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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“What is it?” When Ping Mo hung up the phone, Pei Yutu, large and dog-like, rubbed against him as he grunted, and covered him all over with his tequila scented pheromones, and rubbed him on fire.

“…” Ping Mo secretly exhaled a breath, only to feel a burst of tailbone itch, then his tail was exposed again.

I think it’s a good idea to go out for a day tomorrow, since he’s so energetic, and I can’t take it anymore. Instructor Ping thought.

“Colonel Lu asked me to meet him.” Ping Mo said.

Pei Yutu grunted, “I’ll go with you?”

Ping Mo shook his head, “He specified that I should go alone.”

Pei Yutu frowned, “So you’re going?”

Ping Mo, “He at least raised me up to this age. As an elder, he wants to give some advice to the younger generation before the wedding. It makes sense.”

Pei Yutu, “How did he raise you? Colonel Ping, your awareness needs to be improved.”

Yes, after the eradication of White Hole, Ping Mo’s rank had jumped from lieutenant colonel to major, then straight to colonel.

“You weren’t raised by Lu Feng, the Alliance raised you!” Pei Yutu said in a serious manner. His righteousness was really touching…if not for the fact that he was hugging Ping Mo and his big hands were sneakily probing his waist at the moment.

Instructor Ping grabbed his hand, and asked seriously, “Pei Yutu, would you be sad if Colonel Lu didn’t approve of us?” After all, this person meant a lot to him. Pei Yutu decided to join the military back then because he admired Lu Feng.

Pei Yutu heard the words and didn’t make a fuss. Instead he drew the whole person into his arms, and his chin rested on Ping Mo’s shoulder. Ping Mo therefore couldn’t see his expression, just heard Pei Yutu say, “I certainly hope that the respected elders and idols can bless our marriage, but if things do not go as planned, we should know what to do.”

Ping Mo didn’t say anything. Only after a long time did he say “hmmm.” His voice was so soft that it seemed to float away in the air as soon as it came out.

The next day, Ping Mo went to the appointment as promised. It was at a resort in the far suburbs of Star City.

Lu Feng, a man of two sleeves, who had dedicated his youth and health to Alliance, had not had a family. He was now forty-eight years old. In a year or so, he would enter the age of life, a widow for life, so he also didn’t set up a property on the main planet. He was a wandering entity, traveling wherever.

Now wasn’t the peak tourist season. The resort had no shadows of anyone for dozens of miles, but the room was decorated neatly. The room had quite an ethnic, open layout. The bedroom and living room were only separated by a thin beaded curtain. Through the beaded curtain, Ping Mo could vaguely see a soft couch.

Also, the living room area came with the aroma of tea, as boiling water vapor condensed in the room which made it a full two or three degrees hotter than outside. However, Lu Feng was still covered tightly, draped a thick fur coat and hunchbacked in front of a tea set. A walking stick also rested to the side.

When he saw Ping Mo, Lu Feng looked away and coughed before he could speak. Ping Mo went up to him, and patted him on the back. “Why didn’t you bring an orderly when you came so far away?”

Lu Feng finally coughed enough, and waved his hand, and said, “I’m fine. It’s a rare break, and I want to talk to you in peace and quiet. Sit down.”

Ping Mo complied and sat down. Lu Feng personally poured him a cup of tea, “How long has it been since we talked like this?”

Ping Mo obediently picked up the tea, blew it cold, and drank it all. “A few years.”

“You kid. You look like a gentleman, but you’ve learned to be a soldier and a gangster from those bastards. Is this tea or water?” Lu Feng said, but he kept refilling his cup.

Ping Mo looked down at the bright yellow liquid in the cup, and laughed, “You know what kind of virtues I have.”

Lu Feng sighed, “Yes. I raised you. I know what you are like. When I recruited you into the Chick Program, you were only this big.” He compared the height and said, “An eleven or twelve year old child, but not even close to my chest, severely malnourished, and a small face so thin that only a pair of big eyes remained.”

Although Colonel Lu looked older than his actual age, in E Group, he had always said one thing. He was stern to the point of insensitivity. There was no one who wasn’t afraid of him. However, today he opened the box, like an old man facing pups soon to leave the nest, as he chattered about the past.

Lu Feng, “I still remember the fire. It happened so suddenly, I couldn’t call for additional personnel or contact the local fire brigade. I heard someone calling for help inside. I didn’t think about anything else and rushed in. Later I saved the people, but I was left with a disability.”

