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Chapter 9: The game begins!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

The popularity of hotpot could be seen from the booming streets and alleys. If there were no hotpot shops in a city, then that was a city without a soul. If the group was large, or the group was small, a single person, many people, a family, dinner party, it didn’t matter, everyone could join. 


The difference of taste could be obtained from two aspects: the depth of the broth and the dipping materials. Although there were some common seasonings he could find on the interstellar net, the integrated actions for these seasonings had not yet appeared.

Xie Yan stood up, everyone was attracted by his action and looked at him.

“What’s the matter?” Huo Nai asked.

“I thought of what I wanted to do.” Xie Yan pulled the corners of his clothes and his eyes were bright. “It will be delicious. You’ll like it.”

It felt very good for his preferences to be remembered. Huo Nai nodded. No matter what Xie Yan did, he would like it. He nodded, “I think so, too.”

“Wait for me. We’ll go together later.” Then Xie Yan asked chef Roland, “Can you please tell me where the bathroom is?”

In spite of her dark face, Roland told him the way, “Go out the door, turn right and go to the end of the hall.”

Xie Yan followed the directions. Before he left, he thanked the other people, “Thank you for your hospitality. The food was very good.”

Who believes you when you only ate a bite?! Roland looked at his back as if she had seen someone else. She looked very thoughtful.

Huo Nai stood up, “I’ll wait for him. Thank you for the food,” he said.

These two! Qiao Jiaze felt that he was kind enough to feed the dog but they didn’t cherish such delicious food. They deserved to be eliminated! He decided to study the data given by his sister and choose a representative food combination so that the two people could lose!

Xie Yan stayed in front of the toilet and felt that the place had strangely refreshed his world view.

In front of him were six entrances, divided into six genders, from left to right:

Female A, female B, female O; male O, male B, male A.

Xie Yan was frozen from his confusion.

What was this? Type A, type B, type O blood? Interstellar blood type toilets?

Xie Yan couldn’t help but think of the classic types: type A, type B, type AB, type O.

He shook his head and asked himself which way he should go. His previous blood type was mixed AB, but now, with his new body, he didn’t know. He didn’t check it. He was afraid that he would show up in the hospital. But somehow he knew that men and women should be separated. It didn’t matter what kind of blood type they were. After all, they did not all have two things of flesh in their crotch.

So he went straight into Man A’s toilet. A…well, he had excellent grades since he was a child. When he saw A, he went in automatically.

The following Huo Nai was a little confused. Is Xie Yan a Male Alpha?

They spent so many days together but he didn’t smell the scent of an Alpha on Xie Yan. He had thought he was a Beta. He thought about it and then followed Xie Yan in.

Xie Yan stood in front of the urinal.

On the left was empty, and on the right stood several men, who looked at him in unison.

That look, it was like little red riding hood had accidentally intruded into Grandma wolf’s house, and also said ‘hello’ to grandma wolf kindly.

Xie Yan:…… Why did it feel so weird?

Xie Yan was about to unzip when Huo Nai came in from the outside and stood in front of the urinal next to him.

He unconsciously glanced to his side and said ‘yooooooo~’ in his heart

This person’s future partner would feel both pain and be happy in bed.

Xie Yan’s movement as he was unzipping his zipper paused and couldn’t help but compare. Compared with Huo Nai’s, he was a little stunted. Alas, it really hurt his self-esteem.

Seeing his slow movements, Huo Nai couldn’t help glancing at him.

Xie Yan was acutely aware of it, and was a little angry, “Turn your head back!”

Huo Nai: “……” He looked at the front and thought that his popularity came and went quickly. This person was bright, funny and interesting.

Other people in the toilet saw the movements of these two people, and their eyes were somewhat complicated.

Xie Yan felt the cold glances on the back of his neck and couldn’t help but get angry, “What are you looking at? Have you never seen someone pee?”

He looked smart and beautiful, and ordinary people would not think he was Alpha, and they were wondering if he ran to the wrong toilet in a panic, and their urination became gentle. Who would have thought that all of a sudden, the contrast came too soon. Someone trembled and their aim fell out of the border.

The man: “…”

Xie Yan:“……”

The man couldn’t help asking him, “Did you go to the wrong toilet?”

