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(Online Game) No Zuo No Die

Author: Mijia

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Tn: Title meaning No zuo no die (Chinese: 不作死就不會死 or 不作不死) is a Chinese internet meme. The original wording of the Chinese phrase, meaning “one would not be in trouble had one not asked for it”, is half-translated to Chinglish where it retains one of its Chinese characters in pinyin.

Golden Lord = Sugar Daddy

Xiao Bai Lian = Sugar Baby


Summary: Story about the one who is rich and the one who is being nurtured. Author Note: This idea belongs to my good friend. I am only responsible for writing it. 



Xin Lei was squatting at home. The only job he had was to answer to the person who allowed him to live such a comfortable life – such a career was commonly known as Xiao Bai Lian. (aka gigolo (little white face)) As a Xiao Bai Lian in an empty house, Xin Lei had no requirements for a luxurious life. His only hobby was playing online games, investing his “salary” from the money owner into the online game, and then creating coquettish and glittering big Gods. He watched the rest of the players worship him and rain his name down in the network.

Basically, such a life without pursuit was his only pursuit.



Meng Qiao was a big boss. In reality, he was courageous, calling down the wind and the rain. He also had a cute Xiao Bai Lian. If he was bored, he would go to tease him and relieve his boredom.

As a busy man, Meng Qiao sometimes played online games as a pastime. However, he never paid attention to such games and rarely invested money in them. He thought it was a funny thing to spend money on such things, and a mature and rational person like himself would never do it.

So, in the online games, he was a thorough small bottom feeder (noob) called Xiaobai.



Xin Lei met Xiaobai in the game.

Xiaobai had no rank, equipment or gear, but he looked arrogant as if everyone was drunk and he was the only sober one. For some reason, Xin Lei seemed to be able to see the shadow of his Golden Lord. Maybe, in reality, the so-called successful people, even if they didn’t mix well in the game, always felt superior.

Of course, although he looked unhappy, Xin Lei’s self-identity as a great God would not let him have anything in common with such people, but the other party somehow foolishly provoked his friend Jun A on the Internet and fell into the situation of being hunted.

In online games, if one wanted to really respond to each other, one needed not only the strength of money but also the courage of one’s friends to do something and cut between the two sides. So, when Jun A asked him to go to Xiaobai, Xin Lei went without hesitation.

This Xiaobai was really tenacious. No matter how hard he pursued, he stood up with his pride and refused to admit his mistake. Then he made the small thing worse and worse. Xin Lei was not happy with him. Now that he had a good reason, he would do his best when he was hunting. Basically, in this period of time, Xin Lei’s greatest pleasure was to brush the Internet with Xiaobai. It was like beating his always high Golden Lord’s face, which made him feel very comfortable.

He didn’t know whether the glittering equipment was too eye-catching, or whether the identity of the great God always made other players look forward to him, or whether he brushed Xiaobai too harshly, but there were some noisy soldiers seizing the Lord. In a word, unconsciously, Xiaobai’s hatred value gradually shifted to Xin Lei, completely forgetting that he was not the initiator at all.

“Wait, I’ll make you look good.” One day, after lying dead countless times, Xiaobai left such a vicious sentence.

“Haha, then I’ll wait. Don’t let me down!” Xin Lei had to answer. After finishing the daily task of brushing Xiaobai, he felt refreshed.

“un A has forgotten the original pursuit. How can you still pursue him?” Friend Jun B helplessly looked at Xin Lei.

Xin Lei thought for a moment, “I think I have formed a habit, haven’t I? You know, it’s not hard to get used to this stuff!”

Jun B: ….

Xiaobai quietly went offline.


Meng Qiao met a big God in the game.

This God needed to be equipped, operated, connected and managed. It can be said that he was famous in the game. Even players like Meng Qiao, who didn’t pay much attention to the leaderboard, knew his name because it was hung on the world channel almost every day for people to admire.

However, Meng Qiao did not expect that one day he would also be in close contact with the God, and thoroughly understand the nature of the other’s differences.

