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Chapter 76: Midnight’s Drama and He Secretly Likes Me

Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Translations
Editor: Rattie

That night, Su Nuo asked desperately to sleep with Dai An, because he had a feeling that Luo Li might break into his room in the middle of the night and force him to beep— with him, and then beep— again.

Luo Li was one of the business developers of this hotel, he probably had the keys to all the hotel rooms!

“Good night,” Dai An yawned in the covers.

“Don’t sleep just yet.” Su Nuo shook him hard.

“What’s wrong?” Mr. Manager looked at him with an exasperated face.

“Do you know how to do taekwondo?” Su Nuo asked, “or do you have any defensive skills?”

“Nope. None at all,” Dai An shook his head.

“How come you can’t do taekwondo….” Su Nuo sighed deeply.

“Why should I learn taekwondo?” Dai An was confused.

“Defense ah! In case if a pervert breaks in.” Su Nuo lay next to him. “Or… should we put a knife under the pillow?”

“Don’t do it,” Dai An immediately rejected that. “ I’m scared that you’ll sleepwalk and stab me with it.”

“But I have a suspicion that Luo Li is not a good guy,” Su Nuo couldn’t help himself and said. “He’s probably a big pervert!”

“Why?” Dai An was surprised.

“Because he stares at me weirdly!” Su Nuo was sure he was correct. Luo Li acted just like those evil gross and dirty-minded perverts in almost every romance novel.

“You think he has ulterior motives towards you?” Dai An inhaled cold air, and nervously sat up from the bed, “You can’t just assume that. The media already thinks you’re gay, and Qiu Ziyan is already very annoying. If you include him into this, it’s going to be a mess and how would you explain that you’re not gay!”

But I am gay and I like guys…
But that’s not the point!

Su Nuo said seriously, “It’s true, I promise.”

“For example…?” Dai An kept asking, “There’s no evidence that he’s into you.”

“Intuition!” Su Nuo held Dai An’s hands.

Dai An’s tense nerves relaxed.

He thinks Luo Li’s into him because of this reason…

“So why don’t we take turns to watch,” Su Nuo assigned himself and Dai An tasks. “I’ll sleep for the first half of the night, then I’ll take the second shift.”

“Okay,” Dai An said half-heartedly. “Go to sleep early.”

“Wake me up by 3 o’clock then.” Su Nuo reminded him.

Dai An nodded, “Okay.”

“You can’t forget about it.” Because this protects the dignity and exclusiveness of my butthole!

“I promise!” Dai An raised his right hand. “Go to sleep.”

“Good night.” Su Nuo retracted back into the covers, but then thought about it more. “ If he—”

“If he breaks in, we will hit him with a stick until he’s dizzy, strip him, and tie him up!” Dai An answered quickly.

“That’s right!” Su Nuo relaxed a little.

“Now close your eyes!” Dai An ordered in a very commanding voice.

“Princess, you’re so aggressive.” Su Nuo exclaimed.

“Sleep!” Dai An looked calm on the surface, but actually he wanted to scream and pinch Su Nuo’s face.

Su Nuo finally closed his eyes.

Ten minutes later.

“You asleep?” Dai An patted him.
Su Nuo snored. His work was so tiring everyday!

Dai An released the breath he was holding, and after darkening the bedside lamp, he climbed onto the bed.

The matter of coaxing little kings to sleep was simply laborious and torturous!

At midnight, the two slept soundly while hugging the covers. The sky letting small raindrops fly down, and after a loud thunder, Su Nuo hugged Dai An drowsily, and yelled, “Princess!”

“What’s the matter?” Dai An slept very light, and basically wakes up even with a little touch.

“Shotgun seat…” Su Nuo mumbled.

“Okay…?” Dai An didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and patted Su Nuo on the head.

Su Nuo’s breaths lengthened, and Dai An turned on the lamp and was about to go to the restroom, but then he heard someone walking in the hallway.


Mr. Manager freaked out, because this villa only had two floors, and all the photoshoot crew was sleeping downstairs. Only Su Nuo and him were on this floor. Why was there someone walking outside!?

The sound of footsteps echoing in the middle of the night can really scare the shit out of people.

“Nuo Nuo.” Dai An pushed him, “Walk up!”

“……ngh.” Su Nuo further covered himself up.

“There’s someone in the corridor!” Dai An whispered loudly.

“What?” Su Nuo woke up in an instant.

“Shh—” Dai An gestured him to be quiet.

“You said there’s someone outside the door?” Su Nuo’s eyes opened wide.

“There were the sounds of footsteps,” Dai An said.

“I knew it! It must be Luo Li!” Su Nuo said aggressively, and he threw his covers away and stepped towards the door.

“What are you doing?” Dai An pulled him back.

“Self-defense counterattack!” Su Nuo grabbed a chair and stood near the door, super manly.

Dai An leaned on the door and listened for a minute, wondering. “It seems like there’s no sound anymore.”

