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Chapter 88: Marriage?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As Dewitt drove their suspension car in a certain direction, Wen Jin, sitting beside him, could not see anything anymore because of the uniformity of the things painted on the star net. Wen Jin shut down the forum when he saw another post with a similar meaning appearing on the screen, and the focus became more and more blurred.

After thinking for a while, Wen Jin was ready to create his own dynamic account. However, as soon as his message was entered halfway, he heard a “jingling” sound inside the vehicle.

That was the sound of the suspension car prompting the arrival at their destination. The comfortable and warm environment made Wen Jin a little sleepy. He entered the last word and created an account. After that, he yawned, “Where are we?”

“Area X-5.” The Capital Star was divided into eight districts from inside to outside. “The fleeing beasts have been here all this time.”

Wen Jin turned his head. “Didn’t they refuse your help? And if the original route was sold out? How quickly did you find their shelter?”

“Mn.” Dewitt seemed to understand what Wen Jin was thinking; he gave him a slightly restless look, looked around, opened the door, and stretched out his hand to pull him out.

As he got out of the car, the cold night wind blew over in an instant. Wen Jin shivered unconsciously, as his body was only slightly resistant to the cold.

“It’s cold.” Wen Jin, who was already wearing two coats on his body, hissed. Obviously, he couldn’t stand it. However, when he glanced around the apparently deserted alley, he decided that he was going to a formal occasion, so he used a warming technique.

However, he still felt it was inadequate. Thinking again, no matter where he went later, there would always be no-one nearby. So, he slowly moved to Dewitt’s side, he put a hand directly into the other’s clothes, touched the solid waist, and then squinted his foxy eyes in satisfaction, no longer trembling.

Dewitt, who was finishing up controlling the suspension car after engaging driverless mode, felt the sudden cold hand coming in and turned to look at Wen Jin.

“I’m just playing,” Wen Jin smiled at him, looking very thick-skinned.

“The same as before? Afraid of the cold?” The suspension car landed on its own. Dewitt reached out and grabbed Wen Jin’s other hand, putting it into his pocket. He held the man in his arms and kissed Wen Jin on the tip of his nose.

He was hot. Dewitt raised his eyebrows.

“Much better than before.” In the constant heat, even Wen Jin’s chilly body had palpitations when he thought of it. “I just can’t stand it. I’m not you. I’m not a heater.”

On such a cold day, even if Dewitt went out naked, he probably wouldn’t feel that it was cold outside. This constitution of his was so good that Wen Jin secretly admired it.

“That seems to be effective,” said Dewitt.

Wen Jin’s eyes were unfocused. “What?”

“It’s all right,” Dewitt curled his lips and smiled.

Dewitt looked at him warmly, and Wen Jin thought something was wrong. He was raising his eyebrows to ask when the terminal on Dewitt’s wrist rang. Scanning the contents of the terminal, Dewitt reached out and warmed Wen Jin’s exposed ears. “You have to go in. The Uttar and the Tiger King’s people have come into contact.”

Wen Jin nodded and switched to a business mode in a second. “Do you want to use violence to stop it?”

“Let’s have a look first. Tiger King and his contacts have always been very exclusive to meet with us if there was a chance to talk about it.” It was in preparation for this conversation that Dewitt even appeared here. It was to show their sincerity.

Wen Jing squinted. “When did you contact them? Back in the suburbs?”

Dewitt didn’t seem to care that he was questioned by Wen Jin. After a pause, he answered in a low voice, then his eyes darkened, “… Earlier.” 

Before Wen Jin’s body was in danger, Dewitt always thought that he would find a way to break the contract before his energy storm broke out completely, and then let Wen Jin be free. This was why he initially had contact with the herd. Recently, the people sent to the underground not only brought news about Tiger King, but also the news of the agreement.

Dewitt was somewhat depressed when he thought about it. He didn’t want to control Wen Jin, nor did he want to get any benefits from Wen Jin using their contract, but—

Looking into the darkness of the depressing alley, Wen Jin’s shining eyes did not seem to fit, and thinking about the recent events in Assyria, Wen Jin had always stood beside him as an outsider.

