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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Contracts… Ning Chu was immediately energized. He clicked on it, and the system popped up a list that said “available for contract”.

All five rare dragons were in the list, and the status showed that they were available to form a contract with, but Cubbie wasn’t, nor were there any common dragons. To successfully sign a contract with a dragon, it cost 100 credits.

…It was too expensive.

Ning Chu couldn’t afford the contract service for now, so he clicked on the other item, “create a new Dragon Island”.

【Open a new Dragon Island? 1 000 000 credits will be deducted.】

【Yes?】 【No?】

The string of zeros was almost too many to count, Ning Chu sucked in a breath of cold air and closed his eyes to turn it off. The Flocculent Fruit was not as valuable, and his balance became single digits again after he unlocked the mall, so he couldn’t even afford to buy a pair of rabbits.

Ning Chu went through the entire mall and finally looked at a dragon climber. The small dragon cubs on the island were still small and didn’t consume much food, they also had a place to live, the only thing missing for the time being was something to play with.

Ning Chu wanted to buy some miscellaneous things, and usually he would buy anything in the mall. This dragon climbing frame only needed eight credits, the area it took up was small, and was also equipped with teething wood and a small rattan ball.

Ning Chu glanced at his balance, he had just enough credits to buy one.

Not surprisingly, the senior commission he received tomorrow would earn a fortune, and he wanted to use this to buy something for the dragon cubs on the island first.

After transmigrating, Ning Chu only saw and had no contact with ordinary dragons, and these dragons on this island and the ones in the game were completely different.

The ones before were simply a string of rigid modeling data, but now they had become more vivid and real. Ning Chu once raised a bunch of them, and with a glance, could see the obvious gap. The sleeping little dragon cubs in the cave, every inch of them, even their breathing was real. He wanted to resurrect Little Five, to find all his dragons, and to take care of these young dragon cubs on the island.

Ning Chu bought the dragon climbing frame and placed it in the empty space cleared two days ago. He cleared the fruit during the day plus carried it back, but because this body hadn’t done any heavy work before, Ning Chu had a sore back and went to the back of the mountain for a stroll, before going offline.

At midnight, the Heavenly Thunder Dragon returned to Dragon Island.

He caught a glimpse of the dragon climber outside and flew up to it in surprise. He was too small for it and could flatten it with a single paw, so he circled around and shrunk to jump onto the climbing frame. He climbed all the way up from the first level, poking the rattan ball hanging from the top, his eyes glowing in the dark.

It’s ‘Ning’! He’s back!

The Heavenly Thunder Dragon was incredibly excited, and the tip of the dragon’s horn on the tip of his forehead shined with electricity.

The hay and rabbit meat must’ve been put down by him last time, but why didn’t he show up? The Heavenly Thunder Dragon flew high into the sky, transformed into its adult size, as he circled around the entire Dragon Island. However, he found nothing. He couldn’t find the familiar figure from his memory.

Slightly disappointed, he returned to the dragon climber, shrinking in size.

There were several nests on the climbing frame, padded with soft cotton layers, and the Heavenly Thunder Dragon couldn’t resist lying down and rolling around in them.

A small dragon cub who didn’t sleep well woke up in the middle of the night and sneaked out of the cave entrance, just in time to see the Heavenly Thunder Dragon on the dragon climbing frame.

Hearing the faintest movement, the Heavenly Thunder Dragon immediately rolled over and sat up, with his wings hanging down at its side and his tail coiled under his feet with reserve and grace.

Pretending that nothing had just happened, he inquired, [This thing, do you know where it came from?]

The small dragon cub at the entrance of the cave was bewildered, raised its hind paws to scratch its neck, and turned around to slip back to sleep. The dragons on the island had only just recently broken out of their shells, and had never seen ‘Ning’, so the Heavenly Thunder Dragon guessed that they wouldn’t know anything.

There were no dragons around, and he played on the climbing frame for a while before resting.

