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Chapter 111: Night before the Southern Trade Conference
Translated by Boomer Ra of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the end, both Yuan JingYa and Qi TianCong were carried back by their subordinates.

Of course, there was no misunderstanding. Qi TianCong was buried alive and beaten to a pulp by Baozi and XiaoBao, so it was understandable that he couldn’t stand up. As for Yuan JingYa, even though Qi QingLin didn’t like this woman, she was still an elder. To beat a woman to pulp was not very appropriate for a Boss status.

Precisely speaking, Yuan JingYa was in so much anger, she couldn’t move. After being ridiculed by JinYu, Qi QingLin, Zhang Liangshan and a room full of beasts, even for someone with such a deep emotion like her, it was still really unbearable.

Therefore, Yuan JingYa finally left with a malicious and very sinister look toward Qi QingLin, so much so that her entourage had to run straight behind the fighting beasts.

The fighting beasts immediately showed despise — Really, man! It’s just a woman who has no power!

But the assistant beast’s answer was: Motherf- that woman almost killed Boss! If you are that confident, feel free to go up and kick her ass!

So the fighting beasts secretly compared the power difference between them and Boss Qi, and then they quietly settled down. Well, wasn’t there a saying “Nothing is more poisonous than a woman’s heart”? Better behave like good beasts and not mess around with the evil woman.

When Boss Jin came back happily with a big bag of wild vegetables, wild fruits and wild bacteria collected from all parts of the Earth, he saw the courtyard had returned to normal with only two people left, staring at each other.

“Hey? What are you doing? Where is the ‘welcome in’ to your big bro? Can’t you see the muddy sky that is bound to rain or snow?”

Hearing Zhang Liangshan’s words, JinYu laughed as if he had just won a battle, and then entered the room with the bag containing the hot pot ingredients in his hand. But Boss Qi’s expression on his face wasn’t very good, he looked at a certain “fish” who was ready to greet him to enter the house together with face full of dissatisfaction!

JinYu was a bit scared by Qi QingLin’s eyes. Why did Boss seem a little abnormal today? How could his mood fluctuate so much?

Of course Boss Jin could and would never understand that some people could get jealous over a meal. It was an incurable disease, ok?!

Boss Qi stared at Boss Jin for a long time but gained no result. All the beasts huddled in the corner of the wall and thought a bloody massacre would happen, but when they were about to say something to Boss, a strange smell drifted out of the room! How to say it? It’s a kind of fragrance that could make people itch in the heart and was saliva inducing.

And this kind of fragrance was an irresistible temptation to the carnivorous and omnivorous beasts. In an instant, Baozi , ErHei and XiaoBai directly ran into the house and couldn’t care any less about the drama. As soon as JinYu smelled it, he opened his eyes wide. Fuck, what a nostalgic smell! The smell of oil mixed with food!!

So he ran back without saying anything, leaving Boss alone in the yard.

… Fine, the smell was really good. It’s fine to give it a taste.

Boss Qi took a look at the snowflakes falling from the sky, and suddenly felt a warm feeling in his heart, which made him happy.

“Wu. Let’s also go in. It’s free anyway. ”

Hearing that, Wu Ying who was looking up at snowflake raised the corner of his mouth while his eyes were brimming with tears of excitement, he was going to eat together with Boss! Those four Jia Yi Bing Ding had probably never enjoyed such treatment! Thus, he was healed in an instant, even though a minute earlier he was still depressed from wearing too little because of that scammer he had met during his break yesterday who had claimed that it would snow today. Granted that no matter how annoying that scammer was, that made him not trust his words, as long as his Boss showed sympathy, as a subordinate, such little suffering was nothing!

While Wu Ying was still immersed in his happiness, Qi QingLin on the other side suddenly looked at him until all his hairs stood up. He said slowly, “Aren’t you the one among the five who is afraid of cold the most?”

Explanation: Why are you wearing only a layer of clothes today? Did you hit your head against the doorplate?!

Hearing that, Wu Ying suddenly felt a convulsion in his heart, motherfucker, this is why he would hate the scammer till death!!

“Ah, Achoo!! Hmm? Why did I sneeze suddenly? I’m wearing more clothes today. I shouldn’t have a cold, though? ”

Walking in the street, the scammer whispered to himself, while some beast in his arms directly turned his white eyes to him and wailed, “Fuck, you dressed like a bear today, how can you even get sick? Someone must have talked bad about you! ”

“Huh? Shen Gun ah, what did you say? I’m someone beloved by all, how can anyone talk behind my back? Tsk tsk, tomorrow is the Southern Trade Conference, right? According to my divination, there will be some shocking events at this trade fair!!”

So the beast in the arms of the scammer continued to roll his eyes. What bullshit, almost every Southern Trade Conference always ended up with some troubles, the only thing different was how serious it is. You said shocking events, more like there would just be some ridiculous accidents or someone turning into a laughing stock! What a joke.

When the man finished speaking, he saw that the one in his arms was too lazy to talk to him and fell asleep. He couldn’t help laughing. Well, this beast of his was a real jinx mouth. Fortunately, it didn’t give any opinions or suggestions this time. Otherwise, he really didn’t want to be in a state when it was his turn to go to the Southern Trade Conference and all kind of trouble happened. This was not fun, ok?

Of course, at this time, the man didn’t know that his beast had already jinxed the Southern Trade Conference in his mind. Otherwise, he wouldn’t laugh so much without pressure.

On the night before the start of the “Southern Trade Conference”, which was focused on all major forces of the capital star and determined the distribution of forces in the next decade, many participants were in different moods.

Some people were happy, some were worried, some had a good night’s dream, some were restless at night, some could eat hot pot and almost didn’t spit it out, and then some were so infuriated they couldn’t eat anything because of the anonymous light and shadow.

In a word, everyone was ready for tomorrow’s trade fair. The winner would take all — wait and see!

Ah ah, almost forgot to say, when people here were preparing to show their skills in the Southern Trade Conference starting tomorrow, not too close or too far from the Capital Star, on the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Barren Star, tens of thousands of fierce beasts of different levels were squatting on the ground and listening to their boss’s lecture with their heads held high.

On the Third Barren Star, a big man with a long scar on his face and hair standing up was howling while waving his arm, “All of you listen to me!! Three days ago, I received an info, human beings are going to kill our brethrens on the Capital Star! Even if those beasts are loyal and have brain problems, but they are still beasts, and they are our brethren! Never allow human beings to slaughter us again like that massacre thousands of years ago! It’s time for us sacred beasts to rule their human beings!!”

Roar!! All the animals roared.

On the Fourth Barren Star, a man with white hair and white eyebrows and fox eyes smiled treacherously,

“It is said that there will be a big event in the coming ten days on the Capital Star. We, in their eyes, are ferocious beasts who shouldn’t go out and frighten people, however, if people bully us and we don’t do anything about it, it’s a matter of face and dignity…As you all know, I don’t want dignity, but face, especially compared with the other two violent and cold-blooded idiots! If I lose face, I really wouldn’t dare to show my face outside again. So in three days, sneak into Capital Star for me!”

“Roarrrrr! Yes sir!!”

On the Fifth Barren Star,

[… ]

[… ]

A heavy silence continued while a group of fierce beasts looked at their quiet big boss standing in cold sweat. They thought to themselves, why was big boss so quiet? Where is the spokesperson beast? Why are you so blind?!

“… Within three days, sneak into Capital Star.”

Roar! And?

“Listen to the order.”

Roarrr!! Then?

“… If you don’t like it, kill it.”

Roar!! Understood boss!!

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