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Chapter 20: Gift. 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Xie Yan regained consciousness three days later. He felt that his whole body had been disassembled and reassembled, and each part was shouting ‘I’m overused and need a good rest,’ but Xie Yan felt that what he needed most was his brain.

If there was a medicine for memory loss, let him clean the memory of these three days.

For a full three days, their bodies never left one another. Xie Yan thought he was a koala, and Huo Nai was the tree he liked to hold. He couldn’t get down. The whole villa was completely occupied by the two people. Neither of them spoke much but there was no way he could look at it directly in the future.

Xie Yan raised his hand to cover his face, but he was unable to even lift up his arms.

He smelled the scent of flowers and opened his eyes to see a bunch of flowers beside his pillow.

From the petals, he could tell they were chrysanthemums, but the specific kind, Xie Yan couldn’t distinguish the variety. However, the matching colors chosen by Huo Nai were very beautiful, all of them were light colors, which was probably his style.

What was the flower language for chrysanthemums? Eternal love?

His mood was like a dried flower tea bag ready to be soaked again, and he stretched his entire body, feeling full. He was alone in bed, and there was no sticky feeling on him. The entire time, Huo Nai didn’t shoot anything, which reassured Xie Yan that he would not be pregnant at least.

… He didn’t expect that one day he would be relieved that he wasn’t pregnant. Xie Yan was in a complicated mood. He tried to prop up his upper body. The mottled kiss marks all over reminded him that things were not so simple. Those kisses seemed to have some magic power, which absorbed all his strength.

When he got out of bed, his legs were weak from all the internal use and he almost fell to the ground. Xie Yan tried to support himself, took a deep breath and slowly stood up while holding the bed. The feeling of something in his back end made his scalp burst.

Get rid of it, get rid of it, Xie Yan whispered, trying to get rid of the perverted thoughts in his mind.

Hmm…but it was really nice.

In this case, he was too lazy to dress neatly. He picked up a nightgown and put it on his body, tied his belt and went downstairs. He thought that Huo Nai had left, so he was lazy and casual, with his chest exposed to the outside. When he walked, the wind swept up the corner of the nightgown, revealing the long and straight legs inside. They were full of kiss marks and were dense from the instep of his foot to the base of his thigh. Xie Yan felt that his head was numb.

That animal!

The animal himself was sitting on the sofa in the living room. It seemed that he was talking to someone. His face was slumped. He looked up when he heard the noise and found it was Xie Yan. The expression moved a little and he said “wait a moment”, then got up and went to Xie Yan and put his robe in order. The exposed skin was hidden under the cloth.

Xie Yan’s face was wooden. Everything from the last three days flashed before his eyes. He didn’t know which mask to put on, and what he looked like now. But his eyes were so hot and bright that Huo Nai could not help but want to kiss the corners of his eyes.

The close breath was so familiar to Xie Yan because of these three days. The other party had turned him over and over to eat him, and he had been eaten very well. His expression management was out of control. 

The health housekeeper Walley ran up to him and said, “Detecting abnormal body temperature, your heart is beating too fast, please take a rest!” 

Xie Yan couldn’t help but reach out and hold the other’s mouth shut: It’s your fault!

Hau Nai chuckled, and smiled into the hand, pulling at Xie Yan’s heartstrings. He couldn’t help but distract himself by saying “You didn’t leave?”

Ho, whose voice was it? It was so rough and hoarse. It’s not me.

“I couldn’t leave without you being awake.” Huo Nai rarely hesitated so his tone was rare. “Do you feel okay?”

Xie Yan thought about the last three days, thinking how can you still ask how I am? Don’t you know?! But they had to be separated. Lying would make the other party doubt that he couldn’t do it very well. Since this was his first time having sex, he sincerely said, “It was very good, very comfortable, and very skillful. Thank you.”

Huo Nai, who was evaluated by his five star service in bed: “…”

He felt his expression about to crack.