“Are you sure you heard something before?” Su Nuo whispered.

“I’m sure.” Dai An was determined.

As to confirm what he said, there were gentle footsteps outside of the door.

“Do you want to call the crew?” Dai An asked quietly, “The more the people here, the more strong and powerful they are!”

“Okay.” Su Nuo nodded, “You go get the phone, ask everyone to come up together, and I will expose this hypocrite!”

Secretly climbing the wall at three o’clock was really abominable!

This kind of behavior must not be tolerated!

While Dai An called, Su Nuo leaned on the door to listen again. The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and then … The sound of the key in the keyhole!

Sure enough,he has a key!

That must be Luo Li!

He’s literally asking me to kill him!

Su Nuo clenched the chair, and intended to give the pervert a hard blow! Even if it he’s a brother’s friend, he must not be forgiven!

“The camera crew’s phone is turned off.” Dai An frowned.

Su Nuo motioned him to shush, and raised the chair in his hands.

Like a warrior!
The door handle turned gently, and then the door opened aggressively.

Su Nuo smashed the chair down.


A scream flew across the night sky with a terrible sound.

Under the shaking bright lights, the gay photographer sprawled on the ground without moving.

“Ah!!!!!!!!” The female assistants that were hiding at the end of the corridor screamed and ran over.

“What’s going on?” Su Nuo froze, completely petrified.

“……” Dai An’s chine dropped, surprise??

“Call the doctor!” Luo Li helped the injured photographer onto the bed.

“What the hell is going on here?” Su Nuo in his pajamas with cute cow prints was confused as heck.

“Simon said today was Mr. Dai An’s birthday, so he wanted to give Dai An a surprise.” One of the assistants stood there with a sour face, still holding a cake in her hand.

Dai An: ……

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” Su Nuo yelled. Ahhhhhhhhhh! It was simply a surprise party! I was so stupid!!

“I’m alright….” The gay photographer said, “Don’t worry about me.”

Dai An’s head buzzed, and he asked himself why in the name of god did he have to be born on this specific day!

The surprise party was going to be nice, but suddenly turned into some problematic situation. The cake and the candles were neglected, and the confetti ribbons were scattered everywhere. The doctor was checking up on Simon, the photographer, while the female assistants crowded around the bed, expressing their concerns.

“I’m sorry.” Su Nuo said with a depressed voice as Dai An and him stood outside on the balcony.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything.” Dai An was a bit dumbfounded.

“I ruined your birthday party, and then I knocked Simon over the head.” His actions were simply unforgivable.

“It was an accident.” Dai An comforted him, “Simon won’t blame you, don’t take it to the heart.”

Dai An was right, but Su Nuo still felt very guilty about injuring Simon.

I knew I shouldn’t have accepted this job.

The scarred man was like a walking plague!

“Nuo Nuo,” Luo Li walked onto the balcony, “Why are you standing outside?”

How dare you come near me! Su Nuo gave him a cold stare.

Luo Li froze, why was Su Nuo making this kind of expression at him?!

“Director Luo,” Dai An interrupted to ease the tension.

“You go inside first,” Su Nuo sent his princess away.

If this kind of thing drags on and on, something bad will surely happen, so I’m just going to say it to him face to face!

“Go inside!” Su Nuo pushed him to go inside.

Dai An had to turn around and go inside the room, and warned Su Nuo with his eyes not to cause any trouble.

Although I don’t want to cause any trouble, I can’t just ignore this pervert! Su Nuo encouraged himself.

Luo Li smiled at him. “What do you want to talk about?”

“Please don’t stare at me with this weird look!” Su Nuo said seriously, thinking, I am a married man!

Luo Li was confused, “What’s wrong with my look?”

Your looks directed at me were lewd! Su Nuo answered the question inside his head. He then coldly said, “Whatever your purpose is, I feel like I need to remind you not to get too many ideas about me!” His speech was very powerful.

“… Not to get too many ideas, huh…” Luo Li smiled weirdly.

Stop pulling dirty faces! Su Nuo stared at him.

“Can you please explain what you mean by ‘getting ideas’?” Luo Li emphasized the last two words, and he slightly bent over to make eye contact with Su Nuo. He looked like he wanted a fight!

I knew you were up to something bad! Su Nuo’s alarms blared, “The only reason why I’m shooting this is because of my brother!” So you better stop what you’re doing!

“Even without Han Wei, your company would still not refuse the job.” Luo Li moved close, “Do you want to know why?”

“… Stand up straight, then talk!” Su Nuo took a step back.

“I paid you three times the original payment, but I think only a few photos aren’t enough.” Luo Li smirked, “How about we do something else, too?”

DO YOUR SISTER! Su Nuo exploded, and clenched his fist and swung it at Luo Li.

How can he say such a thing?! Ugh, I can’t stand it!

And then he sent the pervert flying?

