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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The round-shaped stone looked very ordinary, the surface was uneven, but Sixth Cub was pushing it very laboriously. She buried her head and used her dragon horn to push the stone forward, the stone slid along the grass, and then she ran over it with a grunt.

The tiny dragon cub was excited, but she was already panting from exhaustion, apparently pushing the stone all the way back by herself.

Ning Chu rushed forward to pick up Sixth Cub, taking out the small water bottle he had brought with him to give her water, “Where did you pick this up?”

He and Wuuth had only been out for a short time, how come she was playing with rocks?

Eldest Cub flew closer, licked Sixth Cub’s slightly burned forehead, and looked at the Fourth Cub, “Woo?”

After Ning Chu left, Fourth Cub and Sixth Cub went out to play alone. The surroundings were unfamiliar, but the cub wasn’t scared at all, and didn’t hide from the elves in the valley, even approaching them boldly.

Many of the elves saw her and wanted to pet her, but Fourth Cub followed her closely and wouldn’t allow anyone to touch.

Originally, several other dragons were also behind Sixth Cub. Compared to other young dragons that had just broken their shells, Sixth Cub was much stronger and no longer sleepy in the past two days, but after all, she was a young dragon, so she was more comfortable to have others watch her. However, Fourth Cub was afraid that the other dragons would take the cub away from him, so he quietly ran away with her and didn’t join the other dragons.

Sixth Cub could play with anyone, and at first she was always with Fifth Cub, but later she found that Fourth Cub was willing to carry her around, so now she stayed with Fourth Cub every day. Fifth Cub wasn’t happy to have her cute sister taken away from her, but she couldn’t carry Sixth Cub yet, so she continued to practice flying with Eldest Cub.

“Aowuoooo!” Fourth Cub flew around eagerly and swooped down to pick up the rock on the ground. He told Ning Chu that he didn’t mean to take Sixth Cub to play with rocks.

After leaving the sight of several other dragons, Fourth Cub flew around with Sixth Cub and wandered around slowly. They finally went to the fruit tree field and saw the elves over there busy with the dragons from afar. Not interested in the fruit tree field, Sixth Cub stretched out her neck on Fourth Cub’s back, craned her head to sniff the air, and then struggled to get down.

Fourth Cub placed her on a soft patch of grass and she started heading back up the hill again, burying her head and twitching her nose as she went.

The two little dragon cubs came to the back of the mountain, where there was no human shadow, plus ordinary magical beasts didn’t dare to approach dragons, so they weren’t afraid of being hurt. Fourth Cub only worried about Sixth Cub getting bumped on the road and scratching her golden scales.

Fourth Cub wanted to carry her again, but she didn’t want that. She seemed to have smelled something and was looking for it, and being carried by Fourth Cub would affect her judgment. Fourth Cub had to fly in front of Sixth Cub to clean up the debris and dead branches under their feet, so that she could walk more smoothly, and then hold the back of her neck to help her when she couldn’t climb up the place.

In this way, Sixth Cub came to the halfway point of the mountain, when she finally stopped, sniffing a small piece of dirt in front of them. To confirm that this was the smell, she began to desperately swipe her paws to dig up the soil.

Fourth Cub was so frightened that he almost went into cardiac arrest. How could such a little dragon cub play with dirt?! He tried unsuccessfully to stop Sixth Cub and realized that she wanted something in the dirt.

So Fourth Cub moved his paws to help her, and he dug through a thick layer of dirt to reveal a strange cave made of rocks underneath. The cave wasn’t large enough to accommodate three small dragon cubs, and Sixth Cub found a stone from the cave, the same one Ning Chu had seen.

The surface of the stone was flat and uninteresting, but the cub said in childish dragon language,【Shiny!】

She gnawed on the stone for a while, but only a little bit of the crust came off, and then she started to carry it down the mountain, wanting to bring it back to show Ning Chu. Fourth Cub didn’t understand, but tried to help anyway. The stone was as big as Sixth Cub’s head, so there was no way she could easily take it away.

But Sixth Cub protected the stone like it was her own baby, and wouldn’t let Fourth Cub touch it, and even showed her teeth to scold him. Fourth Cub was lost and sad. He couldn’t understand why a broken stone was more important than him.

When Sixth Cub finally got the stone down, they ran into Ning Chu who had just returned. Sixth Cub gulped down half a jug of water and sank limply into Ning Chu’s arms, not wanting to move. She hooked her paws on a piece of Ning Chu’s shirt fabric and cried “Aowu! Aowu!”, urging him.

Ning Chu had not signed the contract with Sixth Cub yet, so he didn’t know what she was talking about, but the other dragons looked at the stone on the ground.

Wuuth bent down to pick it up and held it in his hand to check it out.

Ning Chu put away the kettle and looked sideways, “What did Six say?”

“There’s something inside.” Wuuth said, cutting off one side of the stone, exposing a small part of the purple light, shining against the midday sun.

Ning Chu “eeked” and moved closer, asking Wuuth to chip away at the rest.

As the surface was gradually chipped off, the stone was smaller, hiding an extremely transparent purple crystal inside. There was no trace of debris inside the crystal, half of the color was slightly darker and the other half was slightly lighter, but it still looked beautiful. The color was similar to the one worn around Fourth Cub’s neck.

