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Chapter 100: Here I am.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The ice lanes created by Wen Jin for people to escape had been attacked by the Zerg crazily since the moment they appeared. When they gathered together, they managed to drill a hole in the outer wall of the spiritual ice tunnel, but suddenly turned into a mass of ice because of the warm wave of millions of Zergs rushing in. Such treatment was available to every Zerg who rushed up, and the feeling that he had been unable to retain those guests gradually became very agitated.

It could not vent on Wen Jin, who had fled with his guests, so it focused its attention entirely on the two people who were still in the banquet hall. Its huge body successively pouring out more and more Zergs of different sizes, the Zergs quickly condensed into giant vines one after another in the banquet hall, waving madly at Cassey and Dewitt.

However, the so-called vine was only a state, when these Zergs really came close to the two people, they would immediately open the thin black wings in the air, scattered towards their bodies wrapped in black.

Both Dewitt and Cassey were careful to avoid such an attack. With the Zerg’s ability, once they covered a human body, even if only a small one, they could quickly pierce the skin and penetrate into the human body. Even if most of these Zergs were schistosomes that did not have the ability to transmit the virus to humans, it did not mean that they could be safely drilled into.

When a Zerg entered the human body, it would be filled with eggs in at most one day, but within thirty-six hours, the larvae would grow out of the human body. In other words, the more it drilled in, the faster and more it multiplied.

“Come on, it’s endless.” Cassey took two steps back after being hit by another vine, and his face showed some irritation.

He thought the Zerg’s were the most annoying. Sitting in the machine armor was okay, but if he take off the machine armor, and really used his ability, he did not have the power to condense into soil into stone, and could only block, so he was almost powerless when dealing with the Zerg. 

So the way they dealt with the Zerg on the field was that he pulled and Dewitt burned them with his fire ability.

In theory, such Zergs were very afraid of fire. At this moment, the floor of the banquet hall was full of burnt Zergs, but the number of Zergs in front of them had not decreased.

If it weren’t for the upholstery around him to remind him all the time, he would have forgotten that this wa Assyria. Cassey had to wonder if he was in the nest because of these endless Zergs.

“This is not the way to go on at all.” Cassey pressed anxiously on the energy stone in his arms, which was not enough, so he raised his wrist and frowned, “The backup hasn’t arrived yet?”

A fire burned the Zerg in the air, and Dewitt’s power enabled him to raise the temperature of the fire to the extreme, scorching the worms in minutes. The scorched worms were clearly dead, but the number remained unchanged.

These Zergs should not have enough supplies to emasse. Another group of Zerg corpses fell to the ground, and Dewitt frowned as he dealt with the next pile.

A sound came from Cassey’s terminal.

“Don’t report it, just tell me.” Cassey frowned and interrupted, then moved under his feet, quickly avoiding an attack from a vine. When he looked up, his eyes grew dim and he exchanged eyes with Dewitt.

No, there’s more and more.

The reason why these Zergs used to aggregate into vines to attack them was that the number was not enough, and the banquet hall was too large, and they dispersed in a way that was not conducive to attack. But now… It’s hard for them to find a large area without Zerg in the hall.

These Zergs had been scattered all over the banquet hall, and continued to increase. Sooner or later, the banquet hall would be completely filled by the zerg, and with so many Zergs, he and Dewitt were afraid that every minute they would be eroded within the residue.

“Yes! The wall outside the banquet hall has been crawled by the Zerg, the backup can not enter normally, repeat – “

“Run in?” Cassey interrupts anxiously before the other party finishes saying, “The support team has organic armor. Don’t tell me you can’t rush in with your fucking armor on.”

No way in.

Dewitt’s eyes darkened.

‘The wall is crawled by Zergs’ was a threat, and this threat was not to the backup team, but to them.

Although the Zerg were all-pervasive, Assyrian machine armor technology was mature enough to shuttle the universe of the machine armor naturally would not allow the Zerg to easily invade. If the Zerg wanted to pierce the shells of the machine armor, they also needed to spend enough effort.

But Assyrian architecture was not as strong as military armor. That is to say, as long as the backup team made a strong attack, the banquet hall would be drilled into in an instant by the Zerg, and then destroyed at once.

At that time, Dewitt and Cassey would be the ones in the most dangerous positions. 

