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We received quite a head tilting email/comment while I was sleeping.

First of all, talking about people dying and comparing that with this, that’s just plain disrespectful to those people and if you feel bothered by it (which anybody should) you should do something to help them instead of using them as shitty excuses for your lame ass comment. People are out there fighting for their countries, their rights or even at home fighting with just trying to stay alive in this fucked up world we live in.

When we release manga or novels, it’s with the intent to let everyone with real life problems can escape, even if it’s just for five minutes. Bringing up a war to, what, tell us we have no reason to fight for our work is not right? You’re the one in the wrong for bring it up in such a manner.

We all have day jobs (except those who are still in school). We are doing this for FREE. And if it weren’t for groups like ours, you wouldn’t be able to read your mangas for free.

Also, there are groups out there that no longer share their work due to disrespectful people. If you don’t like the way EXR does things, or you feel that we are being overly agressive, feel free to not read our scans. Better yet, learn Japanese and buy the original manga yourself (like EXR does) so you no longer have to depend on scanlation groups.

I think it’s funny they think we don’t have day jobs. Like, what, we just sit there and stare at mangago all day so we can bitch?

And why would I be up at 2am to make breakfast for 40 people? Cuz I’m bored? Cuz I have nothing better to do?

Since I have no “day job”, I guess I’ll sacrifice a normal sleeping schedule to be passive aggressive about the work I do in my free time and not care about the wars going on in the real world.

Just because you’re mad about the passwords gives you no right to be an asshole to us. So fuck off, I’ll stay fucking aggressive.

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September 30, 2018 11:31 am

I know two languages (Korean and English) And I’m not brave enough to translate because one mistake can make a huge difference! I admire you guys. Haters can stfu

September 30, 2018 11:50 am

Just ignore these kind of comments!!!
We all know you have EVER RIGHTS to do as you please!
And you do make the world a better place!
I love your group and really admire all of you for doing such a perfect job and managing your real life!
Thank you & love ya💞

September 30, 2018 2:27 pm

Oh my God.. please enlight me about the connection between the two. Those people are just too bored with their royal life they have no time to figure out a very simple pasword.. honestly it’s never hard to figure out. Even I just miss out in the use of upper case and lower case. But my deduction on pasword is always right.. muahahahahahaaa.. stfu you lazy ass!!

September 30, 2018 4:37 pm


And they says your team are agressive?!?!

They says you don’t have work! Kkkk
I think he/she say it because he/she can’t do more than one thing in life !! Or work, or study or talk sh*t abiut others works in the internet!!

Thanks for the hard (more than one) work guys!!

I LOVE your amazing translates !!

September 30, 2018 5:59 pm

Unless the planets stop revolving around this person, they’ll never understand just how ridiculous they are.

I hope you don’t run into this nonsense often!

October 1, 2018 12:36 am

I don’t understand how some people think. Without you guys and other scanlation groups we wouldn’t even be able to read manga and chinese novels at all. I’m actually so thankful i started learning japanese with the goal to translate in the future to help scanlation groups out (I’ve still only passed the jlpt N3 level so i have a bit futher to go).

October 1, 2018 9:23 am

i will never understand these people. Instead of being thankful, they sent hatred to other people. whoever these people… pls do not disturb EXR scans team. Seriously, they don’t have the time to deal with these hateful people. If you are unhappy with something EXR scans team had done or you don’t like the rules, then just dont read their works and leave. Just leave…

EXR scans team, I really appreciate all the works you done. You guys are too generous to share your works with us readers. I salute you EXR scans for dealing with this kind of people.

October 2, 2018 2:10 am

Comments like that give me serious heart attack.

…If you can’t stomach the rules, simply just don’t read anything from the group – just leave and then see who’s at loss! You Hero Keyboard who did nothing for the community can kindly go fck yourself, ungrateful brats.

October 3, 2018 3:26 am

The work you guys do is awesome and I’m so glad that you’re aggressive. I know those kinds of messages are annoying at the least and even sometimes depressing and every time someone breaks the rules of a scanlating team I get a bit scared. Scanlators and translators have stopped for less.

Thank you so much for your perseverance.

These roaches show up everywhere and are so very hard to eradicate.
Sadly, the amount of overly entitled humans never seem to decrease.

Please continue to be aggressive.~ <3

October 4, 2018 2:19 pm

I don’t understand these people… how can they release their frustration by comparing your way of doing to war??
why do they bother checking your website if they cannot appreciate your work?
you are awesome! please do not pay attention to them and go on as long as you wish with the passwords!

October 4, 2018 2:54 pm

….I don’t even get this comparison… at the end of the day you do what you want with your work…I can’t say I like all the password games so personally I am always a chapter behind because I don’t really want to deal with the caps lock on or off or googling kind of turtles…I wish you would take them down after the 12 hour period but you place the passwords because people break the rules and it’s a punishment…it saddens me that people break the rules because not only the culprits are punished but all the innocents too… …and… Read more »

October 7, 2018 3:21 pm

It never ceases to amaze me how rude some people can be–Thankfully most of the readers appreciate all that you do. I truly believe you all are amazing and the time you commit to the translations … ! Thank You Thank You Thank You.

October 8, 2018 8:54 am

Those are people that don’t know what respect mean. I think their life don’t need respectation. They’re not worth your time to concern about them, just shut the door right before their nose.

October 10, 2018 10:24 am

I really appreciate the five minutes of escape you guys provide me. Thanks

October 10, 2018 2:27 pm

I am appalled at how rude some people can be! Please know that there are lots of us who appreciate the hard work you do in translating and I for one am grateful to you guys.

October 11, 2018 7:35 am

Ok so I laughed at the end of your post because of MUSHU! (my favorite!) and you even included one of my favorite lines from that movie!! Lolz!

But, yeah… I agree to everything. To whoever posted that ungrateful comment, if you don’t like ExR’s rules, then you are free to not read Pfft~.

Personally, I’m just thankful there are groups like ExR who still shares their scanlation.. it keeps people like me happy for the rest of my week =)

October 18, 2018 12:18 am

I love your group.
I love your works.
I love your jokes.
I love your rules.
I love your original works.
I love everything about this site.
I come and check ur site at least once a day.

So everyone who will write or have written disrespectful comment, just walk away and never come back. You are not only hurting Addis and friends, but also us, their readers. Just walk away. Dont ever come again.

November 22, 2019 7:56 am

no wonder the manga really requires to have password! it’s because of manga aggregators and rude-ungrateful people like this.

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