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Chapter 8: Pre-competition Investigation

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Huo Nai took a step forward, stood in front of Xie Yan, looked down slightly, and said to the chef, “Let’s wait for the competition to show off the cooking skills.”

The Chefs Association representatives burst into laughter.

“Does this person think that the first one to get a semi-final pass knows the height of the world?”

“If our Chefs Association can’t do anything, you will know how shallow you are, boy. You don’t have all your hair, and yet you come out to compete. If you use those spices carelessly, you will not have any problems because of luck.” 

One of the people from the Chefs Association said coldly, “This time, you will lose a taste test”

Xie Yan: “……” I have no interest in dominating your Chefs Association. I just want ten million, ten million!

“I’ll see.” Xie Yan then dragged on Huo Nai’s sleeve and left without giving them the chance to show off.

It was a waste of breath and it was better to go back to sleep.

Because of their poverty, they didn’t think about opening another room at all. They took the elevator to room 666. After opening the door, Xie Yan was silent. A beautiful big bed appeared in front of him. The whole room was very warm and suitable for lovers to live together. The organizers probably wanted to have the contestants bring loved ones with them. It didn’t matter if they slept in the bed.

Xie Yan and Huo Nai lived together in a relationship similar to that between a tenant and a homeowner. It was a little hard to allocate sleeping areas. Xie Yan also hoped to see a sofa, but there was no such thing. The floor was carpeted with insulation and he squatted down to uncover the carpet.

Seeing this, Huo Nai thought Xie Yan’s vigilance was very strong. He asked repeatedly, “Are you checking the room’s security? I’ve checked. There’s no problem.”

“No…” The material under the carpet was ice. Xie Yan stood up and said in a regrettable way, “I’m looking at the possibility of letting you sleep on the floor.”

HuoNai: “???!!!”

“I won’t.” He sat on the edge of the bed, his back straight, a stubborn face that refused to sit on the floor.

Xie Yan thought with his head tilted, but Huo Nai had only just recovered from a serious illness. He had suffered such a serious injury before so it was really bad for him to sleep on the ground on such a cold day. If he got sick, they didn’t even have the money to see a doctor.

It was really sad.

Xie Yan didn’t mean to let Huo Nai sleep on the ground either, but a lot of words still needed to be said. “Let’s make three rules. First, the boundary between us is clear, and neither of us can cross the boundary.” As Xie Yan said that, he took a rope and put it in the middle of the bed. The quilt was meant for two beds and a two-meter wide bed should be enough for one person.

“Second, in order to keep the evidence and keep your memory of today, you should write me an IOU for today’s events. If you forget, I will remind you of it.”

“Oh, I’ll write it for you now.” Huo Nai knew that he had to give up in order to sleep. “Where do you want it written?”

There was no pen and paper in the room, and Xie Yan had to open the STAR Net. He reached out and said, “I can’t find any materials, so I can only ask you to sign online.”

He called out his own STAR Net interface, on which Huo Nai wrote with his index finger instead of a pen according to Xie Yan’s prompt. [Huo Nai hereby guarantees to Xie Yan that he will not act without permission and will compensate Xie Yan for all losses caused by him.]

The feeling of signing and reading a name was totally different. When he wrote down the two words [Huo Nai], he felt that he had signed them thousands of times, they were so smoothly written.

“Good handwriting.” Xie Yan couldn’t help but praise. It was not only good, but it was probably able to win prizes if it was taken to participate in a calligraphy competition.

“And the third?” Huo Nai didn’t have a narcissistic tangle of handwriting, just thinking that his real name should really be Huo Nai. It was just his memories and his past…that he had to find by himself.

“Third… Wait until I think about it!” said Xie Yan.

Huo Nai couldn’t help laughing and laid back feeling too comfortable.

Everything today was so refreshing, although some things happened, the mood was not affected at all.

The room was about 80 square meters. The windows were clear and they could see the rolling snow mountains and the frozen sea in the distance. At this time, the competition rules and precautions appeared on the wall.

The second round was on the provincial capital planet, which was a tourist attraction with unique characteristics. It was also because of this that it would become the capital planet. But these places were facing a problem. They wanted to develop local food, but they couldn’t do it all the time. So in this competition, they simply needed to use this as a topic, brainstorm and solve the problem.

Xie Yan couldn’t help but lament the chicken thief of the organizer. It was one stone, two birds!

It was also written below that if the production was successful, the organizer would coordinate with both parties to let the hotel buy the delicious food recipe, help the chef negotiate the contract according to the value of the product, and reward the excellent parties.