They had not escaped from a collapsing building before, but if the rapidly narrow space after the collapse was sandwiched with the Zerg, the nature would be completely different.

After the initial impulse, Cassey gradually responded to this, glancing at Dewitt in amazement, and then saying, “No, they’re all outside too?”

The Zerg in the banquet hall had begun to grow more, but they were not yet full, so why were they now outside?

Cassey paused, and then suddenly remembered the bunch of Zergs that had gone after them. Then he stared at Dewitt. Didn’t they not only get more and more bugs in the field, but also start to catch more bugs out? How does this work? Does it breed on site?

At this time, a thin layer of corpses had been laid under their feet. Once again, Dewitt, driven back by the Zergs, stood steadily on the ground and looked at the rows of dead Zergs on the floor.

The Zergs seemed to have been burned thoroughly and dead, but if he looked carefully, he saw that the vertebrae of the Zergs was empty.

With a kick, the Zerg shells were kicked to Cassey’s feet. Cassey stared at the bugs for a long time. He had not seen the empty shells before, but at that time he thought it was because of the high temperature of Dewitt’s flame, which burned the interior directly. It was totally unexpected that–

“Split?” Cassey’s voice changed a little. “Can they split up?”

Dewitt’s eyes shook. “Yes.”

But it was still wrong.

In Professor Lin’s words, the Zerg itself was a circular chain. The king controls the mothers, the mothers control the infectious bodies, the infectious bodies control the schistosomes, and the schistosomes provide nutrition to the king. The king does not have too strong aggressive power except for the severe poisons, which consumes the schistosomes. Even if Dewitt and Cassey can be killed, the death of the schistosomes will go on to the early death of the king.

Did the King of Zergs rush into Assyria so deep that he could kill him and Cassey?


Just when Dewitt thought of something, a roar came out of the king’s body. The next second, the King opened his mouth to the extreme, and then a yellow, sticky liquid gushed out of it.

Cassey and Dewitt’s face changed instantly.

“Fuel!” After seeing the squirming liquid, Dewitt said decisively.


Netizens on the Star Net had no time to eat melon for Wen Jin’s horrifying “mother”, and were taken away by the scene in the banquet hall.

In fact, most of the cameras that were tracked live were accompanied by the evacuation of their owners from the hall, and a few could remain there. They were also damaged one after another under the fierce impact of the two sides.

The only camera that still huddled firmly in the corner could not capture the whole scene, but it still conveyed the intense atmosphere in the hall to the camera. When the yellow liquid appeared, all the audience and the two people in the hall changed their faces together.

[King’s egg?]

[Fuck, I have only seen this thing in textbooks, not to say that the Zerg treat this thing very precious, that is their next generation king. How come it sprayed it out so casually?]

[It’s disgusting! What does Marshal mean by fuel? Is he going to light the whole banquet hall, and how are they going to get out?]

[Yes, ability users can’t really assimilate with their powers. How can they come out when they are lit?]

[You may forget how terrible a king’s egg is. I think Marshal may want to burn it before it grows.]

[I was still arguing with people that the King of Zergs could not break into the hinterland of Assyria alone. There must be some conspiracy. But if the other side took the king’s eggs, it would be totally different. Fuck me. This Zerg king is the successor of the old Zerg king who was killed by the marshal. Why the fuck does the king have eggs so soon?]

[Damn, I just felt sick when JU’s body was broken by this Zerg king before, but now I think, even the red eyes of JU have been parasitized by the Zerg king, what kind of Uttar would be!]

[Terrible, if the last Zerg King was forced to give birth to his king’s egg in Uttar before he died, and then the Zerg King wanted to repeat his skill in Assyria, wow…]

The anxious viewers on the Star Network, as well as the helpless reinforcements outside, led by Lieutenant General Cassey’s almost furious roar, life armor surrounded the banquet hall, and continued to drop fuel, poured on the outside wall of the banquet hall.

The splitters that stuck to the outer wall sensed something and wriggled anxiously.The king of Zergs who can spit out the king’s eggs is equivalent to pronouncing death. The divisions belonging to the king were losing their lives gradually, and their ability to react and communicate was beginning to weaken.

“Attention!” Lieutenant General looked at the building with a twisted face, and his hand trembling slightly as he held the messenger.