The cause of the incident was very simple, but it was just a dispute over the distribution of stolen goods in a dungeon. Meng Qiao was also not interested in one or two pieces of equipment. Even if the equipment was worth 12000 RMB when it was sold on the Internet, it was just a drop in the bucket for him. But what bothered him most was the attitude of the other side.

Although Meng Qiao’s character was not popular in online games, he was very arrogant. He couldn’t bear the attitude of the other party, so he quarreled for a few words, and then the matter became more and more serious.

The other side called his friend to help fight, and the friend called his friend again. He went back and forth, and finally, even the great God was pulled into the pursuit team, which really made Meng Qiao laugh and cry.

However, Meng Qiao was never a person who would be frightened, and he never knew what was a compromise. In the face of the pursuit, Meng Qiao would not choose to calm down, but become more frustrated and braver. Even if he was fighting to abolish this God, he would not bow to the idle kids who thought they were so arrogant.

Of course, every day when he went online, he would be hunted. This kind of life still annoyed Meng Qiao. What made him confused was that the most ferocious person who hunted him was the God who had nothing to do with this matter.

Gradually, most of the pursuers began to withdraw from the pursuit team. Only the great God still kept on pursuing and persevered. Meng Qiao hated his stupid behavior so much that he could not help but put down his cruel words one day, “Wait, I will show you.”

The other side didn’t seem to pay attention to this sentence at all. He smiled and answered easily, “Then I’ll wait. Don’t let me down!”

Meng Qiao clenched his fist in front of the computer and looked at the bank card in his wallet.

“Jun A has forgotten the original pursuit. How can you still pursue him?” The friend of the great God asked doubtfully, and also said the doubts that Meng Qiao had always been thinking.

“I think I have formed a habit, haven’t I? You know, it’s hard to get used to this stuff!” The big god answered carelessly.

Meng Qiao held back the old blood he was about to spray, and resolutely clicked the close button on the game.


Xin Lei though that his Golden Lord was a little strange recently. It seemed that the other owed him one hundred eighty-one cases. His eyes were not eyes, his nose was not a nose. In order to carry out his work as usual, so as not to be fired, he made great efforts to please the Golden Lord, whether in bed or under the bed, he was very thoughtful!

Unfortunately, it seemed that the effect was not so good

The Golden Lord was officially out of the closet like him, and there was no blood of married wives and girlfriends, so Xin Lei could come to the door to please without fear of being caught and raped in bed. So, on this day, he cooked a delicious nutritious congee by himself, and went to the door to comfort the owner’s tired body and mind.

——Soup or me first?

——Don’t say no face, no skin, this is to do a line of love for work!

Golden Lord looked good today. He seemed to be about to get revenge. For the first time, he gave Xin Lei a smile he hadn’t seen for many days, and then he drank Xin Lei’s congee with satisfaction.

After having enough to eat and drink, it was his turn to be full of warmth and lust. Before going out, Xin Lei had already washed, so he had nothing to do after cleaning up the dishes and chopsticks, so he just slipped into the study and planned to spend his time before the Golden Lord finished his bath.

Then, he saw the computer screen that the Golden Lord opened, the game screen that he was familiar with the extreme and the character ID that he was familiar with.

Then, Xin Lei felt like he was wrong! 

Of! All! The! People!

He! Was! Broken!

Drop it! Now!


Meng Qiao thought that his Xiao Bai Lian was a little strange tonight. Although still supple and lovely in bed, it was more like being out of one’s wits than just having a meal.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked in a low voice, with his fingers in his lovers soft black hair, and with his head down to suck his lips.

Xiao Bai Lian seemed to notice that he was wandering and groaning like a cat. He took the initiative to encircle Meng Qiao’s shoulder, and at the same time, he enthusiastically reached down to touch Meng Qiao’s huge thing.

Meng Qiao snorted and didn’t bother to take care of his abnormality today. He hit the other’s body harder and harder.

