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Chapter 16: Memory Loading

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Xie Yan followed the sound to a tall poplar tree. The poplar was four stories high and there was a bird’s nest five or six meters away. The singing was coming from there. The adult bird probably went out to look for food, only the young bird chirped for food.

Xie Yan rubbed his hands against the tree, sat on the big branches and looked at the bird’s nest.

There were four nestlings in the bird’s nest. They were covered with yellow fluff and hair on their faces was light and white. However, there were two black hairs on both cheeks, and the eyes were black, the size of a mung bean, which was very lovely.

The sound disappeared.

Xie Yan saw the tail of a metal chain. Taking advantage of the absence of the parents of the birds, he secretly moved the baby birds to the palm of his hand, and the metal chain became clear.

It was a very beautiful bracelet, silver white metal, inlaid with a sapphire like thing in the middle. But it was obviously not a gem. When he looked at the gem, it seemed that he could see the spinning Milky Way with hundreds of billions of stars in it.

But now the bracelet was stained with bird hair, bird excrement, and unknown things

“You, are you the kind man who came to save me!?” The bracelet suddenly made a sound.

The metal bracelet’s sudden sound made Xie Yan almost fall off the tree. Fortunately, his legs were hooked on the tree trunk, but his body was shaking, his hands were protecting the baby chicks, and there was no lack of danger.

“You speak?” Xie Yan thought it was eye opening.

“I can do more.” He had been begging for survival for nearly two months in this wilderness. There was no one he could talk to, so he could only chirp with birds. Zhu Que felt that he was about to forget how to say human words. Now suddenly there was a little beauty in front of it. He was so excited that he was like a peacock courting. He wanted to open the screen and show him his beautiful mecha prototype. How cool and dazzling!

His host, Huo Nai, absolutely hated Omegas so he was surrounded by alphas. Zhu Que was tired of looking at these rough bosses. It once sneaked into the population identity database of the Empire to pair the genes of Huo Nai with someone, and found that there was no matching Omega. In addition, Huo Nai had a natural aversion to Omegas. Their pheromones were not an attraction to him but a poison. Omegas would not appear a kilometer around him.

“Why so much shit?”

This sentence caused a fatal blow to Zhu Que, who just wanted to burst out crying.

“Me, am I disgusting?” Zhu Que cried, choking.

Xie Yan was amused. He took out the cleaning cloth from his pocket, wiped Zhu Que, and asked, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Cutie.” Zhu Que shamelessly named himself.

Xie Yan’s hands stopped, and he couldn’t help laughing out, “How about your master, little cutie?”

“He’s dead!” Zhu Que said hatefully.

Huo Nai, who happened to be there, “I heard that,” he said, expressionless.

Xie Yan: “……”

Zhu Que: “……”

“Zhu Que?” Huo Nai may not have been able to guess the identity of this bracelet. But he didn’t expect Zhu Que to be such a virtuous person, fighting with him.

Xie Yan wiped off Zhu Que’s shiny and glittering chain and handed him back to the original owner.

Zhu Que struggled, “Don’t, don’t give me to him. Wuwuwuwuwa.” It was like a primary school kid who didn’t want to go to school.

Xie Yan played the role of the parent who mercilessly sent the child to school.

Huo Nai silently looked at Zhu Que with heavy eyes, as if he had received a hot potato.

“Why do you—” Zhu Que opened his mouth with the tone of ‘I’m going to make trouble.’ 

Before he could say the whole sentence, Huo Nai stated, “I lost my memory.”

“No — eh?” Zhu Que was surprised and then said, “You don’t remember anything?” 

A free bird was about to fly.

“Look, grouper!” When Xie Yan went back, he saw the fish in a stream, a tributary of the river. He was surprised to find that it was grouper!

Grouper had a very high demand for water source. The living environment of wild grouper was very harsh. It only grew to the size of an adults palm in four or five years. But correspondingly, their meat was very delicate and delicious, which was different from other river fish which had an earthy smell. It could be called the phoenix flying out of a sparrow nest.

Xie Yan stopped for a while, took out his own fishing rod to fish, and Huo Nai was assigned fishing work. They occupied the big stone beside the river. One sat here and the other sat there, separated by a personal distance.

Huo Nai took the bracelet out of his pocket, couldn’t help rubbing it, with a thoughtful expression on his face. Zhu Que may be a cat in nature, with a strong curiosity and a strong sense of being a thief so it reminded Huo Nai of a cat’s snooping, “Are you fishing?”

Xie Yan also liked to talk to it. He could see that Zhu Que’s character was very interesting, different from that of Huo Nai, who was a little serious, “Yes, do you want to fish?”

Zhu Que was proud, “I never fish, I always fry the fish directly.” If he had a solid body, he would be pushing out his proud, small chest, with a glowing face.

Originally, Huo Nai was looking far away. Hearing this sentence, he put his eyes on it and said lightly, “Do you mean that you blew up the whole fishing ground?”

Zhu Que choked, “Do you remember?”

Huo Nai lifted the corner of his mouth and stated, “I lost a lot of money.”

Xie Yan’s heart sank a little when he heard that. He felt like something had finally come. He took a deep breath and couldn’t help asking Huo Nai, “Do you remember?”

“A little, no continuity though.” Huo Nai returned calmly.

Zhu Que was about to say, “Let me go,” when he was pinched by Huo Nai and shut up. He grieved as a mute.

