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Chapter 5: Why are you so beautiful? 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

All of a sudden, the intimate contact made both of them feel embarrassed. Letting out a fake cough, Xie Yan said, “I’m sorry, I hurt you by mistake.”

Huo Nai let out, “…Oh.” 

He didn’t say whether he believed it or not.

Xie Yan looked at the boar that had been knocked out on the ground. He tied the limbs with rope very quickly. The boar had all fours facing the sky, awaiting its fate on the cutting board. Now, Xie Yan could only wait for the boar to be slaughtered, so he went to catch the piglets trapped by the loop.

Normally, he couldn’t afford four piglets after catching the big boar. But, could the little boars escape?

Of course not! There could not be one less!

The little piglets tried to run away screaming, the tone shrill and laced with panic. Xie Yan thought that they could predict that he was coming toward them. They were running on their short, vigorous legs in a panic. Xie Yan was out of breath after catching one while the other three were all caught by Huo Nai.

After all this, Xie Yan nodded with satisfaction. “That’s good. The whole family should be together.”

Huo Nai: “…” He wanted to laugh a little, but he froze. 

He suddenly thought Xie Yan was cute.

Although the piglets didn’t want to go, they couldn’t help but be dragged away by Xie Yan, who was pulling the rope as they howled the entire way.

Xie Yan was not moved at all.

The way down the mountain, Huo Nai walked behind Xie Yan. It seemed that Xie Yan should not be Omega.

Where was there such a fierce Omega?!

The boar was stunned by Huo Nai and carried by one leg. Xie Yan saw that the boar, which weighed hundreds of Jin, was like an endorsement bag on Huo Nai’s back, and the other also carried the bamboo basket with one hand. Xie Yan couldn’t help feeling that he had died and yet others were better than him. After all, the man was still injured and could do so much, yet wouldn’t let him do a thing with his little hand injury.  

Xie Yan thought it was okay to do as he said since he didn’t want to provoke Huo Nai. He was afraid that he’d be thrown off the roof.

Xie Yan planned to raise the wild boars temporarily in captivity. He wanted to do an outstanding job: some would be used as fresh meat, some to make bacon, and some to make sausage. In the future, if he didn’t want to cook, he could steam rice with some sausage, and then stir fry a vegetable dish. It was a perfect match for lazy people.

The wild boar was so big, there were many spices to prepare it in various ways. Fortunately, they had been bought online today. The galaxy was vast, there were many things, and no one lacked delicious ingredients, but everyone lacked the heart to find these delicious ingredients. Most of the items were not ordinarily used for cooking, everyone said that the taste was extraordinary, and not good. Xie Yan was fond of the ‘strange taste’ section.

Xie Yan was going to give the people of the galaxy a lesson in turning waste into treasure.

There had never been such a thing as rubbish, only treasure placed in the wrong spot!

When they returned, it was a little late. After a full day, Xie Yan felt a little tired, so he decided to have a light dinner. Tearing the Tricholoma matsutake into strips, he cut two millet peppers and sliced some garlic, before heating oil in the pan. He placed the millet peppers and garlic in the pan to stir fry them, added the Tricholoma matsutake, a little salt, and constantly stir-fried the mix. He waited until the surface of Tricholoma matsutake was a little yellow and with a little burnt fragrance. Smelling it increased people’s appetite. 1

Another dish was stir-fried wild vegetables. Some edible wild vegetables were picked from the outside. As long as they were cleaned and simply stir-fried, they were very delicious.

If Xie Yan had eggs, he could make a custard. 2 As long as he had eggs, water, oil, and a little salt, he could make a soft, tender, fragrant, smooth, and delicious dish.

“Mmn…” Xie Yan was greedy.

Xie Yan made a note of this and decided to find out the best time to explore Murdo again. He couldn’t find other new ingredients unless he went out again. Constant attempts and innovations were the reason why food was profound and had a long history. Although he didn’t plan to be a chef, it didn’t prevent him from bringing his memories and taste here and taking root in the stars.

His new video contained the process of collecting raw materials. Many people were shocked when they saw the video.

【It’s a real dish: Is he eating grass? Can I try this?

【Yangyang loves learning: Blogger, what is that cylindrical thing? It looks delicious!

“It is Tricholoma matsutake, a kind of unique fungus in the plateau area, which usually grows in the alpine forest land with an altitude of more than 3500 meters in the cold temperate zone. The growing environment is very harsh, and the taste is extremely delicious.” Xie Yan replied, adding comments in the video along the way.

