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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


What’s going on? 

The magnified view in front of his eyes, which required an angle of elevation… Ning Chu looked down and saw a pair of silvery white paws. He tried to raise his left “hand” and the left claw in his vision lifted up.

Ning Chu “……” He was just trying to familiarize himself with the spell, he didn’t use any magical energy at all, and then it suddenly worked! And he was such a small dragon! Ning Chu, unable to cry, stumbled on all fours in the direction of Wuuth. He opened his mouth to speak and spat out a string of dragon roars, “Aowu…… Awooooooooooooooooooo!”

Help! He turned into a dragon!

With two legs suddenly turning into four, Ning Chu was so unaccustomed that he almost fell headfirst.

The next second he was picked up by a pair of hands, stared at incredulously by Wuuth, “Ning Ning?”

The little dragon cub in front of him was covered in silvery-white scales, with a fork at the root of the dragon’s horns, the rounded end curving inward, a little like antlers, and teal pupils full of panic. Wuuth almost thought he was in a dream since Ning Chu’s dragon form was so similar to what he imagined.

“Wooo……” The young dragon’s front claws hooked onto Wuuth’s clothing, the tail behind him wagged unconsciously, as he urgently said, “Aowu!”

He really couldn’t seem to change back. Reciting the incantation didn’t work, and the game couldn’t be opened… 

Wuuth could understand Ning Chu’s dragon language, he carefully held him a little higher, gently touched his back to soothe him, and looked vaguely excited, “You learned the spell?”

Ning Chu had little interest in spells at the time, and Wuuth thought he didn’t want to become a dragon. Wuuth didn’t want to force this kind of thing, so he didn’t tell Ning Chu what he thought, but to his surprise, Ning Chu suddenly gave him a big surprise.

Ning Chu calmed down a little, tilting his head and chin in front of Wuuth, “Awooo…”

Never mind, he had intended to try the spell and now it was going well, it was just that he wasn’t prepared. Ning Chu still didn’t know what he looked like after turning into a dragon. Looking at his claws, he should be a silver dragon. By Wuuth’s reaction, he should…… like it, right?

The door behind Wuuth was left open, he had been standing still inside, and didn’t see where Ning Chu was, so Third Cub curiously flew over to have a look. A small red dragon cub quietly peeked out and met the eyes of Ning Chu in Wuuth’s arms.

Third Cub froze, his first thought was that Seventh cub had hatched so soon? However, when he turned his head, the dark brown dragon egg was still lying in the dragon’s nest.

Ning Chu had only mentioned the spell to Wuuth, but no other dragon knew about it. Unprepared for Third Cub’s sighting, Ning Chu shrank back into Wuuth’s arms in embarrassment, “Awoo.”

He called out to San San, and Third Cub made a puzzled sound. He slowly reacted and looked at Wuuth. The tacit approval from Wuuth’s eyes struck Third Cub like a thunderbolt, and his wings froze in mid-air, making him fall straight down.

Ning Chu stretched his neck nervously and was relieved to see Third Cub flying again. Third Cub was thrilled to see that Ning Chu had become a dragon! He was a little dragon cub, a silvery white one!

He flew up and down around Ning Chu and howled at the door. Soon, all the dragons came back from outside and gathered around Ning Chu excitedly. Wuuth was still hugging Ning Chu, and the little dragon cub squad was crouching by the table, trying to reach out their claws to touch Ning Chu.

It was the first time Ning Chu saw other dragon cubs from such an angle, and now he was almost the same size as them, which was a completely new experience. And after turning into a dragon, he could understand dragon language directly, more accurately than the game’s translation function.

Eldest Cub’s eyes were full of amazement, “Ning was so small and had to take care of us all the time?”

Second Cub moved close to Ning Chu and sized him up, “How come he has no hair either…”

Third Cub swatted Second Cub away with a paw, “Get out of the way!”

Fourth Cub’s eyes glowed, “The silver color looks nice…”

Fifth Cub squatted on the edge of the table and said, “Can we play with Ning’s dragon form in the future?”

Sixth Cub wagged her tail excitedly, “Dragon! Dragon!”

Ning Chu pushed Wuuth’s hand away with his paws and tried to go to the table too. Wuuth was reluctant, he wanted to be alone with Ning Chu. It was a pity that Ning Chu was discovered by the other dragons so soon after he became a dragon, and he couldn’t kick them out directly.

Wuuth compromised for the time being, but he thought the table was too hard, so he carried Ning Chu to the bed, and warned the little dragons with his eyes to behave themselves. With the soft blanket under his paws, Ning Chu adjusted his position unskillfully and sat down.

The dragon cubs followed and regrouped around Ning Chu. Fifth Cub was the first to approach and sniffed Ning Chu’s forehead. She wanted to lick him quietly, but Wuuth was staring at her too closely, so she had to retreat and rub it gently instead.

Ning Chu followed Fifth Cub’s example and rubbed her forehead. Ning Chu’s talent was light, and light magic was gentle and friendly, so even his dragon horns were the least damaging shape.

The other dragon cubs also came forward one after another, circling around Ning Chu, very fond of his new form. Ning Chu was nervous at first, tucking his tail under his feet, but eventually got used to his new body, which was completely different from his old one. He also had a pair of dragon wings on his back, and Ning Chu tried to flap them, but probably because he didn’t exert much effort, he failed to fly and fell to one side instead.

Wuuth stood by the bed and helped him in time.

