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Chapter 6: Preliminaries

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Wen Renyu, Mr. Wen Renyu, Royal super chef!

Compared with the food produced by the Chefs Association that could be popularized to the whole galaxy, the Royal recipes had a combination of color, fragrance, taste, and comprehensive nutrition. Many videos came out, and many people would try it, which made them greedy for another taste.

The number of positions as a Royal chef was extremely low, and people in the Chefs Association could only fight for them. Many people speculated that the royal family was going to recruit new cooks? Also, the old emperor didn’t want to stay in his position. His royal highness was expected to succeed soon. At that time, there would be a new chef to cook for him. Was there a new royal super chef?

Everyone can’t help but take a big bite of melon and guess at everything.

However, Mr. Wen Renyu didn’t open his mouth, and they soon returned their attention to Xie Yan.

Xie Yan made his ham with all his heart. 1 Stir-fried the ice sugar, salt, pepper, star anise, and other spices, put them into a stone mortar and mashed them into powder before mixing in raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, and white wine evenly, and then used the knife to divide up the pork.

The boar’s head was put aside to make pig head meat, 2and the body was divided into two parts. A thick boning knife was used to cut along the bones. The meat was meat, and the ribs were ribs. 3 Two wild boar hind legs were completely taken down and put aside. He cut the streaky pork into two different sizes, fat and thin. He then smeared the seasoning over the ham part evenly to make the meat ‘safe and healthy’ to let the flavor penetrate through the meat.

The pig’s hind legs 4 were treated in the same way. Xie Yan put the processed pile in the shade and let it sit, and then started mincing the meat.

Xie Yan used the fat and seven pounds of the pork to make sausages. He added salt, sugar, ginger, and other seasonings into the mix. Since there was no cooking wine, he used the white wine in the wine cellar. After some years, the taste of the wine was very mellow, and he felt it was wasteful to use it to make sausages, but it was all going into his stomach, so it didn’t matter so much.

He chopped the meat before mixing in the seasonings, and then uses the interstellar machine he bought to fill the prepared meat stuffing. He tied it with cotton rope to make individual sausages one by one,and poked each one with a needle to exhaust the air. Then he hung it on a bamboo pole and placed it in a cool place to dry.

At the end of this stage, Xie Yan opened the comments and found many people asking:

【Blogger, are you going to eat it directly?

“It needs to dry for a few days, and then I need to smoke it for one to two hours with pine woodchips. It will have an extraordinary taste, with the fragrance of pine.” Xie Yan explained to the public, “When cooking rice, put it directly into the pot. The rice water should be crystal clear. The grease in the sausages will integrate into the crystal clear rice, which makes the rice fragrant and full of meat flavor, but it will not make people feel that it is greasy and will whet their appetite.”

【Won’t it be rotten in ten days? 】

Some people asked, 【Whether it’s raw or cooked meat, won’t it go bad when it’s put outside in normal temperature?】

【It’s going to be a hotbed for a lot of bacteria.

Xie Yan like this kind of technical questioning very much, because it was conducive to the advancement of both sides’ technology in the academic exchange. The flavor in his memory could not be copied directly to the whole galaxy. It was also because of the environment of Murdo and Earth that was so similar, almost a replica, that he was able to do so.

“I’m in a place where the temperature is right for the fermentation of some of these groups of bacteria, which will break down the fat and proteins of wild boar into amino acids and small molecular organics. This process is called fermentation, which makes the meat more delicious.”

【Smell People’s Feathers rewarded Queen with a meteor shower.

There were so many stars falling on the screen, just like a real meteor shower, that even Xie Yan couldn’t help looking sideways. The meteor shower was the highest reward Yinda Entertainment live network offered. One meteor shower was worth 10,000 coins, it was enough to buy two pigs.

Then came Wen Renyu’s comment,【Interesting.

【Is this a compliment? This is praise! So even Mr. Yu, a super chef, couldn’t help being overwhelmed by Mr. Queen’s delicious food!

【Queen is the best! Fans have expressed their praise!

Rewards were like a gust of wind. Other people will also start to pay with money. If they don’t have money, they will give rainbow farts. On the screen were all kinds of praise, colorful, like fireworks.

Ah, it’s nice to have money!

Xie Yan’s smile was so refreshing, “Thank you for Mr. Wen Renyu’s reward. Now let’s take a look at the treatment of fresh meat. The requirements for the first competition of the cooking competition are three dishes and one soup, but I found good ingredients this time, so I couldn’t help sharing them with you.”