【Yangyang loves learning: OMG, the blogger replied to me! So happy!!! But I can’t eat it, I hate it!

Xie Yan couldn’t help laughing and thought these fans were cute.

He had made the title {Grazing}. The star people were always taking nutrient liquid or eating star food in a restaurant. It was relatively monotonous, but no one ever thought that someone would eat wild vegetables.

Xie Yan saw a familiar name again.

Here it is, here it is!

【Lone Wolf: Can you eat wild vegetables? Are you a rabbit? So poor that you have to eat grass?

Every time he saw the comments from this person, Xie Yan would shake, and his palms would itch. He wanted to use a stick to slap the back of their hand. However, the more reasonable they were, the more they felt as if they were Archimedes. Xie Yan had mastered the skill of turning a blind eye, and his disregard for them was more thorough.

【Queen replies to Lone Wolf: Delicious! It’s a pity I won’t give it to you.

It’s fun to play with blackspots!

A group liked his response.

【Queen’s coming down, how cute he is!

【Didn’t even give you a warning!

Although there was black powder, some were unable to believe in the food Xie Yan made.

【Devour the planet: It’s so delicious, this isn’t fair! How could there be such delicious ingredients in the world? Why didn’t food companies synthesize it? Blogger, can you send a star express? I want to break down the ingredients.

Xie Yan:“……” Were Starman operations so ridiculous?

Other fans, whether old or new, laughed at him.

【Here we go again, a white wolf with empty hands.

【Look at this ball, it’s big and round, just like this man’s face is thick and flat— you used to identify other people as fakes with empty claims and report them. Now you need someone to send you to express mail and eat. Even black holes can’t digest your face [Spit] [nauseous] [vomit]

【Blogger doesn’t care about these kinds of people. They want to share more delicious food. Such a lovely person must be an Omega! Anyone would be so happy to marry such a blogger!

Omega? What was an Omega? Interstellar jargon? Xie Yan’s eyelids were so heavy that he yawned and fell asleep.

Xie Yan was woken up by a rustling noise. He was a little annoyed and grumpy that he didn’t wake up naturally. A sound seemed to come from downstairs, it was like someone was flipping something. Xie Yan went down with the electric shock stick, very alert.

He slept upstairs, Huo Nai slept downstairs. It was so loud, but he didn’t wake up?

As soon as the light was turned on, Xie Yan saw a pig standing in the kitchen, searching for food.

Xie Yan: “……”

Huo Nai: “……”

An awkward, dead silence.

“I just…” Huo Nai tried to explain, “I heard a noise in the kitchen. I was afraid of mice coming in. I wanted to see the situation.”

You are a rat-catcher blindly catching mice. Do you have an infrared imaging function in your eyes? Xie Yan lifted the corner of his mouth and directly poked through his cover, “If you are hungry, just say it. Don’t be too proud.”

After all, there was only porridge and vegetables for dinner. With a body like Huo Nai’s, he had probably digested it all before going to bed. The tip of Huo Nai’s ears were red and hot, and the lie was exposed. It was something unprecedented in his life, which made him somewhat embarrassed. A sound outside of the window saved him.

When Xie Yan saw the red tip of Huo Nai’s ears, he was afraid that he would become angry and retaliate. He knew that teasing the other could only be done lightly. It should be like fishing, knowing when to relax and when to pull. He turned the topic around and said, “Go out and have a look.”

A drone appeared near the window, as big as an ostrich, with two long legs for support and a propeller on it. It landed on the ground with light movements, its square abdomen opened automatically, and a brown box was put down.

“It’s quite convenient.” Xie Yan couldn’t help muttering. After signing, he opened it. It was the spices and machines he had bought.

Creating sausages 3 required casings, but there was no such thing in this interstellar world. Xie Yan bought some synthetic collagen films, which were transparent and could be digested by the body.

“Now that you’re awake,” said Xie Yan, stretching out his belly, “let’s get to work.”

Although Huo Nai had only been with him for one day, he also figured out Xie Yan’s temper and knew that he couldn’t deny him. Xie Yan couldn’t kill him, but he instinctively chose the best solution.

Xie Yan logged into Yinda Entertainment’s live network with his Star Net number and started live broadcasting. The name {Queen} was new to the live broadcast website. At first, no one watched it. However, there were hundreds of billions of people in the interstellar space, who were always suffering from sitting about idly. Some came in by mistake and stayed there.

Xie Yan was ready to kill the boars. He cleaned the pig with a water pipe and put it on the table. Since the limbs were tied, the boar could only arch back and forth, and the table was almost shaken.