Fifth Cub’s eyes lit up, “I’ll teach you!”

But Wuuth frowned, “He can’t learn it.”

Ning Chu’s time limit to become a dragon was only one day, he wasn’t a real dragon, so there was no need to learn this skill that only dragons have. More importantly, flying wasn’t something that could be learned in a short period of time, and Wuuth didn’t want Ning Chu’s day to be wasted on this matter.

Ning Chu had just explained to the group of little dragons the reason why he turned into a dragon. Fifth Cub understood Wuuth’s meaning and her eyes were a little lost.

“It’s okay, we can go play somewhere else.” Ning Chu subconsciously wanted to touch Fifth Cub’s head like he did before, but his claws were too short and he couldn’t lift them up to touch them.

Fifth Cub was excited again, “Let’s go to the playground!”

Sixth Cub came up, “Playground!”

Ning Chu immediately jumped off the bed by himself, but Wuuth picked him up halfway. Wuuth was the only dragon in the room who wasn’t very excited, and as he took Ning Chu into his arms, he said with his eyes downcast, “I’ll take you there.”

He walked ahead with Ning Chu in his arms, followed by several dragons behind him. When he reached the playground, Ning Chu couldn’t resist and struggled to get off Wuuth’s body and walk there by himself.

Wuuth coaxed, “The ground is cold…”

“Aowu…” Ning Chu patted him with his paws.

The sun was out, so it wasn’t cold these days, and besides, other dragons could run in the grass, so he must be able to too. Wuuth couldn’t argue with him and took a few more steps forward to put him down. Once Ning Chu landed, the dragons that were following behind him stopped flying and walked with him.

Fourth Cub put down Sixth Cub from his back, and Sixth Cub ran towards Ning Chu at a fast pace. Ning Chu was still not used to walking on all fours, so he turned his head and learned the steps of Sixth Cub, and once he entered the playground, he could basically speed up on his own.

When he first wanted to build the playground, Ning Chu also thought about how his own game character could play, but unfortunately, the equipment sold in the mall were provided to the young dragon, so someone with adult size couldn’t enter.

Now it was different, Ning Chu first eyed the slide in the middle, before jogging up, almost turning too abruptly because he was in a hurry. He sat at the top of the slide, while Second Cub behind him helped him by pushing, making Ning Chu slide to the bottom in a flash. The little silver dragon cub was so excited that he climbed up and ran up again to play again.

Ning Chu spent the whole morning in the playground. He played everywhere, rode the swings with Sixth Cub, played rattan ball with Second and Third Cub, and finally lay down in the highest dragon’s nest to sunbathe. Several dragons had a great time and it was their first time playing like this with Ning Chu.

Wuuth was the only one who stayed by Ning Chu’s side and didn’t come to play with him, nor did he change back to his dragon form. Ning Chu realized this only when he was a little tired of playing. He rolled over and looked at Wuuth, extending a paw to him, “Mn?”

Wuuth answered and came closer, dragging his paw and squeezing it gently, “Are you hungry?”

Before Ning Chu could answer, he was picked up by Wuuth, “I’ll take you back to get something to eat.”

After playing for so long, it was already time for lunch and Ning Chu was indeed a little hungry. He tilted his head and rested his chin on the side of Wuuth’s shoulder and went back with him. Ning Chu’s game couldn’t be opened, and Wuuth couldn’t cook, so he had to eat some dry bread.

Wuuth tore the bread into small pieces and fed it to Ning Chu, with a cup in his hand, giving Ning Chu some water from time to time. Through the water in the cup, Ning Chu finally saw his dragon form. The dragon horn was a bit special, the rest… seemed to be an ordinary dragon.

Especially the young dragons, in Ning Chu’s eyes almost all looked the same, there was no  special difference between beautiful and ugly. He surveyed himself in the water, while finishing the half piece of bread in Wuuth’s hand. After eating the bread, Wuuth picked Ning Chu up again, stroked his back, and gently pressed his little tummy to see if he had eaten enough.

Wuuth got up and went to the bedside, “Take a nap?”

The other dragons will find their own food, and there were enough supplies on the two Dragon Islands for Ning Chu not to worry about. He nodded and yawned just after the question. Ning Chu was placed on his pillow, while a flash of light shifted before his eyes and Wuuth changed back to his dragon form.

The little black dragon stopped next to Ning Chu and circled around him.

Finally, he could be alone with Ning Chu. His eyes gradually blazed, and the breath he exhaled became heavy. After turning into a dragon, the dragon language was no obstacle to Ning Chu, and his senses of all kinds seemed to be enhanced, especially when facing other dragons.

Wuuth didn’t seem right. Ning Chu inexplicably felt danger and turned his head to run. However, his speed was no match for Wuuth’s. The little black dragon lunged straight at him, pinned him down, and bit him on the back of the neck.

Ning Chu immediately lost his strength, his tail curled up in embarrassment as he fell on the pillow, “Awooo…”


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Time to play with the big boy😉🥰🥰😘

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Steady on Wuuth! Is this like marking in omegaverse novels?
NC’s dragon form sounds sweet.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 5, 2022 12:20 pm

The cubs thinking mc is younger and smoller than them after seeing his dragon form 😭😂 daddy may be young and the infos are wonky but he’s still the daddy that ‘birthed’ them all
It’s cute seeing mc finally play dragon with the cubs 🥺 ain’t able to normally in human form. Precious core memoryyy

Aaaaaaa dragon pda 🙈

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