Hmm…That’s pretty much the same as what he was thinking. For rewards, of course, he wouldn’t refuse any that came his way. The more, the better.

After a break, Xie Yan and Huo Nai began to stroll around Snow Sea planet. Cuisine in certain places often complemented local ingredients. Food was a sign of flow with nature. If one wanted to make a local cuisine, they needed to understand the local customs. But because they had no money, plus the restaurants were really expensive, comparable to luxury consumption, they could only go in and smell the cuisines, and couldn’t taste it. It’s very saddening.

It was Huo Nai who had a high loading force. They just needed to put on a ‘taste is not so good’ look, walk in, and then come out. Huo Nai was guilty of the previous ticket evasion. Even though he knew it was humiliating, he still managed to let Xie Yan do whatever he wanted.

But after such a visit, Xie Yan made some new discoveries.

The local people of Snow Sea planet were blue-blooded elves. They could bear low and high temperatures. The tourists here came from all kinds of stars and had different tastes. If one wanted to satisfy the different tastes of different people, ten dishes were not enough. If he used all hot soup dishes, they would look the same and have no originality.

So what should I do? Xie Yan rested his chin in his palm and fell into his thoughts.

Unconsciously, they walked into the most famous hotel on the Snow Sea Planet: Xiang Xue Hai.

After entering the door, Xie Yan heard familiar taunts. 

“Oh, boy, you even came out to have a look. Did you buy the ticket this time?” People from the Chefs Association sat in the corner of the hall, saw Xie Yan and his partner coming in, then turn around to leave, and burst out laughing, “Oh no, should I pay the bill? I don’t think I’ll eat the overlord’s meal. “

Xie Yan: “……”

HuoNai: “……”

Ticket evasion may be the black history of Huo Nai’s life.

The party now expressed regret, very much regret.

“They probably used all their money to pay the fine, so there is no money left to eat.” The young man joked, “Would you like to have a meal?”

Xie Yan remembered him, because at the dock, the old chef had opened his mouth and mocked him, then looked at this young man with hope in his eyes, which showed that he was the hope of the entire association.

The hope of the entire association was waiting for Xie Yan to refuse, and then make a good mockery of him. Who would have thought that Xie Yan, who had been planning to leave, took hold of Huo Nai, sat down in the two seats left at their table, and said to him with a smile, “How can I refuse such an enthusiastic welcome?”

The hope of the entire association: “…”

The Chefs Association: “…”

Shameless, shameless!

We didn’t really want to invite you. You’d better not sit down until we say so!

Xie Yan smiled.

Shameless for a while, always shameless for a long time.

To deal with such a person was shameless. Using such a shameless, righteous reason to fight against poison was super shameless.

Xiang Xue Hai was the most famous restaurant on Snow Sea planet. Both tourists and locals liked to eat there. The chef in charge of the kitchen was from the Imperial Cuisine College, which was opposite to the Imperial Military College. The former had more Omegas in their school while the latter had more Alphas, and both sides had high gene ratings. During school, many Alphas and Omegas would attend the joint ball, watch the opposite sides, lock eyes and get engaged. Most ended up mating during their estrus.

For this reason, the Imperial Cuisine College was also known as the Bridal College.

Qiao Jiaze, a graduate of the Imperial Cuisine College, was surrounded by the chefs from the Chefs Association. He was a male Omega with excellent genes. It was not easy for him to enter the Imperial Cuisine College. The college only enrolled about one hundred students every year. This number was not for one planet, but for the whole universe, making it extremely hard to enter.

Qiao Jiaze satirized Xie Yan, but he didn’t expect to be bounced back by Xie Yan’s cheekiness. At this time, his face was very bad— he left two positions open because he wanted to invite the main chef to come over. The Imperial Cuisine College had a long tradition of its elders helping the younger generations. He wanted to talk to the chef to decide what kind of taste to choose to conquer the audience by asking about the data of hotel meals.

This was also his graduation project. He wanted to add chips to his marriage. He knew what winning Delicious Galaxy would mean. Successful people’s dishes would be bought by the Star River Food Company to complete cooperation by way of dividends.

How much would that be? It was worth at least a few billion coins a year. What’s more, this honor was equivalent to knocking on the door, allowing him to enter a higher social circle, meet better people, and find a better Alpha that complimented his genes!

Qiao Jiaze wanted all of this, so if he wanted to be number one, he must win!

The first time he saw Queen, he had a sense of crisis. Queen was definitely not the average person. He paid great attention to the game and made a lot of preparations for it, while Queen’s attitude of visiting here made Qiao Jiaze feel despised. There was anger in his heart.

