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Chapter 3: Found a man. 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

After sending the video, Xie Yan went to cook a pot of rice. Since there was no such thing as a rice cooker here, he could only cook it manually. However, rice simmered in this way had a different taste. If it was cooked well, you could also leave a layer of rice to make rice dumplings. 1

These types of dumplings were fried, the accompanying ingredients were stir-fried and poured over the dumplings. The crunching sound was enjoyable, and the taste was sour, sweet, and spicy. The crispness of the dumplings were divine, and the meat slices were smooth and tender. It was not greasy at all when you ate it!

Saving Money for Graduation; Star Trek: OMG!!!!

Valemen’s Running Dog: It’s delicious! I’m crying. I can’t eat the nutrition liquid in my hand…

Next year, I will go to the Capital’s Military Academy: Walley is so awesome. This craft is comparable to a Royal chef!

Xie Yan cooked the rice and opened the virtual screen to see the comments. Most of them were praise, making him comfortable. Who didn’t like to hear praise? But there were also some black comments on it.

Lone Wolf: Why do I feel that the data is fake? Do you really smell it? Reasonably suspect that the blogger is selling fraudulent videos and have reported it.

Devour the Planet: Upstairs + 1. I don’t think it can have such a good flavor. Anything perfect like this is definitely fake. The Imperial Military Academy’s restaurant is the best in the galaxy, but I haven’t had such delicious food from there. I think this may contain an addictive drug or something. If this kind of thing forms a virus and spreads on the network, it will cause severe consequences. This man added all sorts of strange things to it, which should be a drug concocting process. A general inspector should understand it after the war. They should strangle the danger in a swaddle. It is the responsibility of every citizen of the Empire to guard the galaxy.

Xie Yan was not angry. He was never upset when he encountered a black and white war and all kinds of paparazzi’s smears in his last life. On the contrary, he would laugh at those comments.

So he really laughed.

Young man, you know nothing about the power of good food.

Xie Yan didn’t look at the fans and blackspots fighting with each other on the Internet. Instead, he used the language here to write out the recipe. He thought about all the names he could name the series. Eventually, he decided on {The Florist’s Gourmet Atlas}. He wanted to spread it all over the galaxy and show the eight Chinese cuisines 2 to these aliens.

What did it mean to be a foodie, and what was the ‘long history’ of food? Even if this interstellar world had tens of thousands of years of history, it couldn’t compare with the love people on Earth had for food.

As the rice was about to simmer, Xie Yan heard a thumping sound in the guest room on the first floor. He almost forgot about the beauty and slapped his forehead. Quickly putting the pot aside, he continued to let the rice stew for a while to let it develop more flavor.

The handsome man was awake, his eyes were open, staring at the ceiling, and he had a blank and fragile appearance.

Xie Yan touched his neck unconsciously. He couldn’t stop thinking about when he was choked. He was standing by the door, ready to open his mouth, when the man first noticed his footsteps and turned his head.

Xie Yan: ……

How could a good-looking person have such an advantage? Looking at him with those eyes, Xie Yan wanted to untie him himself, and then give his meal to this man sincerely.

“Who are you?” The man calmly asked. His eyes were layered with a kind of indifference and stubbornness that was reserved for the noble-born. Even if he were hurt, he would not take a step back.

Xie Yan leaned against the door with his arms crossed over his chest, lifted his eyebrows at the words, and couldn’t help trying to tease the man. “I am your savior.”

The man turned his head back and looked at the ceiling. He was at a loss in meditation, and his voice was very light. “So, who am I?”

“…” Wasn’t this amnesia?

This script was bloody.

Xie Yan philosophically replied, “If even you don’t know who you are, how would I know who you are?” He rebounded the question.

What followed was a deathly somber silence.

The man’s melancholy didn’t last for three seconds before his belly rang out like thunder, breaking the pleasant and embarrassing atmosphere.

Xie Yan: “……”

Man: “…”

No matter who he was, as long as his stomach cried, he had no temperament.

The man’s quiet expression cracked like a mask falling as he showed a rare expression of embarrassment. “I’m sorry, something smells delicious.”

Then he stared at Xie Yan with those black eyes.

Xie Yan: …… He had the feeling of being stared at by a hungry cat.

Forget it. He had enough for him. To cook a meal for one person was the same as preparing for two.

“You have to promise me that if I untie you, you can’t hit me.” Xie Yan made him swear, “Swear by your virginity, you will never hit me.”

The man’s expression was beyond words, “Virginity?”

“Otherwise? Look at yourself, I don’t think there’s anything else you can swear on.” Xie Yan felt his statement was justified. 

The man looked at the rope that bound him. Xie Yan didn’t know what he was thinking. The man finally succumbed to the strong fragrance and nodded. “Okay, I promise you.” Then he took the oath as Xie Yan asked.

Xie Yan was satisfied, and looking at the muscles of the man’s forearm, his eyes unconsciously showed a yearning look.

“Walley, if this man gets violent, please remind him for me.” Xie Yan knew his current combat effectiveness and simply called for foreign aid, “By the way, what’s your name?”

The man gave a wry smile. “I do not remember anything.”

“How about Wang Cai?”


