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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The force of the bite on the back of his neck wasn’t small, but Ning Chu didn’t feel much pain. But being bitten on the back of the neck, he instinctively didn’t dare to move. Especially in the face of Wuuth, he was the only legendary dragon, born with a bloodline or rank and so the pressure was there.

In other words, what he wanted to do, other dragons could only obey. Ning Chu was now a dragon, and would also be affected by this. He knew in his heart that Wuuth would never hurt him, but at the same time, as a dragon, he was afraid of Wuuth’s sudden outburst of control at the moment.

The silvery hatchling lay prone, his claws reaching out uneasily, clinging to the surface of the quilt. The hatchling whimpered as the back of his neck was gently nipped again, his tail curled tighter, pressed against the side of his leg.

“Awooo…” Wuuth’s low, muffled voice sounded in Ning Chu’s ear, telling him not to be afraid. He lifted his head and looked with satisfaction at the little bite mark on Ning Chu’s neck, like a mark from him.

Ning Chu felt his body loose, then was turned over onto all fours, and Wuuth pressed up again, the two hatchlings’ soft bellies pressed together. Wuuth breathed heavily and kept licking Ning Chu’s face from his eyelids to his jaw, enveloping him with his scent, while talking to Ning Chu in dragon language.

“Ning Ning,” Wuuth was so excited that he showed his sharp teeth and gently rubbed the soft scales of Ning Chu’s neck, “You’re so beautiful.”

Ning Chu tilted his head and stretched his four legs, allowing Wuuth to continue rubbing him. The tip of Wuuth’s nose was next to Ning Chu, sniffing down little by little, and only when he reached his tail vertebrae did Ning Chu move and shrink his tail to cover himself.

If he were in human form now, his face would be red.

Feeling Ning Chu’s resistance, Wuuth stopped moving and laid down on his side next to Ning Chu, extending his paws to hold him again.

Two little dragons, one black and one white, lay face to face together, filled with incomparable intimacy. Even in their juvenile form, Wuuth was bigger than Ning Chu and slowly licked his forehead and horns. In the morning when Ning Chu was playing with other dragons, Wuuth stood silently to the side and didn’t move, Ning Chu thought he didn’t like his dragon form.

Once the door of the room was closed, Wuuth was more enthusiastic than anyone else.

Ning Chu gradually adapted from Wuuth’s innate suppression. In front of him was Wuuth’s neck, which was making pleasurable grunts in his throat, and his limbs were tightly wrapped around Ning Chu.

Ning Chu knew best what Wuuth looked like in his young dragon form, but it was the first time he saw Wuuth from this angle. Anyway, today was his only day as a dragon… Ning Chu licked Wuuth’s jaws in the same way as a dragon.

This was a great moment, Wuuth rolled over and pinned Ning Chu down again. With a ragged breath in his throat, the little black dragon licked and rubbed against the silvery white hatchling, forcing their two tails to intertwine.

Not only that, Wuuth also bit Ning Chu’s neck from the front.

Ning Chu stiffened and let out a resigned “awoo”.

Wuuth immediately let go of him and licked his side to coax, “Don’t be afraid, this means I like you. You can bite me too.”

He didn’t push too hard, it was one of the ways to show affection and trust, the same meaning as what Ning Chu had just done. The neck and belly were the most vulnerable places for dragons, and were only bared unguardedly when the relationship was most intimate, such as between mates.

Ning Chu wasn’t a real dragon, so he didn’tt know this, but his active behavior was like a disguised acknowledgement of his companionship with Wuuth. Wuuth was so excited that he almost rubbed Ning Chu’s whole body. Since Ning Chu was afraid of biting him himself, he expressed it in a different way.

Ning Chu slowly relaxed and reached his paws to push Wuuth away. He had the extremely shameful illusion that if he wasn’t a hatchling but an adult dragon, after turning into a dragon, would Wuuth be… 

Ning Chu didn’t dare to think about it again, he wandered off when Wuuth flipped him over, the two dragons switched positions. He became pressed against Wuuth’s body, lying intimately on top of him. Wuuth not only wrapped his limbs and tail around Ning Chu, but also opened his wings to encircle him. 

Ning Chu could barely move and whispered, “Let go of me.”

“No,” Wuuth refused, “I like to hold you.”

Ning Chu had easily turned into a dragon and wasted the whole morning outside, now Wuuth could not wait to let Ning Chu grow on him all the time. Wuuth was even stronger than when he was in human form, but half-hearted in his force, and started licking Ning Chu’s scales again, constantly marking him in the way dragons do. He calmed down with gentle movements, and Ning Chu fell asleep in a daze on top of him.

It wasn’t long before the closed door pulled open a crack and a certain little dragon cub peeked his head halfway in, as Wuuth’s gaze swept over him. The sleeping Ning Chu was covered in Wuuth’s scent, and it was self-evident what the two dragons had just done in the room.

The little dragon cub outside the door was staring at Wuuth and realized that he had disturbed them, so he rushed to exit.


Ning Chu slept briefly and woke up at the same time Wuuth opened his eyes. Ning Chu stretched in the manner of a dragon, rolling over in the process, and found his tail still intertwined with Wuuth’s. He got up with a start and both tails were let go in one smooth motion.

Wuuth did the same and nuzzled the side of Ning Chu’s neck, “Awake?”