The taste of fresh meat is the best. Xie Yan chopped up the ribs into sections, blanched them, removed the foam and added hot oil into the pan, fried the ribs on medium heat until they were golden yellow on the surface. He then added cut ginger, garlic, wine, sugar, and vinegar before adding cold water to the ribs and boiling it on high heat. Once the ribs were cooked, he drained it, then poured in the remaining half of the white vinegar before turning the heat down and simmering it for an hour and a half. After the time was up, he poured in the last of the vinegar, turned the heat up, and collected the rendered fat. Next, he stir-fried it continuously to avoid burning it.5

Vinegar could be poured in three times, each time with different uses. First, it could remove the gamey smell. Second, it tasted good, and third, it made the meat tender. Sweet and sour pork ribs were tantalizingly sour and sweet while the meat was chewy. The surface was slightly scorched and crisp, and the inside was delicately tender. It gave an entire range of flavors with each bite. 

When it was simmering, Xie Yan moved the meat out of the pot and cut the pork into 7-8cm cubes before blanching it in the water as usual. He took it out, fried it in oil on an iron pot until the fat crackled, then put it in the pot. He added sugar, raw soy sauce, cooking wine, fragrant bay leaves, star anise, cinnamon, a proper amount of water, and let it simmer over a small fire.

The advantage of this process was that there was no need to watch the fire in the future. It was a lazy way.

Today’s theme was pig, and the soup was no exception; pig heart soup. 6 In spring, the season when all things were in love made people restless, pig heart soup would clear up Qi and blood.

The pig’s heart was washed and sliced while keeping the blood and boiled with wine. Xie Yan skimmed off the froth and impurities before washing it again. In the water, he added wolfberry, red dates, longan, Poria, jujube kernels, and boiled it over the fire, stirring it occasionally. He then salted it according to the taste while leaving it over the fire. Pig’s heart soup was clear. After drinking it, one could calm down and let the spring fire burn. For Xie Yan, who loved spicy food, it was a delicious soup.

The last thing to do was stir fry the fresh meat. 7 It was the fastest and easiest way to cook it. Xie Yan cut the meat into thin slices and then added fat into his pot. He stir-fried the fat, chilis, and lean meat with oil, pouring cooking wine in to remove the smell and stir-fried until it had a golden hue before pulling the meat out. He put the two chilis and garlic together to stir fry, and a spicy smell wafted out that choked Xie Yan until tears almost ran down his face. He added the meat in, put salt and raw soy sauce to taste, added the dark soy sauce to color, stir-fried it evenly, and then pulled it out of the pot. This dish was fragrant and filled with soul.

The juice of sweet and sour spareribs were almost done cooking, and the rich fragrance made the originally full Huo Nai hungry.

The ribs coming out of the pot were very beautiful in color. The grease made the sugar red-color shine. Xie Yan took a piece and put it under Huo Nai’s nose. “Isn’t it very fragrant?”

Huo Nai took a bite of the ribs.

Xie Yan: “…” His chopsticks almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, he had a strong bearing capacity and kept himself steady, which was no waste.

Don’t you have long hands? Why are you letting others feed you?! Do you think you can do whatever you want if you’re beautiful?!

“Delicious!” Huo Nai exclaimed. The pork ribs were just right and did not taste like firewood at all. The long cook time forced all the fat out of the meat, and it melted in his mouth. They were put into the sauce, so the meat on the ribs was not greasy at all.

Xie Yan looked at the comfortable expression and sighed in his heart. Huo Nai was suitable for his appetite in all aspects. He couldn’t afford to be angry at him, so he let out a breath. 

All the new dishes were given to Walley so he could record the smell and taste.

Instantly all the people on the network who were used to nutrient liquid cried after tasting the food.

【Delicious! It tastes so good! I didn’t expect the pork ribs to be so delicious! I used to only eat meat. How many delicious dishes did I miss?!

【Ah, what’s the fried thing just now? I feel that my soul is burning and I have an impulse to cry.

There was a lot of crying and howling in the comments, and all kinds of delicious food passed by, which made people hardly know what they should call these two dishes.

“Many parts of pigs are treasures. It’s a waste only to take the meat and throw away all the other parts. I’ll show you the cooking methods for the other things later.”

【Good blogger!

【I’m so happy! With such delicious data, even the nutrient solution in my hand seems to be delicious!

Seeing that everyone was delighted, Xie Yan was also pleased. He gave a pair of chopsticks to Huo Nai, and they went to eat the ribs and soup. Huo Nai was very comfortable and felt that this life was very comfortable.

“Thank you.” He couldn’t help saying to Xie Yan.

In the live interface, Xie Yan chose privacy mode, so he was only showing his hands to avoid future troubles. As a result, neither the audience nor anyone else could see his face or Huo Nai.

