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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Second Cub was still in the air, flying around the neighborhood to see if anyone had noticed any movement. After confirming that it was safe, Second Cub became smaller and flew down to check the people on the ground one by one, and if he found anyone who still had breath, he immediately killed them.

Ning Chu withdrew his hand and said, “It’s still early, let’s go back and pick up San San and the others before we leave?”

The dragon herd could be watched by Second Cub first, a round trip wouldn’t take much time, and letting the few dragon cubs in the inn find their own way here was still not enough assurance.

The soft palm on Wuuth face had only touched him for a moment before leaving, and the touch was completely different from when he’s in dragon form. Wuuth wasn’t satisfied, and regretted that he had changed back too early, so he should at least let Ning Chu touch his scales again.

Wuuth’s eyes watched Ning Chu’s hand, “Okay, I’ll come with you.”

Ning Chu said he wasn’t going, and told Wuuth to bring all the dragon cubs from the inn.

“I’ll look through their storage bags for any money and things I can use,” Ning Chu took off his jacket and gave it to Wuuth to hide the dragon cubs inside, “I’ll wait for you here.”

He also gave Wuuth his room card and key, telling him to leave them in the room and that the innkeeper would collect them when the time came.

Wuuth was a little reluctant, but Ning Chu’s last words, “I’ll wait for you here,” relaxed his brow a little and he said, “Okay.”

He turned to leave before Ning Chu began to clean up the scene.

Most of the people on the ground were killed by magical attacks and there was no bloody scene. Ning Chu searched through their clothes with the help of vines and found storage pouches or rings and put them away for now. The last dead Church elder had the most stuff on his body, a storage bag and two storage rings, and a storage bracelet with higher capacity and level. Ning Chu also took away a sapphire pendant from his neck, which looked like a magic weapon.

More than 40 people, who must have a few thousand purple gold coins. Ning Chu, refreshed, put away all the things he found. Wuuth hadn’t returned yet so Ning Chu went around the woods to find Second Cub.

The dragons were also in the woods, lying in several rows, with Second Cub crouching in the grass in front of them. There were 32 adult common dragons of all species, and they were more or less wounded.

Ning Chu bought some raw meat and fed it to the dragons, who were hungry and immediately pounced on it. Halfway through the feeding, Wuuth returned with the dragon cubs.

Third Cub and Fourth Cub flew over first, and Wuuth walked behind, holding Fifth Cub in his arms and carrying the three young dragons covered by his coat. Ning Chu watched him approach and felt that he looked different from before he left.

He looked around Wuuth’s body several times before he realized that Wuuth had taken off his own coat to cover the dragon cubs, and Ning Chu’s was on him.

Ning Chu, “……”

Ning Chu’s jacket was the loosest one he could find to hide the dragon cubs, and it fit on Wuuth’s body.

The three young dragons inside were shaken awake and didn’t dare to move because of his breath until they were put down, then they poked their heads around the edge of the coat and called out weakly.

Not far away, two ordinary dragons heard and left their food and flew over. They slowly approached the young dragons in the coat, circled around them several times, and came close to gently sniff the smell of the young dragons.

The hatchlings were a little scared at first and timidly tried to turn their heads to look for Ning Chu. Confirming that they were their own cubs, the two common dragons became visibly excited and kept licking the hatchlings’ foreheads and short horns.

Sensing their emotions and the slightly familiar scent, the three young dragons froze in place with confused eyes and slowly responded.

Fifth Cub got out of Wuuth’s arms and stretched out her paws to go to Ning Chu, who reached out and held her.

Wuuth took off his jacket and gave it to Ning Chu, without explaining why he did so. The jacket still had a faint warmth on it, and Ning Chu took it, wanting to say something.

The parents of the three young dragons happened to be in the herd, and after they found their babies, they didn’t move an inch from the coat.

“Can we let the dragons choose whether to go to Lough Valley or not?” Ning Chu asked Second Cub, “If they don’t want to go, they can stay in the woods.”

Ning Chu was worried that there were still cases like the three hatchlings in the woods, and they had limited time and energy to go back to the woods and look for them one by one. The hatchlings wouldn’t be separated from their parents until they were at least two months old, so if there were dragons in the group that needed to return to the woods to take care of their own children, they couldn’t go to Lough Valley.

Second Cub nodded and returned to the herd.

In the end, five dragons went back to the woods alone, while the parents of three hatchlings didn’t leave, and Ning Chu planned to take them to Lough Valley with the hatchlings. Before leaving, Ning Chu also had Fourth Cub bring rain to the area. The rain washed away the corpses on the ground and all the traces around, while Ning Chu sat on Second Cub’s back and watched from afar. When Fourth Cub finished his mission and flew back, Ning Chu let Second Cub go and led the dragons to Lough Valley.

Before Ximan left, he left a map he drew. Ning Chu carefully identified the route on it and flew for two hours before he found the Lough Valley drawn on the map. Near the entrance of the valley, there were several figures guarding the boundary, and when they saw the dragon and the herd appear, they excitedly shouted backwards, “It’s coming! It’s really here!”