When the clouds and rain began to disperse, Xiao Bai Lian couldn’t bear to rub against the soft bedding and sleep while knowing what was bothering him. His eyebrows were slightly locked.

Meng Qiao looked down at the other’s facial features and regretted seeing such an appearance. After seeing it for the first time, he decides to stop it. However, Meng Qiao’s mind soon turned back to the game, thinking of a large sum of money he had already recharged, and slightly hooked his lips.

Meng Qiao seemed to imagine his salted fish turning over and trampling the arrogant God at his feet.

——It was probably more relaxing than having sex.


When Xin Lei came home, the first thing he did was to go straight to the computer and play the game, and then look at the characters on his login interface and choked.

He actually bullied his own Golden Lord. How many people could have such shit luck in the world? Maybe he would win the first prize if he bought a lottery ticket! Xin Lei covered his face, and he finally understood why the Golden Lord always looked gloomy recently. It was clearly because he was being chased and running for thousands of miles!! It was such a disaster!

Was his mind bloated? Was everything swollen?

After ten minutes of questioning himself, Xin Lei, who was completely afraid to confess to the Golden Lord, decided to change his mind and become a new man in the game. Even if he could not make his big God and Xiaobai Golden Lord become good friends, at least he could not meet him as an enemy as he was now.

Thinking of what to do, Xin Lei had always been very aggressive, so he finally waited until the Golden Lord went online, and he immediately used the tracking props, and flew to the Golden Lord’s face – well, in order to chase this thing before, he bought a lot of it at one go, now he wanted to wipe a pair of bitter tears.

Sure enough, when Xin Lei arrived, the Golden Lord immediately faced the enemy. Although he had already filled the money, his level had not yet come up, so he was not the opponent of Xin Lei.

Seeing the Golden Lord’s Xiaobai attacking him, Xin Lei’s first reaction was naturally to fight back, but just after a move dropped the Golden Lord’s health in half, he finally reacted.

He came to beg for peace!

Resisting a PK’s desire, Xin Lei stopped attacking and let the other side polish off his blood bit by bit, then fell to the ground with a scream. The God’s friends were shocked!

The great God had died, but never in the hands of such a Xiaobai!

Xiaobai looked at the big God lying on the ground and asked, “…What do you mean by this?” 

“I’m here for peace. Let’s turn enemies into friends.” Such a line appeared on the top of the big God.

Xiaobai: “Was your account stolen?”

God: “No! Begging! Friends!”

Xiaobai: “Why? Are you afraid?”

God: “Well, you think I’m scared, right? Shake hands?”

Xiaobai: “……”



Meng Qiao felt speechless. Looking at the God on the screen, he always felt that he couldn’t catch up with the jumping ideas of the other side. Yesterday, he was so happy to kill him. Today, he suddenly pleaded for forgiveness.

Meng Qiao thought he was really old. How could he understand children now?!

He wanted to ignore him, but he couldn’t help it. No matter where he manipulated the character, he would keep chasing him. Meng Qiao almost felt that if he put a dog’s tail in his ass, he would be able to turn over the flowers at this time.

Although he didn’t know what the other side was up to, he decided to turn enemies into friends for the time being for the sake of his seemingly sincere and even willing to destroy the image of the God who had been pretending to be forced. Even if he was really making a bad idea, Meng Qiao was not afraid of it. The soldiers would stop him and cover up the water.

Meng Qiao’s attitude softened, and the God naturally felt it, so he stuck to him more wholeheartedly.

Because of being hunted, Meng Qiao’s rank was low, and the God worked hard to take him to the next level to upgrade; because of being hunted, Meng Qiao’s equipment was broken, and the God searched for good equipment everywhere and presented it without any weakness; when Meng Qiao was bullied, the God helped him get ahead; when Meng Qiao bullied others, the God acted as his accomplice.

This kind of love without principle was a first for Meng Qiao, which made him laugh and cry, but he couldn’t help but feel a bit moved.

