by his fearless meat eating spirit every time. He thought Xie Yan had a special skill of catching cattle. Who would have thought that Xie Yan would rush straight up, catch the horns and jump on his back. The cow jumped left and right, trying to shake off the man. Xie Yan lay on the back of the bull, his legs stuck in the creature’s neck, and he picked the bull’s nose.

Huo Nai: “……”

“Moo -” The bull was puffing hot air, enraged by this action. When it saw a tree in front of it, it decided to hit the trunk.

Huo Nai, in a cold sweat, exclaimed, “That’s dangerous!”

Xie Yan grabbed the horn of the bull, slid his body to the other side, hooked one foot on the back of the bull, and half hung the other foot in the air, slightly touching the ground. It looked breathtaking.

Xie Yan didn’t expect the cow to be so smart and strong. He felt the cold sweat on his back. But he had played many thrilling sports. Although the scene was unexpected, he soon thought that the bull could not run for a long time, and it would stop.

Seeing that it couldn’t get the person down, the bull didn’t try again after a failure and continued to run.

One of the reasons for man’s success in evolution was his endurance and wisdom. Xie Yan estimated that there were cattle ahead of him. This bull was accidentally left alone. If this bull was allowed to find a large group, it would be difficult to eat beef at that time.

Thinking of this, Xie Yan no longer hesitated, kicking one foot hard at the front leg of the cow.

In the high-speed running, the legs of the cattle were attacked and the body began shaking. It was at the end of its rope. Xie Yan was waiting for the second strike. Huo Nai had caught up with him and shouted, “Jump towards me!”

Xie Yan saw him at his side, and his eyes were firm.

Xie Yan reached for that outstretched hand.

Huo Nai grabbed Xie Yan off the back of the bull and put him on the ground. The other hand grabbed the tail of the bull and grunted in a low voice. The bull was dragged by him, then he kicked it on the leg and heard a click——

The cow now had a broken leg.

The yellow ox fell to the ground and could not help crying out. Huo Nai held the horns in both hands and turned in one direction. The cattle ascended to the sky.

Xie Yan’s heart was thumping, thinking that it was great he didn’t offend him. It really was great. He took a step forward, his eyes were full of Huo Nai, so he didn’t look at the road, stepped on a round stone, and directly slipped. He grunted in pain.

He now had an egg sized lump on his ankle, it was sprained.

I didn’t get hurt just now, but I sprained my foot. Xie Yan felt like this world had something out for him.

When Huo Nai finished solving the problem and looked back at him, he saw Xie Yan with a funny expression, “Are you hurt?”

There was some anxiety in his heart, and he felt something run out of control, but he couldn’t tell where that sense of loss came from. “Next time don’t do such a dangerous thing, do it according to your ability.”

Xie Yan was not convinced. Even if Huo Nai didn’t come, he wouldn’t have let go of the bull. Couldn’t he do it without Huo Nai? He was not a man with no strength. “I’ve measured my strength. I think I can do it.”

“But you’re still injured. What’s the matter with your foot?” Huo Nai pointedly asked.

“It’s just a sprain. I didn’t see the road just now.” Xie Yan insisted and didn’t want to admit that he was so weak. “Besides, I don’t always come to beg you for everything. I’m also a man. I can do these things, but I won’t do anything without you, alright? What do you think of me as?”

The sense of loss of control was stronger.

It was strange that Huo Nai almost missed Xie Yan’s words saying, “I’m a man, and I can do these things,” but he didn’t find anything wrong.

They put the cattle in the car, crossed the hill, started on their way home, and passed the river.

Xie Yan looked out of the window and said, “That’s where I found you.”

“Do you remember what happened?” Huo Nai asked, “Did you see anything…something special? “

The author has something to say:

Xie Yan: I can do anything for food!

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Translator Notes:

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Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
December 14, 2019 10:30 am

Wow! Xie Yan really is something! He can even ride a wild bull and do the flip! Nice! The wind of romance is starting to blow. 😊

December 14, 2019 7:16 pm

Wow! I really love Xie Tan. He’s very intelligent! 😍 Waiting for the next chapter😊

December 14, 2019 10:34 pm

Just now, did he… yes we have some development! Um, Xie Yan, you are an Omega, but fear not! You’ll have an amazing husba…, I mean, partner soon!

Thank you for the chapter!

December 15, 2019 3:07 am

Thanks for the chapter! Those are yummy, but only when cultivated correctly & taken of trees at the right time, so they can be sweet. Sadly too many producers have focused on making them bigger & those have so little taste I rarely buy them these days unless I can find small, natural looking ones. Fruits & vegetables used to taste so much better when I was a child, before scientists went crazy with all that genetic engineering to make fruits & veggies big, smooth looking, resistant to everything… & extremely vulnerable to illnesses & climate changes because of lack… Read more »

December 15, 2019 3:08 am

Also, did our crazy MC train for a rodeo?

December 26, 2019 4:42 am

Xie Yan is really suited for action movies. He probably doesn’t need a stunt double.

May 11, 2021 10:32 pm

XY worries me with his gung ho fearlessness of wild animals! *concerned*

Boars or cattle could easily kill you if you aren’t careful! Respect the danger, and you will be able to safely eat them. 😓

Sue R
Sue R
May 23, 2021 10:17 pm

Some logic was lost here, the cow is a big animal almost bigger than a car how come they can put the cow in the car?????

July 18, 2021 12:30 am

This story seems to backwards to me. We are just now getting cutesy details from the author about the two of them instead of it being towards the beginning of the story when they’re first living together. This sudden affection is seemingly out of no where because there is zero foundation between them. It is mindboggling…

September 20, 2021 2:29 am

The author certainly seems to like including unnecessarily painful and cruel descriptions of dispatching the food sources. This might be a foodie novel, but really? Not liking that aspect at all. Hoping it will not be a regular thing.
Hopefully they’ll go look at that place and find Zhu Que.
Thank you for translating and editing.

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