“Fa Cai, then?” Xie Yan said, “Even if it doesn’t work, you can still get money.” 3

“No!” The man refused righteously and was so upset by Xie Yan.

“Then, give yourself a name.” Xie Yan came up to him and untied the rope. “Speaking to you is exhausting.” His arms felt extremely heavy, and he knew it would be hard to use them tomorrow.

“Sorry.” The man was polite and, at the same time, saw the news on the screen. The words ‘Huo Nai’ made him feel familiar in his heart. He blurted out, “I’m called Huo Nai.”

It was shameful to use the name of the prince. Xie Yan couldn’t help feeling the prince was being slandered. He took another look at the news on the net. There was no news like [The Prince missing, emergency search commencing]. There were hundreds of billions of people in the interstellar world. How could there be such a dog blood novel trick that would make the crown prince lose his memory and be saved by him? Xie Yan put the name aside and said, “Okay, it’s enough for you to be a fake prince.”

When Huo Nai saw the cold rabbit dish, 4 his eyes showed a startled look. When Xie Yan saw it, he couldn’t help feeling a little smug. He was glad that he had made more rice for the next two days, or he would not have enough to eat at all.

The flavor of the cold rabbit permeated into the meat after cooling. The dried pepper was very fragrant after being bathed in oil, and the rabbit meat absorbed that fragrance, making it delicious and tender. At the moment, it erupted in the man’s mouth. His eyes were full of tears from the spiciness, but he couldn’t help but want to eat more.

“It’s delicious!” Huo Nai ate the meal elegantly, but his eating didn’t slow down at all because of this grace. He took a bite of meat and a bite of rice, and soon his plate was empty. It seemed that the person was conditioned to be waited upon as he waited for more rice.

Xie Yan: “???” He didn’t understand the meaning in the man’s eyes. Don’t try to confuse me with your beauty! Do you want me to serve you?!

Walley had a small bowl of rice, which was covered with a scoop of cold rabbit. He was immersed in the delicacies as he created holographic data of the cold rabbit and rice without missing a single grain of rice. The net users were captivated by the godly food.

They also wanted to eat cold rabbit!

Seeing that no one paid any attention to the look in his eyes, Huo Nai made a deep self-reflection and stood up to serve himself. All the rice in the pot was put into his bowl, and even the pot was not let off.

Xie Yan saw the pots and pans and realized it was not realistic to ask Huo Nai to put them back. He could only turn back to his crispy fried rice dumplings.

Seeing the reluctant look in Xie Yan’s eyes, Huo Nai thought he did something wrong. After a pause, he asked, “Did you want more?”

Xie Yan shook his head. The appetite of this body was not big, and even if he wanted to be healthy, he couldn’t eat a lot and make himself into a fat man in one sitting. What’s more, how could he eat Huo Nai’s rice that he had already added to his dirty bowl! So, no, thank you.

Walley cleaned the dishes and put them in the kitchen all-in-one machine. Xie Yan went to the STAR Net to watch the news and eat. He found that the sun was still shining today, the life of the people in the stars was happy, and the alliance with the hostile forces was in full swing. The front-page headline said that the Sun Army led by Huo Nai was going to be stationed nearby to clean up the battlefield. The good news was that the transportation routes had been reopened.

He could buy what he wanted! After the transportation line was opened, supermarkets would open for operation again, and life would not be so hard. Xie Yan was like a mouse falling into a rice vat. He started to add things to his shopping cart, crazily. At the checkout scene, he jumped as he was told: Sorry, your credit is too low.

Xie Yan: “……”

He could only hate himself as he deleted some things that were not urgently needed. He would buy them when he had money.

Alas, it was tough to make money!

Otherwise, if he wanted to go to the capital star now, buying a house in the capital with a monthly salary of three thousand was impossible. He could only hope to win the lottery or that a wealthy relative would fall from the sky to let him inherit.

Obviously, he didn’t get such a script.

Xie Yan read a fan’s private letter. The content from the fan named {SuXin’s Sugar} aroused his mind.

SuXin’s Sugar: Big bro, you are so good at cooking. Have you considered participating in the competition [link to the direct site]

Xie Yan clicked on it to open it and found it was an invitation to the cooking competition.

[To celebrate the return of the Imperial Army, Yinda Entertainment Network warmly invites you to participate in the “Delicious Galaxy” cooking competition. This competition is sponsored by the galaxy Chefs Association and sponsored exclusively by Star River Food company. The maximum prize is 10 million crystal coins. Anyone is welcome to join! The competition process and rules are attached below.]

Ten million coins!

Ten million! Xie Yan quickly opened the shopping website, searched for the price of a spaceship and a star ticket to reach the capital star. His eyes were hot.

Who hated money?

He could only go for it!


The author has something to say:

Amnesia trope! Old but delicious!


Let us know in the comments if you guys like these cute and fluffy cough food porn cough novels and we will see if we can find more like it. Remember to comment on our novel chapters or leave a review and rating on Novel Updates (HERE), it encourages us to keep translating!

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Translator Notes:

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  2. If you want to learn more, please click HERE. 1575224721415@2x.jpg
  3. Fa Cai means Get Rich, so he’s making a pun on the word cai since get money is zhou cai.
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