Gradually, Meng Qiao put down his original defense and followed the great God steadily. With the great God’s careful care, Meng Qiao was in good shape. Soon, he was equipped with double harvest equipment. In addition, he also had a good sense of operation. He successfully slept and lived with the great God. Where there was the great God, he could see his shadow.

Of course, Meng Qiao’s “good luck” had made many noobs jealous of the great God, and the rumors that were not good for him were also quietly spread in the game. For example, he was a Xiao Bai Lian that was supported by the great God.


When Xin Lei heard this rumor, the whole person wanted to kneel!

Xiao Bai Lian?! They were calling his Lord a Xiao Bai Lian?! Xin Lei just wanted to smile and say “ha ha” to this rumor.

In order to catch up with his Golden Lord, Xin Lei made a lot of money. Fortunately, the wool came out of the sheep. He just returned the money that his owner gave him anonymously from the game to the owner.

… However, was this feeling of doing whitework an illusion?

Facing the questions from friends A and B, it was impossible for Xin Lei to admit it. He knew what kind of shit was on the Internet. If he was vague today, the rumors of the future care would be true. How could he possibly lift a stone and smash his own foot if he could not win over his Golden Lord!

“Absolutely not!” Xin Lei said, “He never asked me for anything. I am willing to give it to him!”

“Brother, don’t you really like him? Is he a girl playing him?” A Jun was shocked. “Have you ever had video or audio contact?”

“None…” Xin Lei vetoed – even though he knew that there was a mole on the Lord’s ass clearly. “Don’t ask so much, I just want to do it, the money is mine, I’m the judge.”

“We’re just afraid you’ll be cheated.” After all, you spent so much money on him.

“I’m sure he won’t cheat me.” Xin Lei was determined.

“Do you really like him? Even if he’s probably a man?” Jun A wanted to spit up blood. “Are you a recessive fag?”

“Er…” Xin Lei didn’t know how to answer.

“Don’t know each other’s appearance, age, identity, or even gender…” Jun B sighed, “That’s the truth! Love! Ah! No wonder! I doubted why you pursued him so persistently a long time ago. At that time, you had already seen him right?”

Xin Lei, who was said to love the noob, “…”

Jun A: ” Well, although I still can’t accept it, I still bless you and hope you don’t get cheated.”

Jun B: “+ 100086”

Xin Lei: “……”


When Meng Qiao learned about this conversation from A and B, he felt as if he had knocked over an alcohol bottle, which was full of ups and downs. Although he had thought about why the great God was so kind to himself, he did not dare to think about it.

In Meng Qiao’s heart, the other side was an impulsive and stupid child. At this age, he would always take some detours and do some wrong things. Out of the closet, Meng Qiao, who naturally knew how difficult homosexual life was, sincerely did not want such a simple child to go on this thorny road.

But at the same time, he was secretly happy and sweet, because the other side really liked him. Not because of his power, money, and appearance. He did not mix with any external factors or his original appearance.

Such a feeling seemed to be very rare for today’s Meng Qiao, and he also faintly sensed his own intentions and felt that he also had a good feeling without knowing the age, appearance, and gender of the other party.

Quietly quitting the game, Meng Qiao unconsciously looked at his mobile phone, suddenly remembered that his Xiao Bai Lian he kept had not actively contacted him for a long time.

Some time ago, almost three or four calls a day were common as if he was afraid of being forgotten. Now it was hard to get a text message saying good night, and Meng Qiao didn’t realize it, and he was totally focused on the person in the game.

Meng Qiao thought that it might be time for him to find someone to settle down with, and when he thought of this, he could not help thinking of the person on the Internet.

After thinking for a long time, Meng Qiao made a decision that he would organize his private life, and then find an opportunity to meet the person on the Internet to see his real situation. If it was appropriate – for example, over the age of 18, with a real determination to come out – he would start to pursue him and become a real fixed partner.

Meng Qiao was confident that, with his current social status, even if the other side was out of the closet, he would be able to protect him well.