Sixth Cub took a breather in Ning Chu’s arms and got excited again when she saw the purple crystal inside the stone and stretched her paws to touch it. Ning Chu brought the crystal to her, and Sixth Cub held it in her paws and opened her mouth to chew on it. A little crumb was grinded down by her small sharp teeth that hadn’t grown yet, but after, two “pffts” sounded as she spit them out.

She didn’t eat it and chewed on it only to see if she could. 

“What’s this?” Ning Chu wondered. Since Sixth Cub tired herself out pushing the stone all the way back, he intuited that this wasn’t an ordinary thing.

Wuuth didn’t recognize it, “I don’t know.”

Fourth Cub couldn’t believe his eyes. The stone that was gray just now had changed into such a beautiful gem.

It was from Lough Valley, so maybe he should ask Winka, who sent someone over to inform Ning Chu that lunch was ready and Second Cub and Third Cub had already gone over early, leaving only Ning Chu and the other dragons.

Ning Chu was worried that the sharp edges might scratch her, so he used wind magic to smooth out the surface. Ning Chu showed the purple crystal to Winka in the open dining area.

Ning Chu and Winka sat at the table, with Wuuth standing behind Ning Chu, surrounded by a circle of small dragon cubs.

Winka examined the crystal carefully and hesitantly said, “This… was something I’ve never seen in the valley either. I’m afraid I’ll have to take it to a store that specializes in identifying crystals to make sure.”

There were many kinds of crystals, mainly divided into magic crystals and ordinary crystals. Magic crystals were generally used in magic weapons, having an amplifying effect. Ordinary crystal stones depended on what materials they were, some could sell for sky-high prices as jewelry, and some were pretty, but were actually worthless.

“Then this…”

After all, the thing was found in Lough Valley, and should belong to Lough Valley. When Ning Chu wanted to give the crystal to Winka, Sixth Cub didn’t agree.

“Aowu, woo…” She got on all fours and hugged the crystal, not wanting it to be taken away.

Ning Chu whispered, “This is someone else’s, daddy will buy you the same one next time, okay?”

Winka couldn’t help but glance at Ning Chu when he heard him refer to himself. Sixth Cub was still reluctant, but it was Ning Chu who spoke, so she slowly let go of her paws.

Winka said in time, “No need, since Six likes it, let her take it.”

If there were crystals in the back of the mountain, it proved that there was a mine, and the size of the mine was hard to determine. Winka waved his hand and said that anything Sixth Cub saw in Lough Valley would be hers, no need to inform him as the clan leader.

One of the clan members quietly tugged on Winka’s sleeve, “Chief, this…”

A crystal that a dragon’s eyes had taken fancy to would never be ordinary, so this wasn’t like he gave away their things for nothing. Winka didn’t care, he wanted to make friends with the dragons, that was his only purpose.

What was more, without Ning Chu’s dragon, they may have never known that there was a crystal mine in the back of the mountain.

Ning Chu coughed lightly, “This… how can we do that…”

As Winka spoke, Sixth Cub cocked her head seriously, vaguely understanding his words and re-hugging the crystal in high spirits.

“What’s the point?” Winka was insistent, “With the help of the dragon swarm, the fruit tree field production was doubled…”

Thinking of the price Winka’s fruit tree field could sell at once, Ning Chu shut up. The crystal was temporarily given to Sixth Cub as a toy, and after lunch, Ning Chu took the dragons back to rest. Sixth Cub was tired from pushing the rock all morning, so she got sleepy as soon as she got back to the house. The other dragons either took a nap or slipped out to play again with high energy.

Ning Chu ignored them and opened the game, excited. There was no rush to find the mine in the back of the mountain, the most important thing now was that he finally had enough money to draw cards!

Ning Chu deliberately went to wash his hands, sat on the edge of the bed and opened the card pool. He drew once first, and the summoning array spun a full circle.

【Oversized Dragon Crawler*1】

The item was put into his purchased backpack, and Ning Chu, undaunted, drew again.

【Intermediate Health Medicine*1】

After drawing two times in a row, Ning Chu simply clicked to draw ten times.

【Legendary medicine*1】

【Hidden Item*1】

【High-grade health medicine*1】

【Intermediate magic weapon*1】


The items drawn were sorted by rarity level, and Ning Chu saw the two lines at the top and lit up. His luck seemed to be pretty good! The items were placed in the backpack, and he needed to click on them to see their statuses and uses. Ning Chu stopped drawing for now to see what the medicines and hidden items he drew were.

【Name: Life Extension Pills】

【Category: Medicine】

【Rarity level: Legendary】

【Use: As the name implies, this is a medicine that can renew life, and can be used by any race. As long as you don’t lose your breath completely, you can immediately restore your current body to its peak state after taking it!】

After reading the description, Ning Chu was slightly disappointed. But at least it was a legendary item, so he put it back in his backpack and clicked on the hidden item.

【Name: Dragon Transformation Spell】

【Classification: Item】

【Rarity Level: Legendary】

【Use: Dream of soaring in the sky? Envious of the power to move mountains and seas? Learn this spell! You can enjoy the fun of being a dragon! (One day time limit, dragon form and talent are generated according to the specific value of the item used and cannot be changed)】

Ning Chu, “……” Does this thing actually work?


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