“I’ll do it.” Huo Nai wanted to do it for Xie Yan. After all, he couldn’t watch Xie Yan’s petite body kill the boars with a knife. He felt as if it was a violation.

When the knife was handed to him, Huo Nai raised it high and was ready to cut off the pig’s head. Xie Yan looked at his posture, grabbed his arm, and snagged the knife on tiptoes. “I’ll do it. You’ll splash blood everywhere.”

“Are you afraid of blood?” Huo Nai thought Xie Yan was stupid and bold. He was not afraid of anything.

Xie Yan, with a look of ‘what did you say,’ gave him a squint. “I’m afraid you will waste it! Do you know how tasty pork blood is?”

Huo Nai: “……” The reason was so strong that he couldn’t refute it.

“You can hold the pig down for me, just don’t let it move.” Xie Yan lowered his eyes. “It’s stupid, but it’s powerful.” He said in a serious voice, “If it moves around, I might cut the wrong part.” He was more serious than a surgeon by the operating table.

Hau Nai felt like Xie Yan was like peeling onions. One layer at a time, it would make his eyes hot.

Xie Yan stepped on the back of the boar’s buttocks, pressed down the neck of the pig, and cleanly stabbed the knife into its neck to drain the blood. There was a bucket under it to catch the boar’s blood. He could make pork blood soup, 4slice it, fry it and eat it. The taste was exquisite.

There were not many people in the live broadcast room, but because of his actions, his cast immediately blew up like a tree on fire in the dark night.

【Someone is broadcasting a killing! What are the rules? Demand the live website manage!

【I know this person. He is a food blogger! Did you forget that the person who made the dishes in Walley’s video was {Queen}? It’s like looking into a mirror, they are exactly the same! Who told me this man was an Omega! Do you believe an Omega could kill pigs so cleanly?

【This knife is too dull, but why is he collecting the blood? Is he afraid of soiling the ground?

There were more and more people entering Xie Yan’s channel. Many people watched this man named {Queen}, who killed boars and was bloodletting them. They were all shocked. The blogger was definitely an alpha.

The comments were divided into two camps. Half of them thought Xie Yan was too cruel. The other half thought that the blogger was really a man who did great things, and they wanted to see the final result.

Xie Yan opened the comments and found that there was another bloodbath. He was exhausted and directly wanted to intervene.

He didn’t think it was cruel to eat meat. Was everyone here, vegetarian? Can’t we respect each other? It was just ordinary pork. Did he need to go through animal protection rights to pick what he eats? Was it possible that even pigs in this interstellar world were protected animals? =.=

No, there were no protected animals in interstellar space, because the genes of various species were preserved and could be recovered directly. There was no so-called extinction or near extinction.

“Now we are killing boars. After that, I will make ham, sausage, and bacon, which can be preserved for a long time. Using the other parts, I will use fresh meat to make cold pork, 5 Dongpo pork belly, 6 stir-fried farmhouse meat, 7 sweet and sour pork ribs, 8 and pork belly hot pot with shiitake mushrooms. 9 The pig blood could be solidified, cut into thin slices, fried, sprinkled with cumin pepper, and coated with a homemade sauce. 10 I want to eat a plate because it will supplement the body’s microelements. Make the best use of everything, no waste at all.” Xie Yan commented.

【I haven’t heard of any of these things~

【I’m such a disheartened mouth. It can’t help but want to drool!

【How can pork make so much? I always thought this kind of thing can only be used to eat meat and be used as a supplemental protein! Usually, I can’t tell you what it tastes like, but it turns out that the way I eat it is wrong!

The staff of the live broadcast network was very interested in watching it and handled all the reports. Because Xie Yan’s behavior did not violate the relevant laws and regulations, they would not disturb the blogger.

“Now, let me show you the birth of delicious food.” Xie Yan felt the pig’s head and couldn’t help humming, “You are so beautiful~ You are so beautiful! You are so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! “

Audience: it’s magical. They can’t help but sing along!

At this time, a message appeared on the top of the live broadcast room, and the special effect attracted everyone’s attention. 

【Wen Renyu entered the live room

Mr. Wen Renyu, a Royal chef!


The author has something to say:


Reporter: Excuse me, Mr. Xie, how did you master the technique of killing pigs? Was it for acting?

Xie Yan: when I was a child, I saw the villagers killing pigs. Because I didn’t hold them down, the pig jumped down from the table and spilled blood on the farmyard. From then on, I knew that pigs must be killed in one stroke, or you will see a bloody loess land.

Reporter: Unconsciously touches the back of his neck.


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