Early the next morning, the Heavenly Thunder Dragon prepared to leave the island as usual. He deliberately left a little later, waited and waited, but still didn’t see the figure he had been longing for.

The Heavenly Thunder Dragon became uncertain again, and hesitated for a while if he should tell Wuuth about the recent anomalies on the island. He instructed several adult common dragons to guard Dragon Island before he got up to leave.

Ning Chu was on his way to class when he opened《Dragon Island》and casually clicked on the status card.


‘Fourth Cub’ (Heavenly Thunder Dragon)


Location: Dragon Island Area 2


Ning Chu was very surprised, but he blinked when the location field changed from ‘Unknown.’

Was he mistaken? Or did he miss Fourth Cub who had just left Dragon Island?

Ning Chu went to the place where the dragon climber was put yesterday. There were already many little dragon cubs who found the climber and started playing with it, and they all seemed to like it. He searched around and Fourth Cub was indeed not on the island.

Even if he missed the cub, he will eventually come back.

Ning Chu thought about it and went to the back of the mountain to get some hay and wood during theory class, and set up a “Ning” on the roadside.

At least it would let Fourth Cub know that he was back, but he just couldn’t show himself on the island.

In the afternoon, Ning Chu arrived at the commission office on time. The staff led him to a room inside the commissioning office and took out a different style commissioning card than before.

“These things are in short supply, so we’ll take as many as we can get,” the staff member said, not forgetting to confirm with Ning Chu, “Is that okay? If you feel overwhelmed, just say so, after all, safety first.”

Ning Chu looked through the assignment card and asked, “Is there a confidentiality agreement? I don’t want anyone else to know about this.”

“There’s magic on the paper, it’s effective once you sign it,” the staff member said, pointing to the line on the back that said, [Do not disclose information about the assignment.] “Don’t worry, we have a guarantee.”

Ning Chu heard from others that the commissioning office was run by a foreign chamber of commerce, not under the jurisdiction of Crow Market, so he guessed this kind of thing was often done. Ning Chu was slightly relieved and signed, “But these things you’re talking about, you have to show me what they look like.”

He looked like he was ready to go, not mentioning the dangers of the forest, as if he could bring them back if he could find it inside. When the staff saw this, they treated Ning Chu with a little more respect, even though he looked like a new adult student.

Most of the plants on the assignment card were medicinal plants, and the staff was quick to find pictures of each kind, as well as the habitat of the growing area. In addition, they also gave Ning Chu a small storage bag.

The staff smiled, “It’s a small token of appreciation.”

Ning Chu didn’t refuse and accepted it without any hesitation, “Thank you.”

When he arrived at Enigma Forest, Third Cub was already waiting for Ning Chu at the entrance. He sat on Ning Chu’s shoulder and nuzzled his nose, while Ning Chu stroked his horn, “I didn’t bring any food today, I’ll buy it for you when I earn money.”

He asked Third Cub to return to his adult form and take him deep into the forest to find the items on his commission card.

Having a storage bag was indeed quite convenient, and it was small and light enough to carry a lot of things with him. Ning Chu plucked a red-petaled medicinal plant from a stream and carefully put it into the pouch.

Third Cub became smaller and crouched beside him, suddenly staring into the distance. He flew over and bit Ning Chu’s sleeve, dragging him backward with force, his eyes grave.

“What’s wrong?” Ning Chu didn’t understand, but he followed him all the way around to the back of the hill, and was pulled to crouch down.

Third Cub exhaled dragon breath from his mouth, forming a thin layer covering him and Ning Chu.

A few moments later, some chaotic footsteps came, grass and leaves were rustling, as someone was approaching. Ning Chu, who was hiding behind a small hill, held his breath, and his eyebrows wrinkled gently.

The news of magic dragon’s appearance in Enigma Forest should have spread, so why did these people still dare to venture this deep into the forest?

“Captain, this way.”