When Xin Lei received the phone call from Golden Lord, he felt as if his whole world was crumbling. He dug in his ears, and felt it was still a bit unbelievable – he was fired?! It was not scientific!!

The Golden Lord calmly told Xin Lei that the contract expired, and then he gave him a large amount of money as a break-up fee, officially lifting the relationship with him. From then on, there was no relationship between the bridge and the road.

Xin Lei held up his mobile phone and listened to the busy tone coming from it. After a long time, he finally realized the feeling of being in a trance and a daze. He didn’t know where he went wrong. Recently, he had been sparring with the Golden Lord in the game. He had invested a large amount of his salary on the Golden Lord. His degree of dedication was almost touching… Wait…

Xin Lei looked up at the ceiling.

Although he was so dedicated in the game, he didn’t know it was him! Because of spending all day on the Internet, it seemed that Xin Lei really ignored the concern and consideration for the Golden Lord in reality. It seemed that he hadn’t called to say hello for a long time recently. As for bed sports, they hadn’t been carried out for a long time.

At this point, Xin Lei’s cattle were all eager to give themselves a paw – it was just a matter of picking sesame seeds and losing watermelon! In the eyes of the Golden Lord, such a Xiao Bai Lian should be fired!

Xin Lei was lying on the computer desk in agony, eager to read the progress of the game, let the time “swish” back a few months ago, this time, he would not ignore the real feelings of the Golden Lord!

Of course, recognizing his shortcomings didn’t mean that Xin Lei would accept the result peacefully, and then continue to love the Golden Lord – not the former Golden Lord – the one in the game.

Be fired, nail the boss villain!

Since there was no supporting relationship, Xin Lei naturally didn’t have to worry about the feeling of the former Golden Lord anymore. So, he bravely loaded the game, intending to get revenge for himself in the game.

Fire me heartlessly! You’re asking for death!


To solve his own black history of supporting a Xiao Bai Lian, Meng Qiao was a little excited and nervous when he loaded the game. The meeting had been put on the agenda. If the situation was right, Meng Qiao, who had always been vigorous, would probably be able to finalize the result today.

On the game, the other side was really online, Meng Qiao took the initiative to say hello, the other side then flew to him as quickly as before.

… Then, the script was a little bit wrong

“What’s the matter?!” Meng Qiao was surprised to see the other side draw out weapons without politeness. It was a powerful skill for him. Even if his equipment level was up now, he couldn’t help but have a lot of blood loss.

The other side didn’t answer but silently pressed forward. Meng Qiao parried several moves and asked repeatedly, but didn’t get any response. 

During this period of time, Meng Qiao knew the moves and habits of the great God very well. Although the other side didn’t speak, it seemed that the same person was right from the operation. Although Meng Qiao was confused, he did not dare to fight with him, for fear of any misunderstanding, and he killed the great God, making the misunderstanding deeper and deeper, unable to clean up.

Therefore, there was no doubt that Meng Qiao was cut down by the great God.

“What’s going on? Is there any misunderstanding?” Even in the upright state, Meng Qiao still kept asking.

The other side finally replied: “No misunderstanding, I just want to kill you.”

“…………” Meng Qiao was silent for a moment. “This is… fun? “

“It’s fun for your sister! Get up!” He said, “Let me have a good time! “

In order to appease his future lover, Meng Qiao naturally obediently revived himself and then was chopped down by the other side like cutting melons and vegetables.

After repeating this for four or five times, in the face of Meng Qiao, who had no complaints and had no resistance, the great God seemed a little bored, leaving a sentence, “I don’t want to see you again, motherfucker!” 

And then he logged off.

Meng Qiao stood in the same place, not looking back for a long time.


Xin Lei was AFK (away from keyboard) for the time being because he was looking for a new job – to be honest, he was looking for a new owner.

Don’t say he got where he was for nothing. He was a professional Xiao Bai Lian.