The story was once a sensation, passed down from mouth to mouth, and even the younger generation like Ping Mo was familiar with it. Like the majority of ‘Lu Feng fans’, such as Pei Yutu, would always be filled with indignation. In fact, the summary was: a promising special forces soldier when he saw danger, pulled out a knife to help. However, as a result, because he wasn’t on duty at the time, he was without any protection, and received serious injuries.

The old man who was rescued, was afraid to have to bear Lu Feng’s medical expenses, but also wanted to blackmail an insurance company, was dead set on not admitting that Lu Feng saved him. He even backtracked in the media, made a furore, and almost caused Lu Feng to be disciplined.

After several twists and turns to find the monitoring videos from that time, Lu Feng was cleared, but he was also left with a permanent disability. The physical trauma, for a special forces soldier who relied on physical fitness, was undoubtedly a devastating blow, not to mention that Lu Feng was only twenty-three years old at the time.

When he was a child, Ping Mo once asked Colonel Lu, who was a military instructor in Group E, if he regretted saving the old man. Lu Feng’s answer to Ping Mo was, “Protecting civilians is a soldier’s duty.”

Although Ping Mo had asked that question, this was the first time Lu Feng took the initiative to bring it up, and Ping Mo couldn’t help but ask the same question again, “Colonel, do you regret it?”

This time Lu Feng didn’t avoid answering, only shook his head, and answered the question, “You have learned my way of doing things.” Then he changed the subject, “That time, when I sent you to assassinate a pirate leader, which was just an ordinary difficult task, the results was a little over six months with no news, that caused me to worry about you all day long. Don’t just listen to me, drink tea. The new water is almost boiling.”

Ping Mo dutifully picked up his cup of tea and echoed, “That time was really dangerous, but fortunately Leng Li saved me. Later, her informant status and legal account on the main planet was granted to me because of you.”

Lu Feng let out a long sigh. “Yes, it seems like yesterday. In the blink of an eye, you’re so big. Your wings are hardened, and you only informed me when you wanted to marry that Pei kid. You forgot all the words you promised me before.”

At the beginning, in the internal guest house of the Alliance Military Technology Exchange Center, Ping Mo had personally assured Lu Feng that “if any alpha dares to mark me, I will kill him.”

With the past still fresh in his mind, Ping Mo’s long, thick eyelashes covered the look in his eyes. “You always treated me the best. All my comrades lived in bunk beds, but I was the only one who slept in a single room ever since I was a child. This was something even Pei Yutu envied.”

That man, in order to avoid taking the wrong pants with his comrades, also fell into the problem of wearing flowery underwear, and until now, the clothesline at home was often a beautiful purple and red. Every time he saw that spectacular scene, he would pretend not to know that surname Pei.

Thinking of that, Ping Mo unconsciously smiled faintly.

Lu Feng looked at him with a deeper and more complex gaze. Instructor Ping then said, “I really like him. You are the most important person to me, and for my life event, I would like to get your blessing.”

“I am the most important person to you.” Lu Feng repeated in a low voice and coughed loudly again.

When Lu Feng had coughed enough, he looked at Ping Mo with dignity. He was much older than six months ago. His face was furrowed, and his hair was half white. His cloudy pupils looked at Ping Mo with greed. “Since I am the most important person to you, repay me today.”

Ping Mo was becoming weak, but his mind was clear. He limply fell on the small piece of carpet with intricate patterns, and struggled to lift his eyelids. “There is something wrong with the tea.”

Lu Feng laughed, but because there was always a mouthful of phlegm in his throat, he laughed like an old bellows, which led to another series of coughs. Finally clear, Lu Feng said in a hoarse voice, “Not stupid.” 

It was a pity that the boy trusted him too much to be defensive about him.

The next thing he heard was Ping Mo clearly ask, “Colonel Lu, you cut through the protective netting Legacy Base, didn’t you?”


The author has something to say: in yesterday’s comment section everyone wants to see that the extra three happy has been recorded: the wedding, kitty, after the wedding routine, and tucking in a child (?)


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Thanks for translating and editing.

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When I started reading their meeting, I had the idle thought ‘I’m surprised Lu didn’t try to use the rumoured healing properties of male Therians to recover’ then just dismissed that because how could he do that to the kid he raised as a son? Damn it!

October 11, 2022 7:38 pm

Knew this was going to be a serious chapter from the title. Thank you so much for translating and editing

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Oho, I felt that something is not right with LF, but didn’t expect this!

Thank You for the new chapter (´,,•ω•,,)♡

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