Was this it? Could he identify blood types at a glance? Xie Yan felt guilty and refused to admit that he is wrong. Using his acting skills as a professional actor, he asked frankly, “Isn’t this the men’s A toilet?”

The man nodded stupidly.

“That’s right.” Xie Yan said in a forthright voice.

Huo Nai zipped up and released the pressure of an Alpha.

The people at the restaurant felt their hands shake for a while and felt that the powerful Alpha pressure appeared out of the sky. Their hearts beat faster, their hands holding their chopsticks were shaking, and a lot of people were in a panic.

The people who walked into the toilet almost pissed their pants. They were curiously stunned in place. They thought: Do you not care about others? Is this a game to him?

To help Xie Yan out smoothly, Huo Nai said lightly, “Let’s go.”

After the two left, the whole toilet was as quiet as a chicken.

For a long time, the people inside were all in a trance, until someone tortuously let out, “Is he really an Alpha?”

“I didn’t think you were an Alpha.” Huo Nai said in a complicated mood.

Xie Yan thought to himself, what was an Alpha? Why was everyone surprised that ‘he was an Alpha?’

He was puzzled and decided to take makeup lessons secretly, but now the other side’s face said that he couldn’t be Alpha, which made him very upset, so he continued to perform. “What’s the matter, do you have an opinion? Haven’t you seen an Alpha like me? I am so sorry.”

At last, the four words were said through gnashed teeth, his eyes were still red, and his expression was ‘I won’t tell, you’ll die if you dare to ask.’

Huo Nai was in a trance. Seeing him like this, he reflected that he was too preconceived, leading to information dislocation. “Sorry, I was prejudiced.”

Xie Yan praised himself in his heart, but openly used an angry face. “It’s nothing, don’t discuss this matter anymore.”

Huo Nai thought Xie Yan was an Alpha with some developmental defects. After all, he didn’t smell the threat of an Alpha. Maybe it was the incomplete development caused by gene defects during his development. The latter was more likely. Otherwise, how could he look like that?

Xie Yan was very generous in other places. His eyes were red after he came back from a visit to the toilet. Huo Nai felt guilty, he thought that he would never ask him this question again.

On the other hand, he also figured out why Xie Yan would live alone on such a backward edge of a planet, lonely but happy. He didn’t have to be bothered by pheromones or suffer from the frequent scrutiny of others. He was free, just like a bird.

Without too much explanation from Xie Yan, Huo Nai’s brain automatically compensated for the causes and consequences. This was the end of the gender debate.

Xie Yan watched Huo Nai’s face change, and finally give him a loving look. He got goosebumps. The loving gaze soon disappeared, and Huo Nai treated him as usual.

Xie Yan was relieved. Life was like a play, it all depended on acting. However, he still had to carry Huo Nai on his back to make up lessons secretly, otherwise, he would be finished when he was exposed.

Back at the hotel, Xie Yan asked the organizer if he could make a pot according to his design. The other side said that he could, so he sent the design drawing of a two broth hot pot pot, and the complete set of matching scoops, dishes, and chopsticks.


Those who could enter the semi-finals were capable people, although the organizers didn’t know what medicine was put in Xie Yan’s gourd. However, the chefs’ requirements for this activity needed to be met as much as possible. Besides, it was not difficult, so they were willing to respond.

Xie Yan also went to have a look at the ingredients. He didn’t know how to limit the ingredients. He needed to fry the hot pot ingredients himself and there were many needed for the broth, which took a long time. He didn’t know if he could make it. Other ingredients such as tomato, mushroom and Sichuan peppercorns were relatively well prepared.

At 12 o’clock the next day, everyone gathered in the kitchen of the Skyscraper hotel.

The whole kitchen was as big as a playground. Everyone had an integrated kitchen in front of them, with a stove, chopping block, kitchen knives, water and an incubator beside them. At the beginning of the competition, the first step was to select the ingredients.

When Xie Yan saw the spices and ingredients, he thought, go steady. Most importantly, he could finally eat hot pot!

The whole game was live broadcasted on the Star Network. There was even a live mode with a free perspective. Most people choose this mode to sneak around every chef.

At the beginning, all of the people were crowded around the Chefs Association. Without others, the Chefs Association had advanced certificates and received systematic training. Their abilities were recognized by the entire interstellar people. Among them, Qiao Jiaze was the most remarkable. His movements were elegant and slow, which made people feel that he was worthy of being a member of the Imperial Cuisine College. This bearing, this posture, this chest tied with a red scarf was full of confidence!

