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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


July 18, the weather is sunny.

Today, I had a good fuck with Xiao Mo, happy (///v///)


July 19, the weather is clear.

The entire barracks was abuzz when the cat ears suddenly appeared during practice. Miao Fan secretly told me that those single dogs in the garrison were envious of me for marrying a Therian, and said they would come to my office more often in the future to get lucky.

A bunch of perverts!

The only beautiful and capable omega in the world has been married by me! This kind of luck is not to be dipped!

But Mo is thin-skinned. Because of his secret being revealed, he beat me up! Although I did a little too much yesterday, that is only occasionally! His emerged cat ears have absolutely nothing to do with me.

Even the doctor said that the occasional indulgence is fine, but Mo doesn’t believe it. Even though I promised him not to mess around tonight, it doesn’t make sense. Why must I sleep in a separate room? Is the most basic trust between husband and wife no longer there?

I’m going to go to the guest room tonight and raid him, until he says he believes me. That’s it.


July 25, the weather is cloudy.

I decided to take him back to the main planet to see the doctor. I’m worried.

I hope my wife is healthy. As long as he is well, I would rather not touch him in the future, alas.


July 27, the weather is sunny.

Today there is big news!

Mo is pregnant!

It turns out that the pheromone disorder is due to the fact that my wife is pregnant, and I’m going to be a father!

However, I can’t act too happy. Mo can’t accept his pregnancy yet. After all, he has considered himself an alpha for many years. Plus he’s a man who wants to save face, tsk.


July 28, the weather is sunny.

Xiao Mo refused to take time off, but still had to lead the training team. I mentioned the pregnancy and he was angry. I’m sad.

Dr. Liu said this is the pregnancy symptoms. Emotions will be as unstable like during the bonding heat, and he’ll be irritable, and easily sentimental.

The nerves of Xiao Mo are thicker than the entire military’s alphas combined. He’s never sentimental, but irritable is true. His temper tantrums are like no one else’s.

That we can tolerate, but bonding heat and welfare, now we can’t do anything.

I must have been a math problem in my past life. I’m too difficult ╯^╰


July 31, the weather is sunny.

I was contacted by the center and asked about three midwives and two housekeepers. I declined at once, and went back to tell Mo about it. He really praised me and rewarded me with a kiss (///v///).


Xiao Mo hates to have outsiders in the house, much less let anyone see that he is pregnant. I can be a really sweet husband to him.

Mom is worried that there is no one to take care of Xiao Mo. Am I not a human being? The nanny thing can wait until his belly is big.


August 15, the weather is clear.

Xiao Mo has thrown up a lot every morning for the last three days. He has lost a lot of weight. Is it because my cooking skills are bad? I decided to hire a nutritionist specifically to prepare my wife’s food, as well as Dr. Liu. I poached him with a high salary as a household doctor. It’s so Xiao Mo doesn’t have to go to the main planet.


August 25, the weather is artificial rainfall.

Excited! Xiao Mo finally wants to eat something. Spicy hot burgers and coke!

But the dietitian said it is not allowed, and said that junk food isn’t good for the baby. A sharp-eyed lieutenant followed the mix, saying that his wife is pregnant too and hasn’t had a mouthful of drinks, and is especially self-disciplined.

I turned up on the spot and gave the lieutenant a good scolding. Is it the wife or child important? Won’t the child not come without the wife?

Don’t let them eat this, don’t let them eat that. Why are they my wife now ? The feeling is not that you are pregnant, it’s a touch of the mouth to a string of axioms, and you open mouth and get a moral kidnapping.

Unfortunately, there is no fast food delivery near the station, so I could only get the kitchen to make hot and spicy food. Mo still didn’t eat two bites. It must be the nutritionist’s nonsense affecting his mood. Want to fire.


September 28, the weather is clear.

Xiao Mo finally regained his appetite! Dr. Liu said the first three months of the danger period is over, so we can properly room together. hehehehehhe (///v///).

Unfortunately, Mo didn’t agree. I just pinched his buttocks and he beat me. He just raised his hand and was afraid of hurting the fetal energy, so he then let me beat myself?


Family Status-1.


October 15, the weather is clear.

The residence’s four seasons are regulated according to Star City, and now the outdoor temperature is only 17 or 18 degrees. It’s the most comfortable time. But, the result is that Xiao Mo does not allow me to sleep close to him?