Dewitt liked Wen Jin’s fearlessness and his freedom, but this freedom of his always gave him a kind of… Wen Jin seemed to be able to disappear at any time.

Wen Jin did not know what Dewitt was thinking. He was about to pull his hand out of Dewitt’s grip and turn around, but his wrist was caught.

“Hm?” Wen Jin was stunned and turned his head.

“Wait until the matter is settled.” Dewitt pulled Wen Jin closer with his back to himself, paused for a moment, reached out, and touched the corner of the other’s eye. “Let’s get married, shall we?”

Wen Jin was stunned. He understood the meaning of the word ‘marriage’ and recalled that Dewitt had said before that he wanted to hold a banquet exclusively for him. There was a pause in his voice, and his serious eyes were silent for a moment. “Not after the war is over?” he asked.

“I can’t wait,” Dewitt responded, embracing Wen Jin in the moonlight, even rubbing his face against the back of Wen Jin’s head, with a slightly foggy hesitation in his voice, “Okay?”

The insecurities in Dewitt’s voice were clearly heard. After a pause, Wen Jin leaned over and gave Dewitt a gentle kiss on his face, “Okay.”

Walking down the long road, Wen Jin wore two overcoats and followed beside Dewitt with his long black hair tied back. At another corner, Wen Jin followed Dewitt into a residential building. Compared with the houses Wen Jin went into before, the facilities here were obviously much older, the surrounding environment was not nice, and the smell was obviously the same… this was not good.

Standing outside a room’s door, Wen Jin rubbed the tip of his nose. After a long time, the man inside opened the door, “Marshal.” 

The other person’s face seemed a little haggard but his eyes were very sharp, and when he saw Wen Jin behind Dewitt, he paused.

“This gentleman’s surname is Wen.” As Dewitt turned his head, he saw Wen Jin behind him, peering curiously around.

The dark room in front of him, full of all kinds of strange furnishings, did not seem to elicit any unusual reaction from him at all. It suddenly occurred to him that the little fellow had always been cold to strangers. Remembering their first meeting, the face of Wen Jin came to his mind as a direct hit, and a smile flashed through Dewitt’s eyes.

“Wen?” The man was startled, apparently wondering why there were so many people around Dewitt suddenly, and why the Marshal would bring such a stranger to such an occasion.

Being thin and weak, he obviously was not one of those people with a strong physique. Looking so conspicuous, he certainly couldn’t do the investigation and undercover work, this person…

Wen Jin was too lazy to look at others.

The man was stunned and remembered that they had stayed at the door for too long.

“Sorry, Marshal, Sir… Wen.” Once they entered, Wen Jin could see the figures of several other people, as well as the face of the one in front of him through the faint lights in the room. A very flat face, with a long scar on the left cheek; he looked a little grim.

The man looked around and nodded to Wen Jin after receiving another wordless affirmation from Dewitt’s eyes. “My name is DaDao, a team leader under Marshal, who is mainly responsible for the underground investigation.”

Wen Jin thought that the meeting would be over. He was about to go around to see the legendary hiding place of the contract beast. However, a man with a big knife seemed to be staring at him all the time.

Wen Jin was so uncomfortable with him that he could hardly chalk it up to a custom of the Assyrians. He had to answer now. However, he didn’t like people knowing his name very much. It was an accident that Dewitt found out. The man in front of him…

Thinking about it, Wen Jin said reluctantly, “I am your Marshal’s… friend. I am Wen YingJun.*”

TN: This is a play on words. He basically called himself the ‘handsome/beautiful Wen’

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December 2, 2019 9:57 pm

The author seems to like mixing happy chapters with serious ones. Like this one, Dewitt just proposed and was accepted (CONGRATULATIONS!!!), and now we get the prelude to a very serious matter of beasts meeting the Uttar, and a man with a big knife stearing at our clever fox, Wen YungJun. Not that he can hurt him or anything,with the Marshal there, 😛

Thank you for the chapter!

Dummy dum
Dummy dum
May 24, 2022 3:22 am

Wen Jin: Im too handsome and beautiful. Tsk

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