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Chapter 21: Koi Performance

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Roger was very fast and reliable.

Two days later, Xie Yan was contacted, “Hello, is this Mr. Xie Yan with the number of XXXXXXX? I am an employee of Galaxy Empire Star Property Office No. 9134. Now I have a copy of the transfer of the property rights of Murdo planet that you need to confirm… “

Xie Yan was stunned, and then his vigilance suddenly rose. Had he came across the interstellar version of fraud? Who divulged his information? Why was the cheater so unprofessional? He didn’t believe it. He said, “No loan, no money” and hung up the phone.

Employee No. 9134: “…?” Wait, sir, we’re not scammers…

The employee was helpless and had to report this situation to their superior. When the superior found out, he told it to Roger. Roger found the entire situation hilarious. What kind of treasure did His Highness find?! 

It was too funny.

The ‘treasure’ in question was in a tree, picking cherries with a bamboo basket on his back. 

It was already summer, the weather was hot, but there were trees and water in the mountains, so it was quite cool at noon. It was a good time to eat cherries, so he took the scissors and cut the branches full of cherries and put them into the bamboo basket. To say that birds were both thieves and wasters, they often chewed out the best cherries. The cherries had smooth skin and could even reflect sunlight. Some were orange, some were crimson; set off by green leaves, they were intoxicatingly beautiful.

After picking almost a whole bamboo basket’s worth of cherries, Xie Yan stopped his hand. On the way back, he picked up some duck eggs by the river. The duck eggs grown were very suitable for curing. Xie Yan also brought them back.

Cleaning the cherries, he used a knife to make a cross on the surface, put some cherries in an empty glass jar in the cellar, added some sugar, white wine, sealed it and stored it in the shade. He needed to wait for the natural fermentation to make cherry wine.

With the other part, Xie Yan planned to make cherry sauce. He removed the cores with bamboo sticks, boiled them over low heat in a pan, added honey after they turned into paste, stirred it and left it in the pan to dry. This could be used for drinking. In summer, it was so comfortable to boil the spring water on the mountain, add a spoon of cherry sauce, stir it, cool it and drink it all at once!

Xie Yan received another communication and another call in the morning while picking cherries. He wanted to hang up, but after thinking, he answered it again.

Such a persistent liar was really dedicated. He was bored anyway. After thinking about it, he said to the audience watching the live broadcast, “I received a fraud call this morning, and now he is here again. I’ll show you how to flirt with a liar on the spot.”

He plugged in the video and started broadcasting.

As soon as the live audience saw the ‘scammer’ in uniform, they commented.

【So it’s like that】

【The uniform is very good-looking, and the young man is very handsome. Why do you think it’s a scam?】

【Swindlers are popular. Many swindlers don’t eat for three years!】

Xie Yan was going to have a live broadcast and start acting with great accomplishment.

Xie Yan was serious, “Hello, what can I do for you?”

9134 staff, “Hello, I’m the 9134 employee of Galaxy Empire Star Property Office. Please let me state in advance that I’m not a scammer.”

The audience in the comments was laughing:

【Which swindler will admit that he is a swindler?】

【How can the staff say that? Liar, it must be a liar!】

【Hahahaha, it’s funny. Today is also a day for food bloggers to cross the line.】

【Blogger can rely on his beauty, but it depends on his talent. He cooks so delicious, but his acting skills are so good. Today, I’m also Queen!】

Xie Yan pretended to be suspicious and fished for the other’s words, “Oh, then you speak.”

Seeing that he didn’t disagree with him at last, the staff was relieved. After all, the person who told him about it was very big, and it was very offending if he couldn’t do it well. He had to try his best to make Xie Yan believe him. “Well, there is a gentleman who bought the planet of Murdo and needs to change it to your name. This requires you to transfer the property rights to the nearby star domain.”

【I’ll go. After winning the lottery, swindling the pass and loan, I have a new way of swindling: pro, you have a planet to inherit!】

【Queen: My heart is indifferent. I even want to recite relevant laws and regulations for you.】

【The swindler is ridiculous. Who believes it.】

Xie Yan pretended to be embarrassed, “Is there no other way to deal with it? I can’t go out now.” He was acting like he had a disability.