He says it because I’m too hot (╬ ̄皿 ̄)

Apparently a lot of people who are pregnant get hot. I have to ask Dr. Liu. Mo began to dislike me. When I was with him as a virgin A he was fine, but now he dislikes this old pearl!

I was so scared that I lifted my clothes. Six abs are in (Mo suspected eight abs are disgusting, so I have to control), at ease.


October 31, the weather is clear.

The ultrasound came out, and we were told the child will be a son.

I was a little disappointed. I thought it would be a girl.

The doctor at the maternity hospital asked me if I wanted to test abo gender. I asked how, and he said that amniocentesis would be fine. Amniocentesis is using a large needle to stick into Mo’s belly and extract the baby’s DNA!

I suggested that the doctor use the needle to pump the water out of his own head first. Why let Xiao Mo suffer this crime?

He actually stumbled, and replied “we can see if we can prepare blue or pink clothes”.

The answer from Mo was more domineering. Boys of course wear blue, but even if it is omega, it also can’t be girly.

My wife is overbearing! 


November 22, the weather is artificial snowfall.

Xiao Mo is four months pregnant. His belly still isn’t very obvious, and when wearing a coat is completely invisible. Dr. Liu said this is called “placenta posterior.” I said this is called “natural beauty.”

Mo also dared not personally train the soldiers again, and nestled at home. He’s bored. Today he suddenly said he wanted to pile up a snowman.

Isn’t everything on the sixth residence my decision? Arrangement!

Under today’s artificial snowfall, I and Mo together build a fat snowman. Mo’s smile is really nice. I hope my son looks like him.


January 1, New Year’s Day, light snow.

We went back to the main planet for the holiday.

The family was very happy. Grandpa was in an extra good mood, and didn’t mind my dad all day.

I said that Mo didn’t like those things, and that the resident bird’s nest and sea cucumber were almost out of date.

Dad is sure that I must have bought cheap goods. Grandpa actually also helped. The whole family is targeting me. Mo tried the bowl of bird’s nest to relieve me. My wife is really considerate towards me. Touched (////v///).


January 3, a little snow.

I am at the base. I have to lead by example, and can’t wander on the main planet for too long. I didn’t expect that I wouldn’t just rest a few days of work, but also recruit Leng Li.

That bitch stuck to Xiao Mo as soon as she arrived, and touched his belly!

She is a woman, but also alpha, ah! Leng Li also wanted to be the child’s godmother, and sent a small gold lock and a pair of gold bracelets. Tacky.

Cheng Cheng got the news, said he would come to Star City, and so stopped by to see Xiao Mo. I pooh! He is specifically here to see Xiao Mo.

Zhou Li, Zhang Jiajia, and Xu. We witnessed those children to graduate this year, then leisurely, a ** to visit Xiao Mo, so that the family is full of people.

But Xiao Mo is quite happy, so even if it is a little bit of trouble, it’s fine.

Count on him to pamper these students.


January 5, the weather is unknown.

Today is the return trip back to the station. The starship travel is two days and nights. Mo’s belly is gradually bigger, later not tossed, and then out at the station is estimated to be the due date.

I actually intended to invite the obstetricians directly to the station, but Dr. Liu said it is safe to go to the hospital, so let’s leave it at that.

Also a sister-in-law and nanny should be on the agenda. As Mo’s belly grows bigger, the body gradually becomes inconvenient, and I can’t be around him 24 hours a day. The orderlies have rough hands and feet, and must not take care of him.


January 12, the weather is artificial snowfall.

Excited !!!!

Today Xiao Mo finally promised me that I could do it once. Very lightly and gehtly.

Hot tears! Old me held back for five months QAQ.

Unfortunately, I could only do it once, the whole time I didn’t dare move, and open meat feels more difficult. When will the pregnancy period end, ah? (╯‵□′) ╯┴︵┴─┴


January 15, the weather is sunny.

I don’t need to hire a nanny anymore. Mo suddenly became a cat ⊙▽⊙.

To ease the hard work of pregnancy, it’s good to be okay. I also think Mo’s belly is not so big after turning into a cat (his cat body has always been round anyway).


January 18, the weather is clear.

What to do? I so want to bully Mo. Seeing him as a cat, I want to pet him. I want to slap his fluffy butt. Seeing him wagging his tail, and I want to pull it a little. Seeing him yawn, I want to put my hand in his mouth.

No, I have to control myself. Mo is still pregnant. I can’t be cheap!