Qiao Jiaze carefully washed vegetables and cut them. He made them one by one and put them into the intelligent incubator. These machines could keep the color and flavor of the dishes as long as possible when they were out of the pot. The time was 12 hours, which was enough for Qiao Jiaze to make a table full of color and flavor.

When he started, he couldn’t help looking at Xie Yan and found that he was dealing with the ingredients. He finished two courses and Xie Yan was still working on the ingredients.

What the hell was this guy doing?! Didn’t he take the game seriously?

What was Xie Yan doing? Xie Yan, of course, was preparing the bottom of the hot pot!

It was the first time making the bottom of a spicy hot pot (Doubanjiang.) 3He dealt with the chilies, peppers, onions and ginger and other items in turn. A variety of spices were prepared for use. Since there were so many things needed, the preparatory work would take an hour. Xie Yan’s movements were orderly and even had an addictive rhythm.

At the beginning, only a few people were looking at him. After all, he had only been dealing with the ingredients. Everyone thought that the ingredients were easy to deal with. Wouldn’t all those things come and go?

They didn’t know what happened but they were suddenly so drunk. So many ingredients, this chef’s handling was really fast and not messy, it’s very comfortable to watch! Everyone continued to look at it with the mentality of ‘I’ll see what you can stir up.’

They didn’t know that this state was similar to reading farming literature.

Xie Yan didn’t know that his behavior has succeeded in bewitching hundreds of millions of audience members, and this behavior continued.

His most favorite thing was the bottom, a whole 3kg, enough to make a lot of broth! At that time, even if Xie Yan was a soft and hard bubble, he would pack the finished products and take them back to his fridge for several meals. When he thought about it, he felt refreshed.

He heated up the lard. When the oil was warm, he fried onions and coriander in the pan until it was golden yellow. All the flavors seeped into the Doubanjiang. These things could be removed and thrown away. The chili peppers were sauced in the pan, stir-fried until the surface was almost frothy, then he added chilies and fragrant bay leaves in turn with red bean paste, Xie Yan then continued to stir fry everything for a period of time, added soy sauce and ginger, added the most processed spices, and finally put in the green peppers soaked in white wine. He then added sugar, distiller’s grains, white wine and boiled it for ten minutes. 4

【What’s so fragrant? It’s killing me!】

【At this time, a pungent and choking smell is out. My nose is about to sneeze, but my mouth, it secreted saliva.】

【I want to eat, want to eat, want to eat, want to eat.】

【Would you like me to open it directly or cool it a little?】

【In front of you, there are so many peppers. If you eat them, you will go to see an anorectal doctor directly, right?】

The smell of Xie Yan’s process of frying Doubanjiang was decadent. Almost all the people in the whole room turned their attention to Xie Yan, which was just like the aggressive pheromone of a strong Alpha! Even if one was stubborn and didn’t look, they couldn’t help but smell it a few times. The thick layer of Doubanjiang was fragrant, spicy and with a faint sweet smell. It was a mouth-watering liquid.

Strong Alpha’s pheromones made their legs soft, while the spicy Doubanjiang made its taste appetizing!

The invigilator, the person in charge here, Xue Li, couldn’t help coming over and asking, “Xie Yan, what are you doing? It smells delicious.”

This problem was also what the people of STAR Net wanted to know very much. They were all raising their ears.

“This is the food I brought today— hotpot!” Xie Yan was very satisfied with the spicy Doubanjiang made this time, the red pot bottom, with green pepper and pepper floating on it smelled delicious.

“How do you eat it? Is it okay to drink directly with a spoon?” Asked a curious Xue Li.

Before, he felt his blood was cold. After a long stay on the Snow Sea planet, he forgot that he was a constant temperature animal. Sometimes he felt that his blood was frozen and solidified, and his passion for food and love for things faded away. It was very monotonous here. People seemed to be sculptures.

Now, his blood was hot again.

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I guess the gender discussion will come up later on and Xie Yan will be really shocked. But for now, let’s enjoy the food and the Chefs Association defeat, because, yup they are going to lose.

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Thanks for the chapter! Didn’t know hotpot needed so much preparation, thought it was a cut & put in water to boil kind of enterprise, from the way it appeared in J anime…

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