The staff was surprised at his good speech at the moment, and did not think that he had made his debut in front of hundreds of millions of audience members.

He immediately added, “Oh, that’s okay. We have the corresponding channel on STAR Net. I’ll send it to you later, fill in the information on it, and then sign it.”

It was at this time that Roger went into Xie Yan’s live room and saw Xie Yan and the staff on the screen.

Xie Yan, “But I can’t get online. What should I do? I will not fill in the information either.”

“Sir?” The staff noticed something wrong at this time.

“I also feel that you are lying to me. What should I do? Do you have any way to prove that you are a staff member? How can you prove that you’re not a liar?” said Xie Yan.

Every time a piece of evidence was presented, Xie Yan could refute it, saying it was fake and afraid of being cheated. The staff felt that this man was too difficult to deal with. They regretted the next trouble. He was in the dilemma of ‘how to prove that your father is your father.’

Staff: “…” I’m so angry that I can’t do the work!

Roger laughed, found the video recording of Xie Yan, and went to Huo Nai. Huo Nai was silent when he saw it, and almost cried. He sent a message to Xie Yan backstage with his star network number.

【Huo Nai: I gave you the planet of Murdo. Please accept it.】

Xie Yan usually blocked private messages. However, Huo Nai’s account level was very high, and there would be obvious reminders. But this reminder from the audience’s perspective was blocked. All they could see was Xie Yan’s frozen expression, saying sorry, and then cutting off the live broadcast.

He clicked into Huo Nai’s profile picture and saw the crown on top of his head. He felt his heart thunder as he saw that a row of QQ was lit up to become the supreme noble of QQ. There was no disturbance and he even wanted to laugh.

【Queen: Are you okay buying a planet? How much money did you burn?】

【Huo Nai: I don’t want others to bother you.】

Xie Yan felt a little hot, pulled his collar and stood by the window to let fresh air blow on him. He patted his face, took a deep breath, thought about it, and replied to Huo Nai.

【Queen: Add me as a friend.】

【Huo Nai added you as a friend.】

【Huo Nai became your friend.】

Huo Nai stared at Xie Yan’s name. His group chat was originally just friends, but this category was too messy. Xie Yan felt it was strange to be in such a chat.

Add a new group: Special people.

He moved Xie Yan to this group, and finally he felt comfortable.

Xie Yan cut back to the live broadcast and apologized to the staff, “I’m sorry that I was on the live broadcast just now. I thought you were a liar, but I didn’t expect that…” He paused. “It’s true.”

All the viewers who were eating popcorn fell to the ground.

It was like a bomb was thrown in a pond, and fish were blown out.

【I want to go. Is there really a planet to inherit?!】

【What Koi script is this! Let me rub you!】

【Blogger! I hope I pass my exam!】

【Blogger, I don’t know what to bless first! 】

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Thanks for the bab😘

December 21, 2019 6:29 pm

Queen is rich and he announced to entire world lol….. NoNo your highness crown prince maybe some people are gonna dig deeper if you give whole planet to your love.
Thankyou for your translation guys… yet another great novel.(Been busy past months I’ll read all the missed chapters and defiantly rate the novels in novelupdate)

December 21, 2019 8:02 pm

Thanks for the chapter! Well we wanted the eccentric guy to be protected, I guess that’s one way to do it, lol, announce publicly that he was gifted an entire freaking planet… So not only is our MC rich now, but this shows that he has super-backing. Hopefully, that should repel some of the nasty insects (& probably attract some blood suckers too, sigh). Another thing, I have been distracted by life, but I think I deserve a slap upside the head. I don’t remember if I noticed before that the nickname of our MC is quite appropriate & prophetic… Read more »

December 21, 2019 9:05 pm

Thank you for the chapter!

December 22, 2019 4:16 am

Huo Nai, I like your empowering style. Lay a claim an announce it. Queen will not be bothered by the Chef Association, I hope.

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Leanne James
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The birth of the koi novel? Noticed all the world/galaxy setting similarities

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