What was a king’s egg?It was the first manifestation of the zerg’s tenacious life and self-healing power, and the place where the new king of Zergs was born. And there was not only one Zerg in the king’s egg. It was actually all the mating assemblies of the king before he conceives the king’s egg. There were not only tens of thousands of Zergs in it, but also many genes with the king’s genes. When the king’s egg was sported by the mother and ejected, the new generation of King Zergs will adapt to the local environment quickly, multiplying and engulfing its compatriots.

The last remaining one was the new King of Zergs.

‘Quick adaptation and reproduction’ was the reason why the Zerg could survive for so many generations. They didn’t care if their nests were blown up or their planets were destroyed. As long as the king could spit out his king’s eggs before he died and the king’s eggs were not stopped before hatching, they could completely integrate into the new planet and reproduce anywhere.

They would break through the steel and cement, enter the soil, then spread across the capital star, and burst out, engulfing the Assyrians.

“Listen to my instructions, immediately withdraw from the banquet hall, withdraw to 500 meters away -!”

No one knew whether the flame could destroy the king’s eggs or whether the wounded Assyria or the stubborn Zerg will eventually rebirth from the fire, but they could only do this. The evacuation of Capital Stars was not as fast as the hatching of king’s eggs, and Capital Star was the heart of the whole Assyrian entanglement. Once it was swallowed up here, the occupation of all Assyrian planets was only a matter of time.

[Is it really going to burn up?]

[Marshal used to be in a suicide attack, but now he’s fucking coming?]

[No, it’s the king’s egg! The banquet hall has long been dilapidated, they can easily drill into the soil, then the whole capital stars are gone! ]

[Back off -!]

In the middle of the banquet hall, a huge amount of energy surged in the evacuation of all the support troops. As the bright red fire flashed across the whole land, a shadow flew past the reinforcement armor and rushed straight into the fire of the banquet hall.

Flames spread faster than Dewitt had expected. He and Cassey were running fast in the banquet hall, trying to find a gap to rush out. The bodies of ability users were not as soft as ordinary people and they could endure a short fire with the help of their energy, and escape was not hopeless.

But the King of Zergs did not know whether he was burned by the fire or sensed the danger of the king’s eggs. He was shaking all over. Then a familiar hissing sound came into Dewitt’s eardrum.

Together with the voice he heard a few months ago in the frontier, he stared sharply, turned his head in the sea of fire, and saw his gentle smile.

Dewitt’s glance slipped past him, and he saw a black sting with King of Zergs toxin flying behind Wen Jin’s head a few months ago, piercing him with a thunderbolt. His pupils opened sharply. He reached out and grabbed Wen Jin’s wrist. He pulled Wen Jin’s wrist sharply and turned it over. After adjusting their positions, he pressed the fox’s head hard on his chest.

Wen Jin was pushed so hard that he almost twisted his neck. He had known Dewitt was powerful before, but he had never known the strength of his opponent. He blinked then rubbed his nose against Dewitt’s clothes.

It smelled worse than just now, and he would not have come in if  Dewitt hadn’t been inside.

The imaginary sting did not come. Dewitt was stunned. The next moment, Wen Jin, whose hair was completely pressed, took the opportunity to show his head from his arms. He blinked at Dewitt, then put his hand around his neck and kissed him gently on his lips, as if there were no fires or Zergs around him.

“Here I am.”


The author has something to say: 

In the hall, wherever Wen Jin passed, a spiritual fire spread throughout the banquet hall, raising the temperature of the Deweitt’s characteristic flame to the highest level all the way.

Lieutenant-General from 500 metres away had to evacuate the reinforcements to 800 metres away in such a hot climate, and he was worried about Marshal and Cassey in the field.

Cassey was in the hall, looking around at the transparent ice wall that separated the flames, and the needle stings that fell to the ground and kissed one centimeter behind Dewitt’s head, sealed by a stream of energy ice.

He thought that the artistic conception of this picture was so beautiful that it explodes.

“Fuck!” Lieutenant General Cassey, who was absolutely proportional to illiteracy and force, patted his thighs in praise.


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Thank you for all the chapters. I know we’re close to the end, but I love this story. The part a few chapters back with WJ worried (so serious) about having go dual cultivate with the Marshall (just looking for an angle to get him in his hands anyway) was too much for me. I must have laugh a good hour when I read that.🤣😂

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