These people were wearing uniformed clothing. The leader approached, and noticed a large piece of grass by the stream that had obvious traces of trampling. He half squatted down and reached over to touch it.

“There’s still scent residue, it was just here,” the man got up and looked towards the front, “Go over there and look for it.”


The sound of footsteps then faded away, but a number of people were making noise, and it seemed that there were also the heavy steps of beasts walking past. Ning Chu didn’t dare to act rashly, waiting for the surroundings to be completely silent, before whispering to ask Third Cub, “Are they here to find you?”

Third Cub rubbed Ning Chu’s hand, trying to tell him not to worry, and lowered his eyes with a cold gaze.

Wuuth was right, someone was really searching for magic dragons, if Ning Chu wasn’t still here… 

Ning Chu hugged Third Cub tightly and hesitated for a moment, “Why don’t… Why don’t you come back to the Academy with me?”

He was very uneasy, he felt that the group of people just now were very dangerous. If he followed him to the Academy… Bowen usually went to bed early and couldn’t see anything once the curtains were drawn, so Third Cub could stay in the dorm while they went to class.

Although there was a little trouble, Ning Chu felt that at least it was safer than staying in the forest. Third Cub’s dark eyes looked at Ning Chu and seemed to be considering. He didn’t keep Ning Chu waiting too long, his tiny head nodded and he let out an, “Aowu.”

Inside Great Wall Academy, it was only five or six in the afternoon, and the sky was frighteningly dark, with muffled thunder and faint lightning, and dark clouds covering the sky. Wuuth stood in front of the railing, staring at the distant sky.

His teacher approached, holding a cup of hot tea in his hand, as he was speaking to himself, “How long has this thunder been ringing and why hasn’t the rain fallen?”

Wuuth was silent and suddenly raised his hand to summon the Dwarf Dragon, “I’m going out.”

“What…? Where are you going? Eh…”

Without waiting for the teacher behind him to respond, he stepped onto the dragon’s back and flew off into the distance.

The closer he got to the center of the clouds, the darker the vision around him became. Wuuth stopped at a deserted place and looked up, “Heavenly Thunder Dragon?”

A juvenile form of the dragon cub flew out of the clouds, his purple scales shimmering brightly and darkly. The Heavenly Thunder Dragon landed in front of Wuuth, [You’re here!]

Wuuth had told him his approximate location, and he made all this commotion so that Wuuth would know as soon as he saw him nearby.

“What’s the matter?” Wuuth laid a magical boundary nearby and had the Dwarf Dragon guard the perimeter, “Did you find a suitable new residence?”

[No,] the Heavenly Thunder Dragon replied, [I searched around Dragon Island daily and found nothing suitable.]

With a disappointed look on his face, Wuuth said, “Keep searching, and be safe.”

The Heavenly Thunder Dragon responded, and with a shake of its wings, and asked the question he was seeking out Wuuth for, [Have you felt the presence of ‘Ning’ lately?]

Wuuth frowned, “What do you mean?”

[‘Ning’ seems to have returned,] the Heavenly Thunder Dragon held down his excitement, he straightened his back, and his pair of dragon paws neatly lined up side by side, [But I haven’t seen him with my own eyes, so I can’t be sure yet. I wanted to come over and ask you.]

“He’s back…” Wuuth murmured in a whisper, the hair in front of his forehead covered his downcast eyes, but he didn’t show the joyful look the Heavenly Thunder Dragon expected.

This made the Heavenly Thunder Dragon puzzled. Was Wuuth not happy that ‘Ning’ had returned?

Wuuth spoke to the Heavenly Thunder Dragon with a cold face, “Find Scarlet Flame, then you… Anyway, I haven’t met him, so I don’t know where he is.”


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I’m so much falling in love with this story. It seems so cute. I’m enjoying it so much. I even downloaded a dragon rising app. 😂

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Pls update in NU it’s still in chapter 4, thank you for the chapter

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Does Wuuth think Ning abandoned them by choice? Is he ‘Cubbie’?
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