January 19, the weather is clear.

Mo tickled me, good tickling.


January 20, the weather is clear.

Mo scratched me, so painful QAQ.

But the cat butt really felt so fluffy!


January 21, the weather is sunny.

Good scratching! I deserved it_(:з」∠)_


February 25, the Lunar New Year, the weather is artificial snowfall.

During the day, I took Miao Fan from company to company to deliver dumplings and send warmth to the soldiers, so I ran around the whole station, and I also had to engage in online interactive activities with Military Ministry leaders. I was exhausted.

However, at night, I watched the New Year with Xiao Mo, who purposely changed back to human form.

After all, it was time to give Dr. Liu a break and go home. He advised on the phone not to take too long to change back to human form in the second trimester, which would lead to lack of strength when giving birth. After all, when the time comes to give birth, he must be in human form.

Because our son may not necessarily be a cat cub, the odds are that he will look like an ordinary baby.

After turning back into a human, Mo’s belly looks so big. I put my ear to his belly, and I can feel my son kicking me, DuangDuangDuang like a drum, especially strong.

He has the style of his father! I guess he should be a small alpha.

For dinner, I rolled out the skin, and made the filling, wrapped the dumplings, boiled water, mixed the sauce, and Mo was responsible for the most critical step – pouring the wrapped dumplings into the pot and boiling them.

Then Mo actually asked me if the dumplings he cooked were good.

Well, was this simple question is difficult for me? I said, “My wife’s dumplings are delicious!”

He smiled and hooked his finger to reward me with a kiss. I really have great wisdom as an alpha.


March 31, the weather is sunny.

Xiao Mo is seven months pregnant. Dr. Liu said the baby will be here in two months and we should “start” preparing for the maternity package.

I went to the internet and found that from a small toothbrush and towel to a large restraint belt and electric kettle, Xiao Mo needs a long two-page list of things. Our son’s clothes, pacifier, milk powder, diapers, bath tub, thermometer and a whole lot more.

And these things can’t be given to the orderlies, they have to be prepared by dad himself. The nurse will ask dad for them directly when the time comes, and I can’t let the orderlies into the delivery room, can I?

What a big project, what a sweet burden.


April 26th, the weather is clear.

Xiao Mo’s meal size has decreased again. This time not because of pregnancy vomiting, but because our son is too big and is pressing on his stomach so it hurts to eat.

Dr. Liu said it was because the baby was pressing on the sciatic nerve and there was no other way but to apply hot compresses to relieve the pain.

I said this little boy knows how to toss my wife. Wait until he’s born and I will beat his little butt. Xiao Mo said it is because I am too big so it’s genetic problems.

What can I do about it? I can only blame my genes for being too good.

So I went to get my wife a hot compress.

After the pregnancy, Mo’s buttocks seem to be more arrogant. Even a hot towel causes his skin to turn red. I didn’t resist and bit the red marks on his butt. Hehehehehe.

There is still a month to go. Wife, you can do it!


May 15, the weather is clear.

I’ve arranged to go back to the main planet with Mo for delivery.

The obstetrician said that it is not necessary to be hospitalized so early, and that it won’t be too late to rush to the hospital when the contractions start.

But Mo is afraid of pain, so how can I let him suffer that kind of pain?

Of course we scheduled a C-section! I consulted with Dr. Liu about Mo’s physique. The C-section has no effect on his body. After all, he even experienced a serious explosion injury, and it did not leave scars. Mo has suffered too much. I hope this time he can be put on anesthesia to sleep it out, and not have any pain.

Now the only problem is, which day is better for the C-section?

I looked up a lot of information – about Gemini and Taurus personality analysis, after all, May 21 is a watershed.

Mo thought I was naming our son, and after hearing that I was looking up the horoscope, he actually suggested I look up the IQ associated with it?

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was having a hard time being pregnant, I would have overwhelmed him and done a good job to cheer him up as his husband.


May 20, the weather is sunny.

My son came early!

So he’s a Taurus.

When the nurse changed the surgical gown for Xiao Mo, a military dagger fell out of his boot, and she was shocked. Xiao Mo was calm. Because his belly is big, it wasn’t convenient to bend over. He lifted his foot to kick up the military dagger, and steadily caught it. I imagined that this series of actions were quite handsome, but the nurse who passed the military dagger to me was very palpitating.

This time Mo failed to play handsome.