The dragon circled in the air and landed in the open meadow below, followed by the herd of dragons.

Ning Chu and Wuuth got down from Second Cub and Ximan quickly stepped forward to greet them, “Any later and I’d have to come out to find you myself.”

Ximan had changed into a light green outfit, with his long silver hair tied behind his head, and behind him were several others, all wearing similar attire.

One of them followed Ximan as he approached, and Ximan introduced to Ning Chu, “This is our elder Winka, I told the elders and the rest of the clan about the dragons after I returned, and they were all very willing to let them live here.”

The elves had a long life span, and Winka looked young for an elder, with a very kind temperament and face. When Ximan finished introducing the two sides, Winka looked at Second Cub and the dragons in the back and sighed slightly, “When Ximan said that the magic dragons were with a human, my clan and I didn’t believe it, and now that I see it with my own eyes, I still find it unbelievable.”

“We were surprised that the elves were willing to help the dragons,” Ning Chu said, “I’m sorry you had to make a vow to the contract god first, it’s important to us.”

Winka understood, and he didn’t care, the elves rarely interacted with other races, much less engaged in strife. There were several elves at the entrance of the valley, they were curious, but not afraid to approach the dragons directly, quietly surveying them.

Winka turned sideways and made an inviting gesture, “Come in, it’s safe inside. We have food and shelter ready for both the dragons and the new guests.”

This was an invitation for Ning Chu to stay with him, and Ning Chu had intended to do so, so he didn’t reject it, “Thank you.”

He turned back to Second Cub and called out, “San San, Little Thunder?”

Winka and Ximan wondered, did he bring someone else with him?

At this time, a small red and a purple dragon cub flew down from the dragon’s back, then the dragon suddenly disappeared and another yellowish-brown cub appeared in the same place.

Ximan was shocked, “Three, three…”

How many magic dragons were on this continent?

The three little dragon cubs led the herd to fly closer, Ning Chu coughed lightly, “Let’s go?”

Winka didn’t know that dragons could become smaller, and his face was more surprised than Ximan’s. He quickly returned to his senses, apologizing for his outburst, and hurriedly led the way.

The boundary of Lough Valley opened and closed immediately when everyone entered with the dragons. Along the way, Ximan kept glancing at Ning Chu and the dragon cubs around him, and hesitated to speak several times. He wanted to ask Ning Chu what the origin of this human was, but he had only met Ning Chu on the first day, so it was inappropriate to pry into other people’s secrets.

Ximan’s eyes on Ning Chu were caught by Wuuth, and his displeasure was almost written on his face, but he couldn’t get angry due to the current situation. He silently approached Ning Chu and took his wrist from the side.

Ning Chu turned his head and asked in a small voice, “What’s wrong?”

The look between Wuuth’s eyebrows eased slightly, “Nothing.”

He said nothing, while pulling Ning Chu towards him, away from Ximan on the other side. Ning Chu was confused and tried to break his grip, but Wuuth was too strong. At that moment, Fifth Cub peeked out of Ning Chu’s jacket and tried to take a peek outside. 

Ximan turned his head again and met Fifth Cub’s gaze.

One dragon and one elf froze in unison, and Fifth Cub retracted her head with a swish. Ximan returned to his senses, and his eyes couldn’t hide his excitement.

There was one more! It was a green one!

The elves loved the woods and had a natural affinity for all things green. He wanted to take another look at the little green dragon, but it seemed shy and hid in Ning Chu’s clothes, never to emerge again.

Through the outer belt of trees, inside was the real Lough Valley, Ning Chu followed behind Winka, surrounded by a number of elves looking at them.

A few of the elves, who looked about the age of a teenager, were bold enough to approach Ning Chu and the dragon cubs and exclaim, “It’s a dragon! They’re so small.”

“So cute, and one has fur!”

Second Cub turned his head to find them looking at him, and flew over to stop in front of a branch, cocking his head to look at the elves with his dark round eyes. The younger elves took a few steps back, but couldn’t resist approaching again, and the one in front reached out his hand and tried to touch Second Cub’s white neck hair.

Second Cub’s eyes were disgusted and he flew away.


The author has something to say: 

Who doesn’t like little dragon cubs and puppies!! Second Cub is as usual!


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September 14, 2022 11:08 pm

Happy chapter; cubs reunited with parents, dragon herd saved and those who followed NC now in a (hopefully) safe haven.
When will NC realise Wuuth has feelings for him (even if he doesn’t fully understand them himself) and will they be reciprocated? I hope so!
I hope that sapphire pendant can’t be tracked… it felt significant.
Thanks for translating and editing.
I like (and agree) with the Author’s Note, too 🤗

November 23, 2022 5:42 pm

So much cuteness awww
Thank you for the chapter!

April 19, 2023 12:47 am

I’d forgotten that NC was alone in his previous life. This explains why both NC and Wuuth are hopeless on relationship matters. Hope NC becomes more honest about his feelings and can accept Wuuth.

More dragons saved and Church thwarted – Go team Chuuth!

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