“What gene are you?” Asked Qiao Jiaze.

Xie Yan wanted to dig out his ears, “What?”

“I asked you, what gene are you?” Qiao Jiaze was starting to get angry.

“I don’t know.” Xie Yan thought his question was strange. 

“You don’t even know your genes. Do you not have the money to check it?” The chef next to Qiao Jiaze looked down on him and said, “Do you want me to help?”

When Xie Yan heard that, he laughed and beat the table.

Qiao Jiaze was a little annoyed, what a laugh!

“My excellence doesn’t need to be reflected by my genes. Instead, it’s you. Do you need this thing to prove yourself when it comes to genes?” Xie Yan thinks the other side was being ridiculous.

The man sitting next to him couldn’t help but say, “Who are you? You dare to question the excellent student from the Imperial Cuisine College?”

Xie Yan showed a puzzled expression. The man saw it and talked about how powerful the Imperial Cuisine College was. The chef of this five-level restaurant graduated from the Imperial Cuisine College. She was the daughter-in-law of the Bai family in the star field of BaiXing.

“This is not something you can get by being a peasant blogger.” The man was complacent.

Xie Yan: “……” He was convinced. On this interstellar planet, everyone’s way was forcing no evolution. But he thought maybe he should take the time to study for a degree. This body did not even have a simple primary school education.

At this time, a woman with blue eyes and blonde hair came in.

“Here you are, Jiaze.” The woman stood at the table and looked at the people sitting at the table. She stopped as she looked at Xie Yan and frowned slightly. She seemed to have some doubts, but she had seen everything in the world. She covered up the doubts well and said, “There are too many guests. Please forgive me that you had to wait until now.”

Qiao Jiaze stood up and hurriedly replied, “Why is sister Roland apologizing? I’m not bothered.” 

Roland chuckled, stretched out her wrist, and touched Qiao Jiaze with it. He said, “Thank you, elder martial sister.” 

Roland glanced at Xie Yan again, like a casual greeting, “Are you also a chef in this competition?”

“I’m not a chef. I’m just a food lover. I’m so greedy that I just do it myself.” Xie Yan held his chin, took his chopsticks and tasted each dish in front of him. He found that the food tasted very good, but it didn’t surprise him. He pointed out some of them to Huo Nai. “They taste good. Try them.”

Huo Nai took a few bites and found that the taste of the food here was far worse than that of Xie Yan’s. This was okay… he could only praise them. He took a bite like Xie Yan and put down his chopsticks.

Several people at the table, even Roland’s face changed.

Xie Yan couldn’t help laughing, thinking that Huo Nai was worthy of being with him, really worthy. He didn’t mean to do so, but the delicious dishes did give him a feeling that it was actually unpalatable under his reputation. He sighed in his heart, he was thinking that such a powerful graduate of the Imperial Cuisine College would have such a result like this?

“Is Mr. Queen not satisfied with the food?” Roland asked, with a slight brow raised.

“It’s delicious.” Xie Yan replied in a dignified way, adding the second half of the sentence in his heart, ‘Without surprise.’

It was not so much about the taste, it was more like these people were old-fashioned and didn’t try to create new things. It should be because the process was too correct and the taste was the same. This was just like chain fast-food restaurants in the past where the materials were accurate to the decimal place as they strictly followed the recipe. Of course, the final results would be the same.

Was this the highest level of cuisine in the Galactic Empire? Weren’t they too short of surprises?

Xie Yan wanted to make money, buy a spaceship and wander around to find delicious food. Snow Sea was so cold that it seemed to freeze the blood. Now he was eager for something to arouse his inner passion. Xie Yan recalled that Xing Wang said that all food was absolutely healthy now, and eating would not cause any health problems. But many times, eating a little ‘unhealthy’ food could bring more happiness, as long as one didn’t indulge in it. Anyway, one’s body would expel these influences.

Surrounded by ice and snow, there needed to be enough for ten people, but also to meet the taste differentiation of those ten people. He wanted it to be spicy, hot, make them sweaty and yet cool. It needed to be enough to melt the cold of the world.


Xie Yan pointed at Huo Nai.

HuoNai looked at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I thought of what I’m going to do!” With the answer in mind, Xie Yan’s eyes were very bright, and he leaned in close to Huo Nai’s ear and whispered, “I’m going to make hot pot.”

It would be a hot pot dinner party. It was nice since one would be able to eat what they wanted. According to this scene, Xie Yan’s first thought was hot pot.


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