“Yeah…” Ning Chu yawned, and the little bit of tear at the corner of his eyes was licked away by Wuuth. The room was quiet, so Ning Chu turned his head and asked, “Where are the other dragons?”

Wuuth kept it short and simple, “Outside.”

The room next door to the dragon’s nest didn’t even have a door, and he didn’t want the other dragons to come in; if they wanted to take a nap, they could do it outside in the sun.

“Have they eaten yet?” Ning Chu stood up, “I’ll go check.”

Wuuth swooped over and caught him in a hug, and the two young dragons rolled off the quilt together. He wouldn’t let Ning Chu move, acting possessively, “No, don’t go, don’t worry about them.”

They weren’t too young, they knew how to find food on their own.

Ning Chu knew this, too, and after a moment of silence, he said, “So… Shall we go out and play?”

“What do you want to play?” Wuuth asked, his dark red eyes narrowing slightly. He suddenly let go of Ning Chu, lowered his spine and opened his wings, turned his back to Ning Chu and said, “Come up.”

Ning Chu’s eyes lit up, and he crawled on all fours onto Wuuth’s back to lie down, his front paws clasping Wuuth’s neck. Wuuth flapped his wings and took off, but instead of heading for the door, he headed to another room.

Ning Chu thought Wuuth was going to take him out, but he just flew to the next room and put him on the dragon climbing frame by the wall. Wuuth circled around Ning Chu and rubbed his dragon horns, “Play here.”

Anyway, the dragon climbing frame was no different from the playground, so they didn’t have to go out. Ning Chu picked at the vine ball on top of his head and withdrew his claws, “I want to go outside.”

He probably guessed that Wuuth felt left out in the morning? That was why he wanted to be alone with him. Ning Chu gently touched the side of Wuuth’s face in a curt manner, like a kiss in human form, “Let’s go out and play, okay? Just the two of us.”

Sure enough Wuuth immediately agreed, “Okay.”

He repositioned Ning Chu on his back and flew out through the open window. The group of little dragon cubs were waiting outside the house, hoping Ning Chu would come out, when they saw two little black and white dragon cubs flying away together towards the back of the mountain.

When Fifth Cub saw them, she tried to chase them, but was stopped by Third Cub.

“Don’t bother,” Third Cub said in a serious tone, “or Wuuth will be angry.”

Fifth Cub had to give up and went to play rattan ball with Sixth Cub.

Wuuth deliberately flew farther away, all the way to the other side of Dragon Island, before he began to slow down and take Ning Chu for a ride. It wasn’t the first time Ning Chu had sat on the back of a dragon, but it was the first time since he became one, and he was flying with a young dragon just a little bit bigger than him. He carefully lay on his back, trying not to interfere with Wuuth’s flight, and asked, “Am I very heavy?”

“No,” Wuuth said, inclining his head, “not at all.”

He flew high in the air for a long time before landing on a grassy area below. Ning Chu would normally not visit this side of the woods, only the common dragon herd with other animals would occasionally pass by, the grass and foliage grew so thickly that Ning Chu was completely overwhelmed as soon as he entered. He took a few steps through the grass, his eyes full of green, with Wuuth close behind him.

Ning Chu deliberately ran forward faster and then held his breath to hide and let Wuuth come to him. However, even though his vision was blocked by the grass and leaves, Wuuth was able to find Ning Chu accurately. He knew Ning Chu was playing with him and walked over without panic.

Ning Chu had no experience and pushed Wuuth, “You go hide, I’ll find you.”

He also deliberately closed his eyes without looking, and opened them only when there was no more movement around. Ning Chu had just taken a few steps forward when he saw a black section in the grass. He peeled back the blades of grass and it was Wuuth.

Wuuth pounced on him, “You found me.”

He didn’t even want to go too far, just to show him what he meant.

After a few times, Ning Chu angrily bit Wuuth’s jaw, “No more!”

The agreement was to play, and he had left Wuuth out in the morning, so Wuuth suffered a bit, and wanted to make it up to him in the afternoon. Unfortunately, this dragon was very straight and not fun at all. Wuuth let Ning Chu bite him, waited for him to release his mouth, and then pressed down the circle of leaves around him, and lay on it with Ning Chu to sunbathe.

He hugged Ning Chu, “Ning Ning, you’re so pretty.”

This was the second time he said this today and Ning Chu pretended to be upset, “Aren’t I pretty in human form?”

Wuuth hurriedly said, “Good looking, both are good looking.”

Ning Chu paused and asked in a small voice, “Do you like it then?” He was a little embarrassed, “I wanted to surprise you, so I secretly learned the spell.”

“I like it.” Wuuth was so excited that he rubbed Ning Chu’s cheek and the side of his neck. Ning Chu learned the spell for him, and became a dragon for him. It was a pity, it would’ve been better if he had become an adult… 

Wuuth couldn’t help but think about it, and his habitually restrained courtship agitation began to surge. He also felt that the human form was also good, at least he could really kiss Ning Chu.


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October 18, 2022 1:22 pm

In this little dragon form they are so cute, I love these two! Thanks for the chapter!

October 18, 2022 3:47 pm

Wuuth has got it really bad! At least NC has accepted him now and even became a dragon for him 🤗
I wonder what the other dragons think about it.
Thanks for translating and editing.

October 19, 2022 1:50 pm

This chapter is so adorable!

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Parents pda and alone time 🙈 this chapter made me hot even though there’s no nsfw aaaa 🥵

Ml so possessive of daddy ai

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