Xie Yan thought about it and blocked their voices from the live broadcast.

“You don’t have to overthink when you are here to heal. We are like two people who met on a journey. It’s fate that we can walk together for a while.” Xie Yan looked down, “You were seriously injured at that time. Someone was chasing you. From that, I think your status is extraordinary. When your memory is restored, you should leave, and we will not see each other again.” He raised his head and looked at Huo Nai with bright eyes and a very cunning smile. “So enjoy this time while you have such a long vacation.”

How could it not be a long holiday for him? He came to a new world, at this stage, he was as free as an atom, and the appearance of Huo Nai helped him integrate through the process and not be so lonely.

Huo Nai thought the same. However, when Xie Yan pointed everything out so straightly, he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. It was like his heart was pinched by something, and there was a slight pain.

Xie Yan behaved as if he was used to parting and would not stay for anyone.

“What if I had to depend on you for food and drink?” Huo Nai knew Xie Yan had gone back online and tried to destroy Xie Yan’s cloudlessness.

Xie Yan smiled but didn’t speak. With his index finger between his lips, he made an “shh” gesture and resumed the live broadcast. He raised the soup in his hand. Huo Nai was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t continue to ask. Xie Yan raised his bowl toward Huo Nai’s, and the two bowls collided and made a crisp sound.

“To the taste of nature that was given to humans.” Xie Yan said. “If you want to stay, I’ll raise my own white face; that way, the blood is earned.”

Huo Nai smiled and said in a low, laughing voice, “I’m very grateful to you for bringing all this to us.”

【Ah ah ah, who is beside the blogger?! Who is laughing? Why so sexy!

【+ + + + + + + 1, the voice is so pleasant, and I’m waiting for more. Why? My legs went soft just now.

【Are you the only ones who feel spoiled? I just feel jealous, jealous, jealous! This person can actually eat the delicious food of the blogger, and I can only leave saliva on my STAR Net screen!

According to Xie Yan, not all places in interstellar space were suitable for agriculture. Places with large populations were also expensive. The most common food was nutrient solutions and nutrients, which could provide lasting energy. The Chefs Association monopolized the meat and dishes, and the establishment of a restaurant needed a lot of certificates. One also needed to pay a commission to the Chefs Association in a fixed amount every year, which was a service only a few people could afford.

The intensity of the Chefs Association’s monopoly was much higher than Xie Yan thought. Now he couldn’t help but thank himself for crossing the border of the Empire. At least there were many raw materials on the planet of Murdo for the extravagance.

【You’ve passed the preliminaries, Queen. Hearing the voice of Wen Renyu, it attracted everyone’s attention.

【Awesome! New players can pass the competition too!

【Mr. Wen Renyu is a specially invited judge this time. It is said that the Chefs Association has spent a lot of time to invite him!

【Queen is not from the Chefs Association?

【I don’t see the title on his personal interface, I think he hasn’t even taken the test.

【How could his cooking be so good? You say he might not have even passed the Chefs certificate. Do you think I haven’t eaten anything from the cook association?

【Are all the people in the Chefs Association rubbish? An ordinary person makes better dishes than them!

Some members of the Chefs Association were very dissatisfied with the birth of this man named Queen. They were related to different families in different star regions. They could get wealth through monopoly and cooperation, and have money flow into the pockets of their families. As for the interstellar people, virtual entertainment was plentiful and just enough. The more they knew, the more dissatisfaction they had.

Originally, they wanted to roll this man away from the galaxy competition quietly. Still, Wen Renyu, the consultant invited here, passed him through directly, and they could not go against Wen Renyu’s face.

“Find a reason to make this man do a rematch.” He Da, vice president of Chefs Association, demanded.

The event itself was to find new members of the Chefs Association. He didn’t expect to see many twists and turns. Only one member from each star field could enter the final. He Da had been in contact with some star families for a long time. At this time, he could only sacrifice ordinary people without background for their sakes.

“Lord He, didn’t you check his background?” Asked the secretary.

“He has to have a background to broadcast. I’ve been dealing with people for so many years, and I haven’t heard the voice at all, which means there’s no background. I’ll find a reason to fight him so that he will never come back.” For the first time, He Da found that his secretary’s brain was not working correctly.

His secretary was speechless.


The author has something to say:

Speaking about the quality of meat, it changes if it is frozen for a long time, and the texture becomes poor. This year’s New Year’s Eve, our family killed a pig raised by ourselves. It was super delicious when we made sweet and sour pork ribs. I made sweet and sour pork ribs for my family. It was delicious~


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