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Chapter 22: Planet Murdo

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Chairman’s Secretary had to click the link when he saw this. Chairman Shrike asked him to check on Queen, and he did. He didn’t find any background information, but he thought it was weird. This Queen had no background and no origin. He appeared in front of the world like a man who suddenly jumped out of a stone.

The identity information of the Galactic Empire was very important. Indeed, there were some people whose identity information was very confidential. One couldn’t find their information. But he didn’t think Queen was from this group. Because he suddenly appeared on the planet of Murdo, and then took part in the competition. Shopping information, flight information and other activity traces could be found, but before that, there was no information at all.

It was the strangest thing.

Now someone had sent a planet to him, so the Secretary had to be alert. Was there really no background?

It was not a simple matter to buy a planet. One needed not only money, but also a background. Murdo was a retro planet. Rich people and powerful people used to go there for holidays. The property rights of big group plutocrats could only transfer the rights so quickly, so there must be power behind it.

The Secretary had intended to send an invitation letter to Queen to come to capital star. If the other party didn’t come, he would unite with the operator of Murdo to make him unable to live in the local area. In a word, if he wanted him to come, he had to. But now there was such a transfer of property rights, and things were not as simple as before.

The Secretary told the discovery to the Chairman, Shrike, who was shocked. Then he scolded the Secretary, “You are an idiot, this doesn’t mean you can’t invite him respectfully?”

Secretary: “…” Fuck you, you didn’t tell me that before! He had a professional smile on his face, “OK, I’ll do it now.”

Huo Nai was talking to Xie Yan.

“You pay attention to your safety.” Huo Nai told him since he felt uneasy again, so he bought a star guard and prepared to cover the planet of Murdo. This kind of protective cover had a  very high-energy and directly covered the sky over the planet. It could be called the firewall of the planet and could intercept all visitors. Only with the permission of the host could one enter the planet.

“You think I’m Hello Kitty. But I am Pikachu, the king of thunder and lightning” Xie Yan patted a muscle that didn’t exist on his arm. “Take it easy, I’ll take care of myself.”

After leaving Murdo, Huo Nai basically didn’t close his eyes. He would only take a rest for more than an hour in a day, and then put himself into things. The army needed to settle down, the government needed to be dealt with, and he needed to squeeze water from the sponge to find the time to find the people who mixed in the army to kill him. How could someone sleep soundly on the side of the couch? If he didn’t find that person, he couldn’t sleep well.

He always thought he was an indefatigable robot, but when he saw Xie Yan, he found that he was also a man of flesh and blood. He would get tired, he would feel tired, and want to take a nap like a simple minded person.

Huo Nai thought of a sentence: there was always a soft place in people’s heart. Where you can feel that you are relaxed, you don’t have to wear armor and a mask, but you can really be yourself.

Maybe Huo Nai’s soft spot was Xie Yan.

“You should have a good rest, too.” Xie Yan saw that he had dark circles under his eyes. He thought that high ranking people were really tired. What were they doing to torture such a good beauty? That’s not how Huo Nai was when he followed him.

He had unconsciously classified Huo Nai as his own people.

With Huo Nai’s help, it made sense that he was able to inherit the planet as soon as it was said. Xie Yan opened the information given by the staff and the planet was transferred directly to Xie Yan after the confirmation gene lock.

In addition to the transfer of property rights, Xie Yan also received information from the planet of Murdo. It had been left in the corner by him, and he had been busy with the harvest all summer. Many items needed to be collected in time and stored in a proper way.

During this period of time, he was exhausted and didn’t eat much. He prepared all kinds of materials, such as stewed duck soup with pickled radish and oranges with crab. In a word, he finally survived the bitter summer.

Until one night three months later, he soaked a glass of water with cherry jam, and drank it on the sofa. He was ready to look around and go to sleep. Unexpectedly, he didn’t sleep.

He knew the ‘source’ of Murdo.

Murdo was not a natural habitable planet, but a reformed planet, hence why they called it a retro planet. Because it was similar to another star on the edge of the Milky Way in composition and structure, but the civilization of that planet had fallen, and it had gone through a complete transformation.

The fallen civilization died due to a meteorite impact, the planet’s moon was pushed forward by the meteorite. Since the original balance was broken, the moon hit the planet, causing a tsunami. The Earth’s crust was torn, and hot magma burst from the Earth’s bottom, causing its ecology to be destroyed in a flash. Civilization stopped abruptly and no one survived.

