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Chapter 108: Extra 5 – Leaflets.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin was a fox, Dewitt said Mrs. Margaret accepted it with great ease.

Dewitt was a little surprised at first. He was afraid that Mrs. Margaret’s instinctive attitude would cause Wen Jin’s discomfort when she heard the fact, so he chose to speak to her in private. Fortunately, in Mrs. Margaret’s view, Dewitt’s passion for things or people, as long as it had nothing to do with war, was okay.

Mrs. Margaret did not care at all about the issues of future generations that other people had always cared about since their marriage. In fact, she also secretly celebrated that We Jiin was a man. After all, with the genes of Dewitt and Wen Jin, the children born would be too strong to fail.

If there were war in Assyria, there would be a lot of hard work. In Mrs. Margaret’s life, the war robbed her of her husband, and then almost robbed her of her son, who had just reached the age of thirty. Her expectations for children were not so great, and if it were a repetition of the experience of her husband and Dewitt, that hope would have been crushed to zero.

Mrs. Margaret was willing to trade all of the Bertram family for their descendants to be separated from war. And after she accepted it lightly, she also saw Wen Jin’s beast shape.

So when she woke up in the morning and saw the little white ball, the first thought that came to her mind was Wen Jin. But Wen Jin would not come to her room in the morning, let alone stand on her pillow. And this little hairball, although at first glance a little similar to Wen Jin, was a little smaller.

Although similar in shape to Wen Jin, it’s body was transparent, and it’s body was smaller and less real. Mrs. Margaret could even see the interior decoration behind the little fellow through his body. Looking down again, the pillow stepped on by four small claws did not even show any signs of depression.

Mrs. Margaret’s eyebrows moved slightly.

It seemed to have noticed that Mrs. Margaret woke up, that little white dumpling tilted it’s head, gently stepped on it’s soft forepaws, and then put ot’s beautiful black eyes close to her and rubbed gently at the tip of Mrs. Margaret’s nose.

That rub brought a light fragrance to the tip of Mrs. Margaret’s nose. Before she could respond, the white dumpling disappeared. Mrs. Margaret looked up unconsciously, stunned, and saw by the window that the seed she had placed in the small mound the night before had grown a tender leaf sometime during the night.

Wen Wen Jin heard the scene described to him by Mrs. Margaret, he was still somewhat confused.

“I know there will be demons… But why is it like me?” Afterwards, Wen Jin sat in his chair and discussed profoundly, “My master’s flower finally grew a flaming bird. Over the past hundred years, he had learned to shape it. The pattern of the flower was also the shape of the flaming fire. Don’t mention the style of the flaming fire.”

It was because of this precedent that he first wanted to give Mrs. Margaret such seeds.

Although the Assyrian environment, he did not expect to grow the kind of flamingo that can escort Mrs. Margaret, but…white foxes that don’t even have weight?

“Does mother sleep every day…missing me?” Wen Jin looked at Dewitt incredibly and thought it was a little embarrassing.

Dewitt was amused by Wen Jin’s statement. He was curious about the legendary Fox and thought seriously, “Maybe it’s because of your spirit.”

Wen Jin nodded.

Yeah, he not only conveyed reiki during that time, but also his own spirit. The purpose of transporting essence was to make the kid grow up quickly, but if they said that, it didn’t mean that…

“I’m his father?” Wen Jin wrinkled his nose. Dewitt thought of the way Wen Jin had just come to him, and then imagined the way a little fox lay next to a little milk ball, and smiled low.

Since then, Wen Jin had been very interested in the legendary fox leaf, and in order to facilitate his interest, Mrs. Margaret mercifully allowed Wen Jin to enter her room for an hour before lunch. 

Every time before lunch, beside the little seed by Mrs. Margaret’s window, there would be an extra white fox, staring at the leaves, tilting his head and taking a nap.

But no matter how eagerly the white fox looked at the other, he didn’t get any response. 

That leaf looked very reserved, not at all like a spiritual form, regardless of Wen Jin’s view, it could maintain its delicate green body in the air, resolutely not moving a trace.

Until one day, Dewitt went into Mrs. Margaret’s room as usual, and was about to ask Wen Jin to go out for dinner when he came across a scene.

On the windowsill, the white fox was sleeping very openly with his head on his big fluffy tail. In the dirt pile in front of him, the small straight leaves were bending down and tapping gently on the warm nose with the tip of the leaves.

In a trance, it seemed to see a virtual little fox poking its head out of the middle of the leaves and the small white stalks. Its sharp ears retracted and its face stared curiously at Wen Jin with big black eyes.

But the picture did not last long. After feeling Dewitt’s aura, the little stalk were in the right color for a second, and the hair disappeared into the air. Everything just happened was like an illusion.

Looking in the sunshine, the white-haired soft-waxy fox and the sneaky move the white bones moved bit by bit to the other direction, and then once again forcibly straighten the fat seeds of the body, Dewitt squinted.

“Eat?” After feeling Dewitt reach out and pulled him up, Wen Jin opened his sad eyes, looked up at him, and held his forepaws on Dewitt’s arms.

“Mn.” Dewitt touched his head, and Wen Jin subconsciously raised his tail and carelessly swept the white bones with his tail.

“Huh?” Wen Jin paused, bowed his head and looked at the bones and flowers in the sun. “Did it get a little fat again?”

Dewitt paused, looked down, and saw the little flower bone in the air, the waist pole seemed more straight than it had just been.

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December 22, 2019 5:18 pm

Thanks Exile Team for all the extra chapters. Wen Jin & Dewitt after marriage life is calm and good.

December 22, 2019 10:16 pm

OK, I have to ask, are children possible? Mrs. Margaret was prety much clear about it, but…? Would their union result in flame foxes?
Thank you for the chapter!

September 8, 2020 6:24 pm

Era el nieto? Esa sería la manera de tener bebés??

December 2, 2022 12:08 pm

Is a baby Wen Jin growing through this plant?
Thank you for translating.

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