Huo Nai was not interested in fishing so he did it unconsciously. A fish grabbed his hook and the line shook. He slowly dragged the hooked fish in front of him and threw it into the bamboo basket in the water. This ensured that the fish were still alive.

Xie Yan was devoted to fishing, but he didn’t know why all the fish were running from him. When the fish passed in front of him, it would make a curve and then run to Huo Nai.

What the hell? Xie Yan couldn’t help but pout.

Seeing this, Huo Nai couldn’t help laughing. Xie Yan couldn’t hold his face. After thinking about it, he threw his hook into Huo Nai’s bamboo basket and pretended to fish. When the fish got hooked, he said, “Ah ah, it’s easy to get hooked!” Then he continued to fish the fish from Huo Nai’s bamboo basket into his own. More childish than a three-year-old.

Huo Nai: “……” He was helpless, but unconsciously, he took a little tolerance and indulged Xie Yan.

“Isn’t it too foul of you to do so?” When Xie Yan took out the fourth fish, Huo Nai couldn’t help but stop his actions.

Just as Xie Yan took the fish off the hook, he was stopped by Huo Nai. He couldn’t help but quibble, “Is the fish your family? Do you want to ask him and see if he agrees?”

He could now be considered a scoundrel.

Xie Yan’s hand was caught by Huo Nai, who looked him in the eye and suddenly called his name, “Xie Yan.”

His tone was very solemn. Xie Yan thought there was an important matter to discuss, and couldn’t help but “hmm” and the tone of his voice rose, which was the tone of inquiry.

“Look, isn’t that a promise?”

“Ah?” Xie Yan responded for a moment and then understood what he meant. He called for a promise, which means that he admitted it was his family!

Damn Huo Nai, how can you cheat him in this way!

He didn’t expect that he was so insidious and cunning. He used to think that he was an honest man. He was wrong about him!

Huo Nai released Xie Yan, and the hot feeling on his wrist was like a brand that couldn’t be forgotten.

A dozen groupers were fished in one afternoon. Xie Yan planned to stew fish soup with half and cook grilled fish with the other half. Cooking the fish in the oven, he made it tender. Using the spicy butter as the base material, he put the roasted fish in, added some green shoots, lotus root slices, bean sprouts, potatoes and put it on the stove. The surface of the fish was crispy and the inside was soft. The taste of the four layers was instant, fresh, fragrant, spicy and tender. The taste of the four layers was on the tip of the tongue and it was delicious.

The side dishes paired with it absorbed the taste of the soup very well. The bean sprouts were made of yellow beans from Xie Yan himself. They were crispy and the sound could be heard by just biting. The taste of the green shoots and potatoes was not big. They were easy to taste and were the best side dishes to largely restore the satisfaction of prolonging the flavor on the taste buds.

After eating the fish, Xie Yan started drinking the fish soup. Fish soup was not smelly at all and it was delicious with a trace of sweetness. After all, the water used for cooking the fish was spring water. Unlike the previous tap water, which had a bitter and earthy taste, spring water was better for carrying the flavor of the fish. Xie Yan couldn’t help drinking two bowls. He couldn’t walk any more and collapsed on the sofa like a saltfish.

Huo Nai also ate until he was satisfied. Unexpectedly, the fish was so delicious.

It was a very early day when Huo Nai returned to his room. Xie Yan watched him close the door and stared at the book in his hands for a long time.

He couldn’t focus on his books at all. He felt a stinging in his eyes, just like the physiological reaction from cutting onions. Rubbing his nose, he found that his nose was bleeding.

Xie Yan: “……” He whispered, “What is it? Was it too much?”

He rushed into the bathroom to clean, looked at the blood in the water, and Xie Yan couldn’t help thinking, it seems that tomorrow we have to eat a little light.

In the room, Huo Nai unlocked Zhu Que’s gene lock with his blood, and when he saw the window that read [Restart?], he paused and chose [Yes].

[Do you want to select shared memory mode?] 


[Contact emergency contact?]


[Restart succeeded.]

[Memory loading…]

The flood of memories flooded into Huo Nai’s mind. The amount of information made him gasp.


The author has something to say:

The fate of Omega is on its way…

Xie Yan: Speaking of…

Author: You’re going to fall in love.

Xie Yan: I want to talk! What are you saying that function is blocked?

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Oh no! The symptoms are already showing😮
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Thanks for the update😊

December 16, 2019 3:17 pm

Thanks for the chapter!

December 16, 2019 11:04 pm

Memory loading… a cliffhanger!? Hm.. it was mentioned before that Omegas with strong genes, get an early warning up to two hours before etrus. So how strong Xie Yan’s Omega side is to give him a warning sign a day earlier (probably!).

Thank you for the chapter!

December 16, 2019 11:34 pm

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estrus lalalala

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I don’t know if it’s just me but *the author has something to say rhymes*

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December 26, 2019 1:34 pm

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July 18, 2021 12:57 am

I don’t get the part about the fish and Huo Nai making a promise. Or why he was insidious and cunning when his reply is just sarcastic in nature. Or why it was a promise. Can anyone explain that bit?

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I like Zhu Que, which makes me realise Walley has had little mention of late; it better not be abandoned!
So, no Omega match for Huo Nai… until now 😏
Will the realisation of who he is affect HN’s personality? He’s alerted his emergency contact too, so will goodies or baddies be on their way now.
Thank you for translating and editing.

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