Xie Yan, as the first person in the whole universe to have sex with Huo Nai, was also the first person to praise Huo Nai’s sexual techniques with such magnanimity. His magnanimity made Huo Nai’s thoughts flow to the previous three days. Xie Yan expressed his needs and pestered him. Sobbing and asking for more like he was a vine with hooks and thorns, which could not separate them.

Huo Nai had always demanded that everything be under his control, and anything that had happened out of his control had happened around Xie Yan. He used up all his reasoning from his twenty-eight years of life before he restrained himself from marking Xie Yan and told himself that this was only because Xie Yan had cried asking him not to.

It was not the right time or the right place. There were countless thorns ahead. He didn’t want to take Xie Yan with him to break through everything.

It was a strange combination of reason and emotion. Before that, he had wanted to never mark an Omega, but now…

It was faster to slap his face than to wash it.

When Xie Yan saw the endless expressions on Huo Nai’s face, he thought that he had misunderstood him. He thought that it was beautiful and that he was already a brainless person.

He coughed and said something else, “Hungry?”

In those three days, both of them were sticky and didn’t get down from each other. How could they care about eating? They were all made up of nutrients. In the middle, Xie Yan was weak and could not eat anything. Huo Nai was forced to feed him.

Alas, Xie Yan sighed in his heart. Unexpectedly, he was so hungry and thirsty. Now, he felt that he could not look directly at Huo Nai.

He thought it was like being drunk and it was wrong of him. He rightfully threw the blame on the wine.

Huo Nai wanted to refuse, but he was afraid of hurting his heart. Omegas would be in a state of emotional instability due to hormones after their first heat. He didn’t want to make Xie Yan sad, so he nodded and privately sent Roger another message: [Help me to hold on for another day.]

Roger replied quickly: [You’re killing me!] Then another message came immediately after the other: [One day, it’s really the last day!]

He was really scared of Huo Nai. This man was supposed to come back two days ago, but three days ago he suddenly sent a message to postpone. What happened? Day after day, day after day, three days, your highness! His head was going bald when he needed to make an excuse. If it weren’t for the direct line to Huo Nai, he almost thought that he was going to change sides.

Huo Nai didn’t reply, and followed Xie Yan into the kitchen.

At the end of the meal, Xie Yan didn’t make it complicated. Now he didn’t have much strength in his arm, so he made some noodles for Huo Nai to knead. Huo Nai has great strength. He took some Dongpo meat that had been in the freezer before, and put it directly into the water. With the temperature rising, it thawed and boiled slowly. The thick soup was scattered in the water, and the fragrance was overflowing. He pulled two lettuces from the vegetable field on the edge of the villa. They were crispy and put aside after washing.

Then he began to roll the noodles. It took strength to roll the noodles. Seeing that he was still weak, Huo Nai held him and covered his hands to help roll the noodles into pieces.

Three days of close contact made these movements so natural.

Xie Yan took a knife and cut the dough into thin strips. He put them down into the pot. It was delicious without salt.

When the noodles were about to be cooked, he added the lettuce, heated it, and then left it in the pot.

In the past, when Xie Yan was lazy, he would make a pot of meat casserole, and then put it in the refrigerator. He was too lazy to cook and didn’t want to take it out, so he would order noodles.

Rolling out noodles, crispy lettuce, light soup, they were all very simple things, but letting others eat it made it very satisfying. 

Huo Nai’s face was slightly sweaty, and the feelings of separation finally overwhelmed the shame of rolling in the bed sheets. Xie Yan had enough to eat and drink and he was not depressed. He just felt empty.

This time, instead of asking Walley to help clean the table, Xie Yan put the chopsticks into the washing machine. When he came out of the kitchen, Huo Nai’s steps were slow as he went to Xie Yan and hugged him, “I’m going to take care of myself.”

