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Chapter 18: Dark Abyss Dragon

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Wuuth held the mask in his hand, and moved his lips without making a sound. He was now sure that Ning Chu was angry.

Ning Chu snatched back the mask, his tone cold, “What are you following me for?”

Today he deliberately took the isolated path, so he didn’t believe that Wuuth would meet him by chance, he must’ve been sneaking behind him since the entrance of the school. And he just fed the dragon… Wuuth shouldn’t dare to get too close, and Ning Chu wasn’t sure how much he saw.

Wuuth wasn’t silent this time, as he replied honestly, “I’m worried about you.”

The air pressure around him lowered, his eyelashes drooping heavily, looking inexplicably rather aggrieved.

Ning Chu froze for a moment, his face slightly relieved, “I told you… I have other things to do today.”

Wuuth looked at him, “Done?”

Before meeting Ning Chu, he saw him release the Cloud-Winged Dragon, and although Wuuth wasn’t sure exactly what he was up to, he would’ve followed him anyway.

“You…” Ning Chu frowned, wary, “What have you seen?”

He was afraid that Third Cub would be discovered by someone, but it was okay to release the Cloud-Winged Dragon and feed other dragons. Third Cub was a small one, but ordinary dragons were gray, brown and so on, they had no fire red scales like his.

Wuuth paused, “I didn’t see anything.”

He disguised his identity to practice magic in the human Academy, rarely spoke with people in general, and didn’t want to communicate. Now that he was facing Ning Chu, it was the first time he considered and guessed the other party’s emotions and intentions.

Ning Chu probably didn’t to be seen when he came here alone. Was that what Ning Chu wanted to hear? He didn’t want to see Ning Chu angry again, he didn’t think it was a good thing.

“Really?” Ning Chu was half-expecting it, and looked at Wuuth’s expression carefully.

If a normal person saw Third Cub, he wouldn’t be so calm.

Ning Chu, slightly reassured, his voice lowered, “Even if you saw something, you better not tell others, otherwise…”

Otherwise… Ning Chu didn’t know, he wasn’t sure if he could beat Wuuth.

Wuuth obediently responded right away, “Okay.”

He didn’t question or retort in the slightest, as obedient as he had been when he had called out earlier. A subtle feeling came over Ning Chu and he said to him, “You’re a strange person…”

Wuuth thought to himself, It’s not like I’m really human.

Ning Chu put his mask back on, straightened his jacket and turned around, “Let’s go.”

If it was someone else who was following him all the way and always acting strangely, Ning Chu would’ve taken care of them already.

But in the face of Wuuth, Ning Chu felt that it seemed acceptable, he wanted to follow him today, so he let him. After all, he didn’t feel any malice from Wuuth, and could approach the other party to see what he really wanted. And from the mouths of other students, Wuuth was cold and unapproachable, no one could say two words to him normally.

Now it seemed that this wasn’t the case.

Ning Chu walked ahead and Wuuth followed. He walked behind Ning Chu with his head down and also straightened his jacket, touching the tip of Fifth Cub’s nose with his hand and curving his lips a little. Fifth Cub was happy, and took advantage of Ning Chu’s walk to peek out, quietly watching him.

Third Cub’s scent was also there, so he should be hiding in Ning’s clothes just like her. It was just a pity that there were no other humans now, so she still couldn’t come out. Fifth Cub didn’t understand why she and Third Cub were hiding now when everyone was obviously sleeping together at night.

But Wuuth told her that if Ning Chu found her, she wouldn’t be able to go out anymore.

Fifth Cub had to put up with it, retreating to his pocket to hold the dragon crystal Ning Chu gave her this morning, and closing her eyes to rest.

After traveling with Wuuth, Third Cub couldn’t show his face and could no longer release his dragon aura and pressure, so the number of magical beasts they encountered on the road began to increase. A hungry, high-ranking beast emerged from the roadside. It was big and strong, looking like a combination of a lion and a tiger, with its green eyes staring at Ning Chu.

Ning Chu was ready to fight, his hands gradually gathered fire, but Wuuth moved in front of him. It was a gesture of absolute protection, and without waiting for Ning Chu to react, the opposite beast lunged at them.

Then Ning Chu found that… Wuuth alone was the perfect solution. Ning Chu hadn’t seen Wuuth’s battles up close, standing far from the edge of the viewing platform each time, and those always ended quickly, so he hadn’t paid much attention to the other before.

Only now did he notice that the magic element Wuuth was using was pure black.

Ning Chu had a theory class and was trying to recall the barren knowledge points in his mind, Wuuth’s magic innate skill seemed to be a dark system… 

There were a lot of magic elemental types, five common among humans were gold, wood, water, fire and earth, slightly different between different races, but Wuuth’s innate skill should be a relatively rare category.

No wonder he was so powerful, Ning Chu even thought that he may not really be able to beat Wuuth. So what if… the values of the two dragons in the pact could be stacked by turning them up together?

Wuuth quickly resolved the battle, stepped on the back of the neck of the high ranking magical beast, and asked Ning Chu, “Lunch?”

Ning Chu, “…” 

Then he hesitantly said, “Forget it? I can’t eat such a big one…”

There was no residential area nearby, this beast was hungry and came to provoke them, but now that it was released, it didn’t dare to stay here. At that word, Wuuth let go of the beast and let it escape with its tail between its legs.

It was noon and Ning Chu had no dry food on him, but he had the game store. He bought a skinned rabbit from the mall and pretended to take it out of his storage pouch, holding it in his hand, “I’ve prepared something to eat.”