When the stargate of the Galactic Empire arrived there, the civilization had completely disappeared, everything had cooled down and turned into a frozen symphony in the rock layer.

The moon gradually disintegrated in the years after the impact, and the planet’s new ecology was gradually recovering. However, among the meteorites, it was no longer suitable for human habitation, so the Academy of Sciences decided to ‘regenerate’ the preserved animal and plant fossils through research, and restore them by using cloning technology. The experimental site was located on Murdo, which had similar conditions, but had not yet formed its own ecology.

The coordinates of the fallen civilization were written in the lower part of Murdo’s data.

Xie Yan’s hand was shaking unconsciously. He went to check the coordinates but they were very complex. He used the coordinates to locate the star and got the shape of the galaxy where the star was located.

Despite the psychological preparation, it was heartbreaking to see it. The Earth, once a blue planet, was surrounded by meteorites. Because it was far away, it was not clear. It could only be vaguely seen that it was covered with yellow dust, just like a dirty ball falling on the ground.

It was his hometown, which he couldn’t go back to.

Xie Yan tried to search for more information, but found that there was little information about the planet on STAR Net. As a matter of necessity, Xie Yan sent a message to Huo Nai.

Do you know how to find the information of the fallen civilization?】

Soon after, a video call from Huo Nai arrived, his voice was deep and elegant. “Why do you want to check the news of the fallen civilization?”

Xie Yan hid some information and asked as if nothing had happened, “I just got the coordinate information recently, so I want to know about it.” 

Huo Nai looked at his deep eyes and felt they looked sad, but the other side didn’t say anything, so he didn’t ask, saying, “The exploration of the fallen civilization has always been done by the Academy of Sciences. They cooperated with some schools to excavate and protect the fallen civilization. Because of the confidentiality of the project, only the students of these schools can view the detailed information.”

“So if I want to know more about it, I have to go to a university first?”

Ho Nai nodded, “Yes, I’ll give you the information about these schools.”

Xie Yan: “……” How could it be so difficult?

After the video with Xie Yan, Huo Nai called Roger. Huo Nai spoke quickly and told Roger everything clearly. “When I go out for a day, you help me to cover up. Everything will be the same. If someone comes to visit, say that I had something to do and went out. I will come back soon.”

Roger felt caught off guard. The burden on his shoulders was a ton, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to see him.” Huo Nai didn’t mention Xie Yan’s name, but he and Roger had such a long tacit understanding. Even if Roger didn’t mention his name, he knew who it was. “His mood seems to be very low. I’ve never seen him so sad.”

He expanded Zhu Que, jumped into the cockpit, turned on stealth mode, and left capital star.

Roger ran out in time to smell the exhaust gas, ‘I’ve paid too much to cover up for this stupid couple!’

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December 22, 2019 2:06 pm

Hahaha poor roger🤣🤣🤣

December 22, 2019 3:56 pm

It’s like he’s getting painted into a corner. He better admit his feelings soon or the villains will get ideas.
I loved the part were the boss has to tell his secretary to invite him to visit nicely. LOL

December 22, 2019 10:04 pm

The secretary sure has some weird ideas, why force someone if you can invite him nicely. Went through too many years of underhanded tricks, haven’t we, heh. Well, I bet that even if they invite Queen nicely he will turn them down.

So, he found out what happened to Earth, sad but plausible. I’m looking forward to this visit. Will it coincide with the Chefs’s invitation?

Thank you for the chapter!

December 23, 2019 1:09 am

I thought it would be a while when these two meet up😍 looking forward to fluffy moment😊
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December 23, 2019 1:35 am

First Huo Nai needs to give Roger a raise. Then get him a wife so that he doesn’t have to eat all that dog food…

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December 23, 2019 6:34 am

Thanks for the chapter! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
I love our cute little planet, it is my home, that I so wish I had to keep safe from the greedy hands of my fellow humans & it would break my heart to wake up on day & know it’s gone…

May 30, 2020 5:51 pm

“You think I’m Hello Kitty. But I am Pikachu, the king of thunder and lightning”…. this is gold, pure gold 🤣🤣

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xie yan is pikachu and huo nai is clueless. we all know it.

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September 20, 2021 6:07 pm

Think Author meant home planet rather than town.
Well that’s a tad depressing and sad 🌍😢
I’m stll puzzled about whether XY put himself into that survival pod thing, or someone else did; and why his ID info is so sketchy.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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