I thought Mo would sleep through the operation, and it was only when we were almost in the operating room did we learn that it was local anesthesia and he would be awake the whole time.

The surgery took about half an hour. I waited to see. The birth of my child is a particularly large event. After hearing a baby cry, a mother excitedly rushed up to ask if it was my family’s? I was so annoyed.

The nurse also kept urging me to sign, but I was afraid that Mo would come out and not see me. After all, it was such a big operation, if he came out alone, would he not be afraid if he couldn’t see his husband? Don’t look at Xiao Mo, who usually tugs like a fool, but in fact, it’s all about saving face. I know him too well!

When they pulled Mo out, I was terrified! His face was as white as paper, and he kept vomiting, but the doctor said this was normal and a side effect of the anesthetic.

Xiao Mo, drowsy, has been sleeping intermittently. Mom said our son is seven pounds and eight ounces, especially beautiful! I took the time to take a look. A crumpled mass. Didn’t see how he was beautiful.

The whole ward is full of joy. Grandparents, seven aunts and eight aunts surrounded a little baby. There are three nannies holding bottles of milk ready to feed him. There is enough family around our son, so I decided to guard Xiao Mo.

He has no other relatives, only me.


May 21, the weather is clear.

Mo said his feet hurt last night. I don’t know if it was a side effect of the anesthetic – I shouldn’t have let him give birth on his own, I regret it.

But I rubbed his feet all night, and this morning he was much more energetic. He had a lot of bottles overnight, and in the morning the doctor gave several tests, and at noon he announced that he could be discharged, and exclaimed that he had not seen such a fast recovery.

That’s for sure, Mo is one in a million Therian!


May 30, the weather is sunny.

Xiao Mo’s incision has basically recovered, not even leaving a scar, and his belly is flat, just like before he was pregnant, so he doesn’t need to use the restraints in his maternity bag.

He doesn’t want this to be too publicized, so in front of the nannies, Xiao Mo will still lie down most of the time.

The first nanny took care of the baby, the second took care of Xiao Mo, and the third was responsible for making nutritious meals, but now Xiao Mo said he didn’t need it, so the three are all around Pei Xiao Bao. 1

Pei Xiao Bao is like the little emperor of the family, eating and sleeping every day, and occasionally accepting gifts and visits.

Leng Li, who insisted on being a godmother, and naturally Cheng Cheng, found excuses to come to the main planet for two meetings. Lu DongWang and Cao LingXin, also took time off to see the baby. In short, Pei Xiao Bao recognized a bunch of godparents in swaddling clothes, including black market bosses and special forces captains.


June 15, the weather is clear.

Xiao Mo had a whim today and planned to take care of the baby by himself, so we gave the nannies a day off and put Pei Xiao Bao in the middle of the big bed.

In less than a month’s time, Pei Xiao Bao has grown a lot. I can see that his nose and mouth look like mine, but his eyes are carved out of the same mold as Mo’s. His eyelashes are particularly long and his pupils are a light gray-blue color.

The two of us, one left and one right, played with Xiao Bao, and my son was very cooperative, giggling and laughing all the time. The atmosphere was warm and beautiful.

Unfortunately, Pei Xiao Bao only pretended to be a good boy for half an hour, and then he started to howl at the top of his lungs.

In the end, the little baby still slept with the nannies. Mo was a little lost, and asked me if he wasn’t a qualified parent? He couldn’t even coax the child.

I put my arm around Mo and said, “We’re both gunfighters. When have we ever held a child? You, Colonel Ping, can give the child’s resources. 99% of parents in the Alliance can’t do this. If our son does not let you hold him, it doesn’t matter because I can hold you!”

Then, it was a good fuck.

The pregnancy is finally over! hehehehehe.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 裴小宝 = little gem/treasure


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Sue R
Sue R
October 17, 2022 4:13 pm

I love this hilarious novel, especially this chapter, Pei is very lovable and funny. Too sad it’s going to end soon.
Thank you for translating.

October 17, 2022 7:58 pm

They are so cute. Thank you so much for translating and editing

October 18, 2022 2:26 am

Thank You for the new chapter (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

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So funny.
These two will not be conventional parents and Little Treasure will doubtless not have a conventional childhood…. but hewill be surrounded by love and lots of fun (the latter probably all at PY’s expense 😁).
Thanks for translating, the T/N and editing.

November 21, 2022 7:33 am

They’re so good together.
Anyway, thanks for the chapter

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