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Chapter 91: Idiot.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The beasts did not walk.

According to the monk, the more powerful the beasts were, the more likely they were to cross the twisted space and go to Honghuang. But in those days, powerful beasts often matched powerful ability users. If so many were forced to lose their energy core, it would be a historic event in Assyria, and it would be impossible to leave no trace of them. If the god beasts had really chosen Honghuang, Eton would not have chosen to abolish the intermarriage law between Assyria and the people in such a laborious way as to tamper with history.

Dewitt’s eyes darkened as he watched the surrounding circle of gradually diminishing flames, and more and more beasts dared to rush through the flames towards them.

The contact between the Uttar and the beasts was bad for them, so they would move out immediately after they found direct contact between the two sides. The advance team, including him, consisted of five people, the rest of whom were on standby outside the warehouse.

For Dewitt, it would be great if things could be controlled within the framework of a five-person team. After all, there are only two Uttars coming in. If they could get the chance to talk to the beasts, there may be a turning point.

However, the real situation in the warehouse, minute by minute, was to overthrow their ideas to the ground, and almost never stopped as it put them into a desperate situation. Unlike what they imagined, this was not the scene of a meeting between a Qi beast and an Uttar. When they actually entered the warehouse, they saw a group of Qi beasts with extremely bad spirits.

“Marshal!” The voice of DaDao came again, with some bitterness, and all the unfinished words were in it. He did not feel good. Not only DaDao, but also the three scouts they brought in, were covered in wounds, and the overall situation was very poor.

Growing up like an invisible trail, they were surrounded by a herd of contract beasts.

DaDao did not know how the situation would turn out to be like this. Their intelligence for several days was totally wrong. The Qi beasts were not hiding here at all. According to the situation they saw when they came in, the appearance of the herd had been clearly controlled by the Uttar people for a long time.

Moreover, from the point of view of Qi beasts, this kind of control had not started recently. Such a huge amount of time was absolutely more abundant. Maybe it started from the suburban incident, or even longer than the suburban incident. In any case, the subversion intelligence was deadly to them.

The five-member team, including Dewitt, was very skilled, but they were hard to beat with both fists and feet, and their communication equipment could not receive signals. Under such a massive attack, they could not get any foreign aid at all. They could do nothing but to retreat.

In such a situation, soon their team was injured. Later, DaDao’s own arm was torn off by a Qi beast, more and more were wounded, let alone fighting, even basic defense could not be achieved.

Worst of all, they still failed to find the exit. Seeing that the situation was not right, Dewitt quickly built a wall of fire around them, surrounded all of them, so that they had a chance to catch their breath. However, this was only a reprieve.

“Come on, there’s no end to fighting like this.” Someone in the team couldn’t help cursing. They all hung up in the battle just now. Of the five, only Dewitt looked better. So only Dewitt, breaking through the firewall time after time, tried to find the direction of the exit.

However, after repeated attempts, nothing was found.

Each of them had a detailed map of the warehouse that had been detected by the reconnaissance team in the past few days, but when the beasts came at them, the maps were completely ineffective. It was like being in a completely closed black box, with nothing but the beasts.

Watching Marshal’s face getting worse and worse each time, and the surrounding fire wall getting thinner and thinner, more and more beasts dared to break through, everyone knew that Dewitt’s energy was not enough.

“Brother Dao, that’s not the way.” Others said.

As he spoke, he also looked at where his arm used to be. Marshal ordered them not to kill as much as possible. But the beasts were obviously injected with something, and they could not even feel the pain. As long as the consciousness was still there, they could continue to pounce back.

If they could kill, maybe they could also forcibly find a way to escape, but if they killed, in today’s situation, if they once again caused a large number of casualties of beasts here…

The Assyrians and the beasts may never go back to the way they were before.

Dewitt reached out and wiped at a wound on his forehead, his eyes were a little cold.

The situation of these beasts was exactly the same as that of the beast who fought Cecil and died on the stage in the gladiatorial arena that day. The flames around them were getting smaller and smaller, and the eyes of the beasts were shining, as if they could step over the fire at any moment and rush to the nearest place to bite them.

Dewitt squeezed his fist, and his energy was running out. He stepped back slightly and pulled DaDao with one hand.

He stood on one side, showing a bitter smile, and the other three responded quickly. This should be their last moment. So many attacks by the beasts, with Dewitt still there, they could be safe to this day, even if the Marshal’s energy was exhausted…

“Not to mention, these beasts are so terrible that they can endure such a long time in a place like the Colosseum.” Someone stood up, covered in wounds, and his voice was a little reluctant to joke.

Dewitt’s eyes flashed, and white hair and a smiling face flashed through his mind. It was that smiling face that flashed through his mind, and Dewitt seemed to smell something strange in the air. He was stunned, and the flames that had completely weakened before his eyes were accompanied by that flash of stunnedness.

With a roar, in a twinkling of an eye, all the fire walls around them had disappeared, and the beasts, too, rose up over the ditch and rushed fiercely in their direction.

Dewitt, with a stern eye and a single-handed blade, flew through two of the beasts. But the beasts moved very fast. Nearly the next second he avoided the two beasts, a fierce wind came in his direction.

“Marshal -!” The voice of DaDao came from behind Dewitt with some alarm.

Dewitt’s body suddenly stagnated. Turning back, a huge black shadow almost occupied his entire sight. It was in that moment that a fiery red stone came down from the sky, with a weak light, and cut the dark shadow. Dewitt’s eyes flashed and the next second he caught the stone.

It was at the moment that Dewitt caught the stone that the beast in the whole space seemed to be marked with a forbidden sign. Without waiting for a few people in the tunnel to react to what had happened, the beasts that had been chilling for a second disappeared in an instant.

The next moment, a teenager with long hair came out of the tunnel, and his slender fingers touched Dewitt’s eyebrows. With a sneer, he whispered, “Idiot.”


The author has something to say: 

Dewitt: Did I just hit air?

Wen Jin: Well, it’s silly to run around.

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