The two of them found a suitable place nearby and sat down on the ground. Ning Chu built two stones side by side to form two stands and used a clean branch to clean the rabbit. He said to Wuuth, “Go and find some more dry branches and leaves.”

Ning Chu said this on purpose, just to get Wuuth to do it. Wuuth got up immediately and went to look around.

Ning Chu watched Wuuth’s back until he gathered enough branches and leaves not far away and brought them to him with a serious expression, “Are you really Wuuth?”

Wuuth frowned for a moment, not quite understanding why Ning Chu asked, “Yes.”

“You’re different from what I thought.”

Ning Chu started the fire and thought to himself, Could it be that the owner of this body knew Wuuth before I crossed over?

Ning Chu twirled the branch and started to roast the rabbit meat, and said, seemingly unintentionally, “I still remember the first time I met you outside the arena, you didn’t even look at me and left.”

Wuuth’s frown tightened, “I did.”

He remembered well that Ning Chu had taken walnuts and tried to feed them to the Dwarf Dragon at that time, just as he ran into them. No one in the Academy or Crow Market dared to get close to his dragon, and Ning Chu was the first one. Only later did he learn who Ning Chu really was.

Wuuth only mentioned that, but didn’t refute Ning Chu’s claim of ‘first meeting’.

Ning Chu was basically sure that they didn’t know each other before. Then he couldn’t figure it out, or… he just didn’t have much contact with others, so no one knew. Ning Chu roasted the rabbit meat, turning it over every now and then. The fire magic was more powerful than the normal fire, so the rabbit meat cooked quickly, Ning Chu extinguished the fire and gave half to Wuuth.

Without seasoning, the rabbit meat had little flavor, and Ning Chu’s grilling skills weren’t very good. The outside was burnt in several places, and there were some parts on the inside that were still undercooked. Ning Chu was embarrassed, but Wuuth ate well, finishing all the meat he could.

Without his mask on, his expression looked blank, “…Is it good?”

Wuuth lifted his head and calmly replied, “Yes.”

After cleaning up the ground, Ning Chu had to go feed Third Cub.

“I’ll go over there for a while,” Ning Chu warned before leaving, “Don’t follow me.”

After he left, Wuuth took out the oat grass he had brought with him and also fed Fifth Cub in her pocket.


In the afternoon, the two of them went a little further, driving away many of the beasts that roamed along the way. There were a few dragons that Ning Chu wanted to feed, but they flew away from the distance, not daring to approach.

When the time was almost up, Ning Chu suggested, “Shall we go back?”

Wuuth hesitated and let out the Dwarf Dragon. The Dwarf Dragon hung its head at Wuuth’s feet, as Wuuth said to Ning Chu, “You’re riding with me.”

He was inviting Ning Chu to ride back with him, but it didn’t sound like that.

Ning Chu didn’t agree right away, “You should ask, if I would like to ride with you.”

Wuuth’s eyes focused as he repeated after him, “Would you like to ride with me?”

Only then did Ning Chu nod, “Yes.”

He thought to himself, Wuuth is quite an interesting person.

The Dwarf Dragon had a raised scale spine in the center of its spine, so they could only stand on its back, and couldn’t sit down directly. Ning Chu stepped on the back of the Dwarf Dragon, and when it opened its wings and took off, he was so lopsided that he almost lost his footing.

Wuuth was behind him and reached out to hold his shoulders and arms so that he wouldn’t fall.

Ning Chu struggled to stand still, calming his racing heart.


Wuuth’s voice rang out, and Ning Chu retorted, “I’m not scared,” as he hugged Third Cub in his shirt.

The Dwarf Dragon’s speed was several times faster than yesterday’s Ironhoof Elephant, and Wuuth took the initiative to put Ning Chu down on the way, and they returned separately to the Academy.

Ning Chu was happy with this arrangement, and he jumped off the dragon’s back as he thanked Wuuth.

Wuuth looked down at him, “Tomorrow.” He wanted Ning Chu to come with him tomorrow, but stopped at the end of his sentence and then asked, “Would you like to come with me?”

Ning Chu’s face under the mask showed a smile and he nodded, “Yes.”

After the agreement was made, Wuuth sent the Dwarf Dragon to fly away. On the way, Ning Chu opened《Dragon Island》to see if Fourth Cub had returned. The data card still showed that the markings left on the ground had been messed up by the dragon cubs running around.

Ning Chu was worried and was about to close the data card when he suddenly found that Cubbie’s column status had changed a little.

Cubbie’s information was unknown before, the race column was “???”, while Cubbie’s race had also been “???”. But now there was a new description.

Cubbie (Dark Abyss Dragon)

Status: Good

Location: Unknown


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August 16, 2022 4:28 pm

Good! Cubby and Ning are getting closer❤️ thanks for translating the chapter😊

August 16, 2022 4:46 pm

What will it be like when he finds out, that his Black Dragon is on his side and protecting him all along.

August 17, 2022 2:04 am

I love Wuuth; his race has a malevolence to it, but he’s not evil or bad. He is brooding with a powerful aura, so it’s very fitting.
It will be quite something when they are all reunited.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
September 27, 2022 6:02 pm

I think, the dragon have to attach themselves to him to let him know their status or type?

December 19, 2022 9:09 pm

You and me think of stalkers differently it seems. It’s fine if they stalk you if their attractive and socially awkward. But not for me. I think it’s creepy and not endearing.

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