“Goodbye,” said Xie Yan, with a professional smirk on his face

Huo Nai turned around and quickly stepped out. When he went out the door, he swung his wrist. Zhu Que formed in mid air and his body expanded rapidly. In a blink of an eye, he was as tall as two storeys. He reached out his right hand and Huo Nai stood in the palm of his hand and entered the control room at the chest of the robot armor.

Before the silver metal closed, he looked back one last time.

The two feet of the mecha lifted off the ground, and soon they went up into the sky and disappeared.

Xie Yan sat on the chair, slow to respond. When Zhu Que’s figure disappeared, he suddenly woke up from the dream. He didn’t care about the pain all over his body, he ran to the yard and looked up hard against the hot sun to see Zhu Que turning into a black spot. His face was very depressed and his mouth was wide open, as if he was saying something.

If one was near him, they would hear Xie Yan saying, “Damn it, I forgot to ask him if he has any inhibitor channels and where I can get some. If I have to deal with that a second time, I will be promoted to heaven… “

Huo Nai said he didn’t have an inner body. So Xie Yan wouldn’t be pregnant and he would only have an estrus once a year. This year’s was over. What about the next year?

Alas, he left. I’ll find it in the next year. There were many things that could be solved with money.

Huo Nai was sitting in the cockpit. He had no expression on his face and was very serious. If his subordinates saw it, they would think that he was thinking.

But Zhu Que who grew up with him this whole time naturally felt that this silence was due to——

“Are you thinking about that little one?” The virtual screen in the cockpit blinked like an eye.

After not reacting for a while, Huo Nai realized that his little one was Xie Yan, with a slightly raised corner of his mouth and a ruthless command, he said, “Shut up.”

“How can you look like this?” Zhu Que asked automatically blocking the words ‘shut up.’ “I saw all his videos. He is so powerful! That group of people in the Chefs Association can’t catch up in eight lives!”

Huo Nai turned a blind eye to Zhu Que’s rainbow fart, but the words Chefs Association touched his nerves. He thought about Xie Yan’s situation, clicked on the communication, and opened a video with Roger.

Roger’s figure appeared. Before Huo Nai could speak, he called out, “Your Highness, I won’t let you delay another day!” He used a dying tone.

HuoNai: “……” Why are you so scared?

Roger’s face was irresistible. Huo Nai knocked on the armrest with his fingers and sat in the chair with a lazy attitude. Roger saw a red mark on Huo Nai’s neck, and his eyes grew round. His gossiping heart immediately rose. He was just about to ask Huo Nai, then he heard the order from Huo Nai, “Go help me sort out the ownership of the planet of Murdo…”

Roger, “Huh? I feel that there are more and more jobs. Can I apply for a raise?”

Huo Nai seemed to be talking to himself, and without pause, said, “Then buy it.”

Roger: “…” Wait, what’s this for?

Huo Nai’s index finger circled his chin. “Give it to this man for me.”

He transferred Xie Yan’s STAR Net information to Roger.

Roger: “…” It was a big secret. Why not tell me! I can’t bear it alone!

His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince did not take any action and instead sent someone a planet as soon as he left!

Who in the world has secretly tamed his Highness, this great devil!

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December 20, 2019 2:27 pm

I’m so sad! How could he leave 😭
Thank you very much for the update!

December 20, 2019 9:52 pm

Thanks for the chapter!
I am secretly considering this as a betrothal gift worthy of the Prince of the Empire. 😉 A little paradise of a planet where the MC can play to his heart’s content & make all the delicious food he could think of. Hopefully, that will be enough to protect him from the greedy claws of the chefs… (I hope you hear my very cynical scepticism, greed could swallow the universe & still not be satisfied). + this purchase might rise a flag with potential enemies…

December 21, 2019 4:32 am

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December 22, 2019 8:47 am

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So at first Xie Yan is happy that there was no “shooting” during his heat, but then he has no “inner body.” I’m assuming that means no womb? So he never has to worry about a pregnancy, just the ramifications of the heat? And we missed out on that entire convo?

The author’s story telling is immensely confusing.

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