Xin Lei had always been a visionary. He would not sit on the sidelines until the end of time. It was the most correct thing to take precautions. Of course, before being AFK, he still informed his brothers and sisters in the game that there was trouble in the three-dimensional world, and there was a problem with his funds, so he had to leave the game for a while to solve the problem.

In this regard, the brothers and sisters all expressed their understanding and gave him a sincere blessing, hoping that he could solve the problem and return to the game as soon as possible. As a result, Xin Lei has become AFK, forgetting, of course, the gossip object and the noob he kept.

Unfortunately, when looking for a job, Xin Lei found a very serious problem.

His vision had become higher.

The rich didn’t look handsome compared with his former owner, the handsome didn’t act like his former owner, the middle rich and the middle handsome didn’t speak like his former owner…and so on. Xin Lei, who was busy looking for work, was almost kneeling for himself.

Sure enough, he was used to delicacies. He couldn’t see green vegetables and congee anymore.

Xin Lei looked into the distance, especially wanted to play the game again, and then cut down his former lord five, six, seven times to vent his hatred.

He couldn’t live such a life.


After being hacked to death several times for no reason on that day, the great God never came back after he went offline. Meng Qiao heard that he was AFK because there was a problem in reality, it seemed that his capital turnover was not good.

Meng Qiao thought that maybe it was because of the trouble in reality that he was so upset that day. Meng Qiao wanted to tell the other side that he was willing to help him solve his financial problems and return the feelings of the other side, but the other side never came back online or even left a few words for him.

Maybe that was the pride of the rich? One did not want to let others see their own downfall, more reluctant to ask for help from others, so a person quietly shouldered everything. Meng Qiao seemed to see another self, and couldn’t help but feel more and more distressed.

After waiting for a day, two days, three days and then a week, the other side still heard no news. Meng Qiao felt that he couldn’t wait any longer. He had never worried about a person as much as he did now. He thought about what the other party was doing almost all the time. If he was wronged, he would like to console him.

At last, Meng Qiao decided to take the initiative to find the man.

There were many ways for Meng Qiao. As long as he really wanted to do it, it was not too difficult to find a person through their online trace. After spending a lot of time and energy, Meng Qiao finally got the address of the other party, which seemed familiar to him, but he didn’t think much about it.

For the first time, Meng Qiao drove to the place according to the address. Along the way, his heart beat like a drum. He repeatedly simulated what to say and do when he saw the man. Would he explain politely, or would he first kiss the other person severely to comfort the suffering of lovesickness in this period of tossing and turning?

Although he still didn’t figure out what to do when he stood in front of the door, it didn’t prevent him from raising his hand and ringing the doorbell.

There was a young man’s voice behind the door. It seemed that he was a little tired, which made Meng Qiao’s breath shorten involuntarily.

The sound of footsteps approaching in a hurry, followed by the sound of opening the door, when Meng Qiao saw the real appearance of the man opposite, he was stunned.


“…… Oh, my former golden thigh,” Xin Lei blinked blankly. Before he could spit out the next word, he was pressed against the door by the other side, his lips bit hard.

“You’ve done a good job, eh?” Meng Qiao whispered in his ear, with a strong sense of threat and affection.

Xin Lei felt bad in advance and lost his face, “I didn’t do anything.”

“When I’ve cleaned you up in bed, if you still have energy, explain it well!” Meng Qiao snorted coldly, picked up Xin Lei, who was much thinner than himself, stepped into the room and slammed the door.

One would not be in trouble had one not asked for it. That was a wise saying!

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I can see the charm of the concept but it needs to be built more. I would buy a full book if available. Lol

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Love this – thank you! Please update long and often!

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it was a fun read but the seme is really fickle. wish the uke actually found a new golden thigh before they got back together again

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Interesting and fun read! I love the way the story was laid out! The MC ended up with his ML regardless but now he has the ML’s true affection versus before he was just a sugar baby I believe will be more beneficial now for MC It was so ironic how they met online and the MC used to mess with him lol then when he found out who it was he helped him in the game lol definitely would not have minded reading more ❤️

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