That’s not possible…

The scarred Luo Li was very strong, so he easily caught and held Su Nuo’s wrists. He pulled, and Su Nuo was in his arms.

This is really shitty ah!!!!! Su Nuo lifted his foot to step on Luo Li in a hurry, but Luo Li acted like he was just playing with a kitten. And then, Luo Li pressed him onto the railing.

”Ah!!!” There was nothing behind Su Nuo’s back as he sat on the railing of the balcony, his face white.

Falling off of a two-story-high balcony does not sound safe at all! Ah!! My bones would definitely fracture, I might die too!

“Still wanna fight?” Luo Li held his shoulders firmly with his hands and his tone relaxed.

Su Nuo was too afraid to move, but his eyes were full of irritation and anger.

“Give me a kiss and I’ll help you down.” Scar Luo Li really was too much.

“Keep dreaming!” Su Nuo glared at him.

The balcony was made of opaque glass, so no one could see what was happening.

“Or I can also give you a kiss.” Luo Li kept teasing him.

Su Nuo lifted his leg and kicked Luo Li.

“Little king.” Luo Li was startled by his actions and helped Su Nuo onto the ground, “Not scared of falling?”

He’s so fake! Su Nuo kicked him with anguish and opened the door and ran inside.

Even though my strength was lacking, my levels of conserving energy were off the charts!

Luo Li stood on the balcony and laughed for a long time and took out his phone to call Han Wei.

“What’s wrong with you!!” Mr. Han Wei wasn’t very friendly, “It’s three o’clock in the morning! You better give a reasonable answer as to why you called me this early!”

“Why is your brother so fun to play with?” Luo Li laughed too much that his stomach started to ache. “He now thinks that I fell for him hard.”

Han Wei: ……..

“Are you sure this is your real brother?” Luo Li was still laughing, “You two are so different, man.”

“What did you do to him?” Han Wei had a bad feeling about this.

“I listened to what you said, and I took care of him like he was my brother.” Luo Li reported, “but I probably cared too much, so he now decided that I was a pervert with no good intentions and wanted to sleep with him.”

“Hey, don’t be so straightforward!” Han Wei frowned, “You can just explain it to him, then.”

“Why should I?” Luo Li said with evil smile, “I teased him for a bit too.”

Han Wei: …..

Are you picking a fight?

“And then your brother ran away with a white face.” Luo Li leaned against the railing and laughed, “His expression was hilarious.”

Han Wei took a deep breath, “Luo Li!!!”

“Honestly speaking, I didn’t really bother him before, I took care of him when he was sick or hungry, it was him who started to provoke me,” Luo Li seriously clarified.

“Whatever. Just stay away from him. I’ll look into this matter.” Han Wei had a headache.

Luo Li hung up on the phone and then pulled out a box of cigarettes from his pocket.

In the restroom, Su Nuo sat on the toilet and was thinking whether or not to tell his brother about what just happened.

But before he can decide, his brother called Su Nuo first.

“Brother,” Su Nuo answered the call quickly.

“Don’t talk with that Luo Li. He’s a psychopath,” Han Wei went straight to the point.

“Did he call you?” Su Nuo was angry, how could Luo Li call Han Wei first! I should be the one to call my brother first, I’m the one who had been assaulted!

“Don’t believe anything he says,” Han Wei reminded him. “He can’t do anything to you, he’s just toying with you.”

“…….” But that’s not right! Su Nuo believed in his own suspicion.

“The only reason why he’s on the mainland is that he’s here to help me solve some property issues, and then he’ll be back in Italy right away,” Han Wei said. “So don’t think about it too much, finish your work early and go home.”

“… Ok.” Su Nuo stopped worrying over this problem. If Luo Li was here to help brother, then I shouldn’t cause brother any more problems.

“Nuo Nuo,” Dai An knocked on the door, “Are you okay?” Why have you been in the restroom for so long?”

“I’m fine.” Su Nuo hung up and walked outside, “How is Simon?”

“The doctor said it wasn’t a big deal. Your chair hit him on the shoulder, but there was a bit of bruising. Now everyone’s gone to sleep,” Dai An said. “We will have a new photographer tomorrow morning to take over the job.”

“I’ll apologize to him again tomorrow morning.” Su Nuo felt really sorry for the injured photographer.

“Oh yeah, what did Luo Li say to you?” Dai An asked.

“I already know it’s true! He fell in love with me!” Su Nuo was certain that he was right.

“… OH MY GOD.” Dai An was surprised.

“But I’m not going to let him get away with it,” Su Nuo was very determined.

“Do you want to ask the company to stop doing this photoshoot?” Dai An was worried.

“It’s fine.” Su Nuo shook his head, and then he angrily said, “If he dares do anything, I’ll kill him!”

Su Nuo was really aggressive.

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Honey, you just need to tell your director about it and let him do the killing. I’m sure Mr. Director will be more than happy to do it.

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I hope this stupid narcissism ends on this chapter b’se I don’t think I can take anymore tbh.
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